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This page lists all of Madoka's classmates, including the unnamed background characters.

Notable classmates

Madoka's Class: Poorfag (unofficial name), Homura Akemi, Kyousuke Kamijou, Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Nakazawa, Kazuko Saotome, Hitomi Shizuki

Mami's Class: Mami Tomoe


According to the Blu-Ray Episode 1 voice commentary:

  • When they needed male voices for their background chatter they used alot of the girls in the voice cast, even though some of them were unfamiliar with doing male voices.

Did anyone notice, and correct me if I am wrong, but there is a spot in the middle row of Madoka's classroom were a blank space where a desk should be is?

  • The desks retract into the ground when a student is absent



Three seiyūs plays unnamed schoolgirls in Episode 1 and 10. They are creditted only as “girls” but perhaps they are girls who questioned Homura and are left three in the right figure.

Madoka's class

All Classmates

5 short pink hair girl dark hair boy brown hair boy dark green antennae girl
glasses boy
brown hair boy
4 side ponytail girl brown boy long purple char design girl
Madoka Hitomi black hair boy
3 Kamijou Poorfag black spiky/fuzzy boy Failurefag
Sayaka light brown pigtails chardesign
2 suspected class rep
dark spiky glasses boy
Clip Girl
long green or light brown, switch often black spiky boy
dark medium hair girl
1 Tan Girl
Homura Nakazawa long purple bangs brown medium boy glasses boy
Kazuko Saotome

Seating Chart PN0006 EN.png

Teacher: Kazuko Saotome

Seating changes

Some students swap seats frequently. An extreme case occurred when Homura's arrival was announced. It's likely that several students got out of their seats, ran over to stare at Homura, and then sat back down in different seats. Apparently, Kazuko isn't very strict.

Location Image Observations
Row 1 Seat A Classmate1A-TanGirl.jpg Student C. A girl with tan skin and short blue hair, known to fans as Tan Girl. She is one of the girls who approached Homura on the day she transferred in, and asked her, "Your hair's really pretty. What shampoo do you use?" In timeline 1, she asked, "Your hair's really long. It must take a lot of time braiding it every morning." It is not known whether her complexion, the tannest of the class, is due to genetics or sunbathing.

In Episode 8, she sits in seat 1D.

This girl looks like the one who was seen dead by Hitomi and Sayaka, when they are searching for an exit of the witch barrier, in the Oriko Magica manga.See picture
Row 1 Seat B Madoka 10 02.jpg Homura Akemi
Row 1 Seat C Nakazawa observation.jpg Nakazawa
Row 1 Seat D LongPurpleBangs.jpg This unnamed female student has long purple hair with bangs, and brown eyes with a purplish tint. She sits in the front row frequently, but sometimes gives her seat to the short pink haired girl in the back corner. During the scene where other girls asked Homura questions, she was in the background laughing while talking to a girl with shoulder length light brown hair. These girls, along with the suspected class rep, appear to be friends who got haircuts together, based on the group's changes of hairstyles after Episode 1 and in Timeline 1. In Episode 8, this girl sits behind her original seat, which is occupied by Tan Girl.

She has a gray laptop, a pink pencil case, and a light green notebook. She originally wore dark socks on Homura's first day of school, but changed into white tights during the day.
Row 1 Seat E Nameless male student. A black object that may be a calculator is on his desk, as well as a laptop.
Row 1 Seat F
Row 2 Seat A Glasses girl observation.jpg Student E. This green haired girl wears glasses; she seems to be good at math and is suspected to be a class representative.
Row 2 Seat B Student K. This boy has spiky black hair, wears glasses, and is very short.
Row 2 Seat C Clip Girl.jpg Student D. This girl, known to fans as Clip Girl, has long pink hair and a green hair clip. She is very short, but her chest grew well. She is friends with the light brown pigtailed girl in 3F (Student F), and was with her when she invited Homura to the cafe. She wore a red hair clip on the opposite side during gym class.

