Magia Record Story Scattered Flowers Melancholy Chapter

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Part One

A Blade That Can Cut an Azalea: Escape Ep. One

Lightning flashes as the rain pours down heavily. Voices call out, pointing in the direction that the culprits ran off to but soon they lose track of them. Ayame Mikuri pants as her and her sisters hide out in an alleyway, Ayama crying out in confusion and fear. Hazuki Yusa can’t believe what’s happening to them but it seems Konoha Shizumi was right, people really were waiting to catch them as soon as they left their house. Konohoa isn’t sure who is responsible for gathering such a large group of people to hunt them down, but before they can figure anything out the trio is spotted by Asuka Tatsuki and Sasara Minagi. They warn the trio to come along quietly. Hazuki tries to edge over to the other end of the alley but the exit is blocked off by Aimi Eri and Masara Kagami. Cornered, Ayama telepathically points out to her sisters the bit of space on the right side of the group and suggests they put up a smokescreen and run as fast as they can. Asuka declares them to be under arrest but Konoha insists they’ve been wrongly accused, so Sasara tells them they better start talking. Hazuki points out they don’t look like they’re in the mood to listen but Aimi assures them they would guarantee their safety. Konoha explains they don’t want any unnecessary conflict but they can’t be here like this either since someone is after them. Asuka believes they’re referring to them but Ayame sighs, seeing as how they don’t understand or believe them. She uses her magic to cause a flash of blinding light and pushes past the group roughly. The Konoha sisters have made their escape.

The sisters find themselves in another part of town, Konoha congratulating Ayame for her quick thinking. But before they can breathe a sigh of relief, Shizuku Hozumi has found them. She has questions for them but the sisters group up with their backs to each other, prepared to defend themselves. The sisters had originally wandered from place to place hunting Witches after they’d made their contracts. When they initially settled in Kamihama, the group was accused of attacking other Magical Girls. Once things settled down they had managed to live peacefully for some time until now they were now again being accused of attacking Magical Girls, except this time all three of them were being accused of the attacks.

Escape Ep. Two

The trio had continued their own investigation of the first string of incidents with help from Yachiyo Nanami. Both Konoha and Yachiyo were looking into any cases where Magical Girls were attacked and would meet regularly at a local shrine to exchange information and plan their next move. When next Konoha and Yachiyo met, neither of them had any new information to give. Konoha was beginning to understand what Hazuki had meant when she was telling them the details and clues because scarcer and harder to follow the deeper they went into the investigation. The incidents had still really occurred, but despite the rumors and people they investigated, they had still lost the trail somewhere along the way. Regardless, Konoha still held on to her belief that the culprit isn’t a Witch since everything seemed too deliberate. Yachiyo asks Konoha if Hazuki can’t assist them with their investigation, but Hazuki is being extremely cautious since she was the one being accused the first time these incidents happened. Ayame is more than willing to help, but for now Konoha is keeping her out of it.

Until the culprit is caught, neither Konoha nor her sisters will feel safe especially since they were made the victims of a false witch hunt already. Yachiyo agrees that this is a threat that concerns all Magical Girls and promises to keep Konoha updated with any new information. The two part ways for now.

Escape Ep. Three

When Magical Girls were being attacked again, Konoha had met with Yachiyo once more late at night at the shrine where they would always meet. Yachiyo has a troubled look on her face when she greets Konoha and explains that the attacks are the same as last time: Magical Girls being attacked then passing out. This time the victims include: Emiri Kisaki, Kokoro Awane, and Ayaka Mariko. Three people had been attacked on the same day and none of them had regained consciousness as of yet. The attacks and the rumors surrounding the attacks were the same as the first time this happened but with one crucial difference: all three of the victims had met the same person just prior to the attacks. Yachiyo asks Konoha to stay calm before she tells her that all the witnesses agree that the three victims had met with Hazuki before the incidents. Yachiyo doesn’t have all the details on why they would have met with Hazuki, but she can confirm that they did. Hazuki is once more the main suspected culprit behind the attacks.

Escape Ep. Four

Konoha can’t believe what she’s hearing. It seemst he rumors from before have been rekindled. Konoha explains that one of the first victims was their own little sister Ayame, but Yachiyo explains that not everyone understands their relationship to one another and they’re only working off of what little they do know. Yachiyo had told the girl she heard it from that it wasn’t true and asked her to tell others the same thing. (Seeing as how it was Yachiyo that was telling her it wasn’t true, Kanoko had believed her and promised to spread the truth.) Konoha asks Yachiyo if she believes that they’re innocent. After having worked with Konoha for some time, Yachiyo can tell from experience that they aren’t the ones responsible, especially since Konoha has such strong faith in Hazuki. Considering how strongly all evidence keeps pointing to the Azalea sisters, Yachiyo believes that is the intention of the true culprit. It may not be fair to the three of them, but someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes to place all the blame on them. Konoha knows they have to get to the bottom of this and with so many recent incidents this may be their chance to catch the culprit. Yachiyo warns her that following where this could lead to could be a very dangerous undertaking. Even so, Konoha is determined to press forward. For now, she’ll asks Hazuki what she knows about what’s going on and her and her sisters will lay low for awhile. For her part, Yachiyo will continue to spread the word that the sisters are innocent. If the girls stay hidden while things die down, this could push the culprit into making their next move. Konoha promises to keep in touch and hurries home.

A Complicated Flower: Locust Ep. One

Nanaka Tokiwa, Akira Shinobu, Meiyui Chun, and Kako Natsume had formed an alliance together to hunt down a certain Witch they called “Locust”. Since forming their alliance, they’ve fought many Witches, at times working with other Magical Girls, at times working against them. However, they had yet to encounter the Locust. But when Konoha and the others were pulled into the incident involving attacks on Magical Girls, Nanaka felt a whisper from her power to discern her true enemies.

When Nanaka had heard about the attacks on Magical Girls, she called her group together for a meeting. She informs her groups about the attacks that are currently happening and both Meiyui and Akira have heard of them. Kako hesitantly speaks up and tells the others she thinks Konoha’s group is innocent since she trusts her friend Ayame. Even so, Akira’s friend Emiri was one of the victims of the attacks so she is determined to get to the bottom of this. But even she doesn’t suspect that Ayame and her sisters are the ones behind the attacks. Meiyui warns Akira not to let her personal feelings cloud her judgement, but Akira has a strong hunch that it’s not them. Meiyui thinks it would be better if they talked to the sisters before jumping to any conclusions and wonders if they should even be getting involved in the first place. Both Akira and Kako believe they should but Meiyui points out their letting their emotions get in the way. She asks Nanaka what she thinks about it. Nanaka believes they should get involved with the investigation, not necessarily because she believes the sisters are innocent, but because her own magic ability is telling her the Locust is involved in this somehow. The group is astonished to hear this and ask her if she’s sure. Nanaka admits she felt it slightly when the incidents happened the first time but she wasn’t so sure. Now that it’s happening again, her power is urging her more strongly than ever and she knows the Locust is involved in some way. The group is happy to hear they’re one step closer to catching their common enemy while Kako is glad to hear this is the doing of a Witch rather than her friends.

