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Mitama Yakumo
Mitama magireco profile.png
Japanese Name 八雲 みたま (Yakumo Mitama)
Voiced by Japanese: Yui Horie

English: Dawn M. Bennett Russian: Anna Mosolova

ID No: 1017

Mitama Yakumo is the one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. Her role in the game is essentially that of 'shopkeeper' as she manages the game's many currencies. Mitama was made playable in April 2018.

General Info

Physical features

  • Age: 17
  • Height: 166cm
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair colour: Silver
  • Origins: Daito Ward


  • Soul Gem: Blue X-shaped gem (hair ribbon)
  • Weapon: Gloves
  • Wish: "I want to become the existence that destroys Kamihama."
  • Ability: Magical Power Adjustment
  • Witch form: Totentanz
  • Japanese pronoun: watashi (わたし)
  • Known Relatives: Mikage (Younger sister), unnamed father, unnamed mother
  • School: Daito Academy (Formerly Mizuna Girls' School), 11th grade

Game Info

Stats, Connect, Magia Data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute

4★ → 5★



Attribute void.png


Initial 6435 1715 1865

Max at ★4 23166 6174 6714
Max at ★5 29120 7776 8460

Max SE 34363 9413 10514
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png
Connect: It might cost you, you know♪

★4: HP Restore [VII] & Damage UP versus enemies affected with negative effects [VII] & Defense down [V]
★5: HP Restore [IX] & Damage UP versus enemies affected with negative effects [IX] & Defense down [V]
Magia: Structure Destruction

★4: Guaranteed Curse & Guaranteed Poison & Guaranteed Magia Seal & Attack Up (All / 1 Turn) & Curse (Self / 1 T)
★5: Guaranteed Curse & Guaranteed Poison & Guaranteed Magia Seal & Attack Up (All / 3 T) & Curse (Self / 1 T)
Doppel: Totentanz

Guaranteed Strengthened Curse & Guaranteed Strengthened Poison & Guaranteed Magia Seal (All / 3 ) & Attack UP (All / 3 T) & Curse (Self / 1 T)
Spirit Enhancement Data
Max Stat Bonuses
HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge

4★ +8% +5% +5% +8% +4% +4%
5★ +9% +6% +6% +9% +5% +5%

SE +9% +6% +6% +15% +8% +10%
Spirit Enhancement

MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Damage Cut [II]

Accele MP Gain UP [II]

MP Gain UP When Over 100 MP [II]

Guaranteed Anti-Magia Seal

Accele Damage Cut [III] & Magia Damage Cut [IV]

Blast Damage Up [II]

Chance to Skill Quicken [III]

Chance to Curse on Attack [II] (1T)

Guaranteed Anti-Skill Seal

Accele MP Gain UP [II]

Charged Attack Damage UP [III]

Chance to Poison on Attack [II] (3T)

Active Ability: Redraw Discs [CD: 4 turns]


A Magical Girl who operates as a Coordinator in the outskirts of Kamihama. Unable to fight for herself, she accepts Grief Seeds in exchange for items and providing magical adjustments. Though she usually has a sunny disposition and a friendly smile, very few Magical Girls know her true nature.

Doppel Description

The Doppel of memento mori (Forewarning). Its form is flower petals. The master of this Doppel resents her environment and wishes to destroy everything. Her Doppel never forgets that death comes to all things equally. It covers everything with dancing flower petals and escorts girls elegantly with its white gloves. Like its master, it isn't able to attack directly, but its power, which is connected to the end of all things, is utterly terrifying - the magic of anything hidden under its flower petals rots away to nothing. The more the master relies on this Doppel, the closer her left arm will get to becoming completely one with it.

Side Story

Ayaka Mariko and Shizuku Hozumi go to Mitama's place in order to decide what place they should visit next. Ayaka asks Mitama to throw darts on a map. The dart lands on the Japan Trench, a deep area in the Pacific Ocean. When Mitama says they're heading to the bottom of the ocean, Shizuku says she's going to leave. She says that while aimlessly wandering is fine, she doesn't want to be made fun of. A worried Ayaka runs after Shizuku. Mitama thinks that she can understand Shizuku's desire to find a place where she belongs, but in her own case that place was stolen from her.

