Magia Record Story The Ribbon at the Brink Where the Waves Break

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Part One

Episode One

It’s the morning of August 11th and Homura writes in her diary as she and her friends head to the beach for summer. They’ve taken an air-conditioned express train and as they enjoy the ride, they all buy ice cream to enjoy. As the day shifts to noon, Homura writes about how Sayaka’s relatives had invited them to stay at their seaside inn since they had had a sudden cancellation. The girls soon arrive at their destination, with Sayaka complaining about the intense heat. They begin to walk in the direction of the inn and arrive shortly after.

Episode Two

Sayaka’s aunt shows them to their rooms. Kyoko asks about how to get to the ocean from there and Sayaka’s aunt points out the direction. She warns the girls not to get lost wandering through the surrounding forest. Outside the inn, Madoka talks excitedly about their vacation to Homura. Two young girls approach them and Madoka asks if they live at the inn. The girls do, and ask Madoka if they know someone named Kei. She doesn’t, and asks them if Kei is another little girl who lives at the inn. The girls respond that Kei is looking for someone named Yu. They then ask Madoka if she is perhaps Yu. When Madoka responds in the negative, the girls warn Madoka that Kei might go into their room and to hold still if she does in order for her to go away. Both of the girls warn Madoka not to talk to Kei and then leave.

As Madoka ponders the girls’ warning, Homura suggests that Kei might be the name of a cat. Madoka thinks this might the reason why they warned her against trying to talk to her since she might bite if she’s feral. They agree to tell the others what they’ve learned when Kyoko passes them by already dressed in her swimsuit. Madoka and Homura hurry back into the inn to get changed.

Episode Three

At the beach, the girls play a few rounds of beach volleyball. Sayaka and Mami are on one team while Madoka, Homura, and Kyoko are on the other. Mami warns Kyoko that she won’t go easy on her just because it’s a game and proceeds to spike the ball hard at them only to hit Homura square in the face.

They halt the game and Mami frets over the injured Homura. She offers to make her a stretcher with her ribbons but Sayaka tells her not to use her magic so blatantly on a public beach. Madoka suggests Homura rest in the shade with her while Mami goes to buy something cold they can use. Homura blames herself for being clumsy and ruining everyone’s good time, but Madoka only giggles and tells her no one can escape from one of Mami’s volleyball spikes. Madoka then suggests they collect pine cones from some nearby pine trees and Homura agrees.

Episode Four

As Homura and Madoka marvel over the large number of pine cones on the forest floor, a cat walks past them. Madoka wonders if the cat is Kei and calls out to it. According to Homura’s diary, the cat took a few steps and would stare at them before doing it again. It then went back and circled around them mewing as if though it wanted them to follow it. When the girls made as if to follow, the cat then proceeded to lead them deep into the forest while occasionally glancing back to make sure they were following.

Episode Five

Guided by the cat, they walked deeper into the trees until they arrived at a clearing with a small shrine. The cat continues to meow at them and beckons them to the shrine. There Homura finds an old notebook and she flips through the pages. One page marked April 20 details how the notebook’s author wanted to go to the same school as her friend Kei but didn’t because her friend didn’t want her to hold back. So the author asked for a referral to a college near where Kei would be. Another page marked June 24 talks about how quickly memories fade and how the author doesn’t have the courage to reveal themselves completely to Kei. A page marked August 3 is about the author hating themselves for trying to convince Kei of something by saying the same things over and over again. On the last entry that Homura reads marked August 6, the author talks excitedly about finally agreeing to go through with her friend Kei’s plan. But the thought of her current heartache becoming nothing more than a memory they can laugh over is too much for her to bear.

Homura closes the notebook as Madoka asks her what’s wrong. Homura explains she found an old diary but couldn’t find a name. She suggests she read through it to see if she can find the owner’s name but Madoka doesn’t think they should read through someone else’s diary and tells her to put it back under the shrine. Afterwards, they turn to find that their cat guide has left as they return to the beach.

Episode Six

At the beach, Sayaka tells Madoka and Homura about something the guy in the beach house had said. Apparently a few years ago, a girl had fallen off a nearby cliff and died and her spirit has been reportedly been seen by several people. The rumors claims that her spirit can be seen rising from the ocean between two and three a.m. Mami appears to call them to dinner just as Sayaka goes on to describe the ghost in gruesome detail, spooking all three of them and causing Mami to shriek in fear. After delivering her message, Mami gets defensive about not liking ghost stories.