Escape Ep. Five

Konoha arrives at her home where Ayame greets her. She asks where Hazuki is but Ayame says Hazuki had called to let her know she’d be buying things for dinner on her way home. Konoha realizes that Hazuki may not have been aware of the situation yet. Ayame notices the worried look on Konoha’s face, so Konoha explains everything that’s been happening to her. After hearing the entire story, Ayame is furious that anyone would think Hazuki was behind the attacks, especially since she herself was a victim the first time this happened. Hearing Ayame curse, Konoha chuckles lightly. She’s glad to see Ayame is taking it much better than she’d hoped. Ayame suddenly gets quiet and says she could see how people would think it was Hazuki since Konoha had done something. But before she can elaborate, their front door slams open and shut and Hazuki rushes into the room still wearing her Magical Girl outfit. She nullifies the transformation and says there was some trouble along the way.

Locust Ep. Two

Nanaka had talked for some time about what she thought of the series of fainting incidents. The group then headed to the Coordinator to ask something of Mitama Yakumo after she hears them out. Mitama was glad to listen, but she asked why everyone seemed so gloomy. Meiyui says the information takes a bit of time to digest. Nanaka offers to pay her usual fee, causing Mitama to brighten up and making her more amenable to listening. Nanaka explains the four of them have been chasing a particular Witch, but she recently felt the shadow of that Witch behind these incidents. Mitama is glad to hear they’re on the case since she can’t adjust any of the victims as long as they’re unconscious, although thankfully their lives don’t seem to be in danger. Nanaka assures her they’ll find the Witch, but as far as these incidents go she doesn’t believe it to be the work of any Witch but a Magical Girl. If they take into account everything that’s happened to them so far. The method is too roundabout for it to simply be the effects of a Witch’s Kiss on innocent people. Nanaka describes it as being “distorted” and insists she knows what she does because of her powers after Akira begins to question her impression of the whole situation. Kako points out that Nanaka had also told them she believed that a Witch’s Curse was behind the disruptive incidents in their lives.

Mitama makes a loud exclamation point as she realizes what Nanaka is getting to: the possibility of a Magical Girl that can control Witches. Nanaka smiles and nods as Akira sums it all up for everyone. Kako can’t believe there would be a Magical Girl that would be purposefully using Witches to hurt other Magical Girls while Meiyui calls her a traitor. Mitama asks if it isn’t Konoha’s group but Nanaka’s power didn’t trigger around them and their magic isn’t the kind that could control Witches. As Nanaka is about to ask her next question, Mitama immediately states she knows of no Magical Girls like that. Meiyui narrows her eyes as she points out how quickly Mitama responded. Mitama feels like Meiyui’s eyes are burning a hole right through her and assures them she’s never met anyone like that. Next, Nanaka asks if she knows of anyone with the ability to control the public or something similar. Mitama asks for a moment as she goes through all the girls she’s ever met. After a few moments of trying to think, Mitama gets worked up since everyone else won’t stop staring at her. Akira loses her own train of thought which causes Mitama to exclaim loudly once more: she’s thought of someone it could be. But before she divulges any information, she smiles broadly at Nanaka and prepares to discuss her payment beforehand.

The Phantom Clover: The Complex Ep. One

Leila Ibuki, Seika Kumi, and Mito Aino had just gotten used to life as Magical Girls when they first began to hear the rumors about Magical Girls being attacked by someone. They’d heard that the victims wouldn’t wake up and that the perpetrator was Hazuki Yusa. Seika was upset when she heard the rumors and became a little agitated at the thought of Leila or Mito being hurt. However, the trio didn’t believe it was the Azalea sisters who were behind it since they’d always gotten along so well. Seika was at a loss on what to do so Leila tells the others they should find the real criminal themselves. Leila doesn’t believe the Azalea sisters are behind it either, but regardless it doesn’t change the fact that Magical Girls are being targeted and they could be next. Mito thinks she’s right about that so the three of them agree to do their own investigation.

Escape Ep. Six

Konoha could tell something had definitely happened when Hazuki came home. Not only was she transformed into a Magical Girl, the expression on her face was more than enough to confirm it. Ayame asks if she wasn’t attacked by a Witch or Familiar on her way home but Hazuki says it was actually another Magical Girl. When Hazuki notices the look on Konoha’s face, she asks Konoha to explain what is going on. Konoha informs her there have been attacks on Magical Girls lately and Hazuki is the main suspect since she was the last person to speak to all of the victims. Hazuki says that explains what Asuka and Sasara were going on about.

Hazuki had been on her way to the grocery store when Asuka had accosted her. Sasara tried to keep the over-excited Asuka calm while Asuka accused Hazuki of being an evildoer. Hazuki had recognized them as friends of Emiri’s and smiled at them but Asuka demanded to know what it is Hazuki had done to Emiri. Hazuki didn’t have the faintest idea what they were talking about. When Asuka pushed the issue, Hazuki had gotten freaked out and transformed before running away with Asuka calling after her.

After finishing relating the story, Hazuki had asked what had happened to Emiri. Konoha responds that she hasn’t woken up, but more importantly they need to find somewhere to hide for the meantime. Hazuki gets defensive, insisting she didn’t do anything wrong. Konoha understands she’s innocent, but for now they need to find somewhere to lay low. If Hazuki was so easily tracked down on her way to the story, then everyone will have no time figure out where they live. Hazuki relents, and the three of them prepare to head out.

Locust Ep. Three

Mitama had recalled hearing about a Magical Girl with the ability of suggestion, however Mitama had never met her personally so she directed Nanaka to the girl who had met this Magical Girl: Kanagi Izumi. Nanaka went to Kanagi’s maid café to talk to her. After a pause, Kanagi admits she does know the girl Nanaka is referring to, but she asks that they talk once her shift is over. Her coworker is having a graduation party and it would give her a few moments to recall the details of the girl.

