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These interviews were published in the July 2011 issue of Megami Magazine. They cover the characters, their abilities, and their thoughts during events in the show.


Kyoko's Power

Megumi July 1.jpg

Translated by symbv from evageeks forum.

  • Q - So what is the magic power of Kyoko?
  • A - Regarding Kyoko, it is really very special. Because she got her wish of "getting people to listen" while in fact it was something like charming or hallucination, she got the magic power related to those things. However, because she lost her family, she totally negated those power with her subconscious mind. As a result, she fought only with the magic power she learnt later. This is the "hidden setting" (ura-settei) for her, although we never got to tell it in the anime.
  • Alternative translation from /a/ - Kyoko's magic is actually rather unique. Due to her wish for "People to listen" her true magic is about shining light on things and illusions and such. That's the kind of magic she had. However, after losing her family she began to subconsciously reject that magic, and thus by the time of the events in the anime she had already lost those powers. That's why she only fought with the magic she learned after that. We had that all set up behind the scenes, but were never able to work it into the story to explain it explicitly.

Kamijou and Sayaka

Megumi July 2.jpg

Translated by symbv from evageeks forum.

  • Q - This is also something that has got divided interpretations. It seems that when Kamijou went back to school, he neglected Sayka. What happened there?
  • A - To make it really clear, Kamijou-kun did not see Sayaka as a potential love object. He saw her as just a close friend. Of course he was thankful to her when she came before everybody else to congratulate him. But he did not hold any kind of thought like seeing her as a potential love object or carrying any romantic love feeling. And the fact that he did not notify her about his discharge from hospital was just because he was in such a hurry. And he did not say anything to her at school was also because he was so occupied as there were so many girls who greeted him before then. Something like..... it would be great if I could call out at Sayaka, but I just was not able that. Alternative translation from /a/ -I believe the explanation behind this one is already generally understood, but when Kamijo returned to school it looked as if he'd started ignoring her. Why was that? To put it bluntly, Kamijo simply didn't recognize Sayaka as a member of the opposite sex. Just a close friend. Of course he's grateful to her for celebrating his recovery before everyone else, but it didn't make him fall in love with her, or allowed him to see her as a woman or anything. When he was discharged from the hospital too, he didn't let her know only because things were happening to quickly, and when her returned to school, he had his hands full with other girls welcoming him back so he never greeted her. It would have been nice if Sayaka had made an effort to reach out to him then, but she was already at the point where she couldn't do that... and that's how it is.

Kyoko's Food Supply

Megami July 3.jpg

Translated by symbv from evageeks forum. (Top excerpt)

  • Q - Kyoko was always eating some snack. I really wanted to know how she got those food.
  • A - Probably by stealing or something like that. For example, possibly she used magic power and stole it from a store nearby, or broke open an ATM and got the money (laugh). Absolutely brute force. Although she would not go so far as harming other people, I could imagine there were many cases of burglary in the town of Mitakebaramachi. Although she looked like a villain, she became a bad girl only in order to vent out her desperation, and by doing so she managed to carry on living. Alternative translation from /a/ "Kyoko is always eating some kind of snack, but I wonder, how does she manage to get so much food? It's probably all stolen. If I had to say she probably used her magic to steal from the local stores and break ATMs to get the money inside them (lol). It's actually pretty hard work, it definitely is. I doubt that she went as far as to hurt anyone in the process, but I think there must have been quite a lot of cat burglary stories going around. That kind of mischievous activity seems fitting for her. But, it's thanks to her becoming so mischievous* that she was able to shake off her despair and it's thanks to that that she was able to survive the hard times she went through." *lit. "Bad Girl"

Mami's Wish

Megami July 1.png
  • There's a few place in the script that I'd like to touch on, first about Mami and Kyoko. How is their "wish" connected to their powers when they became magical girls?
  • In Mami's case, her wish "to connect to life" [editor's note: she wanted to live] gave her the power to "tie" and "combine" things together. That's why her power comes from the ribbon. By using the ribbon as a weapon, she can use that to produce guns that are useful in a battle. In ep3, Homura is stopped in her tracks by being tied up. That is her true magical power. She has the most experience so has a lot of different magical powers beyond those of her original powers.

