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Cover illustrated by Ume Aoki

The first comic anthology for Puella Magi Madoka Magica was released on September 12, 2011. The cover for this 164 page book is illustrated by Ume Aoki.

A sample of hanokage's comic is available online by clicking on the orange box on the lower right hand of this page. The premise of it is that Homura built a game to simulate interacting with real life people. Homura uses it to interact with Madoka. Kyoko then uses it to interact with Sayaka. The last frame is her reaction after playing for a few hours.

Description of Contents


  • Page 1 - Mura Kuroe. Magical girls group picture.
  • Page 3 - Chima Konami. Magical girls group picture, red themed.
  • Page 4 - Sadoru Chiba. Ribbon-wearing Homura with Kyubey.
  • Page 88-89 - Keito Koume. Magical girls group picture, 2 page spread, with Kyoko licking a lolipop.
  • Back cover illustration - Takashi Tensugi, illustrator of Kazumi Magica. Kyoko wielding her weapon.

Comics (in order in the Anthology):

  • James Hotate. Inner cover pages. Comedic "underground" fanservice, not supervised by Magica Quartet.
  • Hanokage, author of the Madoka Magica manga. "Addictive Box" - Homura invents a simulation game to figure out a route to save Madoka. Kyoko decides she wants to play as well, to save Sayaka.
  • Kinusa Shimotsuki. "To Her Whom I Cherish" - A vignette on Homura's anguished thoughts on saving Madoka.
  • Zara. "At the Path of Passion" - One day, Kazuko Saotome had a very magical encounter with a strange being. She doesn't know if it happened by chance or by fate. But this is a fateful encounter that will change her destiny....
  • Ayun Tachibana. "One Summer Night" - Narrated from Kyoko's perspective, Homura and Kyoko help Sayaka and Madoka with their summer homework.
  • Mizutama. "The Room, The Taiyaki, and Me" - Kyoko suffers a crisis when her taiyaki is missing and Kyubey helps find the culprit.
  • Tetsuya Kobayashi. "This is Quite Difficult" - The girls give their advice to Sayaka on how to win over Kyosuke.
  • Seri Suzushiro. "Until Tomorrow" - Comedic 4koma of Moemura's struggles through the timeloops.
  • Tokio Shima. "Girlfriend" - A look at Moemura and Madoka's early friendship, and the significance of using first names.
  • Maeda Risou. "Mado☆Magi Drama Club" - A speculative story on what would happen if the girls were regular girls in a school drama club, and Homura wrote their play's script.
  • Ayami Kazama. "Date with Mami-San" - Madoka goes on an eventful date with Mami.
  • Kashmir. The magical girls share a quiet barbecue meal together at a restaurant.
  • Daioki. "The Somewhat Clueless Girl Madoka Magica" - Comedic 4koma where Madoka appears to have a slight hearing problem.
  • KAKERU. "Yell Out Your Finisher" - The magical girls try to come up with names for their finishers.
  • Shin Hashimoto. "Kyoko Today" - Set in the new universe, a look at a day in the life of Kyoko and her interactions with the other magical girls.
  • Masato Yamane. "Notes of Mami-San" - Narrated from Mami's perspective, her notebook reflects her loneliness and desire to make friends.
  • OOI Masakazu. "Messiah" - Homura's thoughts about Madoka, after the universe is remade.
  • Tadashi Mizumoto. "Akemi Homura" - As Homura goes through the timeloops, she asks Madoka an important question.
  • Kenji Tsurubuchi. "Madoka☆Magica GT" - Cross-over homage where Homura empowers Madoka to make a different wish.
  • Afro. "Motivated Sayaka" - Comedic 4koma focusing on Madoka's attempts to save Sayaka with less than ideal results.


Everyone is a critic.

Information from the "Puella Magi Madoka Magica Anthology 1" is not meant to be taken as canon.

  • Homura's golf club actually belongs to the school's principal that she took while stopping time.
  • In a bar scene, Kazuko tell Junko that she is concerned with one of her students. Homura ended her introduction by telling Madoka she was also a mahou shoujo, like she did in timeline 2.
    • In a new timeline Kazuko tells Junko she feels like she was tricked. She was told Homura has bad eyesight so she prepared her to be seated in front of the class.
      • Kazuko notices that Homura is not the same girl she was told about. Homura reminds her of a soldier she once dated, but Junko dismisses her concern since Homura is not a soldier or a man. Junko preemptively tells Kazuko not to plan to confirm if Homura is a man.
  • Mami is concerned that the police could trace Homura for making homemade bombs; Homura explains that as long as there is no trace or evidence left behind, everything should be fine.
  • Homura's home is equipped with a high-tech hologram technology/magic.
    • Homura's sophisticated simulation program is reminiscent of a dating sim.
  • Some of the stories contain yuri subtext.
  • In a parallel story/universe, the girls are just normal school girls and they are in the drama club. One day Madoka suggests a play about mahou shoujo.
    • The play is called "Mahou Shoujo Homura☆Madoka", with Homura and Madoka as the heroines.
      • Homura wrote 12 chapters in one night and apparently her script remains faithful to Gen Urobuchi's, except the ending.
        • Kyoko, Mami, and Sayaka find the script to be dark, depressing, and scary.
  • A special chapter where the girls are given the chance to come up with their own finishing move's name.
    • Homura fails because no one can hear the names she uses during time stop.
    • Kyoko is guilty of ripping off names.
    • Sayaka's choice is just awful.
    • Mami's naming habit is mocked once again, and this time it turns her into a witch.
    • Surprisingly Madoka never got a chance to name her own finishing move.
  • In a new parallel universe/story the girls are doing their summer homework and Madoka is still human.
    • In this story Homura is willing to help Madoka cheat (without Madoka's knowledge) as it serves "to protect Madoka's life".
    • Apparently Kyoko is an idiot savant/math genius. Still, Kyoko has given up schooling as she doesn't think there is any point to it.
    • Before Kyoko met the girls, the apples she ate were tasteless and she felt nothing.
  • One story depicts Mami's point of view. She draws her friends as Puella Magi and feels less lonely.
  • Some stories take place after the anime events.
    • One month after Sayaka passed away, Kyoko leaves flowers on Sayaka's "grave" and fondly remembers her. Kyoko is a gentle version of herself and likes to play with children. She is still gluttonous but she also likes to share her snacks with children. Apparently Kyoko has a nasty habit of nibbling Mami on her sleep thinking she is food.
    • One day Homura reflects the loss of Madoka, for some reason she uses a hospital to heal her wounds instead of using magic.


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