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This is a rough timeline of events in the Magia Record game. It's a work-in-progress and partly speculative. Note that the Magia Record timeline is wholly incompatible with the main Madoka Magica timeline, as arc 1 takes place over several months (at least two, likely more) whereas Madoka Magica is only a month and a half at most... unless it's taken to be an alternate final timeline, or if Homura's time travel is fixed to a specific point in time rather than a specific period of time.

7 Years Ago

  • Yachiyo and Mifuyu become magical girls

5 Years Ago

  • Hinano becomes a magical girl
  • Kanagi becomes a magical girl
    • This is a little ambiguous – she may have contracted a little earlier, but not too much earlier given her appearance in Kanae's story.

4 Years Ago

  • Kanae becomes a magical girl and teams up with Yachiyo and Mifuyu after Kanagi attacks her over a misunderstanding
  • Yachiyo’s grandmother is hospitalized
  • Kanae dies

3 Years Ago

  • Momoko and Meiyui become magical girls

2 Years Ago

  • Mitama and Asuka become magical girls

1 Year Ago

  • Manaka and Sana become magical girls
  • Rena becomes a magical girl and teams up with Momoko
  • Kaede becomes a magical girl and teams up with Momoko and Rena
  • Tsuruno gains infamy for dueling magical girls until she’s beaten by Yachiyo and joins her team
  • Mel joins Yachiyo’s team
  • Tsukasa and Tsukuyo become magical girls
  • Karin becomes a magical girl on Halloween
  • Other magical girls known to be active by this point: Masara, Kanoko, Ria, Konomi, Ikumi
  • The Mirror Witch sparks the events of Breakpoint, eventually being lured to an abandoned mansion that becomes the * Endless Mirrors
  • Mel dies

Less than 1 year ago

  • Nanaka and Seika become magical girls
  • Akira becomes a magical girl and teams up with Nanaka
  • Kako becomes a magical girl and teams up with Nanaka
  • Meiyui teams up with Nanaka
  • Emiri becomes a magical girl, Emiri’s Consultation Office is opened
  • Felicia gets into a dispute with Team Nanaka but soon becomes friends with Kako and secures a cooperation with Asuka and Sasara
  • Karin gets lectured by Yachiyo, temporarily joins Team Momoko and quits her Phantom Thief work
  • Natsuki and Aimi become magical girls
  • Azalea Trio comes to Kamihama
  • Leila and Mito become magical girls
  • Kanagi starts work as a maid
  • Other magical girls likely contracted during this time period: Kokoro, Sayuki, Mayu, Ryo, Rika, Ren, Riko, Himika
  • Alina becomes a magical girl
  • Nemu and Touka become magical girls
  • The Wings of Magius is formed
  • Mifuyu joins the Wings of Magius
  • Tsukuyo and Tsukasa join the Wings of Magius

Arc 1

Based on the canon Timeline and the fact that the prologue features the main series characters fighting Patricia, arc 1 begins in the spring, no earlier than March 25 but potentially as late as mid-June. For the sake of having a concrete date to work with, the following will assume the prologue occurs on March 25.

Date Chapter Event Notes
March 25 Prologue Homura receives visions about coming to Kamihama for salvation With reference to main canon timeline, as she's fighting against Patricia.
March 25 1 Iroha visits Kamihama, where she meets Kaede, Momoko, Yachiyo, and the Coordinator. There's nothing specific to link the two events, but it seems to make sense for them to be around the same time frame.

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    • Most of the actual info is in the linked Google doc