Kanagi meets with Nanaka late at night in the nearby park. Kanagi recalls that the girl with the power of suggestion’s name was Mikoto Sena. Although Kanagi had never seen her in action, she had heard that Mikoto had the ability to make anyone do as she suggested. Nanaka asks Kanagi where she can find Mikoto, but Kanagi informs her that Mikoto and her entire family had disappeared. Kanagi can see how Nanaka would naturally be suspicious of Mikoto since she would fit the profile of her suspect, but Kanagi personally believes that Mikoto would never do such a thing from what she remembers of her. More importantly, every time Kanagi remembers her she gets a strong feeling of unease. Like something is buried in her mind and trying to tell her something she’s forgotten. Kanagi asks Nanaka to allow her to investigate Mikoto herself. It would serve the dual purpose of letting Kanagi figure out what happened to her for herself and she would be willing to pass on all of her information to Nanaka. Nanaka agrees and asks where it was Mikoto had lived. Kanagi says she lived at the Daito Apartment Complex.

The Complex Ep. Two

Before they begin, Leila wants to talk to Seika and Mito about something. They ask if it’s about the incidents. Leila says it could be and tells them her mom had said there was a strange person coming in and out of the complex: a girl who would ask the residents about the apartment. Leila suspects this girl could be the culprit since she showed up at the same time that the rumors about the attacks had begun. Apparently, the girl was also asking about Building 12, referring to the incidents the trio had encountered before. Seika wonders if she’s referring to that disappearance and that’s why Leila was all worried about it. Leila isn’t sure if the two are connected, but Mito believes they must be since Leila tends to spot these kinds of connections. The three decide to start their investigation by figuring out who this girl could be.

The Complex Ep. Three

Leila meets up with Seika at the center of their apartment complex. Leila had spoken to the uncle of a friend of hers and found out the girl in question was currently talking to the owner of a café. Seika is glad to hear they’re making progress. If they keep on the lookout they’ll be sure to spot the girl soon enough while they wait for Mito to meet up with them. Leila said the uncle had mentioned that the mysterious girl spoke very formally, with an almost military like candor. Mito catches up with the others and Leila brings her up to speed. Mito thinks they should just head straight into the café and go right up to the mystery girl but both Leila and Seika think it would be better if they just wait for her to come out. While the three of them discuss their strategy, the girl in question exits the café. The three of them gape as they realize the girl was actually Kanagi, a.k.a. Nagitan the maid.

Escape Ep. Seven

On the way to their hideout, the Azalea sisters were accosted by various Magical Girls along the way. They figured out that all three of them were suspected of being the culprits behind the fainting incidents. The Azalea sisters have been hiding out in an abandoned house for several days now playing games to pass the time, mainly shiritori[1]. Ayame loses the 15th round in a row when she uses the same word as before. She asks how this could be happening when Hazuki says she has no idea how they could have ended up here, prompting everyone to look sad for a moment. Konoha reminds her they have to stay out of sight for now until things quiet back down. Once the culprit gets impatient and makes their next move then Konoha will work with Yachiyo to bring her down. Ayame asks Konoha if she’s sure she can trust Yachiyo, but Konoha reminds her she almost made a mistake by refusing to trust anyone besides her adopted sisters. But Yachiyo says she trusts Konoha and hasn’t done anything to break that trust so Konoha wants to do right by her by trusting her in the same way. Hearing this, Ayame says she has someone she wants to trust as well, Kako Natsume. Kako had figured out they were being chased and had texted Ayame to make sure she was ok. Ayame wholeheartedly believes she can be trusted and they should ask her for help. Even though Hazuki believes Kako can be trusted since Ayame believes in her so much, she still believes the best course of action for now is to stick with their original plan and wait for Yachiyo’s signal. A quick flash of light appears and Konoha suddenly decides it may be ok if they contact Kako for now. Another quick flash of light and suddenly Hazuki also believes it should be ok so long as they’re quick and quiet about it. Ayame smiles, happy to hear she’ll be able to talk to her friend soon.

The Complex Ep. 4

The trio are overjoyed to see it is their friend Kanagi from the maid café, although the shy Seika still has a little trouble speaking up around Kanagi’s assertive personality.. Shortly after their second visit to the café, the girls were caught in a tough fight with a Witch. Kanagi had saved them and that’s how they discovered she was a Magical Girl too. They explained what had been going on to Kanagi. Kanagi explains she had been investigating a Magical Girl by the name of Mikoto that once lived at that complex. Leila asks what she was like but Kanagi admits she’s never met her even once. Her memory is hazy and she can’t recall any of the details. However, when Mitama had remembered there was a girl with suggestion magic it had triggered Kanagi’s memory. Kanagi had remembered that a girl like that lived at this complex but it seems she has disappeared since then. Leila asks if she isn’t referring to the disappearance in Building 12 and then looks down. Kanagi knows what Leila is thinking and she knows that the family that disappeared wasn’t named Sena thanks to the news articles she had combed through. But it wasn’t until recently that Kanagi remembered she had disappeared, so she had to see if the two were connected for herself.

Seika speaks up long enough to mention a video. Leila remembers what Seika is talking about and tells Kanagi that the child of the family who disappeared had taken a video. The neighborhood council’s website still has videos from when the apartments held a festival. Leila pulls up the website on her phone and shows the video to Kanagi. After watching intently for a minute, Kanagi realizes the girl she’s looking for isn’t there. But Kanagi can’t shake that feeling that there’s something she should be remembering but can’t. Kanagi tries hard to remember and is suddenly hit by a flash. Kanagi suddenly remembers a young girl named Mikoto. In the memory, Mikoto stands on the apartment complex roof and talks about how much she loves the view. Kanagi replies that she does too and the flash of memory suddenly ends. The trio circles around Kanagi, worried about her since she’s sweating profusely. Seika offers her her handkerchief as Kanagi opens her eyes. She remembered that Mikoto had introduced her to another Magical Girl once.

Escape Ep. Eight

Early the next morning, Ayame left their hideout to meet in secret with Kako at the public park. Kako is overjoyed to see her friend and asks worriedly if Ayame is ok. Ayame tells her not to worry and assures her she’s fine for now, although she has no idea why this is happening to them. Kako promises to do whatever she can to help and asks Ayame to not hesitate in telling her if she needs help. Ayame promises to do just that. Kako knows what’s been going on and how Hazuki has been accused of being the culprit. Ayame says she heard the same thing from her sister Hazuki but of course Hazuki had denied any wrong doing. It turns out Hazuki was still investigating on her own the original incidents and that’s why she had been speaking to all those people, including the ones who ended up becoming victims of the fainting immediately afterwards. But even so Ayame is adamant that Hazuki never attacked anyone. When Kako asks who the culprit could be, there was a flash of light and suddenly Ayame looks downcast as she admits it could have been Hazuki after all. Kako is surprised at what she’s hearing and asks Ayame if she didn’t just say it couldn’t have been her. Ayame says she’s serious. When the light had flashed earlier, Ayame had heard Kako saying it could have been Hazuki. Ayame asks why she thinks it could be Hazuki but the light flashes once more as Kako is surprised to think that she could have said that. Kako tries to deny saying anything like that but Ayame insists that she knows what Kako said. Ayame is now upset to think that her friend Kako is also accusing Hazuki of being the culprit but Nanaka appears out of nowhere and tells Ayame to calm down. Ayame asks what Nanaka was doing and when Nanaka admits she was listening to them talk, Ayame becomes upset that she was set up and runs off crying. Kako tries to call out to her friend but to no avail.