Mami vs Charlotte

Megami July 2.png
  • In ep3, where Mami fails in her battle with the witch, it had a big impact in how it was presented but, how was that written in the script?
  • Mami's magic was to tie things, so to go against that, the witch was made to shed it skin. Even if bound by a rope, another would come out from the open ends. The witch was made to be unbeatable by just tying it up. That was the fault that killed Mami. Well, it was a shocking scene. In the script it just said, "The head is missing but in a way that can't be seen" and it was done in a way that I wanted it. It was a bit odd that the witch was so cute. The details were handled by Inukare-san, but that opened this production, and I believe it made it a much deeper story.

Kyoko and Sayaka

Megami July 3.png
  • In episode 9, we saw Kyoko desperately try to save Sayaka, but why did she go so far for her?
  • It was probably because she saw Sayaka as "What I could've become". There's also the part of her that resented the fact that she didn't stay true to her beliefs. If Kyoko had followed what she believed in the same way Sayaka did she might have fallen into the same trap. That's why, Kyoko probably thought that by saving Sayaka from that trap that she'd be able to save herself as well. She became much more serious than she usually was, and did things she normally never would have done. As a result, ended up destroying herself. Looking at it that way, I think it's likely that even though she put up that bad girl act that Kyoko didn't really have much self-confidence. I'm quite confident in saying that is the best way to look at it.

Mami in Episode 10

Megami July 4.png

Translated by symbv from evageeks forum.

  • Q – It was very shocking to see Mami fall into panicking when she learned the true nature of QB in Ep.10 that we just discussed.
  • A – If you consider various aspects of Mami like her fastidiousness, or the fragility unique to her, I think her reaction was actually natural. But since Mami got very popular when the anime was broadcast, I got worried about how that scene would be received. While she was in an onee-san (elder sister) role up till ep.3, deep down she was a girl that had fragility inside. At the end she was the one who was least able to bear the truth and the moment she learned of it she could only break down. That dependable onee-san image was really her pushing herself, in her own way, and glossing things over.

Walpurgis Night

Megami July 5.png
  • In the last episode we saw the "Walpurgis Night", but what kind of witch is it specifically?
  • It has the destructive power to bring about natural disasters powerful enough to blow away an entire town, but originally it was a single witch. It's a witch that has grown from the combination of countless other witches. Walpurgis Night combines with other witches in the same way two powerful tornadoes are able to combine and become larger. It's essentially a "conglomeration"-type witch. Because it's so powerful, it rarely shows itself. The design we used was actually the very first one we received from Inu Curry*, but when we saw it we all thought "Damn this is good." I myself had imagined a more Godzilla looking monster (laughter), and I must admit when I first saw that crazy looking upside-down ballerina I thought to myself "What the heck is this thing?" * - A design studio, they've done some stuff with Gainax and (obviously) SHAFT.

Homura in the Ending

Megami July 6.png

Translated by symbv from evageeks forum.

  • Q – The last scene made a deep impression. What do you think about Homura there?
  • A – Saito (Homura's seiyuu): I could tell that by Homura doing that scene things that were not put into words could hold such a strong message. My job is to use words and so it was just walkover, and yet it got me to feel the sense of overwhelmed defeat that, to Homura, still felt great. Homura is a character that worked by painstakingly bearing in mind that she always distills her mind into the minimum dialogues. And so depending on how the viewer feels about it, his view of her could be very different. All those many things that she carried on her back also produced a depth in her that even I was not able to tell. More than anybody, she could not live by herself and was the most depending on Madoka, but yet as this feeling got so strong and deep..... Even in ep.8 when she tried to call out Madoka's name, she could not raise a voice. When human was so overwhelmed with emotion, she could not say anything. Therefore, my own interpretation regarding the ending of the last episode is that, as the basis for her existence has disappeared all she could do is to keep taking action. It was indeed very sad thing, because all the ground for her actions was based upon Madoka. I felt that I have learned that the deeper a human feeling is actually the harder for it to show up on the surface.
    Mizuhashi (Mami's seiyuu): She must have thought about many many things while she went through all those many loops.
    Saito: In ep.10 she tried to tell everybody about QB, but she got suspected by Sayaka that she was intending to cause a fallout within the group... She must have thought, because of that “words” could really have no meaning at all. Although I cannot say whether the answer she came up was right or wrong, and I am sure people will have different views regarding her fighting till the end alone, for me I came to it with very much a sad mood.
    Mizuhashi: Yeah, she could no longer see Madoka. Besides, nobody remembered Madoka any more.
    Saito: Everyone is calling that final ending as “Homu-Q-END” (lol). Something like, “Homura and QB?! That is the most impossible scenario!” It was such a sequence of surprises to see that “Homu-Q-END” really came true.

