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Puella Care's logo

Puella Care is a traveling adjuster organization called to Kamihama City by Kyubey. It consists of magical girl Adjusters who want to adjust other girls and teach magical girls who can't use magic how to use their powers in constructive ways. Their reason for coming to Kamihama is to profit off of the conflict and help further Kyubey’s plans.

  • Faction name : Puella Care
  • "Girls who seek relief while getting played by their wishes"
  • Type : Calculating but kind
  • Goal : Kyubey achieving its energy extraction quota
  • Atmosphere : Bottomless because acting personality
  • Ideology : Accept the burden from the wish and live solemnly
  • Internal relationship : The caretaker and her daughters
  • Keywords : Wandering, Adjusters, Mysterious ability, Lack of emotion, Neutral


The organization is led by Livia Medeiros, who is also said to be the teacher of all other adjusters.



  • Puella Care have been called "death merchants" by the developers. "Merchants of death" was an epithet used to describe industries that had supplied and funded World War I. This applies to how Puella Care actively work with Kyubey to help collect energy from Witchification and Doppel summoning (by stoking conflict and despair) to stave off entropy.