Locust Ep. 4

Akira reports back to Nanaka, saying she couldn’t find the Azalea sisters anywhere but others were looking for them as well. Kako says she had texted her friend Ayame but she hadn’t responded yet. Meiyui asks what they should do next but Nanaka thinks they should stick to their original plan: find Konoha’s team so they can more easily track the movements of their enemy. Just then, Kako gets a reply from Ayame so Kako relays the message to the others: Ayame has been given permission to meet up with Kako and she’s asking if they can meet up at the park. Kako asks if the team is willing to let her meet up with Ayame by herself since she’ll probably be on guard with so many other Magical Girls around, especially with all they’ve been dealing with lately. Nanaka agrees to let Kako go by herself on the condition that they be allowed to watch from a distance in case something happens. With everything that’s been going on lately, they can’t afford to be careless.

Everyone agreed and the next day they watched as Kako met up with Ayame. When Nanaka walked up to them after Kako and Ayame had begun to argue over which one of them had accused Hazuki of being the culprit, Ayame had ran off crying. Nanaka asked Meiyui to follow Ayame back to her hideout. Akira thought the whole thing felt wrong while Kako was upset that they didn’t leave it to her the way she’d asked. Nanaka apologizes to Kako, telling her that things would have gotten worse if she hadn’t stepped in. She tells Kako that she had fallen under the enemy’s spell and didn’t even realize it. Akira agrees with what Nanaka said. Finally the enemy they’ve been searching for is clear.

The Complex Ep. Five

Kanagi remembers there was another Magical Girl. Leila asks if she saw her in the video, but Kanagi isn’t sure how she remembered but she believes the video may have triggered the memory. Seika struggles to speak up, but after a moment of breathing, Seika suggests that the suggestion magic may have been cast on Kanagi. Kanagi gets what she means and realizes that Seika is right: Mikoto must have used her suggestion magic on Kanagi to seal her memories of her. Mito wonders why she would do such a thing. Kanagi isn’t sure, but she’s sure they’re on the right path. Kanagi’s memories were too unnaturally vague for it to be simply forgetfulness. Kanagi had assumed she had forgotten since they’d only met once, but she dismissed the idea that it was due to magic. Leila still thinks the whole thing sounds suspicious and Mito agrees that Leila’s hunches are almost always right. Kanagi smiles and says it’s sometimes the best idea to trust your gut. Kanagi isn’t sure what to do next since she has no way of verifying if her memory loss is due to magic, but Seika has an idea.

The Complex Ep. Six

Seika suggests they use Mito’s ability to connect hearts on Kanagi. If they do that, they’ll be able to share each others’ feelings and memories and help Kanagi recover her memories. But she’s not sure if Mito’s powers will work since they’ve never tried using it that way before and Mito hasn’t used her abilities much. Kanagi thinks the plan is worth a shot but she asks that they only look through her memories of Mikoto and nothing else. Mito promises to not invade her privacy and to only look for whatever it is that could be affecting her. Mito then transforms and has everyone hold hands.

The Complex Ep. Seven

The girls are transported to the world of Kangi’s memories. They find themselves standing on the same rooftop that Kanagi had seen in the brief flash of her memories. Mito said this has to be the right place since it was the only part of Kanagi’s heart that was covered in a dark cloud. The girls turn and see a version of Kanagi from her memories talking to a girl named Mikoto. Mikoto thanks Kanagi for her help with a particular tough Witch. Kanagi was glad to help since she was chasing after its familiar and hadn’t expected to meet another Magical Girl. Kanagi introduces herself as Mikoto does likewise, but as she’s speaking Mikoto’s voice breaks up. As they watch the memory play out, Kanagi praises Mikoto’s unique magical ability. Mikoto says it’s nothing special since there are certain conditions to it, but she’s able to control Familiars as well as Witches although for now they can only follow basic commands. Mikoto says her and her friend are doing research to learn how to use it the most effectively. As Mikoto turns to her side, the present-day Kanagi transforms, ready for any eventuality as she prepares to face Mikoto’s friend.

The Complex Ep. Eight

The Kanagi in her memories asks the new girl for her name. The present day Kanagi demands to know who she is when suddenly Mito’s magic is canceled and all the girls wind up back at the apartment complex. When they ask what happened, Kanagi admits she may have triggered a reaction with the magic that was cast on her when she tried to use her own mind-reading ability on her memories. Mito is amazed to hear about Kanagi’s incredible ability to read minds and thinks it’s similar to her own magic, while Seika is just worried that Kanagi may have read her mind at some point. Kanagi informs them her magic only works while she’s transformed and in very close range to someone. Seeing how tense Seika is, Kanagi tells her she never reads someone’s mind without their permission first. Kanagi apologizes for not telling them about her ability beforehand but she just had to use it at that moment. Mito tells her not to worry since she could read into her heart and knew she wasn’t doing anything malicious. When Leila asks Kanagi whose memory she read, Kanagi says she read her own mind from her memories. The only thing she was able to pick up was the name, “Hanna Sarasa”.

Locust Ep. Five

As Nanaka’s team regroups, Akira notices that Kako is upset and asks if she isn’t mad at them. Kako admits that she is mad, but not at them. She’s mad at herself for not noticing she’d fallen under an enemy spell and was completely hopeless. Akira doesn’t blame her since hse herself would have been easily tricked. Her Soul Gem never reacted so she knows it wasn’t a Witch, but she didn’t sense any other Magical Girls either. Akira is a little freaked out by the whole situation, but more importantly she feels that someone with that kind of magic needs to be apprehended before more people like Emiri gets hurt. Nanaka appears and asks if Meiyui hasn’t returned yet. Akira responds that she’s not back yet and asks how it went with Kanagi. Nanaka smiles and says that Kanagi was able to get ahold of some very valuable information. However, getting the information has taken its toll on her so she asked some friends of hers who helped her with the investigation to relay the information. Nanaka figures the helpers must be Magical Girls as well just as Meiyui returns from her task. She knows where Ayame and the others are hiding so they decide to wait fro Kanagi’s contacts to meet up with them before they all head over to the Azalea sisters’ hideout.

