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Mobage game Ad
Mobage ad found in NewType Magazines

Madoka Mobage was the first Madoka cellphone game, developed by DeNa for Android and iOS. It was online for approximately a year, lasting from the 16th of September 2011, to 19th of November 2012.

It used a free-to-play gacha model, where players used currency that could be bought or earned in-game to pull on banners. The rewards of these banners were luck-based, and varied depending on which banner was being used, with many being only available for a limited time. (Video of the gacha animation)

The game was promoted through animated and printed ads. The official Madoka website also posted a small article on it, containing a short description as well as links to download the game. Attempting to use them will redirect the user to a page explaining that Madoka Mobage has shut down.


Fight scene against Walpurgis

The game is set in the same background as that of the TV anime and some of the character relationships are connected. The player adopts the perspective of a magical girl who is found unconscious and amnesiac in Mitakihara Town by the five main anime characters.


It features the magical girl cast from the anime and four new magical girls to defeat witches and Walpurgisnacht. The game uses character designs, animation, and music from the anime as well as incorporating new designs and songs for the dialogue scenes. Characters are superdeformed or "chibi" in the fight scenes.

  • The game appears to use purchasable cards to unlock new attacks and items in the game. Players can also team up as 'Soul Mates' to defeat powerful enemies (which becomes more and more necessary later in the game).
  • The game features several new witches, including the witch of giraffes, the witch of sewing, and the witch of springtime.

For character cards, visit here and click the links on the side for each of the characters, Madoka (鹿目 まどか), Homura (暁美 ほむら), Sayaka (美樹 さやか), Mami (巴 マミ), Kyoko (佐倉 杏子), all other characters and witches (その他).

Story and Gameplay Videos

Note: If you do not have a Nico account to view these videos, you can use a free viewer.

Main Story's Chapter Titles

It's possible these titles may change due to gameplay. These are rough translations from the Nico videos.

Episode Original title Translation
1 じきに分かるわ You'll Understand Soon
2 魔法少女同士で…ってこと You're a Fellow Magical Girl...is the Thing
3 私の嫁にしてやるのだ I'll Make You My Wife
4 もう心配はいらない You Don't Have to Worry Anymore
5 優しいね You're So Kind
6 否定はしないわ I Won't Deny It
7 どこまでバカなんだよ You're Such an Idiot
8 子供なのかなぁ Am I a Kid?
9 わたし、いくね I'll Be Going
10 戻ってきたのね I've Come Back
11 見守ってくれてたの I've Been Watching Over You
12 その子のためにも、ね It's for Her Too, Isn't It?
13 魔法少女の願い事について About a Magical Girl's Wish
14 大事な親友だもん Because She's My Best Friend
15 みんな一緒って、いいなって It's Great That We're All Together
16 私たちにしか出来ないこと Things Nobody Can Do But Us
17 助けられないのかな…? Can't We Help...?
18 みんなのことを助けたいよ I Want to Help Everyone
19 あなたには関係ない It's None of Your Business
20 私が保証するよ I Guarantee It
21 自分自身のこと Myself
22 さやかちゃんの願い事…って Sayaka-chan's Wish
23 たくさん食べてね Eat as Much as You Want
24 そんなわけ、ないか That's Not True
25 魔法少女の契約を取り結ぶ僕の役目 Making Magical Girl Contracts is My Duty
26 逃られない運命 An Inescapable Fate
27 あなたの力が必要なの We Need Your Power
28 みんなに教えてあげよう I'll Tell Everybody
29 みんな、仲間でしょ… We're All Friends...
30 この笑顔を信じたい I Want to Have Faith in This Smile
31 無理はしちゃダメよ You Mustn't Push Yourself So Hard
32 もう二度と Never Again
33 きっと、分かってくれるはず Surely, You'll Understand
34 自分の力だけを信じなさい Believe In Your Power Alone
35 みんなで、頑張ろう Let's Do Our Best
36 私、やり直してみるね… I'll Try to Start Over...
37 こちらも好きにさせてもらうよ Do As You Like Here, Too
38 みんな、どうしちゃったの…
39 私は信じてるよ
40 私の時間はとまらないわ
41 どうかしらね
42 あんたの事を信用してるわけじゃない
43 勝手にしな
44 信じてください!
45 分かっていたはずなのに…

Walpurgis' Night

Japanese title: ワルプルギスの夜

This is a repeating event that ran between September 22-October 4 2011, November 17-24 and March 15-26 2012. The rewards varied depending on the iteration but the format remained the same. The player must fight Walpurgis' familiars thrice before challenging the witch herself. They must defeat her before five turns are up, because Walpurgis slowly turns upwards and unleashes an instant-kill attack once the gear part is facing the ground. If player wins, they'll obtain a grief seed and one of two possible cards. They will not get the grief seed if they lose. The damage dealt is also tallied up and given a ranking score, which will determine the rewards received once the event ends. Some gameplay and story footage can be seen there, from 5:00 onwards.

Mitakihara Middle School's Sports Day

Japanese title: 見滝原中学体育祭

This event was one of the first limited-time Mobage special events, lasting between October 22-31 of 2011. It features the five anime magical girls in a "slice-of-life" story where they compete in school athletics. Like all special events, there are special character cards and cutscenes.

Sports Day Themed Screenshots and Cards

Mami's Halloween Tea Party

Japanese title: マミとお茶会inハロウィン

There was a special Mami tea-party event for Halloween, lasting between October 31 and November 7. Only Homura and Madoka had new outfits for this special's cards, although customes for the rest of the team could be seen in the in-game animations.

Halloween Themed Cards and More

The Hollow Little Mermaid

Japanese title: 虚ろな人魚姫


There is a special Sayaka-centric scenario called "The Hollow Little Mermaid", available as part of a limited-time special event between November 29 and December 7 of 2011. Four new magical girls appear in the scenario, named Elise, Claire, Hiyori and Komachi, being a team of magical girls from an unknown City. The story events have been uploaded to Niconico (Part 1, Part 2)

  • Elise fights with summoning magic, in the shape of clouds (resembling Charlotte). Her personality makes her very well-liked. She became a magical girl to help her parents deal with the grief they had over the death of her younger twin sister, who also used to be a magical girl that turned into a witch. Her unique magic is "Witch Exchange", allowing her to turn a Witch back into magical girl, with the cost of her turning into a Witch herself.
  • Claire fights with lightning magic and a rod. She has a quiet and gentle personality. She became a magical girl because she was lonely from being ignored by her parents.
  • Hiyori fights with music magic and a harp. She has a calm and gentle demeanor. Her wish was to convince her mother of her musical talent. She restrains enemies with harp strings and purifies them.
  • Komachi fights with magic blasts and a naginata. She's a cheerful girl. Her wish was to fix her limited life expectancy from an unknown and incurable disease. She has excellent reflexes.

After defeating them in the scenario, their respective cards can be used in battle.

