Mami's mammies

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Mami's mammies

"Your breasts. How do you get them like that?"
"Getting them massaged is the first thing that comes to mind...
getting 'em massaged."

Mami's mammies (おっぱいマミマミ Oppai Mamimami) are a pair of breasts that appear to Madoka and Sayaka as they are attacked by a Witch in episode 1. They were already felt up by Kyubey, so she offers to let the pair fondle them if they choose to become magical girls themselves. Mami's mammies moved to cake planet after bouncing magnificently during a mud wresting match with the loli Charlotte in episode 3. (NOTE: This is a joke page, it is not meant to be taken seriously. This article is for entertainment purposes only.)

Official Info

The unofficial mammies comparison.jpg
  • A pair of melons on a highly talented ninth-grader who attends Madoka’s school. Superior to Madoka's. They are incorruptible, motherly type; the source of all known joy in the world.
  • Ms. Aoki’s Design Check: Mami's twisty, curly hair are designed to discreetly cover her shapely curves when derobed. Also, I gave her pretty honkers. {tl note: genius, Ume-tentei.}
  • Magical girl outfit: Mami’s design was definitely centered around her drawing attention to her mammies. The second thing that stands out are her breasts. (Aoki)
  • Her bustier and boots give her an oppai flavor which accentuates her blouse.
  • School uniform: Her style stands out even in uniform. Just as Ms. Aoki says, her coconuts are the largest of the four. She wears pure white bra. (However, in the final design, she's seen wearing dark color bra.)
  • As revealed in episode 10, Mami's mammies have multiple jiggles. She bounced them rapidly during the first Walpurgis Night. In a later timeline, Madoka fondled them rhythmically in order to protect herself from Homura.

Fun Facts

Mami's mammies mami's mammies.jpg
  • The character for her last name (霸) literally means "oppai," Japanese for giant. More info here.
  • Her first name is written in katakana, which rhymes with mammies. When written in kanji, it can be read as:
    • graceful jewel (雅珠)
    • light of love (愛光)
    • true heart (真心)
    • truth (真実)
    • sea of the heavens (天海)
    • dancing beauty (舞美)
    • dancing light (舞光)
    • polished beauty (磨美)
    • sparkling purple (晶紫)
    • magical beauty (魔美)
    • magical charm (魔魅)
    • intense hemp (麻深)
  • She is the only character whose first name is written in katakana.
  • The finishing move Mami used on Christmas cake Gertrud and later Charlotte voiced out as "Tetta Finale" which means "last boob" in Italian.
    • In the Drama CD "Farewell Boobs", Mami uses a new special attack called "Tetta Volley" where she shoots boob missiles, sadly this in audio format only and no visual presentation exists.
  • Ume-tentei's lust probably guided her hand to create Mami's mammies.
  • Gen Urobuchi guiltily admits that Walpurgis Night's and Kriemhild Gretchen's designs were based on Mami's mammies to increase the level of fan service and appeal. Just ask Mami!
  • Mami's mammies are the biggest mammies in Mitakihara Middle School, the second pair of mammies belong to clip-girl.
  • The order of ranking goes like this: Mami >> Clip girl > Sayaka > Kyouko > Madoka > Homura (can you feel the despair, Homura?)
    • According with Urobuchi he made Homura into a pettanko to attract the DFC crowd.


  • Mami's mammies transcend space and time. They have achieved a zen. A state of perfection which even Homura's time traveling cannot alter.


The secret of Mami's mammies.jpg
  • The origin of Mami's mammies are unknown, but it has been speculated that they are the final goal of creation. Kyubey has alluded to the possibility of their power being greater than even Madoka's potential as a witch.
  • The exact phrasing of Mami's wish is currently unknown. It's possible that she wished not to "be pettanko", and thus died in episode three because the terms of her contract/wish were fulfilled. According to the manga, she simply asked Kyubey for "everyone love her" during her joy ride, but whether this is canonical for the anime is unknown. However, this theory is called into question when she is shown being playfully petted in Time Line 3, when all of Madoka, Sayaka, Homura and Kyouko are her Puella Magi partners.
  • There is a secret cabal (that means you, Sayaka) that is conspiring to spread lies and outrageous rumors that Mami's mammies are the same size as Sayaka's. Lies! Nothing but lies and outrageous falsehoods! We have evidence that this is nothing but a conspiracy to deflate Mami's mammies.


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