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"Margot" is the fan-given name of the witch form of Kirika Kure, who appears in the second half of the first installment of Puella Magi Oriko Magica. She is a long, towering creature mostly composed of female torsos. She wears a hat with an eyeball perched on it, and is armed with two long scythes. Like she could as a magical girl, she has the ability to slow down her opponents. Her minions are blob-shaped creatures with hats. Large maws open up on their bodies to devour victims.


Oriko Magica Witch Card 5.png


EpisodesOriko Magica volume 2

Oriko Magica Minion Card 5.png


EpisodesOriko Magica volume 2


The theories below have not been proven yet.
Please keep in mind that they are fanmade theories, and not official material.
  • It may seem that the witch's name is Margot, as there is a sign in chapter 6 pointing to the center of the labyrinth that reads "Margot Garden".
    • If this is true, her name might be a reference to Queen Margot, a novel by Alejandro Dumas.
    • Margot is the name of Anne Frank's sister.
  • Margot has a similar body to Asphyxia. Asphyxia is a boss monster from Silent Hill: Homecoming and she was created when Nora Holloway was killed.


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