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
1 後悔してない はずなのに Even Though I Shouldn't Feel Regret
2 本当の気持ちと付き合えますか Will You Follow Your True Feelings?
3 あなたたちはだれ? Who are You?
4 魔法少女対魔法少女 Magical Girl vs. Magical Girl
5 どうして戦うの Why Do We Fight?
6 あなたの戦う理由はなに? What Are You Fighting For?
7 心のありか Where Your Heart Is
8 助けたいよ I Want to Help
9 たった一度のチャンス Only One Chance
10 こんな戦い方はダメだよ We Can't Fight Like This
11 あたしっで、ほんとバカ I Really am an Idiot


A translation commissioned by a FanFiction.net user from an unknown source.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Sayaka: Once again, we got rid of the witch's minions.
Madoka: Sayaka-chan, are you alright? You look pale.
Sayaka: Huh? No… I’m alright.
Kyoko: Even if you can regenerate fast, your body will take its toll.
Sayaka: Shut up. This is how I fight!
Kyoko: So, charging and hack-n-slashing mobs is how you fight?
Sayaka: If I say yeah, anything wrong with that?
Kyoko: Hey, watch your tone. I’m your senior.
Sayaka: There is no senior or junior in Witch hunting!
Mami: Pipe down, you two. Keep in mind who the enemy is.
Sayaka: Yeah, our enemies are Witches.
Madoka: Please. Don’t fight each other.
Homura: You’re not acting like a senior, Kyoko Sakura.
Kyoko: Yeah, yeah, alright. It’s all my fault!
Sayaka: (Sayaka-chan must be shocked to hear that we Magical Girls are not human anymore.)
Mami: Okay, it is getting late, so we should all go home.
Sayaka: (…? There is someone on top of that building just now.)
Madoka: Sayaka-chan, we’ll leave you if you don’t hurry up.
Sayaka: (Someone else is watching us. Probably my imagination.)
?Komachi?: So this is Mitakihara City. It is a good place.
?Claire?: Those people are probably the ones protecting this city from the Witches.
?Elise?: Looks like it. They look like they can take a beating.
?Hiyori?: …. Let’s hurry up and fight Witches.
?Komachi?: I like to fight them instead of Witches, though.
?Elise?: No need to rush. We need to greet the Witches first.

Chapter 1: Even though… I don’t regret it.

Mami: Good morning, Kaname-san, player-san.
Player: Good morning, Mami-san.
Mami: You’re not with Miki-san today?
Madoka: Yeah. She’s not feeling well, so she told me to go ahead…
Sayaka: Good morning!
Madoka: Sayaka-chan…
Sayaka: Don’t worry, I’m alright. Let’s give it our shot today…
Player: (Huh? There’s a new face. Who is he?)
Player: Madoka-chan, who are you talking to?
Madoka: He is Kamijou-kun He just got out of the hospital.
Player: So he is Kamijou-kun…
Madoka: You should go to him, Sayaka-chan. You haven’t talked to him, have you?
Sayaka: Nah, no need.
Player: (So Sayaka-chan went to class avoiding him.)

Chapter 2: Would you be true to your feelings?

Sayaka: What is to talk about, Hitomi?
Hitomi: I’ve been hiding something from you for a long time.
Sayaka: What?
Hitomi: I’ve been longing for Kyosuke Kamijou for a while now.
Sayaka: R-really? I didn’t know he had it in him.
Hitomi: You and Kyosuke are childhood friends.
Sayaka: I’m just stuck with him, though.
Hitomi: I just can’t lie to myself any longer.
Sayaka: ……………
Hitomi: So how about you, Sayaka-san? Would you be true to your feelings?
Sayaka: What are you talking about?
Hitomi: I’ll be confessing to Kyosuke tomorrow, after school.
Hitomi: Until then, you decide on what to do with your feelings so that you won’t regret.
Sayaka: ……………..
Hitomi: I’ll be going now.
Player: Is it fine for me to go with you for today’s Witch hunt?
Madoka: Me too.
Sayaka: Madoka… and the player too. Why?
Kyoko: Hold it. Don’t forget about me.
Mami: It is the senior’s duty to look after cute juniors.
Sayaka: Mami, Kyoko….
Homura: I’m also going if we’re just looking for Witches.
Madoka: I don’t want Sayaka-chan to be alone.
Player: We are always on your side, Sayaka-chan.
Sayaka: Why are you all so kind to me? I am not even worth it.

(Battle ensues)

(Familiars destroyed!)

Sayaka: …today, I was about to regret it. “If only I did not save Hitomi that time.”
Sayaka: It was in an instant that I thought like that. I’m such a scumbag. I can’t call myself an ally of justice.
Madoka: Sayaka-chan!
Sayaka: Hitomi is… taking Kyosuke from me.
Mami: Miki-san.
Sayaka: But there’s nothing I can do… I’m already dead. I’m a zombie…
Sayaka: I can’t tell him to hug me. I also can’t tell him to kiss me with this body.
Player: (We now understand what it really means to be Magical Girls and the reality behind it.

Chapter 3: Who are you?

Player: Sayaka-chan, don’t push it!!
Sayaka: Ugh!
Madoka: Sayaka-chan! Watch out!!
Kyoko: Geez, I can’t take this anymore.
Player: Kyoko-chan.
Kyoko: Step aside, Sayaka. I’ll show you the ropes.
Elise: This city’s magical girls are average. They even have a hard time on such a Witch.
Kyoko: !? Who are you?
Player: (Before we even notice, four unfamiliar Magical Girls appeared.)
Elise: Hi, there. I am Elise. From now on, we’re taking over Witch hunting duty to defend this city.
Sayaka: What are you talking about? I’m the one defending this city.
Elise: You plan to continue despite being worn-out? Alright then, I’ll show you how it’s done.

(Battle ensues)

Player: Woah, one hit?
Elise: Now you know the difference in our power? You can’t defend this city. Better give up.
Mami: We could say the same to you. You just suddenly appeared. Don’t you have manners?
Elise: I apologize. I’m just here to give greetings for today.
Madoka: H-hey. Can’t we just fight together?
Elise: No. We can defend this city by ourselves. So you’re not needed anymore.
Homura: And if we say no?
Elise: Then we’ll just have to use force.
Sayaka: Then it’s settled. I’ll take you on!
Madoka: Sayaka-chan…!
Elise: !? Yo…you’re…
Sayaka: Is there something in my face?
Elise: …so there is a familiar face in this city.
Player: (…? Who is she talking about…)
Elise: Today is just a greeting. See you later then.
Player: (She gracefully left the scene. So new Magical Girls have appeared.)

Chapter 4: Magical Girl vs Magical Girl

(Battle ensues)

Komachi: Argh, I never thought I’d lose to them.
Kyoko: For such big talk, you’re not that tough.
Komachi: You talk tough.
Sayaka: You’re an eyesore, hurry up and leave.
Madoka: We’ll be sure to defend this city, so…
Komachi: We said no a number of times. We have no plans of leaving.
Player: What is your goal?
Homura: Why does it have to be Mitakihara City?
Komachi: How naive. You think we’ll tell you?
Mami: Not really. At least we’d like to know your goal.
Sayaka: There’s no point in talking. We’ll just fight anyone who hinders us.
Player: (Sayaka-chan…. you’re scaring me.)
Madoka: Sayaka-chan, stop it. Don’t fight any further.
Player: She’s right. Your Soul Gem’s impurity will accumulate if you keep using your powers.
Sayaka: I don’t care.
Madoka: Sayaka-chan…?
Komachi: We’ll depart for today. However, we won’t be defeated next time we meet.
Mami: They left. We might be facing her or one of them again.
Kyoko: I’ll just crush whoever stands in my way!
Player: (We might be able to avoid fighting them if we know their objective.)

Chapter 5: Why are we fighting?

