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  • ...ates that ever since she tried to save her grandmother by pretending to be a Phantom Thief manga heroine, she's been fighting as the magical girl born f ...randmother comes in. She wants to know if Karin can help perform a play at a children's group meeting for their Halloween event. Karin realizes that thi
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  • ...[[Magia Record Story Magical Halloween Theater ~A magical girl troupe for a day~]]
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  • ==Q&A== |A: It depends on how you want to watch it. Shinbo mentioned that "You should
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  • The Q&A includes possible spoilers for all of nitro+ works, take care and read at y ...ening of the first Madoka movie (jp BD, en sub), afterwards half an hour Q&A, half an hour signing.
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  • |name = A World With Just Me ...solutely not presence in a room, who is nothing but boring. There is then a cut to Sana's laughter echoing from the Radio Tower.
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  • |name = A Faint Hope '''A Faint Hope''' is the thirteen and last episode of [[Magia Record Anime]] Se
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  • ...s how nice that everyone can live happily now and forever. Madoka wakes up a little worried about the dream. ...eet at least, and the joke's about Madoka being ready to hand chocolate to a certain special someone one day.
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  • mountain climbing. That was before her mom left their family, which was a long time ago. ...t memory. Mitama tells Kokoro she looks like the "cool" type and calls her a kuudere. When Masara looks confused, Mitama tells her to try looking it up
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  • ...troduces herself as a fortune-telling magical girl who died while fighting a witch. She then met with Kanae who explained to her that they were both gho ..., because even though she's dead she was able to protect someone who meant a lot to her. Kanae asks for her name, with Mel confusing her meaning and tel
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  • <blockquote>''"I'm such a fool!"'' ~ '''[[Sayaka Miki]]''' </blockquote> |name = I'm Such a Fool
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  • #REDIRECT [[Oriko Magica Chapter 1: Don't Even Think About Becoming a Magical Girl]]
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  • ...uck by a second vision, where she sees a young girl who has a potential as a magical girl. She offers the information to Kyubey. ...oko. Kyubey, informed about Yuma by Oriko, approaches her in order to make a contract, but is stopped by Kyoko. Meanwhile, Kyoko teaches the girl how to
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  • [[Kako Natsume]] and [[Emiri Kisaki]] fight a witch. When the fight turns against them, they are saved by [[Karin Misono] ...n costume contest and drags Kako along. In fact, Emiri decides to enter as a contest judge. Kako then talks to [[Natsuki Utsuho]], who encourages her to
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  • ''"Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki, may I ask for a request from you?"'' <br /> ''"I want you to make a contract with me and become magical girls."'' ~ [[Kyubey]]
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  • ...ha is not convinced. The next time Felicia leaves the house, Yachiyo drags a reluctant Iroha along and together they start tailing her. It turns out she ...ients with her, and she had met up with him first to give him chocolate as a token of gratitude. Iroha had told Felicia that Valentine's day is the day
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  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.'' Mayu is a young lady who has a unique charm that makes men, especially older ones fall for her, and even w
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  • |name = It's Proof of the End of a Friendship ...mi Medical Center, [[Iroha Tamaki]] is walking down the halls and dragging a luggage case on wheels behind her. She arrives in the hospital room where U
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  • ...[[Magia Record Story Magical Halloween Theater ~A magical girl troupe for a day~]]
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  • * [[Miyuki Asami]], a background character from ''[[Puella Magi Kazumi Magica]]''. * [[Miyuki Nagatsuki]], a supporting character from ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica]]''.
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  • ...uck by a second vision, where she sees a young girl who has a potential as a magical girl. She offers the information to Kyubey. ...oko. Kyubey, informed about Yuma by Oriko, approaches her in order to make a contract, but is stopped by Kyoko. Meanwhile, Kyoko teaches the girl how to
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  • ...cast than the anime, and is set in a separate location, [[Asunaro City]]. A comment made by the character [[Ayase Souju]] implies that it is located ne
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  • ...a minor supporting character in ''[[Puella Magi Kazumi Magica]]''. She is a cosmetics saleswoman. ...nto a pseudo-witch by [[Airi Anri|Yuuri]]. Kyouka then attempted to attack a ganguro concert, but was defeated and saved by Kazumi, Umika and Kaoru.
