Saki Asami

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Saki Asami
Saki pointing.png
Japanese Name 浅海 サキ (Saki Asami)
Weapon Magic book

Saki Asami (浅海 サキ) is a character in Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice.

She is a Puella Magi, and a member and effective leader of the Pleiades Saints.


Saki is though on the outside, maintaining her cool, as required from someone in her position. However, she cares not only for their safety, but also for their morale. She assumes the effective leadership of the Pleiades Saints, and is an apt commander both in battle and outside of it.

She is also known to have short fuse at times, having angry reactions at being teased or provoked.


This section may contain major spoilers for the Kazumi Magica manga!

Please refrain from reading if you haven't read the latest chapter yet.
Saki leading the way.

After a witch traps Kaoru and Umika inside of itself and takes off, four mysterious girls come to Kazumi's help. They introduce themselves as the Pleiades Saints, a seven-girl witch-hunting team of which Kazumi and her abducted friends are also a part of. Together, they search for Kaoru and Umika across town. While they search, the mysterious girl from previous chapters, Yuuri, attacks Kazumi, having disguised herself as Satomi to separate her from the rest of the team. Upon bumping with the real Satomi, Saki realized they had been tricked, and leads the girls to the scene, where they rescue Kazumi just as she is on the verge of defeat. Kazumi is then held at gunpoint, causing them to hesitate, but she screams out to them to attack anyway. They do so, and fire a joint attack at the mysterious girl: Fili Del Toano. It causes a large explosion, but the magical girl gets away. Kazumi is only lightly wounded.

They reunite at Umika's house for a strategy meeting. While analyzing the situation, Saki makes a breakthrough. She discovers the symbol the witch left across town was also on the back of a book, leading her to conclude the witch has possessed a bookmobile. After filling up on Kazumi's delicious food, they head out to the last stop on the bookmobile schedule to intercept it. They successfully do so. Upon arrival, Saki orders Kazumi to stay outside. She protests, afraid that they do not trust her, but Saki reassures her, explaining that their plan is to seal the witch and have Kazumi fire Limiti Estenri from the outside to finish it off, thus proving they deeply believe in her. The girl plunge into the witch's barrier, and rescue Kaoru and Umika just in time. Together, the six of them bind the witch with Episodio Incrocio. However, Nico's GPS/com unit breaks, leaving them unable to give Kazumi the needed signal. Umika, thinking quickly, commands them to use candy flutes given to them by Kazumi. The sound reaches her, and the witch is destroyed by Limiti Esterni.

While they reunite and celebrate their victory, they are approached by Jubey, the "fairy" (妖精) that turned them into Puellae Magi. He cleans up their Soul Gems, and gladly accepts the last witch's Grief Seed, but refuses a couple of weird looking seeds, obtained from the pseudo-witches of Chapters 1 and 2, saying they were not real. Umika theorized they imitated the Grief Seed's power and were created by the mysterious girl from before, but before they could draw further conclusions, they are attacked exactly by that girl, Yuuri. She kidnaps Kazumi, and orders them to go to the Asunaro Dome at midnight if they want Kazumi back. While waiting for the deadline at Umika's house, they speculate on Yuuri's motivations. However, Saki couldn't care less about it: she was impatient to save Kazumi, despite their wounds.
At the right time, they arrive at the dome, but due to a force barrier, they can do nothing but watch as Yuuri enacts her plane. Yuuri states her objective is to seek revenge on them. She interprets the Pleiades' failure to recognize her as having been "just that insignificant" to the girls. She then removes her hat, causing a shocked Umika to recognize her, and proceeds to shove an Evil Nut, one of the awkward Grief Seeds from before, into Kazumi's forehead, while the Pleiades scream in horror.

Powers, Weapons & Abilities

Saki's lightning in action

Saki has the ability to control lightning. She can summon thunderbolts from her rod, and can fire them indirectly, by firing them upwards and send them back straight down, like a real thunderbolt.


  • When transformed, Saki sports a monocle, a military-style outfit, a beret and a rod, giving her the appearance of a high ranking military officer. It is quite suitable to her position within the group.
  • She usually wears glasses: when transformed, they turn into a single monocle. How this affects her vision is unknown.
  • In contrast with her tough appearance, Saki seems to enjoy reading love stories. In her backpack, titles such as "My First Love Was The Milky Way" and "Lemon Kiss Stories" can be seen.


  • There is an astonishing lack of detail on Saki's lower half when transformed, between her jacket and her high boots, it was speculated by some fans that she might actually be naked. While it is probably a simple drawing mishap, the effect is quite noticeable.
    It should also be noted that Kaoru, who wears a skin-tight suit, looked naked as well in more than a few panels.
  • While it is speculated that the Pleiades are hiding something from Kazumi, likely the true nature of witches, it is possible that Saki is hiding other facts. She has, in several occasions, said mysterious sentences about her past, and cut conversations short.
    In particular, a statement by Yuuri pertaining to Kazumi's relation with Saki caused an irate "shut up!" from her.
  • Despite her constant attacks on Kazumi, Saki seems to be the Pleiad Yuuri hates the most. Both their short conversation ended in one of the yelling. First, Saki accuses Yuuri of being a coward ofr using Kazumi as a human shield, to which Yuuri responds "Look who's talking!"