(Battle ensues)

Hiyori: I lost.
Player: (We won the fight, but having to fight other Magical Girls…)
Sayaka: Hah, hah, hah….
Player: Are you alright? Don’t overdo it.
Sayaka: I can manage this much. I can kill the pain easily.
Madoka: Sayaka-chan…
Elise: You have more problems than physical pain.
Sayaka: So you came.
Elise: So you really want to hinder us, don’t you?
Kyoko: We won’t let you do anything you want as long as we’re here.
Homura: Just give up and leave this city.
Madoka: Why is it that instead of Witches, we have to fight each other even though we are all Magical Girls?
Player: Hey, Kyubey, can’t you do anything to convince them?
Kyubey: Nope. They need to leave this city on their own.
Komachi: We absolutely have no plan to leave this city.
Mami: We don’t want you to freely do anything in our city.
Elise: We won’t stop anytime soon.
Player: (Huh? “Won’t stop”? Why?)
Elise: We will fight you no matter how many times if needed.
Sayaka: I will also fight evil people instead of Witches.
Madoka: Sayaka-chan…
Elise: Hmhm… She is determined, stubborn, and tries very hard… just like me.
Elise: Without caring even a bit whether she’ll bring evil or good.
Sayaka: Who are you talking to?
Elise: Well, who do you think?
Hiyori: I won’t lose next time.
Elise: Let’s depart now, everyone. It is a waste of time facing them.
Kyoko: Wait!!
Mami: They’re gone.
Player: (So we have to fight them again?)

Chapter 6: What is your reason to fight?

Player: (Today too is the day for Witch hunt patrol.)
Player: (Huh? That must be Sayaka-chan at the park.)
Player: Sayaka-chan, what are you doing here?
Sayaka: Ah! Player-san!?
Player: That’s Kamijou-kun and Hitomi-chan over there, right?
Sayaka: I-it’s nothing. None of your business.
Player: Sayaka-chan…
Sayaka: I’m so creepy sneaking up on them, huh? Okay then, let’s go.
Player: (I pulled Sayaka-chan, who is looking down, away from the park.)

(Battle ensues)

Claire: Why… It doesn’t make sense that I lost.
Kyoko: Hmph! It’s the difference in our strengths!
Player: (I don’t want to take on other Magical Girls…)
Elise: I heard that Witches here are more powerful than the rest. I guess I was wrong.
Madoka: You’re looking for a powerful Witch? Why?
Claire: It’s a secret.
Sayaka: Blah, blah, just zip it. I’ll take you on if you want more.
Madoka: Sayaka-chan…
Homura: Sayaka Miki, you’re a burden. Withdraw.
Player: Homura-chan, you don’t need to go that far.
Homura: I am just stating a fact.
Sayaka: You’re saying that I’m just a bother?
Homura: That is correct. We have nothing to spare.
Madoka: Homura-chan… Sayaka-chan has a lot of issues.
Sayaka: Madoka! Don’t say unnecessary things!
Elise: Oh my, a dispute between friends? So defending Mitakihara City must be straightforward.
Hiyori: We can just have at them while they’re distracted.
Kyoko: As if! I’ll just fend off any attacks you bring.
Elise: Well, we’ll just end it here since we defeated the Witch for today.
Player: (Oh yeah, Sayaka-chan has been fighting non-stop, is her Soul Gem alright?)
Elise: So until we meet again. Farewell.
Player: (Elise and co. have left.)
Madoka: Just what is their goal in coming here…
Kyoko: Instead of thinking such things, I’ll just take them on by force.
Sayaka: I can take on all of them myself.
Madoka: Don’t force yourself, Sayaka-chan.
Player: Yeah. You should rest for a while.
Sayaka: What? So you all think I’m excess baggage…
Kyoko: What are you saying? Nobody said that! You’re acting strange lately.
Sayaka: For now, I don’t want to think about anything else. I’ll just fight the Witches.
Madoka: Sayaka-chan…
Player: (Sayaka-chan looks hurt. If only there’s anything I can do for her.)

Chapter 7: A heart’s place

Madoka: Sayaka-chan, you don’t look fine. Are you alright?
Sayaka: I’m fine.
Player: Don’t force yourself. If there is anything wrong with you, take a break.
Sayaka: It’s none of your business!! I already said I’m fine, didn’t I?
Player: Sorry.
Kyoko: Hey, hey, you don’t need to sound like that, do you? If you’re just hungry, would you like this apple?
Sayaka: I can’t have that uncertain apple.
Kyoko: We’re protecting this city from Witches, so this is fine, right?
Sayaka: I am not like you!
Mami: What’s the matter? Miki-san is not like herself today.
Homura: Are you purifying your Soul Gem?
Sayaka: No worries about that.
Homura: Really? It’s fine then.
Madoka: Hey everyone, we should go hunt Witches now.
Mami: She’s right. It is our duty after all.
Player: (While we are worrying about Sayaka-chan, we went ahead.)

(Battle ensues.)

Elise: This is impossible. I lost.
Kyoko: Too bad, that’s how it is. Our win.
Player: (Elise is tough, but we were able to win.)
Elise: It was just a Familiar you all defeated. It does not even have a Grief Seed.
Sayaka: What?
Player: It might have killed someone else if left alone.
Elise: That is what is supposed to happen. It would be better if it becomes a Witch by devouring four or five people.
Komachi: It’s bad to kill the chicken that lays eggs, don’t you think?
Sayaka: So you mean you let the Witch kill people!?
Elise: Don’t you know the basics?
Player: Huh?
Claire: Witches devour weak humans. We devour Witches.
Komachi: That is the bail rule, don’t you think?
Elise: Don’t tell us that you all made a Contract for humanity’s sake or to serve justice or other foolishness?
Sayaka: Wha!?
Player: (Sayaka-chan is staring her with a scary look.)
Elise: And what did you gain for your wish for others?
Sayaka: We-well that’s….
Elise: It goes the same for her as well. She always wished for other people’s happiness instead of hers.
Player: (…? Elise-san looks gloomy…)
Sayaka: Shut up! Shut up! What do you know about me?!
Kyoko: Hey, get a hold of yourself. You’re getting dragged too much.
Sayaka: Shut up!


Madoka: Sayaka-chan!?
Homura: It’s alright, she just lost consciousness.
Mami: Akemi-san, that was kind of harsh. Wasn’t there any gentler way to do so?
Homura: I hate idiots who get into useless fights.
Kyoko: I can’t agree more. It’ll get worse if we don’t do this much.
Madoka: Even though Sayaka-chan is working hard for everyone.
Elise: Anyway, that will be it for today. We’re leaving.
Elise …
Player: (What was it? Elise-san is spouting such words with great sadness…)
Kyoko: I know where they are coming from, but they really piss me off.
Mami: Still, we need to stop them at any cost.
Madoka: Yeah. Letting a Familiar grow into a Witch… is unforgivable.
Player: (Looks like Sayaka-chan already went far away.

Chapter 8: I want to help.

