Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 19

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As Kirika fights Mami, she recounts how she's killed magical girls, not caring how many and while she never wanted to kill them she feels no guilt over doing it. The only thing she feels is love. And with that love for Oriko as her strength she will not be stopped.

Elsewhere in town Kimihide crosses paths with Yaegashi, having known each other through the former's father. In the past he didn't think that the young Kimihide would try to take his seat from him but says it just goes to show how scary the Mikuni family can be. Kimihide tells his assistant Saegusa to prepare the car so that he may leave, but Yaegashi stops him by mentioning his late bother Hisaomi, noting his end and how he was on the verge of damaging Kimihide's political career, though feels sorry for Oriko whose name he temporarily forgets.

Meanwhile Oriko focuses on making her cake and recalls the cakes her mother use to make when she was little and wishes she had taught her as she is making a celebration cake for her wish coming true and the salvation of the world. But despite that fact she still feels troubled and questions why. She shouldn't be feeling that way now as she's come so far and eliminated her obstacles, and wonder what could it be that she's still afraid of. Suddenly a voice calls out to her telling her it doesn't matter and her cake will never be finished. Oriko turns around and sees a younger version of herself berating her over her past and how her plans have gotten others killed and kept tally of it. She at first assumes this is another premonition but deduces it as her delusion, and said delusion sees current Oriko as weak because of her goals. Oriko stands her ground and tells the other her to go away as she has abandoned that version of herself for being nothing but a crybaby. She affirms that the younger Oriko will get nowhere searching her heart for a clever argument to use against her as she is seeing her dream come true. She adds that she sees the number of fallen girls as just a number rather than people, seeing them as pawns and not people with lives. And she is willing to sacrifice as many lives as necessary to see her wish come true and tells her other self to leave. The other Oriko is at first stunned by her words before breaking down into laughter.

Kirika and Mami continue to fight each other as Kirika thinks to herself about Oriko asking her why she follows her orders so faithfully. Kirika answers that she just does it naturally and never even thought about why she does. She reveals to Oriko that it's been her wish ever since she became a magical girl. Oriko questions her on it, but Kirika says that the wish she made was stupid and that now she's making Oriko's wish her real one. As she attacks Mami she says that she will also be the next person to help her fulfill her wish, and she'll offer up Madoka and all of their enemies to do so. And if that isn't enough, Kirika says that she will offer herself up to Oriko to fulfill it.

As the other Oriko laughs, the real one questions why she finds it funny. The other girl repeats what Oriko had said about abandoning her and calling her a crybaby over her dead parents, noting that that same crybaby is still clinging to her now. Oriko is confused by this and the other Oriko wonders why she hasn't realized this yet as she isn't the one keeping herself sane. The other girl says that it's because she bends, breaks, and changes that she and Oriko can go on without changing, and further torments her that her cake will never be finished, she can't ever be a replacement for her mother and that she's the reason why her father died. Oriko becomes startled and falls over, knocking down and breaking a cup, calling out for Kirika to come back to her, begging for her to come back and tell her she's doing the right thing. Oriko then appears to see another vision, this time of Kirika getting fatally injured.

Back with Yaegashi, he says that Oriko has talent and that he'd love to see her in government in the future. Kimihide tells him to stop however and says that while everyone seems to have an opinion, the death of Oriko's father has taken its toll on her and that she's still just a junior high student.