Felicia Mitsuki appears, having heard Mitama muttering to herself. She says she's here for an adjustment, but admits that she also wants to know who Mitama is. Mitama, stutters a bit and says that it's cooler to be mysterious. Felicia says she still wants to know, but Mitama ignores her question. Afterward, Mitama thinks Felicia won't give up figuring her out. At Yachiyo Nanami's house, Felicia is scolded by Iroha Tamaki and Yachiyo for poking into Mitama's affairs. Felicia asks if they want to know themselves. Yachiyo admits she's interested, but won't force it out of Mitama. Iroha says they can't just investigate when they have school. Felicia gets an idea and runs off with Sana Futaba.

Later on, Mitama is at class and sees Felicia and Sana there. Felicia confirms that Mitama goes to Daitou Academy. Sana is surprised, since Mitama usually stays at Shinsei Ward. Felicia says they're going to keep watching to learn more things about Mitama. She says they might find out how to make adjustments themselves. During class, the teacher says Mitama got full marks on her tests again, but is worried about her attendance. Mitama says she doesn't feel like coming, much to the teacher's annoyance. After class, Felicia and Sana try to look into Mitama's bag, but she catches them in the act.

Mitama admits she was surprised they tailed her all the way until lunch. When Felicia says she just wanted to learn about adjusting, Mitama says it's a matter of individual magic and she couldn't teach them anyway. She tells them to go back to their own school after lunch. The two girls leave. Mitama thinks she's been present long enough and should leave herself. Suddenly a voice calls to her. The voice belongs to Kanagi Izumi, who says she'll stop by that night.

Later, at Mitama's place, Kanagi asks if Mitama is alright. Mitama says it's fine. Kanagi says that if people know where Mitama's from, she might get customers looking for her outside her usual place. Mitama says there aren't many magical girl in Daitou at the moment, and she doubts everyone would come all the way to school to see her. She then asks if Kanagi has come for adjustments. Kanagi says she has, but also says she thought Mitama might want someone to practice fighting with. Mitama says that she's finally learned to use her magic outside of adjustment, and says it's just one way Kanagi has helped her.

Kanagi says she doesn't need to be thanked, since they're two of a kind. Mitama is glad to hear that, but says it might be dangerous to stay with her. Mitama explains her magic is like a curse. It doesn't work on witches, but it can manipulate the magic of other magical girls. By purposely failing an adjustment, she can destroy an opponent from within. Kanagi says Mitama is unique, but Mitama says she's just ordinary. Mitama narrates that she's an energetic 17-year old who grew up in Daitou, attends Daitou Academy, barely attends school, and always gets a perfect score on tests.

Later, Felicia hangs a sign at Mitama's place. It asks for information on Mitama, saying that Felicia will pay in "Decagon Ball Bald Hermit" stickers. (A reference to famous manga and anime Dragonball). Mitama arrives and says she can just take down the poster, but finds it cute. After Felicia leaves, Tsukuyo Amane and Tsukasa Amane arrive. Mitama nearly calls them the "Tooty Fluty" sister, which annoys the twins. Mitama admits she picked it up from other people, to the twins' surprise and disappointment. The twins then say they're there to see how Mitama was doing, saying they heard people were sniffing around about her.

The twins then notice the poster. When they see Felicia made it, Tsukuyo says she feels even more worried. Mitama says it's fine, but Tsukuyo says there are some people who remember Mitama at Mizuna Girls' Academy. Mitama acknowledges that Tsukuyo used to be her classmate. Tsukuyo says she still remembers what happened, and asks if Mitama wants to stop Felicia. Mitama instead asks if Tsukuyo believed in "the story that literary magazine printed". When Tsukuyo says she doesn't, Mitama says it's fine as long as there are people who believe in her. However, she then asks Tsukuyo for a favor.

At Mizuna Girls' Academy, the students discuss an incident from two years ago, whose perpetrator supposedly cursed the school. As Tsukuyo watches, she thinks back to Mitama's favor: Mitama asked her to spread the story itself, to prevent it from being altered. Tsukuyo hopes the gossip ends quickly and admits she added a small embellishment of her own. Manaka Kurumi goes to Ria Ami and Mayu Kozue and tells them about a rumor where the school is cursed. Ami says evil spirits are no match for her. Mayu says that Manaka doesn't know the truth becaus she wasn't enrolled in the Academy two years ago. Ria says it would be easier to explain if they found the literary magazine from the time. Mayu says she knows they keep back issues where the art club keeps it's supplies.

