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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Shitori Egumo (SHITORI EGUMO) is a witch appearing in Chapter 10 of the mobile game Magia Record.

Originally, it's existence was only known through its familiar and was not made public until Chapter 10 when it was revealed to be the witch form of Ui Tamaki.

Witch Card

Shitori Egumo witch card.png

幸福な魔女。その性質は、受難a被膜に包まれた胎の中で、魔法少女が魔女化する時の穢れや人々が放つ感情を栄養源にして静かに成長を続けている "4魔女”。自身が持つ捻れた力を安定させるため、成長と共に宝石を体に散らいずれ殻を破って成熟した時、鎖から解かれた魔女はあらゆるエネルギーを根こそぎ吸い尽くし、星を呑み込めば自身が宇宙の塊になるまで食事を止めることはないだろう。している。

Shitori Egumo

TypeWitch of Happiness
EpisodesMagia Record

The Happy Witch. Her nature is suffering. A “half-witch” who quietly grows within a membrane-enclosed womb, absorbing nutrients from the impurities released when Puella Magi become witches, the emotions that humans emit, and so on. In order to stabilize the contorted power she holds, gemstones are scattered across her body as she grows. When she eventually breaks free of her shell and matures, the newly-unchained witch will hungrily absorb all the energy there is. Should she swallow the entire planet, her feeding will likely continue unabated until she becomes a giant mass of cosmic matter.

Shitori witch card 2.png

幸福の魔女。その性質は受難a収縮した被膜に包まれて、自身のエネルギーを安定させた“半魔女 "、大切な者を失ってからは胸の虚ろを埋めるために見境なく大地を揺るがしている。恐らく、ひとりの少女が犠牲になるまで、その恭走は止まることを知らないだろう。また、肉体を維持させる被膜を失えば、この"半魔女もまた肉体を維持できなくなり大気に溶けていく "その散った穢れがどのような作用を引き起こすかは誰も知り得ない。

Shitori Egumo (Post Metamorphosis)

TypeWitch of Happiness
EpisodesMagia Record

The witch of happiness. Her nature is suffering. A “half-witch” whose energy has stabilized after being enclosed in a contracted membrane. Having lost a precious part of herself, she now shakes the earth indiscriminately in order to fill the empty hole in her chest. Her rampage likely will continue unabated until a single girl is sacrificed. Also, should she lose the membrane surrounding her, this half-witch will be unable to maintain her physical body, and will eventually melt into the atmosphere. Nobody can know what effect the impurity scattering away from her may bring.


MagicaRecord Unknown Witch Familiarcard .png


????? (1st Version)

Type??? witch's minion
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the witch of ???. These swallow-like Familiars are everywhere in Kamihama. They seem to be collecting magic as offerings to their Witch. They target Magical Girls and steal not only their magic but also their memories, visions, and even emotions. They have also been known to target other Witches. Hunting in a group, they utilize their anchor-shaped legs to capture them. They are uninterested in normal humans without magic, because they don't make good offerings.

Oscar card.png


Oscar (2nd Version)

TypeHappy witch's minion
DutyPresent Offerings
EpisodesMagia Record

Minions of the Happy Witch. Their role is to present offerings. The witch’s swallow-like minions, who are collecting magic energy as offerings for their master. Several of them can gather together and whip up strong tornadoes, with which they collect nearby objects into a nest. They then store magic energy in the nests, where they make preparations to offer it to the witch. Their goal is to save their master in every way possible. Upon losing their master, they would ordinarily become unable to fulfill their role and vanish, but it seems that they’re still hard at work in a different form somewhere else.

In Magia Record

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

A massive “half-witch” body surrounding Ui Tamaki, which the Magius are incubating below Hotel Fenthope for the majority of the game’s first arc. Ui’s powers are the source of the Doppel phenomenon, absorbing impurity from the Soul Gems of Puella Magi within the city. The Magius planned to use the energy from the transformation of Eve’s Grief Seed– and the destruction of Kamihama City– to expand her range of influence to the entire world, which would both shut out the Incubators and continually provide the rest of the universe with energy from Doppels.

Ui, Touka and Nemu’s wish was to steal Kyuubey’s energy-collection abilities, in hopes of creating a system to prevent Puella Magi from becoming witches. Unfortunately, the initial rush of collected impurity threatened to turn Ui into a witch on the spot. As damage control, Nemu summoned an unseen Rumor to remove Ui’s identity as a human being, and stored it in the newly-disempowered “Little Kyubey” for safekeeping. Without any mind or emotions, Ui’s body was at no immediate risk of turning into a witch… but as a side effect, the other Magius’ memories of her were removed as well. With no memory of Ui, their time together, or their original motivations, the Magius’ plan went in a much more dangerous and self-serving direction than it otherwise would have.

After the Little Kyubey reunites with Ui’s body and the Magius regain their memories, they help Iroha rescue her from inside Eve. Once Ui reawakens, her powers seem to be under control, and the crisis seems to be over for now.


  • Originally the Oscars had no name in their description card, only "????". This changed after the release of Chapter 10 in which the witch they serve and their descriptions were given more clarity. They have, in fact, two separate description cards present in the game's list of witches, rumors and familiars.
  • "Shitori Egumo," which means "I'm going alone," is taken from a poem by Kenji Miyazawa. He also wrote Night on the Galactic Railroad, which Iroha, Mifuyu's and Yachiyo's doppels take their names from. He also wrote the works where Kuro's, Nemu's and Touka's doppels take their names from.


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