Back at the inn, Kyoko teases Mami for being so easily scared after she relates what happened earlier. Kyoko becomes interested in the ghost story and Sayaka prepares to tell it again. Mami leaves since she doesn’t want to hear the story while Madoka stares at Sayaka. Both her and Homura are frightened by ghost stories even if they’ve never seen one. Kyoko compares ghosts to the way normal people might perceive Witches and says she’d rather bump into a ghost than a Witch any day. Madoka feels more relieved and tells Sayaka about the twins she met earlier. Sayaka isn’t sure about any pet cats much less ones named Kei but assumes the twins have kept some new creepy crawly for a pet and plans to ask them about it later.

Episode Seven

In her diary, Homura describes the delicious Italian-style dinner they were served that night. After dinner, they all rushed down to the beach to light handheld fireworks. Kyoko says it’s been a long time since she last saw fireworks, and then compares Mami and Homura’s weapons to fireworks when seen from afar. This makes Homura happy and Mami smiles at the comparison. Kyoko notices that a lot of other people are on the beach lighting fireworks as well before she suddenly bumps into Hinano Miyako. Hinano doesn’t recognize Kyoko, but does recognize the ring on her finger. Kyoko calls her a pipsqueak which gets Hinano riled up. Sayaka says hi and introduces her to Kyoko as a veteran magical girl despite her looking like a hamster. Kyoko tells her that the small kid is getting angrier which causes Hinano to lose her temper and threaten to blow them up with her original mix fireworks.

Episode Eight

Ren Isuzu soon finds Hinano and tells her that everyone has been looking for her. Kyoko recognizes Ren and greets her. Sayaka is pleased to hear that Kyoko is making new friends, causing Kyoko to get irritated with Sayaka. Emiri Kisaki and Rika Ayano soon catch up to them and Sayaka suggests they get both groups together for fireworks. Emiri wonders if Sayaka is on a beachside date but Sayaka quickly corrects her. Then Emiri asks if her little Valentine spell worked. When Kyoko asks her to explain herself, Emiri responds that she used a little magic to help everyone relax more since they were so worried about their friend. Kyoko angrily turns to Sayaka and asks her if that’s the reason she has weird memories of Mami being places she couldn’t possibly have been. Sayaka sheepishly apologizes, promising she would have told them the truth eventually and it didn’t matter since Mami is back for reals anyway. Kyoko then chases Sayaka around the beach. The rest of them lit fireworks on the beach.

Episode Nine

As they head back to the inn, Sayaka bumps into her twin cousins and tells them to go to bed. The twins roll their eyes in disgust and tell her they’re busy. Sayaka asks if they haven’t been taking their dinner scraps to feed some wild animal again, but the twins insists they are lining up stones to protect the place to Kei can’t come in. The girls think that Kei would hate the Sayaka the most because of how nosey she is as they finish lining up the stones and leave. Sayaka yells at the girls once more.

Episode Ten

Homura’s diary continues, marked the night of August 11. Now wearing their pajamas, the girls settle in and talk with one another until they all fall asleep. Homura’s next diary entry is marked the night of August 12. In it, Homura states she doesn’t know how much time has passed as she relives the dream she had. She describes the dream as belonging to someone else.

In the dream, the narrator describes sending three umbrella emojis to her friend to convey the rain as she waits for school to end. As she looks outside, she sees her friend Yusa Yumeno standing at the gate holding two popsicles. She’s loved popsicles since she was a little girl, but she thinks that Yusa still sees her as a kid since they’ve both known each other for so long. The narrator goes outside and takes one of the popsicles and begins to complain to her friend. She tells Yusa she doesn’t have to come for her everyday, especially since it’s a great distance from her home. Yusa tells her if she didn’t come greet her after school she would never get to see her. The narrator can’t understand why Yusa is so determined to stay close to her and asks her if her mom isn’t mad that she’s still seeing her. Yusa apologizes for her mom being so rude and tells her she can decide who she wants to be friends with. The narrator thinks that it doesn’t matter who she hangs out with, no one is good enough to be friends with her most cherished daughter. Yusa thinks it shouldn’t matter what her mom thinks because she knows she can be way more cruel and cowardly than her mom knows she can be. The narrator tells her she shouldn’t hang out with a loser like her and that Yusa is just misinterpreting herself. Yusa believes she can only be her real self when she’s around her friend, but her friend believes that it doesn’t matter what you think is your real self, the people around you will always make up their own minds of who you are. Even if the narrator were to die and lose their body, their memories would live on in the minds of others as their interpretation of who she was. She believes that it is the perspective of those around you that make up your identity.

