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*Last Name : 巴 (Tomoe)
*Last Name : 巴 (Tomoe)
*First Name : マミ (Mami)
*First Name : マミ (Mami)
*Age : ??
*Age : (Probably) 14-15
*Weapon: Muskets
*Weapon: Muskets

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  • Last Name : 巴 (Tomoe)
  • First Name : マミ (Mami)
  • Age : (Probably) 14-15
  • Weapon: Muskets

Brief Description

Mami Tomoe is a magical girl who appears to Madoka and Sayaka as they are attacked by a Witch in the first episode. She is already contracted to Kyuubey and offers to act as a mentor to the pair if they so chose to become magical girls themselves.

Official Info

A ninth-grader who attends Madoka’s school. A kind senior to Madoka, she’s the helpful, sisterly type. However, the gun she wields contrasts with that image.

  • Ms. Aoki’s Design Check: Her twisty, curly hair and floral hairpin make her seem like a big sister. Also, I gave her pretty big boobs. {tl note: Never change, Ume-tentei.}
  • Magical girl outfit: Mami’s design was definiely centered around her image as a gunner. The second thing that stands out are her breasts. (Aoki)
  • Her bustier and boots give her a Western flavor which her cap accentuates.
  • School uniform: Her style stands out even in uniform. Just as Ms. Aoki says, her breasts are the largest of the four. She wears pure white tights. (However, in the final design, she's seen wearing dark color tights.)

Fun Facts

  • She is voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi
  • The character for her last name (巴) literally means "comma design," a Japanese swirl pattern. More info here.
  • Her first name is written in katakana, which has no particular meaning. When written in kanji, it can be read as:
    • graceful jewel (雅珠)
    • light of love (愛光)
    • true heart (真心)
    • sea of the heavens (天海)
    • dancing beauty (舞美)
    • dancing light (舞光)
    • polished beauty (磨美)
    • sparkling purple (晶紫)
    • magical beauty (魔美)
    • magical charm (魔魅)
    • intense hemp (麻深)
  • She is the only character whose first name is written in katakana
  • the finishing move Mami used on the witch Gertrude voiced out as "tiro finale" where tiro in italian is shoot.