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Shin (SHIN) is a witch from Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record.

Witch Card

MagicaRecord WitchShincard.png



TypeBabysitter Witch
EpisodesPuella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record, Episode 19

The witch of babysitting. Her nature is poverty. This Witch is ever in search of the baby it lost. When it finds a human, it straps them firmly to its back regardless of their age. But because it fears to lose "the baby" again, it will tie the human so tightly that whoever is captured is able to breathe. This Witch's immaturity, however, means it refuses to take care of its captives, as it does not like babies to begin with. It especially hates to see young people free of the misery of poverty, and thus cursed itself for eternity.


MagicaRecord FamiliarKotoricard.png



TypeBabysitter witch's minion
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the babysitter witch. Their role is hopscotch. When these minions send a rock flying, their Witch chases after it thinking it's a baby. Cruel creatures, they simply watch and laugh. They also suck the blood out of the humans that their Witch captures, posing a large nuisance to the Witch. Though no matter how much the Witch hates this, the minions will always stay by its side.

In Magia Record


  • Kotori is named after "kotori" (子取り or 子捕り), also known as "catch-the-child", a Japanese children's game.
    • It is a homophone with the word "kotori" (小鳥), meaning "small bird", which it is designed after.
  • Her barrier may be a reference to the Sai no Kawara.
  • This witch may be named after Oshin, a famous Japanese television drama about the life of a fictional woman named Shin Tanokura. Because of her family's poverty, she worked as an indentured child laborer engaged in babysitting from 7 years old.





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