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A booklet is included with the Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica The Rebellion Story Limited Edition Blu-Ray. The full contents of the BD are listed on the Products Page.

Witches Artwork

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1. Ibari

The first one to come was Pride. Stepping over Good-for-Nothing's head that tumbled across the bare earth, she boldly spoke for all of them. “How arrogant. You think I'd forgive you? This feeling is ours alone.”

2. Nekura

The second one to come was Gloominess. Walking out with a tapping sound, she sneered at Good-for-Nothing. “This is Good-for-Nothing! How very unbecoming.” These dolls are only disciples of Freedom, and are devoted to their lust for it.

3. Usotsuki

The third one to come was Liar. She offered false tears to Good-for-Nothing's soul. “Alas, Mistress Good-for-Nothing. We are proud of your foolish soul.” These dolls will sneer at the foolish and become their ally.

4. Reiketsu

From behind comes the fourth one, Coldheartedness. She stumbled over Good-for-Nothing's head and pouted a little. “Why don't we just cut Mistress Good-for-Nothing into tiny pieces to make her easier to carry?” When the Devil appears, these dolls will obediently follow.

5. Wagamama

Further comes the fifth, Selfishness, walking angrily. “Is this funeral procession still going? We practiced so we could cry quickly, didn't we? I won't wait even a little bit longer!” she huffed. These dolls are someone and no-one at all.

6. Warukuchi

Coming out carefully is the sixth one, Slander. As usual, she says hurtful things. “Mistress Good-for-Nothing, you've been made into a clown.” These dolls play house with causality decided by entanglement.

7. Noroma

At last arrives the seventh, Blockhead. This reticent doll laughs at the witch with her eyes. These dolls comply fairly well with the wishes of the witch, who is unlike a too-serious soldier.

8. Yakimochi

The eighth to appear is Jealousy. Spellbound, she looks up towards the heavens. “Let's prepare a box. I want to lock away that radiance forever.” These dolls are a meeting of colors. They are not empty.

9. Namake

The ninth one, Laziness, chats while yawning. “Do I really have to participate in this game? Knitting is such a troublesome bother.” She kicked Good-for-Nothing's tumbling head, which was in her way. Since the funeral procession hasn't started yet, these dolls take a leave of absence and wander about the city for a while.

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10. Mie

The tenth to come running is Vanity. She exaggeratedly avoids Good-for-Nothing's head and says a few words. “I wouldn't be able to bear dirtying my cape with that sticky blood!” These dolls make fun of the witch's self-mutilation.

11. Okubyou

The eleventh, trembling one is Cowardice. “If I am taken into the sky, I won't be able to eliminate the rabbits.” These dolls have a power like magic to implement a perfect recurrence.

12. Manuke

Walking unsteadily comes the twelfth one, Stupidity. She goes out of her way to go around to everyone and tells them a story she heard from a bird some time ago. “I heard this story from the Goddess. She's a beautiful and radiant goddess. I'm sure she'll love us too.” These dolls only want things within reach.

13. Higami

The thirteenth's footsteps are Envy's. “Let's have a wonderful funeral procession like the ones I heard in a story once. Let's bury lots of beautiful girls and cute animals together with her too.” These dolls have power that is not inferior to those of magical girls.

14. Ganko

Next is the fourteenth, Stubbornness. Pointing to the ground, she rejects the sky. “The abyss of this mortal world is our stage.” So, the mourners have gathered. They were pretty slow, but it's alright. All that's left to do now is to wait for the funeral procession.

15. Ai

The fifteenth and last one to come is Love. Nobody has seen this Devil yet. The night is not yet over. She will not end the night again. We are the mourners, the theater troupe of this mortal world.


The Nutcracker Witch's minion. Her duty is to carry out punishment. They are the tin army who conduct the funeral procession of the witch being taken to the guillotine-stage. They detest fools and convict them. So that these stern minds with seriousness cannot understand leniency, they never lend an ear to the witch. Apart from the human-sized ones, there are Brocken-class ones. They hate white mice.


The Nutcracker Witch's minion. Her duty is to exterminate mice. They are a cavalry of decaying teeth that flush out the white mice. They also assist the tin army and eliminate the rude ones who obstruct the progress of the funeral procession.


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