Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 18

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The flashback continues where Kirika's classmates ask her what's wrong as she seems a little down. Kirika tells them it's nothing, but they think it sounds rather suspious and one of them chimes in that it must be that Kirika is in love. Kirika gets flustered and questions how they'd even jump to that conclusion, to which her classmates laugh at her. One of them notes how Kirika's changed as before, she gave off an aura that kept others from getting close to her. Kirika questions on whether she has changed or not and another classmates says that people do change and jokes that it really must be love that changed her, causing Kirika to become flustered once more. After class she remarks again how lame the conversation was on her changing. Kirika says she's becoming a good mimic by talking about what they want to talk about and imitating them. She looks at a picture of herself on her phone and exclaims how weird she is. She recalls making the contract with Kyubey and how she wished to change, wondering why she would make such a stupid wish for something so lame. A few seconds later her phone rings indicating she got a new message which Kirika becomes overjoyed to see.

Back in the present Oriko berates Kirika for going into that room as she never gave her permission to enter it. Kirika apologizes and Oriko tells her it's fine as everyone makes mistakes, but tells her to not do it again. As she tries to tell Kirika something else, she quickly notices that Kirika was stealing a few glances at the nearby desk behind her and asks her what's wrong. Kirika says it's nothing but Oriko wants to see what's in the desk she was eyeing. Kirika's thoughts reveal that she had hidden Hisaomi's notebook in one of the drawers and doesn't want Oriko to see it. Kirika tries to drag Oriko away from investigating any further for tea as she proclaims she's very hungry, but Oriko notices how weird she's acting and pulls something out of the drawer. She doesn't find the notebook but rather a small bunny charm and questions why something like this would be in her father's desk, wondering if it's a gift from someone. Oriko laughs and asks Kirika if this was what she was so worried about her seeing and informs her that she's not allowed to open another person's desk without permission.

Somewhere else, Chihana informs Kyubey about her encounter with Homura, believing her to fit the profile of the black magical girl killer given her long black hair and strange powers. Chihana mentions that Homura had the ability to vanish before others's eyes and Kyubey says he doesn't know of any magical girls with that exact ability. He thanks Chihana for the information and the two part ways with Kyubey noting the facts so far. He then meets up with Kyoko and Yuma to relay this information and that he needs all the help he can get. Kyoko is tired of hearing this again as she has no interest in finding the killer. As Yuma plays around with Kyubey, Kyoko tells him that once the pair are finished up here they plan to go back to Kazamino and have no time to join any hunt for the killer. She thinks Mami can handle this problem by herself, but Kyubey replies that he intends to call in some more girls, but is hesitant to do so as they're so new. Kyubey then notes that Kyoko might not know them and says those girls are Chihana, Kirika and Oriko, the latter name startling Kyoko. Kyoko never heard of any of them but says that if it's gotta be done then she'll see about helping him out a little. Once Kyubey leaves, Yuma asks her if she lied to Kyubey and Kyoko answers she didn't, as she wants to help out on the hunt in order to meet Oriko.

Meanwhile Kirika is outside around town, overjoyed over getting the bunny charm as a gift from Oriko and promises to treasure it forever. She recalls how tired Oriko was at the time and wonders what it could be that has her down, thinking it could be either hunger, sleepiness, school or loneliness. Kirika wonders if she's sad instead as even if Oriko is hungry, sleepy, being bullied or feeling lonely Kirika can't become something to ease the first two nor take out the bullies and become a substitute for her father. She states that it's sad that she can only do what she can as the world is filled with awful things, but Oriko herself isn't one of them as she's special, yet people keep hurting her and Kirika is the only one who is her only faithful ally. She remembers her wish and wishes she never got it granted as if only she met Oriko earlier then she could've used it for Oriko's sake instead. As she's lost in thought while grasping at her charm a woman suddenly bumps into her causing her to drop it.

Oriko is approached by Kyubey who asks for her help in hunting down the black magical girl. Oriko agrees to help but says that she can't do much in battle and that if he wants her to create a plan to take her on she needs to know what kind of girl she is. Kyubey apologizes as he doesn't quite understand the girl's magic himself. Oriko notes how Kyubey doesn't know this girl and thinks it's good news as the suspect can't be Kirika. Kyubey reveals to Oriko that the magical girl is one with long, black hair and is named Homura Akemi. While Oriko is at home working on making a cake for herself and Kirika for tomorrow, she smiles to herself about how Homura is now being blamed for the magical girl killings, giving her the chance to eliminate her for sure and give her a easy shot at killing Madoka afterwards. Because of this turn of events Oriko dismisses her vision from before as being a mistake. As she looks into her recipe book, she thinks about how hard she was being on Kirika and believes this cake will allow her to forgive her for it.

Back with Kirika, she recovers after being bumped into by the woman who apologizes for the mistake and Kirika tells her she's fine. However Kirika quickly notices that she's missing her gift from Oriko and runs off in a panic to search for it. She becomes even more distressed when she can't find it when someone picks it up and asks Kirika if this is what she's searching for. Kirika turns around and the person is revealed to be Mami holding her charm. Kirika introduces herself to Mami and wishes to thank her savior, all while smiling and thinking to herself how she will do anything in her power for Oriko's sake, and prepares to fight her.