After reading the magazine, Manaka meets Sana and gives her a bento. This appears to be a daily occurrence for them. Manaka asks Sana if she has heard about the rumors about Mitama. When Sana says she hasn't, Manaka explains that Mitama used to be a student at Mizuna, but withdrew before Manaka or Sana enrolled in the academy. Manaka explains what she read in the magazine, but says she can't really believe it because it sounds too malicious. Sana says Felicia has been investigating Mitama, and wonders if that's why the rumor is spreading.

Later, Momoko Togame defends Mitama from a familiar. Afterward, she asks if Mitama will take down the poster. However, Mitama finds it cute. When Momoko still shows concern, Mitama asks if Momoko really believes she pushed down a classmate she hated. Momoko says she believes in the Adjuster she knows. Mitama says Momoko is being vague, but thanks her for her kindness. Mitama then admits that event forced her to return to Daitou, though there was no ill will. Mitama narrates that where she grew up she was famous for her beauty and intelligence, and attended Mizuna until there was a certain incident.

Later, Yachiyo and Iroha bring Felicia to Mitama in order to make her apologize. Sana is there to apologize too. In a flashback, Sana tells Yachiyo that she learned Tsukuyo was asked by Mitama to spread the rumor in Mizuna. Felicia says she didn't want Mitama to suffer. Yachiyo scolds her while Iroha says they went too far. Iroha decides they should go to apologize to Mitama together. Back in the present, Mitama tells them not to worry about it. However, Felicia gives her a Bald Sage sticker as an apology. After Mitama accepts it, she says they're even. Later, Mitama talks with Kanagi and says things have sorted themselves out. Kanagi says Mitama can't be too optimistic. Mitama says it's fine because only Kanagi knows her true self. She admits if she didn't have Kanagi, she would have known peace.

The story flashes back to two years ago. Mitama narrates that she's always been skilled at sports and academics. In elementary school she took Mizuna's middle school entry exam, and won a free tuition. However, there were several people at Mizuna who looked down at Mitama due to her origins. Mitama spent two years trying to change the perceptions of her home town. During her third year, a girl Mitama thought was a friend tried pushing her down the stairs. Mitama dodged it, but bumped into another classmate who fell down the stairs instead. Mitama admits she wasn't sure exactly what happened, but the school newspaper and literary magazine distorted the incident. Mitama was then encouraged to leave the school voluntarily

When Mitama returned to Daitou, she only found scorn from other students, saying that she's a disgrace to Daitou. Mitama was bullied for hurting the district's reputation. When a student says she feels bad for Mitama's younger sister, Mitama snaps. She yells at the students for putting her on a pedestal, stabbing her in the back, and threatening her family. She then wields a fire extinguisher, but is stopped by Kanagi. Kanagi tells Mitama not to give up. Kanagi then says the students are less than trash because they don't judge based on individual merit. She tells them not to base their own value on someone else. The students leave, and Kanagi welcomes Mitama back. Mitama thanks her.

Later, Mitama tells Kanagi she feels empty, and only has hatred in her. Kanagi says that Kamihama is rapidly developing boom time, and Mitama should resent its history, not its people. Mitama says that words and actions come from people, so of course she has to hate them. Kanagi says they're being manipulated by history, taking it's relics into themselves and losing their sense of self. Kanagi asks Mitama not to resent them, but Mitama thinks she can't be satisfied by that. On a rooftop, Mitama yells out her frustrations, saying she hates everyone. It is then that Kyubey arrives. When Kyubey offers her a contract, Mitama wonders if she's gone crazy. Kyubey says she's sane, and if she makes a wish she'll find out if she's crazy herself. Convinced, Mitama makes her wish:

"I want to become the one that destroys Kamihama."

Back in the present, Kanagi says she was surprised Mitama became a magical girl. Mitama says she couldn't even fight a familiar back then. Kanagi wonders if it was because of Mitama's resentment, or because her Soul Gem darkened quickly. Mitama says she was saved by Kanagi's support. Kanagi admitted she didn't think Mitama would survive, since there weren't that many witches in Kamihama at the time. Mitama says she planted resentment in the land herself, thinking "go die" at people. It's then revealed Mitama was saved by someone she calls "Sensei", who was in the same position Mitama was and taught her how to adjust as a way to survive.

