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* '''Soul gem:''' Unknown; Most likely the apple located on the back of her hood.
* '''Soul gem:''' Unknown; Most likely the apple located on the back of her hood.
* '''Weapon:''' She appears to have one, possibly two small dolls that fight for her.
* '''Weapon:''' She appears to have two small dolls that fight for her.
* '''Wish:''' Unknown
* '''Wish:''' Unknown
* '''Japanese pronoun:''' {{nihongo|''Watashi''|私|}}
* '''Japanese pronoun:''' {{nihongo|''Watashi''|私|}}

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Miyako Saki
Japanese Name 佐木 京

(Note: As all chapters of Sadness Prayer are currently only available in Japanese, most of the info here comes from rough translation and interpretation of events. Thus, some of the information may be incorrect, so please do not treat anything as 100% accurate.)

Miyako Saki (佐木 京 Saki Miyako) is a supporting character appearing in Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer. She is part of a group of magical girls hailing from Kazamino City, comprised of Lina Hitomi, Mio, and Mai Akane.

General info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Orange
  • Hair colour: Brown


  • Soul gem: Unknown; Most likely the apple located on the back of her hood.
  • Weapon: She appears to have two small dolls that fight for her.
  • Wish: Unknown
  • Japanese pronoun: Watashi ()




Miyako's backstory is currently unknown.

During Sadness Prayer

Miyako is first shown fighting with Lina and her team against Sasa Yuuki, who forces them to flee after causing dome bystanders to think thy are muggers. Later she is shown again with her tam when they discover Mio's body. When Lina initially takes the blame for mio's death, Miyako is quick to say other wise.

When her team goes to Mitakihara during their hunt for Sasa Miyako is the first to research the magical girl killing and speculates a witch might have done it. After learning about the black magical She tries to convince Lina and Mai that they should return to Kazamino to formulate a new battle plan.

During the surprise attack against her team Miyako ends up facing against Oriko, who just wishes to talk to her. When Miyako asks why Oriko replies that is is because it is because Miyako is the only one who has realized that the battle is meaningless. Oriko then proceeds to tell the Kazamino girl about her wish to save the world. Eventually the two girls join the Sasa, Lina, and Mai who are still fighting. Lina tries to attack Oriko but Miyako gets in the way. When Lina tells her to move so they can avenge Mio, Miyako confronts Lina about her behavior. She even goes so far as to say that the deaths of Mio and Futaba are Lina's fault, as well as defending Oriko. Lina then turns into a witch and kills Miyako.





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