Part Two

The Complex Ep. Nine

The name is familiar to Kanagi for she can’t remember a single concrete detail about that person though, which means the magic that was cast on her hasn’t worn off. Mito asks if she wants to investigate this Hanna person next, but Kanagi has a more direct approach in mind. She wants to break the spell that’s on her so the group heads to Mitama’s place. Kanagi explains everything that’s happened to Mitama and asks her to please break the spell. Mitama explains she’s a coordinator, not a de-speller and wouldn’t even know how to begin. The Mito trio begs Mitama for her assistance, but Mitama says that will have to depend on this and begins to rub her fingers together. Mito thinks she’s asking for food but when Mitama motions with her fingers again Seika clarifies that she’s asking for money. All four of the girls offer to pay Mitama for her services to Mitama agrees to split the bill among the four of them, with Kanagi promising her payment after her services have been rendered. Mitama agrees that’s fair since she’s never done something like this before. Even so, Mitama promises to break the spell and get that payment.

The Complex Ep. Ten

Kanagi pants hard as she sits back up from the table. Both Mitama and Kanagi are at their limits and won’t be able to move for awhile, but they were able to successfully get to the core of Kanagi’s memories. Kanagi turns to the trio and asks them to relay the information for her since she’s too weak to get up by herself. She offers to give them a call so they’ll know the trio is on the way. She asks them to do whatever they can to help Nanaka find a solution. Leila promises they’ll hurry and they ask Kanagi to take care of herself while the three of them rush off to find Nanaka. Mitama asks Kanagi why anyone would do something like that to her but Kanagi says the person must have had their reasons for erasing themselves from the memories of others. Kanagi groans out in pain as she tries to move but Mitama insists she take it easy. The suggestion magic took a great toll not only on their bodies but their minds as well. But now there’s no mistaking it: the person with suggestion magic is the one behind the Familiar attacks and fainting incidents. Kanagi knows this is a dangerous individual and hopes she can recover before the others encounter her.

Escape Ep. Nine

Back at the hideout both Konoha and Hazuki were going crazy with worry when they couldn’t’ find Ayame. Ayame enters their hideout only to have her two sisters scold her for disappearing without telling them anything. Ayame gets a little defenseive and insists that she had told the both of them that she was going to head out to see Kako. But neither Konoha nor Hazuki remember Ayame saying such a thing. When Ayame reminds them once more that Konoha had thought it a good move and that Hazuki had agreed with her, both of them continue to not know what she’s talking about, causing Ayame to accuse them of tricking her also and begin crying loudly. Konoha doesn’t believe that Ayame is lying to them. A flash of light and suddenly Hazuki is questioning whether Ayame could be lying to them. The light flashes once more and now Hazuki is asking what Konoha is talking about. Konoha reminds her that she just said it was possible that Ayame was lying to them but Hazuki doesn’t recall saying anything like that. Ayame says she did but Hazuki doesn’t believe either of them that she would say such a thing. Konoha realizes that something or someone is manipulating Hazuki and the only thing that could do it would be magic. Konoha now believes a Magical Girl is using her magic to manipulate them in order to cause their team to fall apart for some reason. Hazuki worries it’s not just their conversation they could control but their actions since she did go to meet with Emiri and the others. Konoha tells her to calm down since Hazuki believes she may have been manipulated and used to attack the others. Hazuki begins to panic somewhat as she realizes that whoever is behind this is purposefully isolating them, which would help make the Azalea sisters look like the real culprits. If they then dragged Hazuki into the mix and cause her to attack the others, then Hazuki really is the one behind it all. Konoha asks Ayame if she gave her permission to meet Kako as well, and when she confirms she did, Konoha replies that she may be guilty of the attacks as well. Seeing her sisters get worked up with their worries, Ayame tries to lie by saying she was lying about getting permission because she just really wanted to see her friend Kako. But Hazuki can tell that she is lying that time before throwing her hands into the air in exasperation. She can’t tell what’s a lie or the truth anymore! Hazuki starts to freak out over the whole situation.

Escape Ep. Ten

Konoha pulls Hazuki close to her and holds her, ruffling her hair and telling her it’ll be ok. She does this for a minute or two as Hazuki calms down. Ayame recognizes it as the same gesture that the director of the orphanage would do whenever any of them felt sad or worried. Konoha tells Hazuki to calm down so they can think things through with a level head and reminds her the three of them are in this together. Hazuki dries her tears and thanks Konoha. Konoha notices that Ayame is crying a little as well since she was reminded of the director and she pulls Ayame close to her to ruffle her hair as well. Just as she’s about to speak, they hear the loud voice of Tsuruno Yui telling them everything will be alright now that she’s here. Tsuruno walks into their hideout and apologizes for just barging in. Hazuki demands to know who she is and Tsuruno tells her she’s a Magical Girl who loves the words “mightiest” and “Chinese cooking”. Seeing as how this didn’t answer anything, Hazuki once more demands to know who she is. Yachiyo enters the room shortly afterwards and scolds Tsuruno for rushing ahead of her again. She introduces Tsuruno as a friend of hers and greets the others. But before Yachiyo can tell them about how her investigation is going, she tells them they have more guests as Nanaka enters the room with Kako, Akira and Meiyui. Seeing all these people here, Konoha and her sisters transform and prepare to defend themselves. Kako calls out to Ayame and asks that she give her a chance to explain what happened earlier. Before anyone can say anything though, the Mito trio also enter the abandoned home and greet everyone.

Locust Ep. Six

With everyone gathered at their hideout, Konoha asks them all to explain what brought them all here. Yachiyo begins by explaining she had been investigating the first set of fainting incidents along with Konoha. Yachiyo does not believe the Azalea sisters are behind the incidents and she was told of their hideout by Konoha after promising not to tell anyone else. Nanaka says she’d wished she known or she wouldn’t have told the Mito trio how to get here. Yachiyo needed help with the investigation so she told Nanaka she didn’t believe it was them and asked for her help. Nanaka agreed to help after hearing Yachiyo out since she too believed that someone else was behind it. Nanaka believes the enemy they’ve been chasing all this time is the one behind the fainting incidents. Meiyiu and Akira both tell each other telepathically that Konoha, Yachiyo, and Nanaka are the same in that they like to keep information to themselves although given the circumstances it’s understandable. When asked how they were able to find their location, Meiyui admits they tracked Ayame. Hazuki glares at Ayame, who sheepishly admits she was panicked. Nanaka, Akira, and Meiyui all apologize to Ayame for spying on her meeting with Kako but Nanaka promises that she only did it to protect them. If she hadn’t stepped out when she did then the enemy would have attacked. Nanaka believes their enemy is a Magical Girl who can control the minds of others. Konoha agrees since they suffered an attack themselves just moments ago. They were being manipulated and they were barely able to tell what was going on. Ayame realizes that the same thing must have happened when she was talking to Kako earlier at the park and apologizes to Kako. Nanaka’s unique magic is what helped her deduce that it was the work of an enemy Magical Girl, but they still don’t know who is the one responsible for using this magic. Leila pipes up and says they know who it could be. They explain they were working with someone who was doing some investigating on behalf of Nanaka. They explain that the person behind all of this is someone using suggestion magic and her real name is Hanna Sarasa. As soon as she said the name, Yachiyo and Nanaka become defensive and transform, warning everyone to be on their guard. Someone else is there with them now.

