Magia Record Story Warming Valentine ~Until your thoughts reach you~

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Kokoro, Masara, Sasara, Asuka and Konomi decide to set up a booth together at a charity bazaar for different reasons.

Kokoro and Masara's reason is because Himika's family cannot spare the extra money to make treats for this Valentine, but Himika refuses Kokoro's gifts since she sees it as taking advantage of Kokoro. Masara suggests inviting them to the bazaar, with them setting up a store to give them the chocolates without making it look like gifting to the poor.

Asuka and Sasara do it for a little girl name Chi-chan who is a regular at Emiri's place. Chi-chan's dad is a fireman who died on duty, thus her mom is busy working to feed the family. While they are very close, Chi-chan still feels lonely as her mom works late. Sasara's dad is part of the Special Rescue Team, and she feels for Chi-chan. Thus, Asuka suggests setting up a store as an excuse to invite Chi-chan and her mom over to the bazaar for a family day.

Konomi's reason is the simplest: Her bouquet created by her and her aunty for Valentine's Day is very popular, enough for the Charity Bazaar's organizer to invite the store over to set a stall. They both loved Konomi's on the spot design for the bazaar, and the shop is in for the event.

As Izayoi has to work, she acts as an adviser for the girls who gathered at Manaka's. After all, Walnuts is where you will go for good western food. They agree to work together, and their stall will be a collaboration between Walnuts and Blossom, the florist's stall.

Konomi and her aunt will work on the bouquets, Masara, Kokoro and Manaka will work on the chocolates, Asuka and Sasara will work on advertising and Izayoi as an adviser.

With the guidance of Manaka's dad, Kokoro and Masara make cute bear chocolates successfully. Being the assistant instructor of her dojo, Asuka managed to get lots of volunteers to advertise the event, while Sasara invited Chi-chan and made the leaflet for advertising. Konomi and her aunt make the bouquets while Izayoi helped with decorating the stall.

On the day, adults who donate to the charity will receive Konomi's bouquet, while children will get bear chocolate at the stall for free. Chi-chan and her mom visited the store, got the chocolate and thanked Asuka and Sasara for the invitation. After that, they enjoyed their time at the bazaar.

Initially Himika still refuses the chocolate despite everything, but after her siblings' complain, Himika realizes that she has been ignoring the wishes of her siblings all this time and finally accepts the gift gracefully and bashfully. They then have a great time together. All in all, the event is a success.

A few days later, the girls hold a party for the successful event. Konomi, Izayoi and Asuka will be late since they are caught up with work, but Sasara and Kokoro are feeling pretty down which puzzles Masara since the event was a success.

Kokoro worries that she almost caused a family fallout as she cannot mind her own business, while Sasara laments that Chi-chan still visits Emiri's place alone. She beats herself over for thinking she had done a good thing, but nothing has changed.

Masara reprimands both of them, thinking they are too hasty in obtaining results. While it is true one act of goodwill might not change much, making it a continuous act will change things for the better, so they should not give up too soon.

Just then, Konomi, Kanagi and Asuka arrive. Kanagi tells Kokoro that Himika is very grateful for her kindness, and that the whole family is making a return gift for White Day. It seems the kids love making sweets with their sister, and the sweets are just a bonus. For that, they love Kokoro for her help. As for Asuka, she tells Sasara that Chi-chan has excitedly told her that mom will call back once per day, and would make time to spend with her. She realized trusting her daughter and leaving her alone is two different things.

Sasara and Kokoro are glad that their effort meant something, and took Masara's words to heart. They all enjoyed the party without problem.

On Valentine's Day, the girls give their chocolate out to their important person:

Sasara gave it to her dad who is heading out for work. He thanked her since she never missed out on the occasion, and her handmade chocolate matches his tastes.

Asuka gave it to her cousin whom she wished to be made into a cop. While she denies it to be honmei, her bright red face, uncharacteristic shyness and running after giving the chocolate says otherwise.

Konomi gave it to her aunt who is very grateful for the gift, but also thinks a cute girl like her should have someone else to give this to.

Masara and Kokoro exchange chocolates at the high-rise dome which is one of their favorite places. Kokoro is surprised by this act since she thought Masara had no interest in such events, but refused to give it back when Masara says she should if she doesn't want it. They share a smile as they thanked each other for the year.

Kokoro also gave her chocolate to her parents. In return, they gave theirs to Kokoro, which surprised her as they remembered what she liked as a kid: bear chocolates. Their flirting reminds Kokoro of how it takes both her wish and effort to bring the family back and rekindle her parents' relationship, and hugs them with tears of joy as she thanked them.

Special Scene


An additional bonus scene was shown on Valentine's Day.

Both Rena and Tsukuyo messed up while trying to give chocolates to Kaede and Tsukasa respectively. Kaede had given her chocolate to Rena at school, but Rena was too embarrassed to reciprocate at the time, while Tsukuyo had failed to meet with Tsukasa because she wasn't satisfied with the chocolate she had made her. Both girls had read the "Kamihama Journal" blog featuring an article about a rumor: if you want your apology to your loved one to be successful, pray near a radio tower in Chuo Ward. Therefore, both Rena and Tsukuyo had separately gone to the tower to pray, where they accidentally bumped into each other. By coincidence, both Kaede and Tsukasa had also read the article and made their way to the radio tower, where they found the two girls praying. Both Rena and Tsukuyo were able to successfully get their feelings across and give their chocolates, making it a successful Valentine's Day.

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