Still, Yusa is content knowing that the narrator knows her true self. The narrator sighs, telling Yusa that she is just a mediocre person who isn’t as pretty, rich, or popular as Yusa is. She then tells her she is considering not studying for her college entrance exams due to her grandmother and father, and that she’ll have to get a job to help at home. Yusa says she’ll just go to a college near where the narrator lives, but the narrator urges Yusa to go to the college she had originally chosen. She compares herself to a weed and Yusa to a flower in that they’re growing in different directions. She tells Yusa that she doesn’t even eat popsicles anymore. Homura continues to dream as the narrator laments the fact that everyone changes as they grow older. She comes home to find another letter written by a classmate full of hatred towards her. Everyday she receives another letter written ina different handwriting.

Homura awakens and questions if everything was a dream.

Episode Eleven

In her next diary entry marked dawn of August 12, Homura writes that she woke up in a cold sweat. Noticing how cold the room was, Homura tries to get up to turn off the AC but finds she is unable to move. She wonders if it might be sleep paralysis from playing out in the sun too much. As she gazes around the roomand noting the strong scent of seaweed, her eyes lock on to the pitch black figure of a human shadow. Somehow, the darkness of the figure is darker than the shadows of the room. The shadow sits down between Mami and Sayaka’s futons and stares down at them. The shadow grumbles as it examines every minute detail of Sayaka’s face before moving on to Mami and repeating the process. As it moves closer to where Homura is laying, Homura can just make out the words “wrong, wrong, all wrong”. The shadow then moves on to examine Madoka’s face. Homura tries to get her body to move but to no avail. As she struggles to get her body to respond, the shadow stops and stares at Homura. The shadow asks Homura, “You can see me?” causing Homura to scream in fear.

Episode Twelve

The rest of the girls wake up due to Homura’s screams. Sayaka wonders what the weird smell is about and asks if the AC broke down. Kyoko doesn’t care what’s going on if it doesn’t concern a Witch and falls right back to sleep. Mami offers Homura a glass of water and asks if she’s calmed down. Homura asks the others if someone didn’t come into their room in the night. Both Mami and Madoka tell her there was no one else in the room when they awoke. Sayaka figures maybe all the scary talk from earlier gave Homura nightmares and apologizes, suggesting they leave the lights on for the rest of the night. Mami offers to walk Homura to the bathroom.

Once everything has settled down, Mami suggests they think about all the fun activities they’ll do tomorrow to take their mind off things. Madoka offers to hold Homura’s hand while they sleep, which Homura shyly accepts. Madoka offers her other hand to Mami, while Sayaka is dismayed that everyone loves Madoka the most.

Part Two

Episode Thirteen

Homura’s diary continues, with the next entry marked early morning of August 12. Homura woke up early but the strong scent of the ocean still lingered in her nose. Seeing as how the others were still asleep, Homura carefully inched her way out of the room so as not to disturb the others. Outside, Homura runs into the twin girls from before. The girls greet her and ask if she met Kei since she was there last night. Homura asks what kind of animal Kei is, but the girls assure her she’s not an animal. They describe Kei as looking like a human, but made of shadow without any facial features and how she also stinks of the sea since Kei emerges from the ocean. When you’re sleeping, Kei looks at your face to see if she can find her friend Yu while saying “wrong, all wrong” while she looks. The girls remind Homura that you shouldn’t do anything if you do see Kei since she will go away on her own and to never talk to her. The twins notice that their protective stones have been scattered and they go to line them up again. Homura finds the story the girls tell her suspicious and wonders if it might not be the work of a Rumor.

Episode Fourteen

Homura remembers that one of the pages in the diary she had seen the day before had the name “Kei”. She returns to the clearing in the forest where the shrine is to find that the notebook sitting on the lattice door of the shrine. Homura was certain she had placed it back underneath the shrine the other day. As she flips through the pages of the notebook, she stops on a page marked May 2. On the page, the author describes how grounded Kei is compared to some of the other girls at her school who are more concerned about gossiping about boys. The author describes some of her favorite scents and how drawn she is to her friend Kei.

