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"Tomoe Mami here."
"A senior at Mitakihara Middle School, just like you two."

"And... I'm a Puella Magi that has made a contract with Kyubey." ~ Mami Tomoe in Episode 2

Mami Tomoe
Mami Chara Sheet.jpg
Japanese Name 巴 マミ (Tomoe Mami)
Seiyū Kaori Mizuhashi
Age 14-15 (estimated)
Weapon Rifled Percussion-lock Muskets

Mami Tomoe is a magical girl who appears to Madoka and Sayaka as they are attacked by a Witch in episode 1. She is already contracted to Kyubey and offers to act as a mentor to the pair if they so chose to become magical girls themselves. She seemingly dies a gruesome death in the battle against the witch Charlotte in episode 3.

Official Info

"Miki-San, do you want to make that person's dream com true? Or do you just want to be his benefactor? If you want to make a wish for someone else, then you really need to take the time to think about what you actually want. They seems the same but they're completely different." ~ Mami Tomoe in Episode 3

  • A ninth-grader who attends Madoka’s school. A kind senior to Madoka, she’s the helpful, sisterly type. However, the gun she wields contrasts with that image.
  • Ms. Aoki’s Design Check: Her twisty, curly hair and floral hairpin make her seem like a big sister. Also, I gave her pretty big boobs. {tl note: Never change, Ume-tentei.}
  • Magical girl outfit: Mami’s design was definiely centered around her image as a gunner. The second thing that stands out are her breasts. (Aoki)
  • Her bustier and boots give her a Western flavor which her cap accentuates.
  • School uniform: Her style stands out even in uniform. Just as Ms. Aoki says, her breasts are the largest of the four. She wears pure white tights. (However, in the final design, she's seen wearing dark color tights.)
  • As revealed in episode 10, Mami has had multiple demises. Her first demise was when fighting Walpurgis Night. In a later timeline, Madoka kills a Mami who has fallen into insanity and despair in order to protect Homura.
    • In Oriko Magica, this is different. This is possibly the only timeline Mami stays alive and teams with Kyoko and Yuma against Oriko and Kirika.
    • She falls into despair after knowing the truth about witches but after a pep talk with Yuma, she accepts her fate and helps Yuma, Kyoko and Homura to fight against Oriko.
  • She was brought back to life due to Madoka's wish at the end of Episode 12. She now fights Demons with Kyoko and Homura.
  • Mami's teacup after a fight was an original idea added by Inu Curry.


We suspect this is an accurate depiction
  • The character for her last name (巴) literally means "comma design," a Japanese swirl pattern. More info here.
  • Her last name can also be used as a first name.
  • Her first name is written in katakana, which has no particular meaning. When written in kanji, it can be read hundreds of ways, some of which are as follows:
    • graceful jewel (雅珠)
    • light of love (愛光)
    • true heart (真心)
    • truth (真実)
    • sea of the heavens (天海)
    • dancing beauty (舞美)
    • dancing light (舞光)
    • polished beauty (磨美)
    • sparkling purple (晶紫)
    • magical beauty (魔美)
    • magical charm/deceiving spirit (魔魅)
    • beautiful flax (麻深)
  • She is the only character whose first name is written in katakana (contrasting with Madoka, Sayaka and Homura, whose names are written in Hiragana). This can have several implications: firstly, that "Mami" has foreign origins (in line with the "Western flavor" Ume Aoki gave to Mami's magical girl outfit); secondly, that Mami is much, much older than the other girls (an unlikely possibility, considering that katakana was used for girls' names prior to the Asia-Pacific War; the cars in Mami's flashback in Episode 3 look fairly modern)..
    • In Mami's case, it is not a traditional name, so that this discussion about naming rules prior to WW2 is not applicable directly.
    • Also, almost all the kanji examples above are not familiar for Japanese names.
    • Finally, the creators may simply have been referencing another "Mami" character whose name was written in katakana. For example, the protagonist of the famous magical-girl anime Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel has her name written in katakana rather than hiragana or kanji.
  • The finishing move Mami used on the witch Gertrud and later Charlotte voiced out as "tiro finale" which means "final shot" in Italian.
  • During the Episode 3 Blu-ray commentary, Aoi Yuuki (Madoka), Chiwa Saito (Homura), and Kaori Mizuhashi (Mami) agreed that "Mami" is a very mahou shoujo name.