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  • ...derground music. The November 2011 issue featured a special on Madoka, as a viewing guide for adults.
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  • ...arted to change. But whatever is said, the impact of "Evangelion" becoming a hit was huge. Without that there could not be the time we have now. ...not have made anime like we do now. But then only "Evangelion" was really a kind of exception (lol)
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  • ...n [[Kazumi_Magica|Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice]]. She is a magical girl who was friends with [[Misako Ishijima]] in their middle schoo ...rought disaster, and who loved a specific manga where butter in coffee was a recurring theme.
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  • *Mahou Shoujo in this show are not united as a single group. *Main element of the story is how everyone from a different standpoint understands each other.
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  • :Things are going to move in a tragic direction, but there's a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. ...3, we're gonna have a Nitroplus-like development in the story. There'll be a twist or two in the plot, and it'll get dark.
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  • ...iyadai was the featured guest who discussed how and why Madoka is becoming a social phenomenon.
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  • '''Rosasharn''' {{Nihongo||ローザシャーン}} is a witch appearing in [[Oriko_Magica#Chapter_1:_Don.27t_even_think_about_becom ...bably as a result of malnutrition. She goes to the point of breast feeding a man too sick to eat solid food.
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  • ...t her attitude as of late, eventually causing Oriko to 'snap', for lack of a better word. on her moral values. Tuning back into reality, Oriko realizes she walked into a witch's barrier. Fortunately she doesn't even have to transform,
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  • ...end everything by this anime, I just feel it's such a waste. I want to see a normal day of life anime out of this. ...t is true that if we can see Mami or Madoka interacting with each other in a cosy warm mood, it would be fun.
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  • ...[Manga Time Kirara Magica]]'' issues 1 to 9. The series was collected into a volume released on October 26, 2013. A slice-of-life story where Madoka and the other magical girls work at a cake café.
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  • Since I also want to see it, I am too happy to work for a sequel. ...high popularity, there are some voices saying they want to see PMMM become a series.
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  • ...e for which Kirika teases her about it. Kirika then insists on eating such a great cake in the right way and beautifully decorates the cake with strawbe ..., asks her grandparents what a supercell is and they respond with it being a really big typhoon. Yuma stands and looks off into the distance, hoping her
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  • ...a politician, and she was helping him with his campaign back when she was a child. She was very dedicated and told him he couldn't bribe her, making hi [[Kirika Kure]], and she's having a tea party with Oriko in the garden. A witch attacks, and Kirika fights her while Oriko continues to make tea. Kir
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  • ...マギカ|Mahō Shōjobu Madoka☆Magika|lit. "Magical Girl Club Madoka Magica"}} is a [[manga]] spin-off by {{nihongo|Hige|ヒゲ}}, originally serialized in ''[ ...ere magical girls and witches peacefully co-exist, Madoka decides to start a magical girl club.
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  • {{nihongo|''Kuru Homu''|くるほむ|Kuruhomu}} was a short-lived 4koma published in the initial two volumes of [[Manga Time Kira Nash would return to the magazine in [[Manga Time Kirara Magica Vol.9]] with a new series [[Kanameke]].
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  • * We will deliver a certain theme throughout the series. * It doesn't have to follow the defeating-one-enemy-a-week pattern.
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  • at all. If Yuma wants to save Kyoko, Oriko tells her she should become a magical girl, too. ...realizing how she survived, but Yuma quickly appears in front of her - as a magical girl. It turns out that Oriko also told Yuma that Kyoko is about to
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  • ====A new challenger has arrived!==== ...esn't actually know what her own wish was. (Kyubey told her that it may be a side effect of her wish.) So with that in mind, the mystery girl decided to
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  • "A gentle 2nd year middle school girl who thinks of friends before herself." "If anything could be granted with a magic…"
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  • {{nihongo|'''''Pomu Magi'''''|ぽむ☆マギ|Pomu☆Magi}} is a [[manga]] spin-off by [ {{nihongo A story in which Homura becomes a chibi.