Mitama apologies for getting Kanagi caught up in remembering. Kanagi says it reminds her of her initial resolution: Just as Mitama wanted to destroy the city, Kanagi thought that history must be erased. Because of their similarity, Kanagi says her spirit stirred again. Kanagi says she'll see Mitama the next day at school, but Mitama says she isn't going that day. Kanagi tells her not to overwork herself. Mitama narrates that she wished to destroy the city out of resentment, but because she began Adjusting and seeing the memories of others it feels like her hatred is dissipating bit by bit due to everyone's kindness. Mitama says that even if she regrets it, she can't run from her wish.

Costume Stories

High School Uniform

Swimsuit (2019)


Event Appearances

Magical Girl Story Appearances

Other Apppearances

Powers and Abilities


Mitama possesses the ability to "enhance" other magical girls through their soul gems, making them much stronger, which has made her both popular and a necessity in Kamihama City. She was taught this skill by Livia Medeiros, who she refers to as her sensei (who was also the one who taught Kanagi Izumi to control her powers) as a way to get by due to the lower number of witches and her inability to fight when she had contracted.

As this ability gives her direct access to girls' souls, she is also able to view their memories; this side-effect is out of her control.

As revealed in Swimsuit Homura's side story, Mitama's Adjustment magic also gives her the ability to modify or change the outfits of magical girls entirely.

Her natural ability, granted by her wish, is destructive in nature; she has learned to use her ability of tampering with magical girls' powers, which had previously been unusable against witches, offensively by "penetrating" her magic into her enemy and destroying them from within. She describes this as "deliberately failing (her) usual procedure", and her power as "similar to a curse".

She has also learned to enchant cloths with magic to use as a weapon, and is currently strong enough to hold her own in battle, though she still primarily relies on her customers to bring her grief seeds.


Mitama's abilities differ slightly in the anime, and have been expanded upon.

Her ability to Adjust is necessary to stabilize the form Doppels take when they are summoned; if a Magical Girl uses her Doppel too much, while presumably also not being Adjusted frequently to keep up with the overuse, the Magical Girl's body will fuse with their Doppel and will not revert to normal.

It is unclear if she retains her ability to see the memories of those she Adjusts. She claims to "close off (her) own heart" to avoid touching a Magical Girl's inner darkness/Witch to avoid falling into despair herself; thus, it may be presumed that rather than "using" this ability to see memories from the start, which allowed her to bond with other Magical Girls and come to regret her destructive wish in-game, that she has so far suppressed this ability of hers in the anime.

With her cloths, she is able to entrap others in large globular jars they cannot break free from. She has been shown to use this to contain Magical Girls who have fused with their Doppels from overuse. She is presumably also responsible for containing many Witches for the Magius, as they are shown to be contained in these same jars throughout the anime, for the purposes of being fed emotional energy harvested by Uwasa and eventually being fed to Embryo Eve.


  • The characters in her last name mean "eight" (八) and "cloud" (雲) respectively.
  • Mitama means "honored soul," it's basically translated "ancestor spirit". Yakumo, meanwhile, is a famous poem like Iroha's name is, said to be literally the first poem in Japanese ever written (by Susanoo himself, no less). Extremely roughly translated, it goes: "From eight rising clouds I build a wondrous eightfold fence in Izumo to contain my divine bride; oh wondrous eightfold fence."


  • Her illustrator is "Punyan"
  • Mitama reveals her age during the "We passed the first of that day" event, where she says that she is only 17 years old after being told that she's like a mother to all magical girls in Kamihama.
  • Mitama has been shown in multiple side stories to be a horrible cook, and incompetent enough with knives to be a danger to those around her. She appears to be oblivious to this.
  • Totentanz, which means "Dance of the Dead", is either a reference to Danse Macabre or a classical symphony.
  • She shares a voice actress with Tsubasa Hanekawa and Tart.
  • Unless Mitama is lying, her backstory appears to have changed significantly in the anime adaptation: Mitama claims to have "always wanted to be a Magical Girl" (whether she referred to the real kind or the kind seen in in-universe fiction is unclear) who wanted to bring happiness and equality to others with her magic. However, she cannot fight Witches because she is too weak, and only has her ability to Adjust. With her dream crushed, she spends her days as an Adjustor to earn Grief Seeds. The circumstances around her wish are not mentioned.


Game Gallery



Official Art

Concept Art

Other Art

Mitama Anime Screenshots

Memoria Cards

To edit a memoria's details, click on the specific memoria

Card Effect Cooldown EN TextJP Text
Blessing to the Fighting Girls
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage DOWN [X] & Magia Damage DOWN [X] (All / 1T) & Defense UP [VII] (Self / 1T)
? turns
Max Limit Break:
10 turns
The past, your wish, your reason for fighting are never the same thing.