(Battle ensues)

Komachi: Tsk! We were supposed to win this time.
Elise: Komachi. That’s enough.
Player: Elise-san. We don’t want further fighting.
Madoka: Yeah. We should help ea…
Komachi: Help! That girl wants another round, though.
Player: Oh… Sayaka-chan.
Sayaka: I’ll… be the one defending this city.
Elise: Foolish girl… to have to fight till the end… even though hurting yourself won’t ease the pain.
Player: (Again, Elise-san is looking at Sayaka-chan with gloomy eyes.)
Sayaka: Don’t you… look at me with such pity!
Elise: Sayaka-san, make sure to purify your Soul Gem.
Claire: We’ll go ahead and clean up some Witches. You all look like you have some issues on your hands.
Elise: Until then, good day, everyone. We’ll meet again.
Player: (Elise-san left. Will Sayaka-chan be alright?)
Homura: Use this Grief Seed.
Madoka: Homura-chan.
Homura: You’ll die… if you keep this up.
Sayaka: Even so… I’m fine.
Player: Sayaka-chan, why do you say that?
Sayaka: Because I have decided that I’ll become a different Magical Girl from Homura.
Sayaka: So I will neither leave or use or ask help from anyone.
Homura: ……………
Sayaka: And when there are no Witches left to hunt… I’ll become useless.
Mami: We are your friends. We will not let you become useless.
Madoka: Yeah. Homura-chan just wants to help you. Just believe in her.
Sayaka: Homura is thinking about something else even though she says it’s for my sake.
Homura: You’re keen… Sayaka.
Madoka: Sayaka-chan… Homura-chan…
Homura: It’s like you said. It’s not like I want to help you. It’s just for that girl.
Player: (Homura-chan is referring to Madoka-chan as “that girl”.)
Homura: If you’re going to stop me here, you’ll just have to die. I can just kill you where you stand.
Kyoko: What are you doing!? This is not the time for internal conflict, is it?
Mami: That’s right. We need to prioritize the Witches instead of Elise among other things.
Kyoko: Anyway, the player and Madoka should take Sayaka with them and go home.
Player: Yeah. Got it, Kyoko-chan.
Madoka: Sayaka-chan, let’s go home for today.
Player: Me and Madoka-chan carried the completely exhausted Sayaka-chan to her home.

Chapter 9: That one and only chance.

Elise: Sayaka-san, I heard that you made a Contract for the sake of your childhood friend.
Sayaka: So what?
Elise: You use that one and only chance of a miracle for others.
Player: It’s none of your business on whom or what she wished for.
Elise: Magic is to grant your wish for yourself.
Mami: What you’re saying makes sense, though.
Elise: Nothing good will happen for using it for somebody else.
Kyoko: Damn you! You just spout nonsense without a care in the world.
Elise: Didn’t your friends tell you that?
Mami: Everyone has their own wishes. I think they are free to use it for whatever purpose they wish.
Elise: I can’t deny that. Moving on, if you’re using it for someone you like, there are other ways to get him.
Sayaka: Huh?
Elise: You can just go to his house and break his arms and legs this instant.
Sayaka: Wha…!!
Elise: Bring back the time where he cannot do anything without you.
Elise: With that, his body and soul will be all yours, like you wished.
Sayaka: No! I wouldn’t wish for something like that.
Elise: Sayaka-san, I saw you crying while you were fighting Witches.
Sayaka: Don’t you spout such nonsense!
Elise: If you’re not going to do it, should I break his arms and legs myself?
Sayaka: …unforgivable. I’ll make your life a living hell…!
Madoka: Wait, Sayaka-chan.
Sayaka: Back off. You’re not part of this.
Player: That is not true! Because, you’re our friend!!
Sayaka: Player-san…
Kyoko: That’s right. I had enough of them doing as they please.
Mami: As for me, this is the time to settle the score.
Elise: …not yet. Today is too early for that. We’ll withdraw for now.
Madoka: Oh… I’m glad they left.
Player: Yeah.
Player: (From what Elise said… she’ll settle the score when the time comes.)

Chapter 10: This is not the way to fight.

(Battle ensues)

Claire: Now you’ve done it. It is so humiliating to lose to the same enemy twice.
Sayaka: What’s the matter? Is that all? I can still fight, though.
Player: (Sayaka-chan looks alright even though she took many hits from Claire.)
Madoka: Sayaka-chan, let’s stop this. You’re bleeding a lot.
Sayaka: I’m… alright. This wound will be healed eventually with my ability.
Kyoko: You idiot! She’s saying you should fight some other way.
Mami: That’s right, Miki-san. They don’t wish to fight any further, so it’s over.
Sayaka: …ugh.
Madoka: Sayaka-chan!!
Player: (Madoka-chan is now holding Sayaka-chan, who is about to crumble.)
Kyoko: See? You can’t even stand straight.
Homura: It’s about time for you to leave this city.
Elise: We won’t leave. We really like this city.
Mami: It’s about time you tell us why you’re obsessed with this city.
Elise: I don’t think you’ll understand even if we tell you.
Kyoko: What? You think we’re stupid?
Komachi: Why you! You don’t even know how precious our memories of this city are.
Kyoko: I don’t care about your memories. You just want the Grief Seeds, right?
Kyoko: Here, just beg for us if you want us to share.
Komachi: How dare you!! We’re doing this for Elise.
Elise: Komachi!! Do not be provoked by them.
Kyoko: Tsk. So you saw that coming.
Elise: Don’t take us so lightly, Kyoko Sakura-san. But we’ll end our chit-chat here.
Mami: It’s cowardly for you to withdraw when things don’t go your way.
Elise: You can say whatever you want. So, everyone, good day.
Player: (Elise-san left us after an elegant greeting.)
Homura: Just who are they…?
Player: Homura-chan?
Homura: Magical Girls that I never met…
Player: (Homura-chan is pondering about something…?)

Chapter 11: I’m such an idiot.

Player: Oh! I finally found Sayaka-chan! There she is.
Kyoko: Geez, we were worried sick ‘coz you just left.
Sayaka: …Kyoko… Player-san. Sorry you had to look for me.
Kyoko: What’s with that? You’re not being yourself…
Sayaka: Yeah. Because I don’t care about whatever happens anymore.
Kyoko: Sa-Sayaka… What are… you sayi-
Sayaka: In the end, I don’t know anymore what is important and what to protect.
Player: (Sayaka-chan’s Soul Gem is getting tainted pitch black.)
Sayaka: The thing about the balance of hope and despair becoming zero. I think I understand now.
Sayaka: Indeed, I was able to save a number of people. But in proportion to that, envy and hatred builds up.
Kyoko: Hey! Sayaka!! Get a hold of yourself!
Player: Sayaka-chan, listen to Kyoko-chan. Please!!
Sayaka: In wishing for someone’s happiness, I also curse someone as well.
Player: ………………..Sayaka-chan.
Sayaka: We Magical Girls are created to be like that. I’m such an idiot.
Player: (Sayaka’s Soul Gem is…)
Madoka: Sayaka-chan, wake up!
Elise: It’s no use. When Sayaka-san’s Soul Gem becomes a Grief Seed, the Grief Seed disappears and then she becomes a Witch.
Madoka: It’s…… a lie.
Elise: When the Soul Gem becomes corrupted and turns pitch black, we become a Grief Seed and are reborn as Witches.
Madoka: No-no way…
Elise: That is true with my little sister. She sacrificed herself for others… and before she knew it, she became a Witch.
Player: (So Elise-san’s sister was a Magical Girl? Then became a Witch?)
Elise: I… was not able to do anything to her suffering. But we can do something right before one becomes a Witch.
Homura: What do you intend to do?
Claire: Elise, don’t tell me…
Hiyori: You mustn’t, Elise-san! You’re supposed to use it for her…!
Elise: My ability and my only wish is for me and the Witch to trade places.
Elise: …I wanted to save my sister… who became a Witch.
Elise: However… my sister is no more… maybe you all felt that.
Elise: Sayaka-san! I will take all that power.
Elise: Defeat me, then that girl will be saved.
Claire: No!! Elise!!
Sayaka: !?

(Witch Barrier located!)
(Battle ensues)
(Familiars destroyed!)
(Witch destroyed!)