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  • ...た〜|Sutema! ~Mahō Shōjo Hiroimashita~}} and {{nihongo|'''''Sute Ma! I Found a Magical Girl Again'''''|すてマ!〜魔法少女拾わされました〜|S ...ere Homura pretends to be a cat. ''Again'' features Kyoko pretending to be a dog.
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  • ...t Kirika with. Before Oriko can retrieve more food for Kirika, a rock with a note reading "YOU'RE DEAD!" smashes through the window. ...g back for home. Suddenly, Oriko sees a premonition in which she overhears a news station announce the death of Yuma, with the prime suspect being Yuma'
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  • #REDIRECT [[Magia Record Story Reaching a Happier Height]]
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  • ...[[Hisaomi Mikuni]]'s brother, and [[Yurako Mikuni]]'s brother-in-law, and a member of the House of Representatives. ...and Oriko appear to have a strained relationship — in particular, Oriko as a child seemed to be afraid of him.
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  • ...ol. The two introduce themselves, and Kanami puts out her hand to exchange a handshake, only to be killed when Suzune slashes through the soul gem on he ...he rabbit charm on Matsuri's bag breaks off and falls to the floor next to a girl's feet. The girl picks up the charm and gives it to Matsuri, who thank
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  • Later, Madoka wins tickets for all the girls to go to a hot spring resort. Sayaka replies with "Way to go, Madoka! You must be an angel, or a goddess!"
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  • #REDIRECT [[Madoka Magica Episode 8: I'm Such a Fool]]
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  • ...e of the zone (lol), but Iwakami-san is the type of director who will take a big sword and stand at the forefront to help you fight the monsters." *[[Aniplex_USA_Madoka_Premiere | Panel and Q&A at the USA Madoka Premiere, Otakon 2011]]
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  • book] is a collection of fan opinions on Madoka Magica, focusing on its popularity. It ...roadcast of the last episode and the expectation of the fans was raised to a level never seen before.</td>
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  • Some buzz is going around regarding a couple highlights from a new interview with staff on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies that was p ...lity of swimsuit or onsen scenes, writer Gen Urobuchi hinted, "There's not a total lack of service scenes, but I can't say that they are decidedly swims
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  • ...cast on MBS, TBS and CBC, between January 6, 2011 and April 21, 2011, with a delay after episode 10 due to production and broadcast delays related to th ...rl, [[Homura Akemi]], tries to prevent Madoka and friends from making such a deal...
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  • ...mmar. Every episode ends with a phrase ''"being meguca is suffering"'' (or a variant thereof in the last episode) which gained memetic popularity across model] (in fact, this type of parody had been an established meme on /a/ even before Madoka was first broadcast).
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  • #REDIRECT [[Oriko Magica Chapter 1: Don't Even Think About Becoming a Magical Girl]]
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  • [[File:SoujuEvilNutBoxed.png|right|thumb|300px|A box of Evil Nuts, owned by the [[Souju|Soujus]].]] ...d, as the Evil Nut separates from her, much like when a normal witch drops a Grief Seed. Unlike regular witches, the women return to normal after they a
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  • <blockquote> ''"Thank you, Oriko. So what do you want as a reward?" <br \ > --"Daddy, you can't give out bribes!" <br \ > "Ha-ha-ha! G ...}} is a posthumous character from ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica]]''. He was a prominent politician in [[Mitakihara City]], and the father of [[Oriko Miku
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  • A fan translation of the dialogue from the [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Concep |A lizard girl took pity on God…
    4 KB (350 words) - 07:29, 5 January 2016
  • ...done what she did all this for. The chapter ends with Erika wandering into a wtich's barrier, which Kirika just picked up on and is about to hunt.
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  • #REDIRECT [[Madoka Magica Episode 1: As If We Met in a Dream...]]
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  • '''Matasaburo''' ({{Runes|MATASABURO}}) is a [[Witch|witch]] from [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record]] |english_desc = The witch of chocolate. Her nature is to play a minor role. The end result of some defeated Magical Girl.