  • She lives alone in an apartment after her parents died in a car accident. She used her wish to save her own life from the accident and feels guilty for forgetting about her parents in that moment of desperation.
  • Mami does not regret making her wish, preferring life as a lonely magical girl to death. What she does seem to regret, however, is not having had more time to think over it. She tells Madoka to think carefully of her wish, as she wasn't able to; she also chastises Sayaka when she asks if the wish has to be for herself or someone else, asking her outright if she truly wants to help the other person (Kamijou) or wants him to be in debt with her instead.
  • When assaulting Gertrud's barrier, Mami fights in a very focused and disciplined manner, choosing her shots carefully and reacting quickly when she gets into trouble. When hyped up on the Power of Friendship in Charlotte's barrier, she jumps recklessly into battle and freezes up when Charlotte transforms, leading to her getting eaten.
  • It's implied in the series that she knew Kyoko, and may have learned what her wish was. In Episode 2, Mami talks about how magical girls can view each other as competition. She displays hidden eyes when saying this, suggesting she had a very bad personal experience. In Episode 3, after Kyubey says someone had previously made a wish for someone else, Mami claims that the wish didn't have a happy ending and again seems to have a pained expression. It seems in both cases she is talking about Kyoko, who views other magical girls as competition and who also made a wish for someone else. The unreleased prequel manga Oriko Magica is likely to explicitly confirm this, as it stars Kyoko and Mami.
  • Her fighting style while fighting Charlotte's minions resembles the gun kata from the movie Equilibrium. Gen Urobuchi is a fan of the movie and has written a fanfic about it, called Jouka no Monshou.
  • The magic that Mami uses to summon muskets inside her skirt during her curtsy visually resembles the manner in which Roberta the Maid unloads grenades from her skirt in the manga/anime series Black Lagoon. In Bakemonogatari -- another anime by director Akiyuki Shinbo -- the heroine, Hitagi Senjōgahara, unloads office supplies from her skirt for use as weapons in much the same way.
  • In episode 10, Mami from Timeline 1 seems to know that Walpurgis Night is coming. In episode 6, Kyoko implied that Walpurgis Night's approach cannot be predicted.
  • While she appears to be mentally strong, Mami is much more emotionally frail than she seems to. In episode 3 Mami admits it openly in front of Madoka, and in the manga rendition of said scene she even says that she cries a lot when on her own, thus declaring that she is no real role model for anyone before Madoka tells her she's not alone.
    • July's Megami acknowledges that the dependable onee-san image was a mask for Mami to get the courage to continue her role as a magical girl. It easily cumbled in episode 10.
    • July's NewType describes Mami's life to be a lonely one after losing her family and one of her choosing.
  • In episode 10, learning the awful truth about the Puella Magi after fighting Sayaka/Oktavia makes Mami from Timeline 3 lose her mind, since her whole view of the world is shattered. She breaks down in tears, kills Kyoko by shooting her Soul Gem, then wraps Homura in vines and tries to kill her in a similar manner, genuinely thinking that she is saving them from a fate worse than death. Madoka, however, destroys Mami's Soul Gem with a beam arrow and kills her to stop her rampage, before she and Homura go fight in Walpurgis Night.
  • Episode 10 and, even further, the Blu-ray edition of Episode 2, radically modify Mami's apartment. At first her apartment looked quite spartan reinforcing the idea that she is by herself with no one to support her (emphasizing her loneliness). Later revisions instead fill up her room with several items, beautifully decorated with nice furniture; the reason for this may be to display that she may come from a wealthy background.
    • It is possible she inherited her family's assets and probably insurance money. The way she dresses and talks indicates that she comes from a wealthy family. The decorations at her place are consistent with that image.
  • Mami and Madoka are the only Puellae Magi known who are never seen having a mark on any of their fingernails (see a picture below). Homura, Kyoko and Sayaka all have marks on their left middle fingers, matching the shape of the emblem of their respective Soul Gem. The meaning of that is unknown, speculations range from a production error to a connection to their wishes.
    • It's a production error. Homura, Kyoko and Sayaka don't have their marks in every single shots showing that finger. Reading into it any more than that is silly.
  • One of Mami's special abilities is her power to link and tie up things, she uses ribbons as special tools to capture her targets and restrain them.