Locust Ep. Seven

Everyone else transforms as well, prepared to fight and defend themselves. Nanaka and Yachiyo both close their eyes and uses their senses to feel where the foreign magic is coming from. They both turn towards Konoha who immediately figures out the person must be behind her. Konoha whirls around and attacks the person hiding behind her. With the mysterious figure outed, the group demands she show herself. A creepy cackling laughter fills the room as Hanna makes her appearance, glad that the fools finally found her. The group glares at her as Hanna introduces herself as the one they’ve been looking for all this time.

Blooming in the Abyss: Chaos Ep. One

Hanna cackles as she introduces herself. Nanaka asks Leila if she can tell them more about her while Hanna smiles jeeringly and asks Leila to tell them. Leila informs the tohers that suggestion magic was used on Kanagi to seal away one of her memories. Thanks to Mitama, they were able to break the spell and reveal the memory. In the memory, Kanagi had met a girl named Mikoto Sena after she had helped her defeat a Witch whose Familiar she was chasing down. Mikoto had asked Hanan to say hi while Kanagi commented on how amazing Mikoto’s magic was. Mikoto had said that, despite the conditions for using it, she was able to make even Witches follow her basic commands. She and her friend were researching on how to use her magic better. Kanagi turns to Mikoto’s friend and asks her for her name, but Hanna only gives her name and nothing else. Mikoto apologizes for her friend’s attitude as Kanagi asks how it is they’re researching her magic together. Mikoto giggles and asks Hanan if it’s ok if she tells her, with Hanna shrugging. Mikoto explains that Hanna can also use suggestion magic thanks to her overwrite magic.

Chaos Ep. Two

Originally, Hanna couldn’t use any magic when she first contracted but that’s because she has the ability to copy another Magical Girl’s magic and use it like it was her own. That’s why Mikoto had suggested that Hanna copy her suggestion magic so they could explore its uses together as a team. Kanagi agrees that makes sense.

As Leila finishes relaying the memory to the others, they all begin to circle around Hanna and demanding answers. They demand to know why she did what she did and if she was really the one behind the attacks on others. They ask what happened to Mikoto and what caused her disappearance but Hanna only raises her voice and yells at them all to shut up. She tells them to quit it with the questions and begins by telling them she was behind it all. When everyone gets worked up at how casually she says it, she tells them to chill out and explains she had been waiting for a long time for them to figure it out but they were too slow on the uptake. Hanna laughs again as she explains she’s made a big mess of things by this point. Despite how much she messed with the lives of others, they still hadn’t figured out it was her even if their lives depended on it. She didn’t see the point in continuing it if they never figured it out. So this time when she caused the incidents, Hanna went all out and they eventually found her although she had to really knock down the difficulty for them this time. Now that everyone’s gathered together, Hanna suggests they all play a game of tag.

Chaos Ep. Three

Konoha tells Hanna to stop messing around but Hanna calls the life of a Magical Girl a joke. Tsuruno asks what the rules are but Yachiyo tells her not to play along. Hanna says the only rule is they have to catch her. Akira and Meiyui are prepared to do their best since Hanna won’t make it easy on them, but Yachiyo warns them to keep their guard up since she wouldn’t be talking like that unless she was incredibly confident. Meiyui begins her attack as Nanaka warns her to hold off. Before she can strike, Hanna tells the girls they’ll have to count to one hundred first. All the girls suddenly find themselves unable to move as Hanna laughs and takes off running, calling out good luck on trying to catch her. Yachiyo figures they won’t be able to move until they do as she says. Konoha encourages her sisters, assuring them they’ll catch Hanna as soon as the spell is broken.

Chaos Ep. Four

Once the suggestion magic wore off, the group split up and searched for Hanna in all directions. Konoha and her sisters searched an abandoned building but she wasn’t there. Suddenly, Hanna pops up out of seemingly nowhere and mockingly asks if she isn’t here after all. The sisters glare at Hanna and accuse her of letting them find her and taking it all as a game. Hanna claims she’s being serious, as in seriously messing around. Incised, Ayame tries to attack Hanna but is quickly repelled. The sisters attempt a team attack but Hanna is able to easily avoid their attacks. Hanna decides to call a time-out and uses her magic to cause the Azaleas to free in place. She laughs, and asks them if she didn’t shake up their teamwork more than a little. Hearing this, Hazuki is certain that Hanna was the one who framed them this entire time and was the one who was actually attacking all those Magical Girls. Hanna smiles and says she’s right on both accounts. Ayame asks Hanna why she would do such a thing. Hanna just grins once more and says she did it because it sounded like fun. Causing trouble and blaming it on others, watching as everyone turned against one another, nothing sounded like more fun. Hazuki demands to know why. Hanna replies that she thinks the whole “Magical Girls protecting the world from Witches” thing is crap. Why should she spend her life fighting Witches with her immense power when she can become a kind of living disaster instead. Instead, she would rather help and hunt Witches. Living by the rules and doing what you’re told sounds immensely boring to Hanna. When Konoha tries to argue with her, Hanna just shrugs and says their priorities are different. When Konoha asks if she attacked them on a whim, Hanna admits she thought it would be fun to break them up after seeing how close-knit they were with one another.

Hanna laughs and asks Konoha if she enjoyed her dreams. She mockingly imitates Konoha’s yells for her sister Ayame. Konoha opens her eyes wide and asks if she was responsible for that as well and threatens to make her pay. Hanna just grins widely and says it feels great to watch things get jumbled up and come crashing down. Hanna suddenly dodges as Yachiyo attacks her from behind.

