Mifuyu Azusa

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Mifuyu Azusa
Mifuyu Magireco Profile.png
Japanese Name 梓みふゆ (Azusa Mifuyu)
Voiced by Japanese: Mai Nakahara

Mifuyu Azusa is the one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

General Info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Teal
  • Hair colour: White


  • Soul Gem: Silver-colored orb adorned with eight points hanging from a choker
  • Weapon: Chakram
  • Wish: To become a normal girl
  • Witch form: Hevelius
  • Japanese pronoun: watashi (ワタシ)
  • School: Mizuna Girls' School

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★4 → ★5 100 Support Attribute dark.png
Initial 6102 1724 1705
Max at ★4 21808 6296 6182
Max at ★5 27452 7933 7785
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png
Connect:Because you're spoilt
★4: Accele MP UP [VII] & Guaranteed Dazzle
★5: Accele MP UP [IX] & Guaranteed Dazzle
Magia:Assault Paranoia
★4: Damage to All Enemies [V] & Chance of Dazzle (All / 1 T) & Dispel Buffs (All)
★5: Damage to All Enemies [VII] & Chance of Dazzle (All / 1 T) & Dispel Buffs (All)
Damage to All Enemies [IX] & Guaranteed Dazzle (All / 2 T) & Dispel Buffs (All)


Doppel Description

The Doppel of livelihood. Its form is a bird-catcher. Because the master of this emotion lives in reality, she’ll take advantage of any power she can, including this physical-fusion-type Doppel. It can summon countless bird-like minions called “Sugar Geese” from its own shadow on the ground, and attack enemies with them. Any target that the Sugar Geese collide with will feel a sweet-tasting sensation, and even a single taste of this flavor will bring symptoms of addiction with it. Thanks to this trait, hitting an opponent with even a scant few geese can get them to permit a great deal of falsehoods. Since the Doppel transforms from its master’s tongue and arms, she can’t talk while she has it active.

Side Story

Event Appearances

Other Appearances


  • The character in her last name means "cherry birch" (梓).


  • Her illustrator is Ume Aoki.
  • Her doppel/witch is likely named after Johannes Hevelius, an astronomer best known for studying the moon. Mifuyu and Yachiyo Nanami are both associated with moon symbolism. (Mifuyu's weapon, for example).
    • Also, Hevelius is a version of the name "Hawke". The doppel summons birds.
  • The doppel's description likely refers to a character from the famous Japanese novel Night on The Galactic Railroad. The character, simply referred to as the birdcatcher, catches "cranes an' wild geese. An' herons an' swans, too" which somehow become cake or candy. Note that the witches of Iroha Tamaki and Yachiyo share names with the main characters of Night on the Galactic Railroad.


Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Being Wrapped in Self-Reproach
Anti-Skill Seal & Accele MP UP [II]
Max Limit Break:
Anti-Skill Seal & Accele MP UP [III]
Passive 「諦めていた普通の女の子として生きる夢

だけど一瞬でも見てしまった、普通の女性として生きたい未来 それだけで崩れてしまった、積み重ねた覚悟は、容易く崩れてしまった 脆いワタシが重ねた罪は、どうやって購うべきでしょうか…」

Exchange of Final Wishes
Redraw Discs
Max Limit Break:
Redraw Discs
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
7 turns
*Unique to Mifuyu Azusa* 吹けば消えるような命…自分に課せられた宿命に気付いたとき

心を委ねられる相手がいることに安らぎを感じた 1枚1枚に綴られた気持ちは、その証 今の本音、誰にも伝えていないこの遺志を、あなたに託します

Reason for Involvement
Chance of Dazzle [III] (All / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Chance of Dazzle [IV] (All / 1 T)
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns

今のワタシにできるのは、重ねた罪を購うこと それなら、ワタシは今、自分が出来うる事をして多くを救いたい… 黒羽根のことも白羽根のことも、そしてやっちゃんのことも…」

Reconciliation Between the East and West
Chance of Anti-Evade [V] (Self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Chance of Anti-Evade [VI] (Self / 1 T)
5 turns
Max Limit Break:
4 turns

ワタシたち魔法少女にとって大切なのはグリーフシードです いくら手を結びあったとしても、我慢には限界があります この後も魔女の涸渇が続いていれば争いは酷くなっていたと思います」

Tension between the East and West
Chance of Pursuit [II]
Max Limit Break:
Chance of Pursuit [III]
Passive 「あの頃の神浜は、当時で6年間、戦ってきたワタシにとっても

前代未聞の魔女の少なさでした。いたずらに被害を増やさないように 東西で不可侵の協定を結んではいましたが、この時ばかりは さすがに空気が冷え切っていて嫌な汗をかいたものです…」

An Uncrossable Gulf
Accele MP DOWN [X] & Magia Damage Down [VII] (All / 1T)
Max Limit Break:
Max Limit Break: