Oriko Magica Sadness Prayer: Chapter 7

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Oriko flashes back to another part of her childhood where she wants her father to read the book, Crime and Punishment to her. Her father turns the request down as Oriko is still too young to be reading that kind of book, but Oriko insists that she isn't and that she'll read it instead. He asks her if she remembers the names of the characters, to which Oriko says yes and names the protagonist, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov. In the present Oriko looks out the window of her home, witnessing two strangers spray paint a part of her house. She remarks about what a nuisance it is to remove paint on the walls and she then turns to Kirika and says that it's just simple intimation and that no one is looking for her. Kirika remains silent as Oriko wishes she'd tell her what happened. When Oriko tries to leave the room to get her something to eat, Kirika suddenly gets up and panics thinking Oriko might leave her all alone, but the other girl reassures her she isn't going anywhere. Oriko then says that given the way Kirika's being acting, she assumes she won't go to school today either, but suggests to her that she stick as close as she can to her daily routine. Oriko also notes it'll also be a risk to herself if Komaki suspects her too. She mustn't let the other girl find out she is also a magical girl as she knows Komaki won't agree with her plans. Kirika remains alone in the room waiting for Oriko when she suddenly starts hallucinating about Akira's death and freaks out and attempts to leave when she runs into Oriko. Kirika tells her that there's someone else in the room, but Oriko sees no one and tells Kirika that's just exhausted and needs to eat and rest up. Kirika agrees, but Oriko sees that she's still visibly distressed.

Awhile later and Kyubey sees Oriko outside hunting Witches, remarking how he doesn't see her going out and doing it more often. Oriko tells him it's part of the job and asks if he still has complaints about her work as a magical girl. Kyubey answers that he'd like her to be more active, but he also tells her he's here to inform her that a magical girl was murdered and that a normal girl was also caught up in it too. Oriko says how terrible it is, but can't see why it's important to Kyubey as magical girls do put their lives on the line every day. Kyubey agrees with her, but says it isn't good that there's someone out there murdering other girls. He warns Oriko to take care and leaves as she has now learned of what Kirika has done.

Another flashback of Oriko's childhood is recalled with her reading Crime and Punishment again and asking her mother why the star of the book is scared. Oriko's mother is shocked to find her reading that book as it isn't for children, but Oriko reads a section of it about how the man wanted to kill the old woman and does but is now afraid afterwards. Her mother tells her than it's a very painful and serious matter for a person to die or kill another. She goes on to state that the main character thought it wouldn't be difficult and that it perhaps the reason why he can't bear the weight of the life he has taken. She also adds one must never speak causally about death or murder as it causes people to make light of such a weighty subject. Oriko remembers how Kirika spoke of death very flippantly but that she has changed since she actually did kill someone for the first time. Oriko says that if Kirika is this overwrought after killing a person then she can't be her game piece in her plans.

Meanwhile during Kirika's sleep, she has a nightmare of herself and Komaki showing what happened after she accidentally killed Akira. Komaki attacks her in a fit of rage and Kirika struggles to defend herself from the other girl's onslaught of attacks. Kirika is forced to defend herself and unleashes her claws, impaling Komaki's head and killing her instantly. Kirika becomes even more shocked and awakens from her nightmare. She gets up and begins wandering around the house looking for Oriko when the doorbell suddenly rings. Kirika answers it to find Miyuki visiting. Miyuki introduces herself to Kirika as Oriko's classmate and says that she's here to bring class handouts to her since she was absent from school today. Kirika takes them but also notices that Miyuki's eyes are rather blood shot, startling her into apologizing and leaving suddenly, telling Kirika that she hopes Oriko feels better while confusing the other girl. Oriko arrives back at home and looks for Kirika, thinking about her successful attempt at getting a grief seed today. But her chances at beating another Witch alone are far too low and that it won't be long before she goes through her entire stockpile, meaning she will have to send Kirika out again very soon. She suddenly hears a noise coming from the other room and rushes in to find Kirika in distress with papers scattered about on the floor. Oriko asks her if she's ok and if she's having another hallucination, but Kirika is completely out of it and unable to speak coherently. Oriko then notices all the papers on the ground and asks if someone came by. When she picks them up, she quickly notices and is surprised to find what's written on the papers: funeral services for her classmates Komaki and Akira.

Faraway, another magical girl arrives to Mitakihara. As she looks over the city she laughs about how exciting it is that a magical girl murders other magical girls here and thinks that if she could tame her then cleaning up the town would be easier for her.