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  • <span style="font-size:large">{{Runes|A N J A}}</span><br> A N J A
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  • ...appearance, so girls will be less likely make a contract. She also created a colored illustration for [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Anthology 1]]. * [[:File:Tiro_Finale_Kuroe_Mura_(L)_and_hanokage_(R).jpg|A page]] in the [[Tiro Finale Book]].
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  • .... Kazumi breaks out from her suitcase and announces that Souichirou is not a bad person. Souichirou is unable to stop the bomb, which is close to explod ...Kazumi defeats the monster with her new powers, which turns her back into a human. The chapter ends with Umika and Kaoru running in to save Kazumi, and
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  • ...her than seperate volumes with Episodes 1-12 across 3 DVDs in one box set. A Blu-Ray version was released as well.
    820 bytes (112 words) - 18:40, 4 January 2013
  • ...ler form inside of it. Kazumi grabs it and kills it by smashing it against a wall. ...ling her Michiru. Kazumi shoves her away, asks the others if she really is a clone or not, and is met with silence. She begins to panic, asking "Who am
    2 KB (411 words) - 22:51, 16 March 2014
  • This is a new character and a Mahou Shoujo. She is of amoral type and bases her actions on own gain (e.g. ...and also Konoe Konoka in Negima?!). Now I wonder whether that pic was from a preview printing and will be corrected in the actual print.... ''
    2 KB (383 words) - 08:26, 11 December 2011
  • |name = As If We Met in a Dream… ...of [[Madoka]], and [[Chiwa Saitou]], the voice of [[Homura]], and usually a guest. The first guest is [[Eri Kitamura]], who voices [[Sayaka]].
    3 KB (544 words) - 02:13, 18 August 2015
  • ...gica]]'' has inspired or has been involved in all sorts of events. Here is a list of events somehow connected to the ''Madoka'' universe. .... After the TV series ended, the café turned into "Madoka Magica Café" for a few months (two months were planned; the event was extended by one extra mo
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  • ...ears in [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable]]. She and her familiars bear a striking resemblance to Kyubey. It is not part of the regular gameplay rout Witch of needles, with a respectful nature. She is the remains of a magical girl who gave up everything to fight for the universe. She believes
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  • ...e to save Madoka. Kyoko decides she wants to play as well, to save Sayaka. A sample is available online by clicking on the orange box on the lower right * [[:File:Tiro_Finale_Kuroe_Mura_(L)_and_hanokage_(R).jpg|A page]] in the [[Tiro Finale Book]].
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  • ...uki]] and [[Sana Futaba]] in black cloaks. The sisters put Tsuruno through a test and fight her. Tsuruno then summons her mascot and fuses with him to b ...soon finds they can't actually leave the kingdom. The girls decide to take a break, at which point the invisible beast eats up the present and the past.
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  • ...mi, Kyoko and Yuma, she hears the screams of Hitomi and Sayaka. Passing by a distraught Yuma and Kyoko, Homura sees {{spoiler|Madoka lying on the ground't stand up. Kirika, confused, can only comprehend that it means she has a big burden. Struck with an idea, she says that she'll take half the burden,
    2 KB (360 words) - 02:12, 30 March 2012
  • ...alone on a park bench, contemplating the strange image she saw earlier of a young Suzune. She feels as if though she's forgotten something. Her head be ...s far as Suzune's concerned, she's fine being the villain and being called a murderer.
    2 KB (359 words) - 00:49, 12 June 2017
  • ...roduced in ''[[The Rebellion Story|Rebellion]]''. They resemble dolls with a pair of disembodied blue hands, and primarily attack by shooting exploding ...ame]], [[Sayaka Miki]], and [[Kyoko Sakura]]. The nightmare is driven into a dining room where [[Mami Tomoe]] and [[Bebe]] are waiting. The magical girl
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  • This is a comparison of the endings in the Madoka ending charts and the actual ending ...replace witches, they are a milder threat and magical girls are no longer a danger to the world they're trying to protect.