Still, today we all look up and laughed together. Believe that there is only one way to go.

I hope you have a bright future.

それでも今日はみんなで上を向いてみんなで笑った 進むべき道はひとつだと信じて

A Comforting Place
Attack DOWN [IV] (All / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Attack DOWN [VI] (All / 1 T)
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
Bad memories, copies of me, Familiars, and Witches... It all seems far away, now that I’ve woken from that scary dream. The older girls here are kind and strong, and this place, which I found by becoming a Magical Girl, calms my heart.辛い記憶、自分の偽者、使い魔、そして魔女…

怖い夢から目が覚めた今は、すべてが遠く彼方 ここにいるのは強くて優しいお姉さんたち

First Make-up
Damage Cut [II] & MP Gain UP [II]
Max Limit Break:
Damage Cut [III] & MP Gain UP [III]
Passive “This is..Mii…”

When I opened my eyelids, it didn’t seem like it was myself. Even though all she did was add a little color to my cheeks and lips,

My older sister’s mysterious magic made me grow up a little.

まぶたを開けたら、自分が自分じゃないみたいだった ほっぺやくちびるにほんのり色がついただけなのに

Food Stall Paradise
Accele MP UP [II] & Guaranteed Anti-Bind & Blast Damage UP [II]
Max Limit Break:
Accele MP UP [III] & Guaranteed Anti-Bind & Blast Damage UP [IV]
Passive “This is to find the challenge for the Ozouni event…

Although it may seem like a roundabout way to look around, but it’s the best way to travel around the stalls- Oh! This one is different!

I don’t want to compare the taste of takoyaki…I don’t think so ♪ “

遠回りに見えるかもしれないけど、屋台巡りこそが最善の方法なの あぁもうっ、違うったら!

In One Gulp
Chance to Anti-Poison [VIII] & Attack UP [I]
Max Limit Break:
Guaranteed Anti-Poison & Attack UP [II]
Passive Illuminated by dusk, time flows more gently than ever.

I feel like I'm about to reveal my true feelings, but... Because you taught me that we can understand each other without having to tell each other everything

I'll gently express my gratitude in a sweet, cold bite.

つい本音が出てしまいそうになるけれど… すべてを語らなくてもわかりあえると教えてくれたあなただから

A Little More Until It's Baked
Damage UP [II] (Self / 3T) & Skill Quicken (Self / 1T)
Max Limit Break:
Damage UP [III] (Self / 3T) & Skill Quicken (Self / 1T)
10 turns
Max Limit Break:
10 turns
**Unique to Momoko・Mitama (Mermaid ver.)**
Another terrifying thing has been created in this world.

Because I want you to taste it, because it's good for your health, because it'll be fun anyways... But no matter what reason is given, there's no denying its evil presence.

The only way to escape from this murderous sausage is to burn it to ashes...

味わってほしいから、健康にいいから、とにかく楽しくなれるから… どんな理由を並べられても、この凶悪な存在感は揺らがない

Let My Prayers Be Heard
Anti-Burn [IV] & Anti-Curse [IV] & Anti-Poison [X]
Max Limit Break:
Anti-Burn [IX] & Anti-Curse [IX] & Guaranteed Anti-Poison
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
”We became Magical Girls to have our wishes granted. Perhaps it’s a little greedy for me to be praying for another wish? But let me wish once more, all the same. Please...let everyone get through this year safely.”わたしたちは、魔法少女になることと引き換えに願いを叶えた存在

それなのに神様にまでお願いするなんて、欲張りすぎかしら? でも…今回だけ、願わせてもらうわ

Lively Summer <Momoko・Mitama>
Max Limit Break:
Magia Damage DOWN [VI] & Attack DOWN [V] (All / 1T)
? turns
Max Limit Break:
8 turns
"This private beach is so much nicer than I thought it would be~"

"It feels so liberating. It makes me want to sing a song or something" "You're so bold, Momoko~ You must love singing loudly in the shower."

"Don't make any crazy assumptions! ...I'm just saying... everyone else does it..."