Madoka's Wish

Megami 07.2011 Scan 1.jpg

Translated by symbv from evageeks forum.

Homura challenged Walpurgis Nacht alone and got seriously wounded. The frustration of not being able to win no matter how many times she tried, combined with the despair when her actions instead caused pain to Madoka, caused her Soul Gem to get darker and darker. And the person who appeared before Homura right at that moment was Madoka. In fact Madoka was ready with one wish and finally decided to make a contract with Kyubei. So what did Madoka wish for? And what was the decision she had made?

Issue Summary

The following is a translation by symbv from evageeks forum of a 2ch post summarizing points of interest from the Megami July 2011 issue.

  • メガミ7月
  • まどか特集部分
  • Megami July
  • Madoka Special


  • 企画段階からああいった形で魔法少女の運命を描くつもりだった
  • アフレコ途中から監督がさやかを気に入ってしまいどうにか生き返らせられないかと言ったが無理だった(笑)
  • マミは「モノを結び合わせる」という能力に特化している。魔力の本体はリボン
  • 杏子は「人に話を聞いて欲しい」という願いをかなえたので実は眩惑とか幻覚と言う能力を持っていたが
  • 家族を失ったことでその力を潜在意識で完全否定してしまった。そのため本来の魔力を失って
  • 後付けで学んだ魔法の力だけで戦っているという裏設定が。 上条はさやかを異性として意識していない。ただの親友。この作品は「折衝」というテーマがあった。相互理解のしようがない連中だったとしても 共存だけは諦めてはいけない。キュゥべえを吹き飛ばしておしまいというオチにはしたくなかった


  • He had planned the fate of the mahou shoujo like in the anime since the early planning stage.
  • During the off-recording (seiyuu dubbing), director (Shinbo) got really attached to Sayaka and asked Butch-Gen whether something could be done to get her back but Butch-Gen said impossible (lol)
  • Mami has the specialized power to "link and tie up things". The tool of the magic power was ribbon.
  • Kyoko had a hidden settai (design): Since Kyoko got her wish of "getting people to listen" realized so in fact she had the power to cause illusion or hallucination, but shocked by the loss of her family, she completed negated her power by suppressing it into her subconscious mind. So she lost her original magic power and she only fought with the magical power she learned and acquired later.
  • Kamijou did not see Sayaka as a love object. She was just a close friend of his.
  • This work also has a theme about "compromise". Even though they were same types who never tried to understand each other, they still would not give up trying to co-exist. And there is a keen intention not to allow an ending where QB was simply just blown away.


  • アニプレ岩上Pの思惑が当たった感じ。みんなでイベントを成し遂げたような感じ 非常に良かったな、こういうこともあるんだと思った。
  • 10話はシナリオ削ってもらったので、できればちゃんとした形でやりたかった。ちゃんと作ると45分ぐらいになるから無理だが。


  • Iwagami producer from Animplex got his prediction spot-on. He now felt it was one big event that could only be accomplished by everyone's effort and it was so great that he had not had such feeling before.
  • Ep.10 was made only after the trimming of the screenplay. If possible Shinbo would like to make it in its complete form. But to make it in complete form, it will need around 45 minutes so perhaps it is not possible...

(symbv: this confirmed the suspicion from many in 2ch. Now the speculation is whether the full Ep.10 may come out in OVA or movie format)


  • ファミレスで食事をしながら9話の台本を読んだらさやかが大変なことになっていてびっくりした。(野中)
  • オーディションを受ける時に音監からしつこいくらいに「この子、3話で死ぬよ?いいの?」と聞かれた(笑)(水橋)


  • Nonaka (Kyoko's seiyuu) I read the screenplay of Ep.9 in a family restaurant while having a meal. I was so shocked when I saw Sayaka undergo that!
  • Mizuhashi (Mami's seiyuu) When I went to audition, the sound director kept asking me "this character will die in Ep.3 ! You OK with this? Really?" (lol)


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