  • The exact phrasing of Mami's wish is currently unknown. It's possible that she wished not to "die alone", and thus died in episode three because the terms of her contract/wish were fulfilled. According to the manga, she simply asked Kyubey to "save her" during her car accident, but whether this is canonical for the anime is unknown. However, this is theory is called into question when she is shown alive and well in Time Line 3, when all of Madoka, Sayaka, Homura and Kyoko are her Puella Magi colleagues.
  • It is possible that Mami may be able to be brought back to life without a wish. This is due to the body of a magical girl merely being the "husk" and that the soul is what keeps them alive; as long as her Soul Gem can be found, her life may be able to be restored. There is a catch, however: Mami's soul gem takes the form of a hairpin, and it was the first thing to be crushed in episode 3.
  • While Mami does not appear in Timeline 4, circumstance seems to imply that she was killed by Charlotte. In both Timeline 4 and Timeline 5, Madoka does not immediately contract with Kyubey, and Homura in Timeline 4 was determined to battle the witches by herself. Without any meaningful back-up, Mami failed to realize that Charlotte made use of a decoy doll until it was too late. This may have been what Homura meant when she tries to warn Mami in Episode 3 that Charlotte is different from the witches she'd dealt with so far.
    • That does not explain how Mami was able to defeat Charlotte in Oriko Magica though.
      • It is speculated that the Oriko timeline is an anomaly and as such perhaps Mami's survival is also an anomaly as well.
  • Because Mami's death has such a big impact on Madoka and Sayaka, many fans speculate that Kyubey intended to have Mami killed in order to force Madoka and/or Sayaka to become Puellae Magi. This is somewhat evidenced by the fact that Kyubey is later demonstrated as having a longer range of communication than Madoka and Sayaka originally think. That Kyubey figures Homura out so quickly (but never tells about it) reinforces this theory, as it is quite possible that Kyubey created a false rivalry between Mami and Homura to this specific end.
    • It is therefore possible (though not probable) that he may have done this to Mami from the very beginning. We never see the details of the car crash that almost killed her, and therefore the possibility arises that Kyubey deliberately left a Grief Seed somewhere close enough to the car to create the accident.
    • This isn't the only time that Kyubey would sacrifice a Puella Magi as a pawn to force Madoka's hand to make her wish. He uses his cunning again to get Kyoko killed to force Homura to fight Walpurgis Night on her own knowing that she would fail. Kyubey calculates that this will force Madoka to make her wish to save the city.
  • Mami can be considered to be the second most powerful Puella Magi in the mainline series, an observation which is easily backed up by the casual and cool attitude she adopts when engaging in witch hunts. This is also supplimented by her near perfect accuracy (scoring a perfect hit on Charlotte's small body at a distance) , extremely quick draw (clearly shown when battling Charlotte's minions), the potency of her magical bullets (killing Kyoko with a single shot) and the sheer raw power of her signature Tiro Finale finishing manuver, In fact, there is speculation that Mami could potentially be the most powerful Puella Magi to exist in the mainline series if not for Homura actively mucking around with time and giving Madoka a huge amount of cosmic karma in the process.

Mami in Oriko Magica

"That was close... It would've gotten me if I had let my guard down." ~ Mami. Puella Magi Oriko Magica, Chapter 3.

Mami first appears in the third chapter of Oriko Magica.

  • In the third chapter, Mami fights Charlotte again, this time surviving the battle. She learns of the recent deaths of Puellae Magi from Kyubey. He tells her that these deaths were caused by a black Puella Magi, not a witch. Mami decides to investigate, and she asks Kyoko for information. Kyoko doesn't know much more than Mami, but asks her about a white Puella Magi named Oriko. Mami doesn't know her, but when she probes for more information, Kyoko rebuffs her. Yuma believes the blonde is bullying Kyoko, and flips her skirt in retaliation, making Mami cry. Mami later crosses paths with Homura and tries to warn her about murders, but Homura tells her to stay away from "us" (presumably Homura, Madoka and Sayaka). She then meets Kirika Kure, who has lost a precious stuffed toy given to her by someone important. Mami finds the toy and returns it to Kirika, who claims that Mami is her savior and treats her to crepes. Mami accidentally sets Kirika off by saying that she must "be affectionate" towards the person who gave Kirika the doll. A witch appears, surrounding Kirika. As Mami is contemplating how to kill it without hurting Kirika, the girl destroys the witch herself. Kirika, who turns out to be the black Puella Magi, attacks Mami to prove her devotion to her love.
  • Chapters 4 details the fight between the two further, with Mami coming out the victor. Kirika is saved by Oriko before Mami can kill her, however.
  • In chapters 5 to 7, Oriko and Kirika set familiars in Mitakihara Middle School. Mami tried to stop them to save students but got into their trap. Fortunately Kyoko and Yuma saved her. The three then fight against Kirika. The fact that a Puella Magi will become a witch made her despair, but Yuma's words unite them again and they finally defeat the witch form of Kirika.


Official art


Mami as a regular girl

Mami as a Puella Magi


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