「開放的な気分になるなぁ。歌でも歌いたくなるよ」 「ももこってば大胆~。さてはお風呂でも大きな声で歌ってるわね」

Mitama's Dream Osechi
Accele Draw
Max Limit Break:
Accele Draw
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
**Unique to Mitama Yakumo (Haregi ver.)**

“Ta-daaah! A special Osechi made by me. For 3 days and 3 nights, I couldn’t leave the kitchen but… Thanks to the raw ingredients and recipes, it came out beautifully.

Here, have ・ a ・ bite ♪”

三日三晩、厨房から離れられなかったけど… 原材料や配合にとことんこだわったおかげで、綺麗に仕上がったわ

Memoria Circuit
Max Limit Break:
Attack UP [I]
Passive [Memoria Enhancement Material] Crush that which is intangible. Act like you never saw that which you could not process. Pay no mind to that which was lost or left behind. Time weathers and fades even that which should be most important. Advance with only your memories.【メモリア強化素材】かかえきれないもの、少しづつ噛み砕いて。呑み込めないもの、見なかったことにして落としてしまったもの、なくしたことさえ気づかずに。大事だったはずのもの、時とともに罅割れ風化して。思い出だけを残して、ただ前に進む
Memoria Circuit - Core
Max Limit Break:
Defense UP [I]
Passive [Memoria Enhancement Material] There is no longer any way to regain what is lost. Memories lose their shape and form with time, crumbling into pieces. Those memories, scattered from the palm of your hand, will pile up anew in your heart just like snow on a silent night.【メモリア強化素材】取り戻すことなんてもうできない。時とともに千々に砕け、記憶は輪郭を無くしていく。掌からするすると零れ落ちた思い出たちは、けれど静かな夜の粉雪のように、心の中心に降り積もる
My True Nature is...
Blast Damage DOWN [IX] (Single / 3 T)
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage DOWN [X] (Single / 3 T)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
No matter what I did, I couldn't fight. The only thing I could do was rely on others. I was rotting away, not knowing whether my wish was granted or not. Were those words whispered into my ear a blessing or a curse? "Mitama Yakumo, you are another Magical Girl who wished for a thousand curses."何をしても戦えず…誰かに頼ることでしか生きられず…願いが叶ったかどうかも分からぬまま…朽ちようとしていた…その耳に囁きかけるのは、救いの言葉か呪いの言葉か…「八雲みたま、アナタもまた那由多の呪いを願った魔法少女だね」
Over Limiter
Max Limit Break:
Attack UP [I] (Self / 1 T)
? turns
Max Limit Break:
8 turns
[★3 Memoria Limit Breaker Material] Burning your eyes, piercing the eardrums, and driving your nasal cavities insane. It becomes incredibly vivid, and the memory will eventually resolve itself, becoming a single strand in a sea of memories in which many threads are entangled. I continue to extend my being, scrounging around as much as necessary, not missing a single inch. Because there are any number of hooks.【★3メモリア限界突破素材】瞳を焦し、鼓膜を貫き、鼻腔を狂わせる

それほど鮮烈な刺激なれど、いずれ記憶は解れゆき、ひと筋の糸となる 幾多もの糸が絡まる記憶の海原。広がり続けるのは己自身

Over Limiter - Core
Max Limit Break:
Defense UP [I]
? turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
【★4 Memoria Limit Breaking Material】 The memory of one spoon melted in time. When you gather towards a wire that’s been inserted, its form becomes clear, the illusion of knitting falls apart, where it melts in the center of time and becomes a memory. However, it leaves behind a form that can be scooped up in one’s palm.【★4メモリア限界突破素材】時間に溶けた一匙の記憶。差し込まれた

針金に群がると、鮮明になって形を成し、かつての幻を編み上げる 幻は解れて、いずれ時間の中に溶けて記憶になる。けれどそれは、掌で

A Priceless Treasure
Max Limit Break:
Guaranteed Anti-Dazzle & Blast Damage UP [III]
Passive The last ray of sunlight dyes the summer sky crimson, but it's the dark blue sky that follows that ends the day. The breeze running through my hair, and the sweet sound of the ocean... The view I lost myself in during that moment was a treasure more valuable than any other.太陽の残り火は、夏の雲を茜色に染めた

迫りくる紺青は、優しく一日を終わりへと導いていく 髪を撫でる風は柔らかく、波が寄せて返す音は心地良い

Proof of Darkness
MP Gauge 15% Full on Battle Start
Max Limit Break:
MP Gauge 15% Full on Battle Start
Passive **Unique to Mitama Yakumo**
The falling cherry blossom petals were beautiful and filled me with pride. The cherry blossom petals reflected in my eyes became a sign of the coming yearlong battle. The cherry blossom petals reflected in my eyes, became a symbol of betrayal. My new student ID was nothing more than a ticket inviting me to darkness over the course of a year.