Homura then flips to a different page marked May 20. Here, the author describes walking Kei to her home after school and how hurt she is that Kei always greets her “Ugh, geeze.” A page marked June 12 has the author describe how much she wants to tell Kei that she hates her and hopes she can heal the sadness in her heart and find a happier future without her. Kei believes the author to be a good person, but the author can’t think of themselves that way at all. The author longs to be with Kei, even if Kei doesn’t believe her. On June 26, the author longs for a way to keep themselves together and unchanging forever.

As she continues to flip through the diary pages, Homura wonders if the author was a friend of “Kei”. Homura replaces the notebook where she found it and hurries back to the inn, full of guilt for having read something so private.

Episode Fifteen

As Homura and her friends enjoy the beach, Homura thinks back on what she had read. She recalls a diary entry marked July 2, in which the author places her hands on Kei’s neck as if to strangle her. She immediately retracts her hands and apologizes, only for Kei to give a shaky smile and grab her hands tightly. The author wonders if Kei wasn’t angry with her or if it’s just what she wants to think. July 5 has the author compare the soft flesh of Kei’s neck to the lizard she had once killed when she was a child.

An entry marked July 15 has the author describe how Kei is now the one to go and find her after school. Kei smiles and looks at the author the way they once did when they were younger. The author describes how infatuated they are with Kei and everything about her, especially now that she knows how truly warped she is. The author feels that Kei is the only one who truly knows who she, Yu, is.

July 20: Yu believes that she and Kei should never have met. Yu believes that Kei is just as warped as she is. Kei has begun calling her by her nickname “Yu” again and both of the girls wear bandages daily to hide the bruises on both their necks. As Homura sits lost in thought, Madoka points out a small bruise on Homura’s neck.

Episode Sixteen

It is noon of August 12. Homura and the others begin the long walk along the coast to an aquarium. Kyoko soon begins to complain about the distance and says she would rather go fishing than just look at a bunch of dumb fish. Sayaka disagrees, having been traumatized by a fishing tournament in Kamihama a few days ago (See:Homura Swimsuit’s MSS). Kyoko shrugs and decides to drop the idea while Mami is confused about how a mushroom could have tried to drown Sayaka.

They soon arrive at the aquarium where they eat fish burgers, marvel at the jellyfish tanks, and watch a dolphin and seal show. By the time they left, the sun was already setting. As they’re walking back, Kyoko admits the jellyfish looked more interesting alive in a tank than they do cooked up. Sayaka suggests they head up to the cape they saw from the train in order to watch the sunset from there. Mami thinks it’s a great idea and they all head off.

At the top of the cape, Sayaka and the others gaze in wonder at the gorgeous sunset. Sayaka warns Madoka not to get too close to the edge since someone really did off of the cape once. Madoka thinks Sayaka is just teasing again and asks Homura if she doesn’t agree with her. Homura, looking serious, breaks out of her train of thought. She says she can smell flowers from there and Mami points out some night-blooming jasmine growing on the cape nearby.

Episode Seventeen

As the sun set, Homura couldn’t bring herself to forget the diary she had read. This was made more difficult by the strong scent of jasmine since it reminded her of the dream she had had.

A diary entry marked August 1 has Yu describing a wish Kei had had. Yu had shut her down as soon as she heard the wish and blamed herself for always pushing Kei too far. However, deep down inside Yu felt happy and relieved when she heard the wish. In an entry marked August 12, Yu describes that their big plan is set for tomorrow. She hopes something will cause Kei to reconsider their plan through a song about how great life is or a cheesy movie moment. Regardless, Yu feels that Kei is going to grant her most twisted fantasy and that only Kei could forgive her for it.

On the cape, Mami asks if Kyoko is ok. Kyoko says she’s just feeling a bit down due to being on a cape. Despite how nice the sunset is, a cape is the end of the road and there’s nothing after that. Mami smiles and tells her it’s more important to her that they were able to hang out and talk again like they used to. Kyoko smiles, shaking her head and telling her they should be thinking about dinner.

At night, Homura writes in her diary about the difference between the self that you know and the self that others perceive you to be. She wonders which one she is and how much the constrains of others affect her. Outside the inn, she asks Madoka what kind of person she thinks Homura is. Madoka smiles and responds that Homura is her dear friend who works hard. In her diary, Homura writes that she is deceiving everyone by letting them think she is just another magical girl from their time. She worries that if she tells them the truth about her time-travelling then it’ll end up as another mistake and she would no longer be the girl that Madoka thinks she knows.

