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One positive consequence of Madoka's extensive merchandising empire is the wealth of behind-the-scene information it made readily available to the public. We fans have available to us, often in translated forms, documentation of every facade and minute details of the creative odyssey that becomes the Madoka franchise. For those of us who chose to sift through it, there exists an unparalleled opportunity to grasp exactly how this modern classic sprung forth from the minds of the Magica Quartet.

Kaname Madoka's birthday was set for October 3rd, in honor of the initial meeting on October 3, 2008 between what becomes the Magica Quartet.

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  1. Iwakami: The event that could be called as the beginning is probably when I was working with director Akiyuki Shinbo on Hidamari Sketch and Bakemonogatari; he told me that “magical girl series are fun, if there’s any chance, I want to do it once more”.
  2. IWAKAMI: It's not like you assertively said "I want to do Mahou Shoujo!!". It was with nuance, like "For the mahou shoujo format, there should still be possibilities."
  3. Gen Urobuchi tweeted that he chose October 3 as Madoka's birthday, because that was the day when the ‘Mahou Shoujo Apocalypse Madoka☆Magica Project’ document was created.
  4. IWAKAMI: And then we had some talks about talking to Urobuchi-san and Ume-sensei about joining [the project]. I think it took place unexpectedly quickly, so much that I could not remember the process.
  5. AOKI: The first draft... it was October 2008.
  6. KUBOTA: No, only once at the very beginning. Urobuchi-san summarized everything into a composition proposal before our next chance to meet.
  7. Guidebook#Page_100
  8. UROBUCHI: It went from the end of 2008 to the end of 2009. Since there were other works going in parallel in that period, I went full gear and came up with one episode every month. And I did not talk anything about what would happen later, just saying things like "Just wait for the next issue!". (LOL)
  9. AOKI: This happened when we had the screenplay meeting. After the meeting that day, we were on our move to a drinking place, and the director said, "I think the witches should not have a conventional witch look. Even if they take a look of geometrical forms, it would be better.".
  10. IWAKAMI: The name "Madoka Magica" stayed as the temporary title for some time, and as an unofficial name it stayed as the project made its progress. When 2010 came, we had the discussion about its official title.
  12. Guidebook#Page 102
  13. Iwakami: Kajiura-san worked with director Shinbo on Le Portrait de Petite Cossette mentioned earlier, and is also Urobuchi-san earnest wish to have her participate after watching Kara no Kyoukai.


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