Player: …for Magical Girls become Witches
Madoka: This is so cruel!
Komachi: Elise! How dare you kill Elise!
Claire: Stop that, Komachi. Elise… made the decision.
Komachi: …….damn it!
Madoka: …you all love Elise-chan very much.
Claire: Elise had a… twin little sister… she became a Witch in this city.
Claire: So that is why she wanted to defend this city. This city that her sister loved.
Claire: Sayaka… You looked and felt like her sister.
Claire: And so, she took all your Witch powers.
Kyoko: The fight is over. It is time for you to go back to your city.
Mami: And if ever, we don’t want to see your faces ever again.
Claire: That goes for us too.
Komachi: I will come back here anytime.
Hiyori: Thank you very much for facing us for a long time.
Kyoko: Hmph, and don’t come back.
Player: Homura-chan, are you fine with this?
Homura: …I do not know this world. Sayaka Miki did not become a Witch.
Player: Homura-chan…?
Homura:…! Maybe the player is… you’re…
Player: ??
Sayaka: Huh? Why I….?
Madoka: Sayaka-chan! You’re back!?
Mami: I’m glad…! Please do not make your seniors worry.
Sayaka: Madoka, Mami-san.
Kyoko: You did some stupid things!
Sayaka: Kyoko… Everyone…
Sayaka: I’m sorry… for making you worry.
Player: Welcome back, Sayaka-chan!
Madoka: …………………… welcome back.
Sayaka: Yeah… I’m home!


Presents From Magical Girls

Japanese title: 魔法少女たちからの贈りもの


Mobage had a Christmas special where the five anime girls were dressed up and playing for the festivities in December 2011. Examples of their dialogue scenes, holiday cards and more cut scenes are shown below. You can view the Nico video for it here.

Mobage Holiday 01.jpg Mobage Holiday 02.jpg

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 何かしてあげたいんだけど
1 信じる方がワクワクして
2 すっごく楽しそう
3 内緒だけどね
4 クリスマスに必要なの?
5 クリスマスプレゼントって
6 みんなを呼ぶね
7 歌うことができたら嬉しいな
8 わたし、応援してるから
Epilogue 魔法少女たちからの贈りもの

Christmas Themed Screenshots and Cards

The Magical Girls' New Years

Japanese title: 魔法少女たちのお正月

Blog 20150101-000826.jpg

Mobage followed up with another special for New Years for the start of 2012. Examples of their dialogue scenes, holiday cards and more cut scenes are presented below. Video can viewed here.

Translation: Sayaka's Bad Fortune

For context, this takes place after arriving at a shrine for New Year's. Everyone, including you as the player character, got various degrees of good fortune from their omikuji. This scene takes place with Sayaka receiving her fortune.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Kyoko: Oh, good for you. Now let me guess, Sayaka's going to top us all off with a bad luck fortune, right? Ahahaha-...
Sayaka: "Horrible luck"... [Editor's note: dai-kyō, (大凶) is the worst fortune you can get with an omikuji]
Kyoko: ! !
Player: Wow...so a horrible luck fortune really does exist...
Sayaka: "The person you are waiting for....won't come."
Player: Uwaa... Sayaka's seriously getting depressed...
Kyoko: I..it's just a piece of paper, it's no big deal! Give it to me. I'll go tie it on a tree for ya!
Sayaka: ...Will I end up alone this year..?
Kyoko: D..don't worry Sayaka, that won't happen. I'll...err...I'll stay with you!
Player: Looks like Kyoko's actually trying to cheer Sayaka up for once. Kind of a weird scene.

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 遊びたいな!
1 見とれすぎだよ
2 代わりに読もうか?
3 難しいんだね…
4 美味しそう…!
5 叶えたいこと
6 上手に飛んでるよ
7 崩れちゃった
8 とっても嬉しかったんです
Epilogue 魔法少女たちのお正月

New Year Themed Screenshots and Cards

The Magical Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Japanese title: 時をかける魔法少女


There was a special Homura-centric scenario called "The Magical Girl Who Leapt Through Time", available as a limited-time special event until the 6th of February. The scenario covers the events of Homura's time loops as seen in Episode 10. It can be watched here

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 彼女を守る私になりたい I Want To Be Someone Who Will Protect Her
1 ふつつか者ですが Even Though She's an Amateur
2 私は私なのに Although I'm Myself
3 名前を呼んで欲しいな I Want Someone to Call My Name
4 頑張れ、ほむらちゃん! Do Your Best, Homura-chan!
5 戦いは怖くない、ですか? Isn't Fighting Scary?
6 奇跡ってのはタダじゃないんだ Miracles Aren't Free
7 後悔してるわけじゃないから Because I Have No Regrets
8 みんな、キュウベえに騙されてる! We've All Been Tricked by Kyubey!
9 こんなの、あんまりだよ…… This is Too Much...
10 みんなで笑い合えるはずだもん We're All Supposed to Smile Together

The Magical Girls' Valentines

Japanese title: 魔法少女たちのバレンタイン


Mobage had a Valentine's special in February 2012. The limited time event was available from February 10-20, 2012 (JST). It can be viewed here. A partial translation can be viewed here and is transcribed below.

Oakfeather's translation

Note: This translation covers events in chronological order, but doesn't include all scenes. Lines have been added to indicate cut content.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Madoka: Ah, this looks good. I’m going to make a chocolate cake.
Sayaka: Isn’t that hard to make?
Madoka: Yeah. Maybe it’s not a good one for me after all…
Homura: Well, then, I’ll make one too, so I can help Madoka at the same time.
Madoka: Really? Thanks Homura-chan!

Sayaka: Let’s see, wrapping materials… I think it’s on this floor…
Mami: Everyone, look. They’ve got a Valentine’s Corner. There’s ribbons, boxes, wrapping paper…
Madoka: There’s a lot here, huh? It’s hard to pick…
Kyouko: What’s fun about looking around like this? They’re all the same, aren’t they? Hurry up and pick.
Player: Ahaha, Kyouko’s really frank, huh?
Madoka: Waa, look at this! This bear frosting back is so cute!
Sayaka: Hey, Madoka, weren’t you going to give your dad chocolate?
Kyouko: Aren’t you going by your own tastes right now?
Madoka: T-this is for Mama and Tatsuya’s part!
Homura: There really are a lot of wrapping materials. I’m worried just with the amount right here…
Player: You’re worried, Homura-chan? That’s unusual.
Homura: Is it that strange? After all, I’m trying to pick out a gift for an important person, too.
Madoka: Huh… You’re…

Player: Waa, your apron is cute, Madoka.
Madoka: Tehehe, I made it in home ec class.
Sayaka: Oh, that. The teacher gave you a lot of praise for that, right?
Mami: She’s good with Magical Girl outfits too. Kaname-san really has a sense for design, huh?
Sayaka: Madoka’s mom is also cool and dresses smart. I really admire her!
Homura: …Cute
Madoka. Thanks. It’s kind of embarrassing…

Madoka: I look forward to working with you!
Homura: Madoka, I’m looking forward to working with you, too.
Player: I’ll help out too.
Madoka: Thanks, Homura-chan, Player-chan!

Madoka: Homura-chan, tell me as soon as you get tired so I can take over.
Homura: It’s fine. Don’t trouble yourself.
Mami: It’s frothing up bit by bit, you see? Keep going until it makes a horn shape when you remove the whisk.
Madoka: It really does. Amazing, huh, Homura-cha…
Homura: What is it, Madoka?
Madoka: Fufu. You have meringue on your nose, Homura-chan.
Homura: ! …Oops
Madoka: Fufufu. Homura-chan, I’ll get it for you.
Homura: T-thanks…

Player: That’s cute too. Who are you going to give that cake to?
Homura: …That’s a secret. But, it’s a gift for someone very important to me.
Player: I see. I feel really envious of the person who’ll receive Homura’s cake. Right, Madoka?
Madoka: ….M, mhm. Yeah…
Mami: After you put it in the mold, you just bake it in the oven. It’ll take about 50 minutes. It could burn, so please keep an eye on the time. I’m going to check up on the truffle team. Ah, I’ll go with you!
Madoka: Got it!

