Mami Tomoe

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Mami Tomoe, Maho Shoujo
  • Last Name : 巴 (Tomoe)
  • First Name : マミ (Mami)
  • Age : ??
  • Weapon : Muskets

Brief Description

Mami Tomoe is a Maho Shoujo who appears to Madoka and Sayaka as they are attacked by a Witch in the first episode. She is already contracted to Kyubey and offers to act as a mentor to the pair if they so chose to become magical girls themselves.

Fun Facts

  • She is voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi
  • The character for her last name (巴) means "comma design"
  • Her first name is written in katakana, which has no particular meaning. When written in kanji, it can be read as:
    • graceful jewel (雅珠)
    • light of love (愛光)
    • true heart (真心)
    • sea of the heavens (天海)
    • dancing beauty (舞美)
    • dancing light (舞光)
    • polished beauty (磨美)
    • sparkling purple (晶紫)
    • magical beauty (魔美)
    • magical charm (魔魅)
    • intense hemp (麻深)
  • She is the only character whose first name is written in katakana