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* '''Soul Gem:''' Purple eye-shaped oval on left hip
* '''Soul Gem:''' Purple eye-shaped oval on left hip
* '''Weapon:''' [https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakram Chakrams]  
* '''Weapon:''' [https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakram Chakrams]  
* '''Wish:''' "Take me to where Fuuni is right now.."
* '''Wish:''' "I want to see him...! Take me to where he is right this instant!!". "He" is a boy she was close to who was in an accident.
* '''Witch form:'''
* '''Witch form:'''
* '''School:''' Saikyoin Educational Academy
* '''School:''' Saikyoin Educational Academy

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Shizuku Hozumi
Shizuku profile.png
Japanese Name 保澄 雫 (Hozumi Shizuku)
Voiced by Japanese: Ayaka Nanase

Shizuku Hozumi is one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

General Info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Purple
  • Hair colour: Lavender


  • Soul Gem: Purple eye-shaped oval on left hip
  • Weapon: Chakrams
  • Wish: "I want to see him...! Take me to where he is right this instant!!". "He" is a boy she was close to who was in an accident.
  • Witch form:
  • School: Saikyoin Educational Academy

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★2 → ★4 80 Attack Attribute light.png
Initial 3122 1300 1006
Max at ★2 9990 4160 3219
Max at ★3 12658 5270 4080
Max at ★4 16657 6930 5367
Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Connect: I'm going to connect
★2: Damage UP [III] & Chase [III]
★3: Damage UP [V] & Chase [V]
★4: Damage UP [VII] & Chase [VII]
Magia: Myriad Meese
★2: Damage Two Random Enemies [I] & Probability Critical (All / 3 T)
★3: Damage Two Random Enemies [III] & Probability Critical (All / 3 T)
★4: Damage Four Random Enemies [V] & Probability Critical (All / 3 T)


An elusive magical girl who wanders about searching for her own place. Because she cannot figure out what she likes, her dreams for the future, or even her own identity as a person, she carries a lot of anxiety due to her nebulous future. Befitting the only child of a family that runs a café, she is always calm.

Side Story

The story begins with Shizuku's friends showing her something. Shizuku narrates that no-one bullies her and she has a good life. However, when she hangs out with her friends, she feels like she's not herself. For reasons she can't understand, she's disgusted when they say her name. She doesn't have an issue with her friends or family, but she feels unsteady. When people ask her what her future plans are, she never knows what to say. She feels like her future is covered in a fog.

However, there's one thing that makes Shizuku feel like herself. When she returns home that day, she finds waiting for her "Fuuten no onii-san", or Fuunii for short. Fuunii shows her pictures of a small island called Aoshima. Shizuku narrates that Fuunii likes to travel Japan and overseas, and is looking for a place to belong. Shizuku feels better when she's with him and wonders if he's looking for a place to find his footing also. She feels like she can't tell him about her feelings, but just knowing more about him is enough for her.

Fuunii tells Shizuku that he wishes he could keep coming to her family's cafe forever. He asks if she'll inherit the place in the future. Shizuku says she doesn't know, and Fuunii invites her to search with him for a place they can spend their lives together. Shizuku is very happy to hear this, believing that at the very least she wouldn't be alone with him. On the day she's about to say yes to Fuunii's offer, she gets a phone call saying that a "Kasugai" was in an accident and that she was his only contact. Realizing that something happened to Fuunii, Shizuku wants to rush to his side. However, her parents refuse to help, pointing out they aren't even related. Shizuku says she doesn't want to be alone. Later, Kyubey appears before Shizuku and offers her a contract.

Shizuku wish is "I want to see him...! Take me to where he is right this instant!!" Shizuku suddenly appears in a hospital and sees Fuunii lying in a bed. Fuunii thinks it must be a dream, and is being shown what he wants to see in his final moments. Shizuku says it isn't a dream, and Fuunii says he can rest in peace. Shizuku begs him to open his eyes, saying she made a promise with him to find the place where they belong. Fuunii thanks Shizuku and dies. Shizuku calls his name and says he lied to her while begging not to be left alone. Shizuku narrates that lives seem long until a crisis shows that it's as fragile as paper. She doesn't know how long she'll live, but she'll find a place to belong.

Shizuku arrives at a beautiful place that she wanted to show Fuunii. However, it's not the place she's looking for. Shizuku narrates that when she became a magical girl, she received the power to "connect spaces". She can travel all over the world, though her power does have some sort of limitation. Shizuku has used her power to see villages and countries around the world, just like Fuunii did. However, she still hasn't found a place to belong, and thinks she has to do so before she dies.