Episode Eighteen

After eating dinner and chatting for a bit, the girls settle in for another night of sleep. Once more Homura dreams about Kei and Yu. In her dream, Kei calls out to Yu saying the promised day is here. Kei is excited to get going, having dressed up and bringing a ribbon to tie to each other. Yu wonders if what they’re doing is ok and questions what Kei’s family would think. Kei hits Yu and tells her they have nothing to do with this. Kei says her life belongs only to Yu and only for Yu to crush her future beneath her feet. Yu feels that this is wrong and that anyone else would also think so, but Kei is tired of only doing what others think is right. As they prepare for what’s coming, the two girls vow “In every life, we end whenever we meet.” They promise to make their vow come true by swearing to kill each other for every reincarnation as long as they meet each other no matter what forms they may take as proof of who they are.

Episode Nineteen

A voice calls out to Homura to wake up. Homura awakens at dawn on August 13 only to find Madoka standing there with her eyes closed, enveloped in a shadowy figure. Homura calls out Madoka’s name only for Madoka to snap her eyes open and proclaim repeatedly “I got in”. Madoka then calls out for Yu, saying the promised day is finally here. Madoka runs out into the night and into the forest with Homura chasing after her. Despite losing sight of her immediately, Homura knows Madoka is headed toward the cliff.

Episode Twenty

As Homura reaches the cape, she call out for Madoka. Suddenly, everything grows dark around her. A shadowy figure approaches Homura and says something in Chinese. Madoka, possessed by the spirit of Kei, tells Homura that the girl’s body washed up far away from here and that she is looking for the ship her father was on. Homura urges Madoka to chase after the girl so they can escape this barrier, but Madoka tells Homura that Homura will kill her as soon as they leave. Homura says she would never kill Madoka, but Madoka insists that Homura won’t be able to live with herself if she doesn’t. Madoka begins to giggle uncontrollably as Homura realizes that Madoka’s body is being controlled like a puppet by the ghosts. Homura transforms and attempts to freeze time in order to catch Madoka but finds her magic has no affect in this place. Madoka laughs and tells Homura that her time stopping powers won’t work in a place where time doesn’t flow and a single moment is repeated forever.

Episode Twenty-One

As Homura wonders what she should do in this black abyss, she hears a voice calling out. She recognizes it as the voice of Ren Isuzu and calls back. Ren informs Homura that Kyoko and the others are searching for her and Madoka, but only Ren was able to traverse into the dark abyss where Homura and Madoka are. Madoka runs around giggling uncontrollably as Homura tells Ren they have to defeat the Witch that is possessing Madoka. Ren shyly suggests that it’s not a Witch that is controlling Madoka, but that it might be something similar to the magic that Ren uses.

Homura demands that Madoka be let go but Kei asks why she should. Kei says she can smell curses and blood on all of them and that they would be happy to kill Yu. She says that this time she must go and search for Yu rather than the other way around. Kei admits she had tried to possess Homura but was unable to[1], so she settled for possessing Madoka and will use her body to kill Yu herself. Homura doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. Kei responds that she is only a faint memory staining the Cliffside. Yu is the only one who knows the real Kei and if her real self is here as a spirit then that must mean that Yu is still alive somewhere. So she must seek out Yu and kill her. Confused, Homura thinks that this and the notebook must be part of a Rumor that controls people.

Kei states that her thoughts were basic, indistinct and fuzzy until the spirit of that drowned girl came to the shore. Then Kei was able to recall all of her memories clearly. Saddened that she could have forgotten her friend Yu for even a moment, Kei is determined to find Yu once again.

Episode Twenty-Two

Kei’s spirit describes how she bound their arms and legs together so they wouldn’t drift apart. Together, they jumped into the ocean and sank to the bottom, Yu’s hands still clutching Kei’s throat. However, the waves pulled them apart and Kei died while Yu survived. Kei wants only to kill Yu so that Yu can kill her again, over and over throughout eternity. Kei asks Homura if she wouldn’t rather stay in that unchanging abyss forever with Madoka, but Homura adamantly refuses. Homura believes that Madoka would never want something like that since she can keep going so long as she’s by her side. Kei tells Homura that it makes her sick to hear such things and transforms Madoka into her magical girl state. Madoka attacks Homura only for Ren to leap in and help block the blow. Ren says she can try to use her magic to draw out whatever is possessing Madoka. Ren attempts to battle Madoka but is unable to land a blow. Homura tells Ren to follow the scent of flowers since only Kei gives off that scent. Homura calls out to Kei by yelling out the vow she and Yu had made.