目に映る桜のひとひらは、1年の戦いが始まる合図になった 目に映る桜のひとひらは、裏切りの象徴となった

Shizuku's Next Destination
Charm Edge [I] (Single / 1T)
Max Limit Break:
Charm Edge [II] (Single / 1T)
Passive Ayaka: "Nailed it! Let’s see where the dart landed! It’s none other than...!”
Mitama: "The Osorezan Mountains! This may be the place you were looking for, Shizuku."
Shizuku: "Umm, I went there a long time ago. It didn't feel right..."
Ayaka: "That’s our Shizuku! It’s like you’ve already caught every fish in the sea!"

みたま「恐山ねぇ~。ここが雫ちゃんの探し求めている場所かもっ」 雫「あの…だいぶ前に行ってきたけど、ここも違う気がして…」

Those Feathers From Before
Accele MP Gain UP [II] & Chance to Evade [II]
Max Limit Break:
Accele MP Gain UP [III] & Chance to Evade [III]
Passive "What happened that day was shocking... It was almost as if the two of them were transformed into angels."

"I was surprised too, but it all made sense to me."
"Oh, com on. Even modern science can't explain what happened..."

"Those feathers, did they even show up in the photo you took, Ryo?"

「む、自分は驚きはしたが、意外と自然なことかと思ってしまったぞ」 「いやいや、あんなのは現代の科学でも証明できるもんじゃないぞ…」

Time for a Treasure Hunt
Blast Damage UP [IV] & Accele MP UP [III] & Guaranteed Anti-Charm
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage UP [IV] & Accele MP UP [III] & Guaranteed Anti-Charm
Passive "I can't believe we found a treasure map!" "I wonder what's waiting for us?!" "This is so exciting!" "Yeah! Although I have no idea what it says..." (Why do I have to take part in this too? Well, at least she seems to be havin' fun...)「ふふっ…これぞ、宝の地図!って感じよねぇ♪」

「すごいの!絶対、すごい財宝が待ってるの!」「わくわくだね!」 「うむ!自分には何が書いてあるかさっぱりだがな…」

Whereabouts of the Bubble
Damage UP [IV] & Damage UP Versus Enemies Affected with Status Ailments [IV] & Magia Damage UP [II] (Self / 1T)
Max Limit Break:
Damage UP [VI] & Damage UP Versus Enemies Affected with Status Ailments [VI] & Magia Damage UP [IV] (Self / 1T)
9 turns
Max Limit Break:
8 turns
I just wanted to feel. I just wanted to be loved.

Pale, faint feelings of love that disappeared in an unfulfilled dream. The call that rises from the bottom of the sea and fades in the waves.

I don't want it to end with just sadness.

叶わぬ夢に焦がれて消えた淡い淡い恋心 灘の底から浮かび上がって波間に消えゆく呼び声を

You Can Wear Any Outfit You Want
Accele MP Gain UP [III] & MP Gain UP [II] & Defense UP [III]
Max Limit Break:
Accele MP Gain UP [IV] & MP Gain UP [III] & Defense UP [IV]
Passive "I adjusted it based on your image, but what do you think?"

"...Wow, it’s just as I imagined! The details are perfectly reproduced!" "That’s great! Sometimes the process fails when miscellaneous thoughts get mixed in."

(Oh, that was dangerous ...at first it was full of nothing but miscellaneous thoughts...)

「…すごい、想像通りよ!細部まで完璧に再現されてるわ!」 「それはよかったぁ!雑念が混じると失敗することもあるのよぉ」

The Light We Seek, the Future We Can Save
Max Limit Break:
Damage DOWN [III] (All / 3T) & Status Ailment Resistance UP [IV] (Self / 3T)
? turns
Max Limit Break:
8 turns
The everyday life that might have been, the past that we miss but cannot return to.

Even if they're forced to do so with painful reluctance, the only thing that lies ahead is the future. No matter how painful or hard it is, Magical Girls don't give up.

Aiming for the one and only future that shines ahead, a future that can be saved.

後ろ髪を引かれたとしても、進む先は未来だけ 苦しくても、辛くても、魔法少女たちは諦めない

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