Mami's Residence

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The home of Mami Tomoe, located in Mitakihara Town. She is the only resident. It is an apartment with two floors.

Anime Screenshots

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable


  • The Madoka PSP game's world map gives the approximate location of the Tomoe residence.
    • According with the PSP world map, the Tomoe residence is located in the area between the forking of two rivers with a railway track located nearby. The area where Mami resides is assumed to have a mid population density with a mixture of family dwellings, small buildings, and apartment buildings. It is difficult to determine what some of those buildings are, apart from being residential apartments, so it is assumed that they could be non-commercial buildings or small retail stores. Starting from Mami's residence, Mitakihara school is located on the southwest direction, next to a bridge that crosses the river.