Madoka: Homura-chan, it’s almost 50 minutes now…
Homura: …Yes. We’ll clean up, and it’ll be done before you know it.
Madoka: …Yeah. U-um, say, Homura-chan…
Homura: …What is it? Are you tired?
Madoka: No, it’s not that. Um… well…
Homura: …If you don’t want to say it now, that’s okay. I’m always listening.
Madoka: …Well, um! Uh, who are you going to give your cake…
Player: Madoka-chan!? There’s smoke coming out of the oven!
Madoka: Eh… EH!!?

Sayaka: …I’m going to give my chocolate to Kyousuke!!
Mami: That’s the spirit. That’s great, Miki-san.
Homura: …I’m going to follow Miki Sayaka’s example.
Madoka: …
Mami: …What’s wrong, Kaname-san?
Madoka: No, it’s nothing! Sayaka-chan, do your best!

Homura: Madoka. Did you give chocolate to your dad and everyone?
Madoka: …Homura-chan. Yeah, I’m really happy I gave it to them.
Homura. I see… You say that, but you look depressed.
Madoka: Huh… I-I’m, I’m not?
Homura: There’s no point in lying to me. You’re not very good at it to begin with.
Madoka: …I’ve always been like that.
Homura: …Well, it’s fine. Here, takes this.
Madoka: This is… the chocolate you made…? No, I can’t accept this!
Homura: …Madoka.
Madoka: Because, this is… the chocolate you made for your important person, isn’t it?
Homura: …That’s right. For my important, dear friend.
Madoka: Huh… Then…
Homura: If it’s alright with you… I really want you to have it.
Madoka: …T-thanks. Ah, I see, so that’s…
Homura: ? What is it?
Madoka: …Sorry. I had just been really curious about who you were going to give your chocolate to.
Homura: …There is nobody that I consider closer, or more important, than you.
Madoka: That’s too much… But thank you. I love you a lot too, Homura-chan! Let’s split the chocolate and eat it together!
Homura: !? E-eh…? …I’m the one who should be saying thanks. It’s thanks to you that I’m having a wonderful Valentine’s day.

Translation: Kyouko Gives Sayaka Valentine's Chocolate

KyoSaya valentines v2.gif
Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Sayaka: Good evening.
Player: Ah, Sayaka-chan!
Sayaka: *laugh* Am I interrupting something? Just kidding!
Kyouko: ...
Sayaka: W-what?
Kyouko: Did you actually give chocolate to someone?
Sayaka: O-of course I did! Who do you think I am?
Kyouko: Hmmm.
Sayaka: They were so happy, they ate it all!
Sayaka: They were happy...just that...was the...
Kyouko: Here.
Sayaka: !?
Sayaka: T-this is...the chocolate you made?
Kyouko: I've got no one else to give it to, so I'm giving it to you.
Sayaka: Kyouko...
Sayaka: I-
Sayaka: I-I guess I've got no choice! Sayaka-chan will just have to accept it!
Mami: Want to eat it together with some delicious tea?
Sayaka: Thank you, Mami-san!
Player: What a kind Valentine's Day...

Translation: Homura Gives Madoka Valentine's Chocolates

Homumado valentine day chocolate.gif
Warning, this section contains spoilers.
Original in Japanese

Homura: Please take these.
Madoka: This is Homura-chan's handmade chocolate?
Madoka: No, I can't accept them!
Madoka: These are important chocolates for Homura-chan's precious person, right?
Homura: ...Yes, my most important friend.
Homura: If it's alright with you, please accept them.
Madoka: ...Sorry, I was always interested in who is receiving Homura-chan's chocolate.
Homura: You are my best friend. No one is more important than you.
Madoka: I'm not that great. But thank you. I also like/love [TN: daisuki] Homura-chan a lot.
Madoka: Let's split this chocolate and eat them together!
Homura: !? Eh, Eh...
Homura: ...I should be the one to say "thank you." It's thanks to you that I'm having a wonderful valentine's.

Translation: Mami is Popular

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Mami: Ara, [Player character]-chan, can I help you?
Player: Uh..Mami-san, here..a token of my gratitude for always being there everyday..
Mami: My! Thank you! I'm so happy...!
Player: Huh..? There's a whole mountain of chocolates on the table over there...
Mami: A, ahh...from friends and underclassmen...you know..
Mami: If you don't mind, could you help me eat them? I don't think I can manage on my own...
Kyouko: There's a lot of high quality chocolates here, it's awesome!
Player: Ky-Kyouko-chan!?
Mami: Sakura-san came to help me as well. Hold on, I'll get some drinks.
Player: Wow.. Mami-san's so popular....

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue みんなで一緒に作りましょう
1 わたしには無理なのかなぁ…
2 目移りしちゃうな
3 不安になってきちゃった
4 まどかには負けないぞー!!
5 早く手を動かす!
6 ……失態だわ
7 バレンタインですもの
8 優しく、優しく…っと
Epilogue どんなバレンタインを過ごしてるのかな…

Valentine Themed Cards and More

The Magical Girls' Hinamatsuri

Japanese title: 魔法少女たちのひな祭り


March 2012 Mobage special of Hinamatsuri, otherwise known as Japanese Doll Festival or Girls' Day. The limited time event is available from February 27-March 12, 2012 (JST). It can be viewed here

Translation: Being a Bride is a Girl's Dream

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Madoka: Wearing a kimono for the ceremony is nice, too. Being a bride is a girl's dream, after all!
Mami: In that case Kaname-san, after the Hinamatsuri, you should hurry up and finish your hina dolls.
Player: If you don't, you'll never be a bride.
Homura: ....Don't worry, Madoka. ....When that time comes...

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 勉強しておけばよかったなぁ
1 みんなでパーティーしたいもん
2 お雛さまあった?
3 一緒にガンバロー!
4 豪華でキレイだね…
5 結果はどうだった?
6 わたし、着てみたいなぁ
7 ヘンじゃない?
8 成長かぁ
Epilogue また来年もみんなで

Hinamatsuri Themed Cards and More

The Magical Girls' Daily Life

Japanese title: 魔法少女たちの日常

A time-limited event that ran from the 29th of March, 2012 to the 9th of April. The story can be viewed here

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue ……何かあったのかしら
1 …本当に食欲がなくて
2 禁断の、恋の形ですのよー!!
3 マミさんに相談事…!?
Epilogue 心配なんかしてねーよ!!

The Sky, Dumplings and Falling Petals

Japanese title: 空と団子と花霞

Mobage Hanagasumi Group.jpg

This was a limited time event based around flower-viewing that ended the 25th of April. The story mode can be read here

Event Cards and Screenshots

Translation: Homura got lost

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

H: Madoka...Where are you...!?

QB: Akemi Homura, looks like you've been separated. Why not use telepathy?

H: ...It doesn't matter. I don't mind going home like this.

H: ...But Madoka wouldn't like being alone. I'm only worried about that...

QB: Worried about Madoka? You are always like that.

H: I'm already lost, from a long time ago...

QB: ...What do you mean...

M: Homura-chan!!

H: ...Madoka?

M: *panting* Great, I finally found you...!

H: Madoka, why...? Where's the rest?

M: Sorry, I don't know. I've only been searching for Homura-chan all along.

H: You are out of breath. You should have left me alone.

M: What are you saying, Homura-chan.