Chaos Ep. Five

Yachiyo tells Hanna she has good reflexes as Hanna dodges an attack from Tsuruno next. The Azalea sisters find they can move again so the three of them launch their attacks on Hanna, who dodges all of their moves easily. She asks if they were trying to hit her as she easily strikes at Konoha, then Hazuki and Ayame. Tsuruno sternly tells her to stop, causing Hanna to turn her attention towards her. Figuring she’ll be a problem, Hanna uses her magic to root Tsuruno in place. Yachiyo has been observing her this whole time and points out to everyone that Hanna can’t make them do just anything. If she could, she would have made Tsuruno attack the others or leave. Hazuki catches on to what Yachiyo is saying and realizes that Hanna can only make them do simple things when she only has a moment to respond. Hanna mockingly warns her not to give the game away since suggestion magic is very finicky. Yachiyo is surprised to find that Hanna knows who she is, with Hanna telling Yachiyo that she knows she’s been at this forever, acting like Magical Girl life isn’t some kind of joke. Yachiyo strikes at Hanna. Hanna takes the blow, but then grins and asks how Yachiyo could be so strong but still lose the lives of her friends, the fortune-telling girl and the one who liked music. Yachiyo demands to know how she knows about them but Hanna only laughs and strikes back. Tsuruno calls out for Yachiyo but suddenly finds she can move again. She moves in to attack Hanna but Hanna is faster and hits her with the suggestion magic again. She hits the rest of them with her magic as Yachiyo warns her she won’t get away. Hanna says they were playing tag, not freeze tag so they better hurry if they want to catch her and flees once more.

Chaos Ep. Six

Leila, Seika, and Mito weren’t sure where Hanna could head to, but Leila gambled it on a guess as they waited on the roof of the Daito apartment complex. They’re surprised to find that Hanna did indeed head there as they see her jump onto the roof. Hanna takes a deep breath as she takes a break on the rooftop, the same roof and place where she first met Kanagi. She recalls how much her friend Sena loved watching the sunset from that spot, but as for Hanna she prefers the view at night. Leila, Seika, and Mito leap out from their hiding spot and strike at Hanna, who pretends to be hit but was actually blocking their attacks. Hanna giggles as she claims they really scared her there. She asked how they knew she’d come here but Leila admits it was on a hunch. Hanna appreciates how chaotic that move was as she giggles some more. Leila demands to know what she did with Mikoto Sena but Hanna isn’t ready to tell them everything just yet since it would spoil her fun. She thinks it would be more fun if they figured out what happened to Mikoto on her own, since they ARE Magical Girls after all. Mito asks what she means by that. Hanna replies that Sena was fighting a Witch here at the apartments and won, but in the end she lost. Seika and Mito think that Sena must have been killed or eaten by the Witch of the apartment complex since her body disappeared. Hanna laughs and says things are repeating once more. She claims that Leila has that bad look in her eyes again before asking if Leila knows what she’s talking about or remembers. Hanna thinks that was too big of a clue and says she’ll catch them later. Leila tries to stop her and tells her to explain herself but Hanna smacks her away. Mito tries to stop her but Hanna knocks her down as well. Seika calls out for her fallen friends as Hanna asks what she’s going to do on her own. Seika screws up her courage and attempts to attack Hanna but to no avail. Hanna grins and knocks Seika away as well. As she looks down on the fallen friends, held helpless by her magic, Hanna thinks there’s too many and considers taking one out permanently so it’ll be more fun that way. The three friends struggle against her magic as Hanna singles out Leila. She keeps playing eeny-meeny-miny-moe before settling on Mito instead. She congratulates Mito on a Magical Girl life well lead

Chaos Ep. Seven

Hanna swings her weapon down on Mito but Akira appears and blocks the blow at the last second. Hanna frowns and accuses Akira of ruining her fun just as Meiyui and Kako appear. Meiyui strikes at Hanna while Kako checks on the Mito trio. Hanna asks where their leader is but Akira tells her to shut up. After everything they’ve been through on account of a single Witch, Akira demands to know how Hanna is connected to that Witch. Meiyui and Kako echo Akira’s statement as they wait for Hanna to answer. Hanna smiles sadistically and says she’s played with too many Witches to count. Hanna says she can use her suggestion magic to control Witches as well so she’s made pets out of a lot of Witches. She makes them do bad things and also gets Grief Seeds from them. Hanna claims they’re great for passing the time when she’s bored. Akira gets angry, telling Hanna that they were the ones who suffered when her pet Witches did those bad things. Hanna shrugs and says she’s probably right, causing Meiyui and Kako to see red from her flippant attitude towards everything they’ve suffered because of her. Meiyui attacks Hanna once more, while Hanna just laughs and says she is loving the expression on Meiyui’s face right now.

Chaos Ep. Eight

Leila and her friends watch as Akira, Meiyui, and Kako put their everything into fighting Hanna. To Leila, it seemed like they were on fire and would literally burn up for their cause, but eventually the three of them began to wear down while Hanna was gaining the upper hand. Hanna uses her magic to cause them to stop in their tracks as she catches her breath for a bit. She thinks the going is rough but she is also exhilarated at all the fighting and damage she’s caused. Hanna laughs at how much she’s messed things up slowly over the years and how glad she was she was patient with her plans. Hanna says she’s ready for their game to end since Nanaka’s team has been in the game long enough now. Meiyui closes her eyes, knowing they weren’t enough to take Hanna down despite their big talk, but also prepared to leave everything to their backup plan. Just as Hanna is about to strike, she instead twirls and dodges to one side. She had been expecting another surprise attack, in particular one from Nanaka. Nanaka stands there glaring at her enemy. Hanna grins as she comments on Nanaka’s use of her friends like pawns to wear her down before she herself attacks. The four of them gather together, decalring the formation of their team based on stopping Hanna. Hanna says that’s nice but reminds them this is tag and then escapes once more. Nanaka tells her team to stay there and rest for now.

Chaos Ep. Nine

Nanaka closes in on Hanna and attempts to strike her as she runs. Hanna laughs and turns, prepared to make Nanaka stop in her tracks but Nanaka attacks her before she can finish her sentence. Hanna knows Nanaka has figured her out as Nanaka prepares to unleash her magia attack. However, Hanna is just able to stop her before she can finish her attack. Hanna asks what she was aiming for as she notices that Nanaka’s hand was reaching for her Soul Gem. When she realizes what Nanaka was aiming for, Hanna smiles sadistically once more as she realizes that Nanaka knows the truth about Soul Gems. Hanna thinks it was a bold move but Hanna has learned about Nanaka long before she became a Magical Girl. She had seen articles online about Nanaka’s skills in flower arranging, so when she remembered the articles she decided to make that composed girl’s life into a complete mess. As Nanaka looks at her in shock, Hanna strikes her with her weapon. Hanna says she’s shocked too, that the girl she picked randomly would end up becoming a Magical Girl and learning their deepest darkest secret as well. Hanna cackles with maniacal laughter once more at the thought of all the chaos Nanaka’s life must have become thanks to her. Nanaka tells her to shut her mouth and how much she hates the sound of her laughter. Hanna only laughs once more as she realizes that Nanaka was trying to destroy her Soul Gem, not just take it.

