Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 22

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Kyoko, Mami and Yuma break into the Mikuni Estate in order to stop Oriko and Kirika. As they wander around the inside cautious of any traps and take note of the condition of the place, Mami talks about Oriko's magic as she and even Kyubey have no idea what kind of magic she uses as Oriko never appears to fight Witches herself and show her power to others. Yuma mentions to her how Oriko knew both her and Kyoko as if she knows everyone and says it's "destiny". Mami mulls over the meaning and recalls how Oriko had told her they'd meet again and that she'd come to realize her foolishness. Kyoko says she will make sure they meet again and see to it that she doesn't make anymore stupid predictions. At the mention of the word both girls suddenly notice the connection between "destiny" and "prediction" in relation to Oriko and wonder if it's possible for a magical girl to even have that kind of power. Kyoko doesn't think so, but before she can go on a thud is heard from above surprising the trio into locating the source. They find that out of all the doors in the house, one in particular doesn't have any dust on it, meaning that Oriko and Kirika have be using it. The girls get their weapons ready and prepare to barge into the room to attack.

Elsewhere, Oriko and Kirika are hanging out together at the latter's house playing video games, though Oriko is inexperienced in this area and ends up pulling her controller out of the socket and she begins worrying thinking she broke it and is going to lose the game. Kirika laughs at her as she found a weakness in Oriko she never expected to see. The two share some convenience store snacks together which surprises Kirika and Oriko asks if it's because everyone thinks she's some sort of princess because of her status. Kirika remarks about how big Oriko's house is, prompting Oriko to tell her that she inherited her house from her grandfather and because of the size she's unable to upkeep it. She also adds that her family was ultimately middle class with only a connection to a famous name and that it's just a conceit, both of her father's and hers. Oriko lies down and closes her eyes, saying to Kirika that she feels the freest she's ever been right now. Visiting Kirika's house, playing and failing at video games and eating snacks while chatting casually has made her an Oriko Mikuni she could never have been before and just be herself. Kirika smiles at her warmly and Oriko decides to rest. However Oriko is rudely awakened by an illusion of her younger self again, who asks her why she's just playing games as if the whole thing was over as she didn't work out what Yaegashi was saying nor realize how she was deluding herself. The other Oriko accuses her of trying to fulfill her father's ideals as an excuse for her plans and says her methods don't represent his ideals at all and that none of it makes any sense. She goes on, pointing out how the thing that kicked off what she did was those poor magical girls along with the rest of the unfortunate people who got caught up in it, and Kirika who's just on the verge of becoming a Witch. The Oriko then says her delusions have caused all of this unhappiness and the fact is that Oriko can't fulfill anyone's wish. The real Oriko remains silent for a minute before affirming what her other self said was true, surprising her. Oriko admits her father never had a wish and that she did as she pleased, as none of this is for anyone but herself and herself alone. Oriko says that she is protecting her own world and that Kirika will help her do so. At that Kirika awaken having heard her words and agrees. The other Oriko simply smiles in amusement before fading away quietly. Kirika suddenly starts questioning why she's awake as it felt like Oriko was calling for her. Oriko suddenly starts laughing, confusing Kirika further as to why.

Mami's group break into the room but find no one inside other than scattered book shelves, books and other debris lying about it. Kyoko comments on the damage done while Mami looks into the mess and finds a nail with blood on it, wondering if a fight or internal dispute took place here. Kyoko doesn't believe it as she doubts anyone would come all the way to Mitakihara just to fight it out and asks Yuma if she feels the same. Yuma doesn't answer her question however, and sadly states the room looks just like her house when she was abused, making her wonder if Oriko went through the same thing and wanted someone to save her. Kyoko tells Yuma to stop it as every magical girl has had something to deal with in her past and tells her not to dwell on it as they're better off not knowing. Kyoko decides they should leave since no one is home here and Mami proposes they contact Kyubey of their discovery before moving on. Yuma however is unsure of Kyoko's words and wonders if they really are better off not knowing what happened.

Oriko goes to see her uncle Kimihide to discuss something important, the latter glad to see she is doing well and notes how different she is compared to the last he he saw her as she's grown into a fine young woman.