M: If you are lost, you should stay put!

H: Madoka...

M: Homura-chan, please trust me...?

H: ...Eh?

Hanagasumi Special homura madoka part 1.jpg

M: If Homura-chan ever becomes lost, like now, I will try my best to search for you.

M: I'm clumsy and slow, so I may take a long time...

M: But I'll definitely find you.

H: Madoka...

M: So please, trust me and wait for me.

M: Until I find Homura-chan, I will never give up.

H: ...Thank you, Madoka, thank you...

M: Tehehe, I'll find you sooner next time!!

QB: *Blablabla contract blablabla*

M: ...That's

H: ...Kyubey, shut up.

QB: Can you stop pointing at me with a gun? My my, humans are really illogical organisms.

M: Homura-chan, let's find the rest.

M: Can I hold your hand, so that we won't be separated again?

H: ...Yes, of course. Let's go, together...

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue ……桜も咲き始めたわね
1 噂の真相を確かめに
2 みんなでお花見しようよ!
3 白いものが……ッ!!
4 魔女に感情なんてあるの?
5 ──くだらない空想ね
6 絶好のお花見日和!
7 みんなどこーーー!!?
8 何かあったら呼べよ
Epilogue 絶対に見つけてみせるから

The Magical Girls' Programme

Japanese title: 魔法少女たちの演目


This event was essentially a rerun of past events, with the players being able to obtain old cards and read the corresponding event stories. It lasted from the 27th of April to the 5th of May.

Madoka's Thrilling Summer Camp

Japanese title: まどかのわく☆わく林間学校

Madoka's Thrilling Summer Camp, a limited-time event available from May 17-28, 2012 (JST). The story can be read here

Madoka's Thrilling Summer Camp.jpg

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 明日は誰もいないのかよ?
1 みんなと同じ班になれて嬉しいな
2 強い魔力を感じたような…?
3 最強のテントを立てようぜ!
4 みんなで飯盒炊爨って
5 エプロン装着完了!
6 フォークダンスが始まるよ!
7 肝試し、ですわ
8 行ってきます!
Epilogue これからもみんなでいられますように…!

Mitakihara's Middle School Inter-Class Ball Game

Japanese title: 見滝原中学校球技大会


A time-limited event that was held between May 30 and June 11.

Sports Day 2 Cards

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 球技大会を始めまーす♪
1 容赦はしないよ

Weekend Maidens

Japanese title: 休日乙女

A slice-of-life segment. The story can be viewed here An English translation is available here


Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 満喫しないでどうする!
1 タツヤ、まわしゅー!!
2 みんながよければ、なんだけど
3 みんな、電車が来たわよ
4 観光だよ、観光
5 わぁ…お花キレイ
6 本当にケチなんだからーッ
7 まどか様!ありがとうございます!!
8 時間の限り、スパを巡ろうぜ!
Epilogue みんなと来れてよかった…

Yearned-for Marriage

Japanese title: 憧れのマリアージュ

Photo 2.jpeg

A time-limited event that ran from the 28th of June to the 4th of July. The story can be viewed here, and a partial translation here

Oakfeather's translation

Note: This translation covers events in chronological order, but doesn't include all scenes. Lines have been added to indicate cut content, and descriptions between parenthesis for scene changes.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Mami: ...Ufufu, you’d be the cutest wife in the world like that.
Madoka: Ooh… that’s kind of embarrassing.
Mami: Don’t be embarrassed. I might get jealous of the groom.
Homura: …Yes
Sayaka: You need to hurry up and take care of your clinginess to Homura. Otherwise you won’t be able to meet the guy you’re fated to marry, Madoka.
Madoka: I-I don’t cling!

Homura: Sakura Kyouko, why are you looking my way?
Kyouko: You sure are composed. You’re up next, Homura
Madoka: Homura-chan in a dress… I want to see that. It would definitely be cute. Do you have a dress you’d like to wear, Homura-chan?
Homura: …Not in particular
Kyouko: Oh, ain’t you the reasonable one Homura.
Mami: You have a nice figure, so maybe a mermaid style dress would suit you…
Madoka: I think a floofy dress would be cute for Homura-chan too.
Sayaka: Isn’t that just your own taste?
Madoka: C´mon, I think it would suit Homura-chan too.
(screen fades to white to show a church background and Homura in a wedding dress)
Homura: … All prepared. How is this…?
Thank you, you’re a kind person, player… You’re too kind, and that’s why I’m worried… Please, I’m asking you to allow me to always protect you from now on. Please don’t forget the sadness I would feel if I were to lose you. Those are my true feelings… If it’s for you, player, I can continue to fight…
(back to present)
Homura: … What was that cliché nonsense just now?
Mami: Imagining what it would be like if you were to become a bride.
Homura: Imagining?
Mami: That you might be the type to be really devoted to her husband.
Madoka: Homura-chan sure can do anything, huh…
Sayaka: She’s been getting ever more love letters than Hitomi now, right? Yeah, she’s super popular in every class and all the grades!
Madoka: Huh!? R-really? Homura-chan…
Homura: …Perhaps. This isn’t the place for that discussion.
Player: (R-really? I’m curious…)

Madoka: *sigh*
Homura: What’s wrong, Madoka?
Madoka: You and Hitomi-chan have both gotten love letters… I’d like to get just one… a letter, that is.
Sayaka: Ooh, do you want to turn into a popular, beautiful girl like Hitomi and Homura, too?
Madoka: Th-that’s not…
Sayaka: I think that guys are weak to the type of girls like Hitomi and Mami-san. They’re the modest type like they’d walk 3 steps behind a guy…
Player: I see…
Sayaka: Meek, honest… Basically, that! A glasses girl!!
Kyouko: Glasses girl? What’s that?
Sayaka: A glasses girl type has like, that kind of impression… If the super popular Homura turned into a glasses girl, wouldn’t that be the best!?
Madoka: Homura-chan wearing glasses? Hmm…
(fade to wedding)
Homura: Looking like this really is embarrassing... It’s super weird…. …Ahh, okay. I’m going now… Ah, um… I hope we can get along… Um… Is it really alright for someone like me to become your wife, player? I can’t do anything… Al I do is cause trouble for people and embarrass myself…. Rather than you protecting me, I want to be the one who protects you, player… Because, I love you…
Madoka: Homura-chan might look cute in glasses too…
Kyouko: Really? Ain’t that kinda a stretch? Homura ain’t that kinda girl.
Homura: …That’s right. I can’t imagine it myself.
Sayaka: … What? But I thought that’d suit her.