Chaos Ep. Ten

Just as Hanna is about to command her once more to stop, Nanaka is able to wriggle free of the magic and strikes at Hanna. Hanna laughs as she thinks to herself that this could be it. Nanaka is just able to use her magia attack on Hanna and the two stand staring down at each other. Hanna asks she Nanaka doesn’t just break her Soul Gem already but Nanaka tells her to shut up once more. Hanna admits she only has a sliver of magic left and hadn’t cast any suggestions on Nanaka, guessing that Nanaka held back since she won’t go so far as to kill even a prankster like Hanna. Hanna asks her once more why she won’t do it but once more Nanaka tells her to be quiet. Hanna calls her an idiot and dumb as a brick since she worked so hard to make such a grand mess. She claims it would have felt amazing to have a big ending like that but instead she’s making it boring. Nanaka becomes impatient with Hanna and demands to know what is going through that head of hers and demands to know what she wants. Hanna shrugs but Nanaka warns her to stop playing dumb. Hanna says she really doesn’t know. All she wants to do is rip all of it to shreds, home, school, society, Magical Girls, all of it until it’s nothing more than a pile of trash. She doesn’t need a reason to do what she does. Nanaka says that makes her no better than a Witch, causing Hanna to erupt into loud laughter. Hanna vaguely tells Nanaka that she’s on the opposite side as her, but soon Nanaka will be on the same side and then it’ll be over for her too. When Nanaka asks her to explain what she means, Hanna just frowns and says she’d never tell a dumbass like her. If all anyone wants is answers then they should go looking for them. Hanna thinks that’s enough for now and freezes Nanaka in place as she talks about what a big joke it all was, her life included before destroying her own Soul Gem. Yachiyo and Konoha catch up just after Hanna commits her final act. Yachiyo stares down at the lifeless body and figures Hanna did this to herself. Nanaka looks at Yachiyo and can tell that Yachiyo knows the truth as well. Konoha asks them what they’re talking about so Nanaka motions at Hanna’s body and says she’s dead now. Konoha asks what she meant by that.

Chaos Epilogue

Kanagi wasn’t able to recover in time to help the others, but she heard about what happened from everyone at Mitama’s place. Leila, Seika, and Mito explain everything that happened to Kanagi. Mito is crying over the death of Hanna, even though she was a bad person. Kanagi knows that a lot of Magical Girls learned just how closely death follows them every day, even the friends and family that surround them that weren’t directly involved. Nanaka had told the majority of the Magical Girls that Hanna had become deranged and used her suggestion magic on herself to take her own life. Only to the few that already knew the truth did Nanaka tell them that Hanna had destroyed her own Soul Gem.

After Hanna’s suicide, Nanaka and Yachiyo had explained to Konoha how Soul Gems are in truth the soul of a Magical Girl. Realizing what this means, Konoha had cried loudly. She knew now that Magical Girls aren’t even humans and lamented the fact that she was the reason Hazuki and Ayame had contracted. As Konoha cried, Nanaka had suggested they keep it a secret for now since not all Magical Girls would be able to handle the truth. Nanaka had known for some time but didn’t feel it was the right time to disclose this truth to the others just yet, but Kanagi believes she just couldn’t bring herself to say it. Afterwards, Nanaka moved Hanna’s body to a place where it would be easily found by the police. After her death, her suggestion magic was undone and so everything was brought to light. Her father led a shameful life, their home broken, until both he and her mother died. Hanna, who was placed in a home, was said to have been closed off until she disappeared one day, which is likely the day she became a Magical Girl. The police couldn’t find anything so they declared her death an “unsolved” mysterious death. It wasn’t long until everyone returned to their normal lives.

Sometime later, Asuka was begging forgiveness from Hazuki for how she acted. Hazuki told her she already apologized but even Sasara believes they flew off the handle for a bit there. Asuka is prepared to show the ultimate act of remorse but Sasara reminds her she told her to cut that out. Hazuki says that so many people have been apologizing to her lately, but as far as she’s concerned it’s in the past. What she wants to do now is focus on the future and get to know more Magical Girls and suggests they go to a café instead to get to know one another. Hazuki realizes she’s short on cash and asks if they can’t stop somewhere first, but Asuka and Sasara insist it’s their treat after how they acted with her. Hazuki gladly accepts and the group heads out. A short distance away, Ayame and Felicia MIstuki are watching Hazuki go off with her new friends. Felicia notes that Hazuki had tricked them into paying for her meal while Ayame mentions that she did the same thing yesterday. Ayame wishes she could get free stuff too but Felicia asks Ayame why she didn’t call her for help. Kako hesitates to speak up but Ayame knows what she wants to say: if they had called Felicia for help then all hell would have broken loose for sure. Felicia gets worked up as Kako denies any such thoughts, causing Ayame to grin.

Elsewhere, Kanagi looks out from the Daito apartment’s rooftop and admires the view of the sun setting. Leila agrees that it’s a great view. Kanagi asks about what Hanna had said before, about how Mikoto had defeated the witch but still ended up losing. Leila says they can’t figure out what she meant but figures that Mikoto had defeated the Witch but not before it landed a mortal blow on her although they have no evidence to prove that’s what happened. Kanagi thinks for a moment before saying it’s a valid conclusion based on what Leila knows. Kanagi offers to take over the investigation into Mikoto and Hanna and promises to relay any information she learns. Nanaka and Konoha appear on the rooftop and greet them. Nanaka thanks Kanagi for her help before as Ayame introduces Kanagi to Konoha. Leila ask swhat they’re doing here but it seems Konoha had wanted to be a part of their rooftop meeting once she learned about it. Konoha had spent all day thinking about Hanna, her thoughts and feelings. Despite all the chaos and mischief that Hanna got into, it was because of her that all of them were brought together and were able to get to know one another. Kanagi asks if Nanaka was doing the same as Konoha. Nanaka admits she had given it some thought, but didn’t think it wise to understand what was going through her head or else she might end up crossing the same line. She recalls Hanna’s haunting final words and believes that something similar could happen again, or at least a different kind of darkness could emerge. After this, the Magical Girls of Kamihama would experience an unprecedented and merciless battle against the Wings of Magius.


  • This event was the last event the Magia Record NA Server had before its closure.
  1. Shiritori is a type of word game in Japan where you have to call out a word that begins with the same sound as the last sound in the previous word. So Sakura would then become Radish then Shephard.