Episode Twenty-Three

Upon hearing Homura call out, Kei stops her attack and calls back out to Yu. As she’s distracted, Ren attempts to use her magic on Madoka only for the ghost of the drowned Chinese girl to deflect the attack. Homura asks the ghost girl if it understands Japanese and tells her they can all escape together. But Ren can tell that the ghost girl isn’t really a girl and is actually the root cause of everything. The spell around the ghost girl is broken and she is revealed to be the Witch Paola.

Homura finds herself in Paola’s barrier with Ren nowhere to be found. Ren uses her telepathy to inform Homura that she was sent off somewhere else when the Witch’s barrier was formed. Homura fights off the Witch alone while Ren hurries to catch up to where she is.

Episode Twenty-Four

The barrier dissipates and soon Homura finds herself on the cape with the possessed Madoka. Kei accuses Homura of killing her after all only for Homura to tell her to shut up. Homura doesn’t care what they do with their own lives so long as they leave Homura and Madoka’s lives alone. Kei tells her to relax since she will soon fade away if Yu is not there. Kei begs Homura to kill Yu if she should run into her since she wants to see her again. She asks Homura to promise that she will kill Yu before her soul breaks and she ends up like that Witch whose power she borrowed. Kei begs Homura to kill her before she is no longer the Yu she once knew. Continuously, Kei begs Homura to keep her promise and to kill Yu no matter where they may meet or no matter how many worlds Homura may visit. Finally, Kei’s spirit relinquishes Madoka’s body.

Episode Twenty-Five

Ren is finally able to catch up to Homura and Madoka and is relieved to find that the two are ok. Madoka wakes up and has no recollection of what happened, thinking she had tossed and turned out of bed. The rest of the girls soon find them and everyone celebrates their being found safe and sound. As Homura writes in her diary, she describes what happened as something far too strange for even her to comprehend. She recalls that Kyubey had used the term “soul” and that their “soul gems” contain their life force. Homura questions if their soul gems are literal gems housing their souls. She wonders if Kyubey used the term only as a metaphor, and then questions what a soul is composed of.

Sayaka sighs as their trip is wrapping up. Despite traveling so far to go on a trip, they still had to deal with a Witch popping up and ruining all their fun. Kyoko thinks she’s getting rusty since she didn’t sense the Witch despite it being that close to them. Mami thinks maybe Homura was right when she said a Witch had mixed up with a Rumor to cause all this trouble, but she’s just relieved that no one got hurt. Madoka uses her telepathy to tell the others to pipe down since Homura is still fast asleep. Mami apologizes and turns to find that Kyoko had gone back to sleep as well.

Episode Twenty-Six

In her diary marked the morning of August 13, Homura describes the last dream she had. In the dream, Yu wakes up in a hospital bed on an unknown date. She doesn’t know how much time has passed. All she knows is that she had heard Kei died. Her father had told everyone that they had lost their footing on the cliff which is why only Kei had died. There had been brusing on Kei’s neck but her cause of death was ruled as drowing. Yu had bruises on her neck too but the staff dismissed it as some sort of game they had. Yu had then gone back to school only for everyone to take pity on her and use her grief as if it were their own, annoying and disgusting Yu. Even though Yu wanted to tell them everything,s he knew they would just dismiss what she said as grief-stricken rambling. As the days went on, Yu couldn’t bear the trauma of going on without Kei. She wonders if her sense of self will be swallowed up by the perceptions of others. The thought of such a thing almost drove Yu to throw herself off the cliff again. But with Kei gone she had no idea why she would do such a thing. All she has to hold onto is the hope in their last worlds “In every life, we end whenever we meet.” But if the Yu that she was died that day, then who is the girl writing in the diary now she asks. (An image of Kyubey sitting on a windowsill flashes on the screen).

Deep in the dream, Homura recalls what Kei begged of her up on the cliff. But Homura never agreed or promised to do anything she had asked of her.

  1. The voice that awakens Homura and prevents Kei from possessing her is implied to the voice of Kuro despite the fact that Kuro had already become a Witch and defeated