Shizuku talks to an unknown figure, who pays her. The figure invites her to join her group, but Shizuku has no interest. When the figure leaves, Yachiyo Nanami appears and asks Shizuku who she is. Yachiyo is with Tsuruno Yui and Iroha Tamaki, who introduce themselves. Yachiyo asks what relationship Shizuku has to the magical girl she spoke to. Shizuku says she's being payed to connect places together, but doesn't know why or what the group's plans are. (It's implied the group is Wings of Magius.) Yachiyo says she shouldn't let people she doesn't know use her power, and asks what Shizuku would do if her powers cause a disaster. Shizuku says she needs the money to find the place where she belongs.

Iroha invites Shizuku to talk more at their house. When they arrive, Yachiyo says if she gets more people it will start feeling cramped. Felicia Mitsuki and Sana Futaba are waiting at the house to introduce themselves. Tsuruno invites Shizuku for dinner. Felicia and Tsuruno get into antics, which prompts Yachiyo to say it can be hard to relax in the house. Shizuku says it's fine. At dinner, Iroha says that when she eats food with everyone it feels like she's found a place where she can belong. Shizuku finds the food is delicious.

Afterward, Iroha invites Shizuku to stay the night. Yachiyo says Shizuku's parents might be worried, but Shizuku says they won't be because she has nothing to say to them anymore. Felicia and Tsuruno get into an argument over grapes that Sana accidentally ate. Iroha tries to play peacemaker, while Yachiyo apologizes for the girls' antics. Shizuku says it's like a family, and Yachiyo agrees. Yachiyo says that since they're magical girls, the only way to live is by coming together since they all share the same fate. Shizuku thinks Yachiyo means they will all die someday. Yachiyo says that Iroha must feels the same, since she invited Shizuku to their house. Shizuku says that the other girls have found their place to belong. Yachiyo invites Shizuku to stay as long as she wants. Shizuku wonders if this is what she was looking for.

Shizuku thinks that this house is where the other girls belong, but she realizes the place she belonged was with Fuunii. Shizuku starts crying, suddenly understanding the meaning of Fuunii's last words. The next day, she goes back to the unknown magical girl and does another job for them. Shizuku then asks what she's trying to do with her power. The other magical girl says Shizuku agreed to not ask questions. Shizuku says it's fine because she's terminating their agreement. She wonders if she can stay at Yachiyo's house and returns there.

When she arrives, Shizuku finds the house is empty. She looks around at the plates each girl has, the toothbrushes next to the bathroom sink, and a picture on top of a cabinet. She thinks those are the bonds the five girls formed over time, and the house is overflowing with care. Shizuku hears the girls return and overhears them in conversation. Shizuku realizes that the place where they belong isn't her own, and feels like if she increases the number by one it will make the house cramped. She quietly bids the girls goodbye and departs unseen.

It turns out Yachiyo got a cake for Shizuku and the girls were going to hold her a welcome party. The girls prepare and wait for Shizuku to arrive at the house, but she doesn't come. Yachiyo feels that Shizuku is in constant danger, as if she'll disappear if you take her eyes off her. She then announces that Shizuku might not be coming back. She admits she should have seen it coming. Shizuku returns to the unknown magical girl and asks for another assignment. When the magical girl asks why she came back, Shizuku says "their" picture was complete with five people. Shziuku claims she has to keep searching for the place where she belongs.

The magical girl has no idea what Shizuku is talking about, but is happy for her continued service. She says she'll contact Shizuku when the time comes. Shizuku mentally apologizes to Yachiyo. She thinks her actions will cause a disaster, but isn't prepared to take responsibility. She feels that even now she's walking on unstable ground, leaving her unprepared. She wonders if she'll find solid ground, the place where she belongs.

Other Appearances

Shizuku appears in Madoka's side story. Madoka and Homura help her out when she uses up too much magic.



  • The characters of her last name mean "keep" (保) and "clear"(澄), respectively.
  • The character in her first name means "(water) drop" (雫).



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
His Place is Far Away...
Fog Edge [II]
Max Limit Break:
Fog Edge [III]
Passive "I can't say it well, but neither this school, this house, or this city are the same.

Even if I meet someone, and no matter where I walk to, there's something like a fog surrounding me, and it all feels unfamiliar. I wonder if that person was looking for me, with this same feeling. If I don't find it...then someday, surely..."

The Other Side of The Light
Guaranteed Critical
Max Limit Break:
Guaranteed Critical
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
**Unique to Shizuku Hozumi**
An old fashioned coffee shop on a sunny day with a wide range of customers.

The girl working there is calm and well suited to the shop's atmosphere. However, that girl often looks quite lonely.



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