Although Clip Girl wasn't part of the group that asked Homura questions in the main timeline, she joined them in Timeline 1.
Row 2 Seat D A green haired girl and a light brown haired girl take turns occupying this seat. They switch frequently, even in the middle of class. Another possibility is that it's only one girl who puts on or removes a wig during class.
Row 2 Seat E Student G. This boy has black somewhat spiky hair.
Row 2 Seat F Girlstudent farleft2ndrow.PNG A girl student with shoulder-length dark green hair and brown eyes.
Row 3 Seat A Kyousuke Kamijou
Row 3 Seat B Poorfag laptopblock homura.jpg This girl, who has no official name, is known among fans as Poorfag. She does not have a laptop on her desk, unlike all the other students.

Speculation: Poorfag is believed to be too poor to afford a laptop. She couldn't afford to get an official name from the studio. Her wiki page was donated.
Row 3 Seat C Guybehindclipgirl-seat3C.PNG A boy with short black hair. It is spiky in the back and fuzzy in front. His hair was brown in Timeline 1.
Row 3 Seat D Bro observation.jpg Student H. This boy is lying on his desk face-down, and is known as Failurefag among fans. Various reasons for this have been speculated: he may be failing the class, he's a representative of /a/, he's in despair because he's not getting any attention despite sitting in front of Madoka and his acting career is going nowhere, or he's just sleeping.
Row 3 Seat E Sayaka Miki
Row 3 Seat F Student F. This girl has light brown hair tied in pigtails. She was part of the group that asked Homura questions after her arrival, but didn't talk at the time. Later on, she and a friend (Clip Girl, the long pink haired girl in 2C) invited Homura to a cafe. She asked, "Akemi-san, would you like to stop by a cafe on the way home today with us?"
Row 4 Seat A
Row 4 Seat B
Row 4 Seat C Student A. This girl has long purple hair, gray eyes, and white tights. She ties her hair into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon during gym class. She was part of the group that asked Homura questions after her arrival, and asked, "Akemi-san, where did you go to school before?" When Homura decided to visit the nurse, this girl offered, "Oh, then I'll take you there."

She was seen talking to the dark haired boy in seat 5B in class, and may have been with him in the mall. Fan speculation suggests that she may be romantically involved with him.

Row 4 Seat D Madoka Kaname
Row 4 Seat E Hitomi Shizuki
Row 4 Seat F Student J. This boy with black hair and long parted bangs sits in "that seat" but still doesn't get to be the main character, since being in Madoka's class is suffering.
Row 5 Seat A This unnamed girl has short pink hair. She sometimes switches seats with the long purple haired girl in 1D. There is a brick-shaped white object, a laptop, and a notebook on her desk. The white object was not present while the teacher was in view in episode 4, but appeared immediately when the camera turned to show the class.
Row 5 Seat B GirlAxBackRowBoy.PNG This black haired boy is fairly tall. He was seen talking to Student A in class, and sat in her seat while talking to her during a break. He may have been with her in the mall. Fan speculation suggests that they may be a couple.
Row 5 Seat C
Row 5 Seat D Student B. This girl has an ahoge and sits behind Madoka.
Row 5 Seat E Student I. This boy wears glasses.
Row 5 Seat F Student L. This boy has wavy brown hair and is tall.

In the Madoka Magica Portable Game

  • Student A and Student F make an appearance in the game on Kyouko's route. They are members of the drama club and invite Homura to join. When Homura turns it down, they offer her a flyer to one of their performances titled, "I Want to Return to that Day (あの日に帰りたい)." Student A also makes other appearances throughout the game and has the most dialogue scenes among the classmate extras.
  • Nakazawa makes an appearance in the game to answer a question by Kazuko Saotome and to greet Kyosuke when he first returns to school.
  • Student A and Nakazawa are seen on the route to school, indicating they most likely live somewhere near Sayaka, Kyousuke, Madoka and Hitomi and walk the same way to school.

Mami's class

Other classes