Madoka: …Fufu, Sayaka-chan is still annoyed.
Homura: I wonder when those two will get tired of bickering…
Madoka: For real…
(fade to white)
Madoka: Um, hey, Homura-chan? Um, well… do you have any boys that you like?
Homura: …No, I don’t.
Madoka: …I see!
Homura: What about you, Madoka?
Madoka: No, I don’t! I don’t know if I’ve even had a first crush yet…?
Homura: …Is that so?
Madoka: Keep that a secret from the others, okay…? I guess it’s strange that I don’t even after becoming a middle schooler…
Homura: That’s not true. It’s just that up until now there hasn’t been anyone that caught your eye, right?
Madoka: Hmm? Maybe. …But I’m glad. I’m kind of relieved.
Homura: …Why?
Madoka: …I’m sorry, I just started feeling a little lonely imagining you being somebody’s wife. They were talking about you getting lots of love letters… and I didn’t want you to get taken away by some boy…
Homura: Fufu… you sure jumped to conclusions… Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.
Madoka: Thanks… You know, right now, I still want to stay by your… everyone’s side.
Homura: I feel the same way, Madoka…
Player: Hey, what are you guys talking about?
Madoka: Tehehe, a continuation of our wedding conversation earlier… I guess?
(fade to white)
Kyouko: You’re still going? You just don’t get tired of it, huh.
Mami: There’s no helping it. They’re girls after all.
Kyouko: Yeah, well like I care… Well, you can take it easy, Sayaka.
Sayaka: Huh? About what?
Kyouko: Since you’re so pitiful, I’m gonna give ya my bouquet.
Sayaka: Wh-, why are you planning on getting married before I do!?
Kyouko: Ain’t planning it, it’s just obvious to anybody.
Sayaka: There’s no way! I’m so not gonna lose to you!!
Mami: Fufu. All of us really are girls.
(fade to white)
Homura: …They sure are noisy.
Madoka: Ahaha, being with everyone is fun isn’t it, Homura-chan? … Homura-chan, it’s fine not to rush, isn’t it?
Homura: Madoka?
Madoka: It’d be nice to take our time growing up…
Homura: …Yes, it would.
Player: (But it sure would be nice to be able to grow up together…)


Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 幸せオーラ全開ー
1 お嫁さんは、女の子の夢だもん
2 あたしの婿になるのだーー!!
3 ずっと一緒にいてやるよ
4 それが、私の一番の夢だから
5 呆れてるだけだっつーの
6 優しい人ね……
7 素敵な彼氏ができちゃった
8 貴方を守る私になりたい、です…
Epilogue みんなにはナイショだよ?

Summer Wish

Japanese title: 夏、願い事。

A limited-time event available from July 5-17, 2012 (JST), centered around Tanabata. The story can be viewed here. An English translation of the full event can be viewed here.

Summer wish.jpg

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 七夕パーティーなんてどっすか?
1 …タナバタ?
2 ゴーカな飾りを作っちゃうんだから!!
3 用意すりゃいいんだろ
4 何を買えばいいのかしら
5 …すごく大切なお手紙なんだね
6 キュゥべえのエッチ!
7 試作品を作ってみたの
8 どうせ、からかってるんでしょ?
Epilogue お願い事書けたよ!

Get-Well Magic

Japanese title: 元気になる魔法。

A limited-time event available from July 19-27, 2012 (JST), based around a shopping trip. The story can be viewed here. A partial translation by Oakfeather can be viewed here, and it's transcribed below.

Translation: Mami's Illness

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

Homura: ... Tomoe Mami, has your fever gone down?
Mami: Ah, yes… I think it’s mostly gone now…
Homura: Where’s the thermometer?
Mami: It went somewhere, but I don’t have the strength to look for it…
Homura: …I guess it can’t be helped. Let me see your forehead.
Mami: Huh? …Oh, checking my temperature by my forehead… Go ahead.
Homura: …
Mami: …How is it?
Homura: … It’s not too hot.
Mami: I’m glad. It’s probably thanks to everyone’s help that my cold is going away.
Homura: A cold, huh… Can I take a look at your soul gem?
Mami: …
Homura: … Just as I thought, it’s tainted. You ran out of grief seeds, didn’t you?
Mami: I’m sorry… I knew that I needed to hunt a witch soon, but… Could you keep it a secret from the others?
Homura: …Fine. But on two conditions.
Mami: Conditions?
Homura: One, after today, tell me before you get like this. Two, right now I want you to use this grief seed to purify your soul gem. How does that sound?
Mami: Akemi-san…
Homura: Keep pretending to be sick just for today, so that Madoka and the others don’t figure it out…
Mami: …Thanks. It’s rare for you to be this kind, you know?
Homura: I-I… I just thought it would be bad to lose a member of the group here, that’s all. Don’t get the wrong idea, okay?
Mami: Hehe… Right, sorry. I’ll try not to.

Madoka: Homura-chan, how’s Mami-san doing?
Homura: She’s sound asleep…
Player: Fufu, she really is. She has a really cute sleeping face.
Madoka: Yeah, she looks like a princess.
Sayaka: She’s always looking out for us... It’s important to take it easy and rest at a time like this.
Madoka: …Yeah. Sayaka-chan, I’m going to go to the other room for a bit.
Sayaka: Alright. We’ll stay with Mami, so don’t worry about it.
Madoka: Sorry. Thanks.
Homura: …
(Background change) Homura: …Madoka, what are you doing in the kitchen?
Madoka: Oh… Homura-chan. Well, you know, I thought I’d just peel some apples for everyone.
Homura: That’s a good idea… I’ll help you.
Madoka: Is that okay? Well then, let’s peel them together. Look, look, I tried to make this one look like a bunny!
Homura: Fufu, that’s cute…
Madoka: …
Homura: …Madoka, something’s bothering you, isn’t it?
Madoka: Huh? N-no, not at all…
Homura: … That’s a lie. You’re making an upset face again.
Madoka: … … You’re amazing, Homura-chan… Well, maybe… only a little, you know! But, I might be a bit jealous of Mami-san…
Homura: Oh, why is that?
Madoka: … Because of you taking care of her…
Homura: …Huh?
Madoka: …S-sort of! I know it’s wrong to think like that… That probably makes me a bad person, huh…? I’m sorry for thinking like that when Mami is sick like this…
Homura: …It’s okay. No matter where you are, when you get sick, I’ll come running to your side right away… I promise. So, don’t worry…
Madoka: … Yeah. Thanks. I’d come running to your side right away too, you know. I’m sorry for saying such a weird thing, Homura-chan.
Homura: …No, it wasn’t weird at all. Don’t worry about it. Come on, let’s finish peeling these apples.
Madoka: Okay! Let’s hurry up and eat with everyone!

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 女の子はオシャレが大好きなの
1 大変身しちゃうんじゃないかな
2 ス、スペシャル…!?
3 菓子と果物はテッパンっしょ
4 安静にしていなさい
5 …本当に不器用なヤツ
6 みんな、ごめんなさいね
7 熱いからフーフーしますね!
8 ほむらちゃんはスゴいなぁ…
Epilogue お見舞いのお土産ですよ

Beach Girls

Japanese title: 渚の少女たち


A time-limited event. It lasted from July 30 to August 10.

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 夏休み、何しようかな
1 ぷッ、ぷらいべーとびーち!?
2 気合入れすぎちゃった
3 仁美の別荘はどこかなー
4 青い海! 輝く砂浜!!
5 泳いでやるよ!
6 あたし達を誘ってくれたの?
7 ……私、行かなければ
8 仁美ちゃんのために…!!
Epilogue 後悔してる?

The Magical Girls' Festival

Japanese title: 魔法少女たちの縁日

A time-limited event. It lasted from August 14 to 27.


Card Art and Screenshots

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue あたし、お祭り大好き!
1 大事なお話があります
2 魔女の神隠しだわ
3 みんなは無事、だよね…?
4 名付けて! 天の岩戸大作戦!!
5 緊張感ないヤツら
6 おまちゅい、たのしーねー
7 私にまかせて……
8 タツヤ…、ごめんね…ッ
Epilogue 大好きだよ……

Memories of Summer

Japanese title: 夏の思ひ出

Mobage's second limited-time summer event, available from August 30 to September 10.

Summer Mobage special.jpeg

Chapter Titles

Episode Original title Translation
3 みんな、ゴクローサマだねぇ
4 頭がショートしそうかもー
5 もう1人のほむらちゃん
6 やってもいいですかー!¬?
7 もっと、右じゃないかなぁ…?
8 後半戦がんばります!!


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