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Being meguca is suffering...

meduka meguca is a popular parody of the series, originating from /a/. It takes the form of a series of image posts, featuring cropped details of episode screencaps, with corresponding dialogue, retelling the original story in a humorous way, with intentionally misspelled character names and bad grammar. Every episode ends with a phrase "being meguca is suffering" (or a variant thereof in the last episode) which gained memetic popularity across English-speaking fanbase.

The parody builds on the fact that in the actual series, when characters are drawn from a distance, they often look off model (in fact, this type of parody had been an established meme on /a/ even before Madoka was first broadcast).

Archive of original threads

Gallery of cleaned versions

Cleaned versions have all the commentary posts removed, leaving only the actual parody.

Episodes 1 and 5 have been compressed as JPG for technical reasons. You can download a lossless PNG version of Episode 5 from MediaFire.

Combined image

This is a PSA announcement: Being meguka fan is suffering.

Other versions

The popularity of the parody has spawned several further parodies:


  • The word meguca is pronounced with a soft g, even though many fans and the videos use a hard g.
  • Try reading the combined version side to side instead of top to bottom.
  • The YouTube version of the last episode contained a rap about Madoka, parodying Ante Up.

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