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This is a rough timeline of events in the Magia Record game. It's a work-in-progress and partly speculative. Note that the Magia Record timeline is wholly incompatible with the main Madoka Magica timeline, as arc 1 takes place over several months (at least two, likely more) whereas Madoka Magica is only a month and a half at most.

7 Years Ago

  • Yachiyo and Mifuyu become magical girls

5 Years Ago

  • Hinano becomes a magical girl
  • Kanagi becomes a magical girl
    • This is a little ambiguous – she may have contracted a little earlier, but not too much earlier given her appearance in Kanae's story.

4 Years Ago

  • Kanae becomes a magical girl and teams up with Yachiyo and Mifuyu after Kanagi attacks her over a misunderstanding
  • Yachiyo’s grandmother is hospitalized
  • Kanae dies

3 Years Ago

  • Momoko and Meiyui become magical girls

2 Years Ago

  • Mitama and Asuka become magical girls

1 Year Ago

  • Manaka and Sana become magical girls
  • Rena becomes a magical girl and teams up with Momoko
  • Kaede becomes a magical girl and teams up with Momoko and Rena
  • Tsuruno gains infamy for dueling magical girls until she’s beaten by Yachiyo and joins her team
  • Mel joins Yachiyo’s team
  • Tsukasa and Tsukuyo become magical girls
  • Karin becomes a magical girl on Halloween
  • Other magical girls known to be active by this point: Masara, Kanoko, Ria, Konomi, Ikumi
  • The Mirror Witch sparks the events of Breakpoint, eventually being lured to an abandoned mansion that becomes the * Endless Mirrors
  • Mel dies

Less than 1 year ago

  • Nanaka and Seika become magical girls
  • Akira becomes a magical girl and teams up with Nanaka
  • Kako becomes a magical girl and teams up with Nanaka
  • Meiyui teams up with Nanaka
  • Emiri becomes a magical girl, Emiri’s Consultation Office is opened
  • Felicia gets into a dispute with Team Nanaka but soon becomes friends with Kako and secures a cooperation with Asuka and Sasara
  • Karin gets lectured by Yachiyo, temporarily joins Team Momoko and quits her Phantom Thief work
  • Natsuki and Aimi become magical girls
  • Azalea Trio comes to Kamihama
  • Leila and Mito become magical girls
  • Kanagi starts work as a maid
  • Other magical girls likely contracted during this time period: Kokoro, Sayuki, Mayu, Ryo, Rika, Ren, Riko, Himika
  • Alina becomes a magical girl
  • Nemu and Touka become magical girls
  • The Wings of Magius is formed
  • Mifuyu joins the Wings of Magius
  • Tsukuyo and Tsukasa join the Wings of Magius
  • Homura receives visions about coming to Kamihama for salvation
  • Iroha visits Kamihama

See Also

  • A Reddit thread discussing the Magia Record timeline, which is a major source used in this article: [1]
    • Most of the actual info is in the linked Google doc