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  • '''Shin''' ({{Runes|SHIN}}) is a [[Witch|witch]] from [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record]] This Witch is ever in search of the baby it lost. When it finds a human, it straps them firmly to its back regardless of their age. But becau
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  • From a Megami reader's poll. Homura and Madoka take first place with more than do 6. Tooru x Run, A Channel<br>
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  • ...mi in a suitcase after she lost her memory. He is a chef who tried to bomb a mall in revenge after he was tricked and lost his restaurant. :A policewoman who blackmailed [[Souichirou Tachibana]] in order to be success
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  • Days earlier, the girls are tracking down a witch that keeps giving the girls the slip. Kyosuke's playing in a band with some guys he knows in the amusement park.
    3 KB (517 words) - 06:48, 1 June 2014
  • ...rls. They are saving people with their incredible power. Although there is a standard form to perform story of magical girls, there appears some works b ...he original one. There are even situations when some magical girl becoming a witch. Anime fans should feel it fresh, with Kyubey's viewpoint. And it is
    2 KB (410 words) - 07:48, 22 December 2011
  • ...and well-decorated, giving off a much warmer feeling, and is now clearly a maisonette. ...m-04525.jpg|The stairs indicate a second floor to the apartment, making it a [[Wikipedia:Apartment#Maisonette|maisonette]]
    2 KB (330 words) - 20:50, 23 April 2017
  • {{nihongo|'''Yurako Mikuni'''|美国 由良子|Mikuni Yurako}} is a background supporting character appearing in ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica: ...een seen of Yurako, but she seems to be a kind and helpful person. She had a good relationship with both her daughter and her husband.
    2 KB (235 words) - 22:12, 20 April 2017
  • ...cedes, since the Grief Seed is used up. Afterwards, Kyoko feels hungry and a flyer falls into Felicia's face. It turns out [[Mitama Yakumo]] is looking ...r seen shopping for groceries. It turns out that Mitama was using paint as a seasoning.
    3 KB (498 words) - 06:49, 28 April 2018
  • File:MisakiResidenceCat.png|Th fourth resident of the home, a black cat named [[:File:TotoFullView.png|Toto]]. As the cat is seen in chap ...iResidenceParlor.png|The parlor. It is decorated with two long couches and a table in the center. The walls are covered with trophies and medals won by
    2 KB (284 words) - 19:17, 5 March 2012
  • ...ks back and a blob with multiple heads is grabbing at her legs calling her a murderer and demanding to know who her next victim is. As she calls to Tsub ...f what to do next, Matsuri sits and thinks and has an image of Tsubaki and a young Suzune holding hands. Her head flashes with pain momentarily and Mats
    2 KB (434 words) - 00:07, 12 June 2017
  • [[Kako Natsume]] and [[Emiri Kisaki]] fight a witch. When the fight turns against them, they are saved by [[Karin Misono] ...n costume contest and drags Kako along. In fact, Emiri decides to enter as a contest judge. Kako then talks to [[Natsuki Utsuho]], who encourages her to
    2 KB (303 words) - 16:41, 14 August 2019
  • '''Virginia''' {{Runes|VIRGINIA}} is a witch appearing in [[Oriko_Magica#Chapter_3:_Love_is_infinitely_finite|Chap ...vanish immediately and still stayed at [[Oriko Mikuni|Oriko]]'s garden for a while. This may be due to the effect of Kirika's special ability{{spoiler|(
    1 KB (145 words) - 08:36, 22 June 2018
  • <big>This page is a work in progress.</big><br /> And then Homura had an idea. She grabs Madoka, drops a one liner, and returns to the past (again), taking Madoka with her. Of cour
    2 KB (260 words) - 20:13, 13 December 2017
  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.'' ...[Rion Yuuki]], is neither. During their tea party at Mizuna, Hattori found a witch and decides to defeat her because of her sense of justice.
    3 KB (494 words) - 17:34, 11 February 2020
  • ...[[Episode 10]]. Her name appeared in the episode as '''Isadel''', however a card that was released later corrected her name to be Izabel. have probably seen somewhere before. To defeat this witch, just bring a well-known critic with you.
    3 KB (386 words) - 14:36, 8 September 2018
  • ...e-madoka-magica/ It has been noted that] Madoka's magical girl costume has a different design in this picture. Compare to [[NewType_2013-01|this]]. Some believed that this picture suggested a ''Madoka Magica'' sequel is in the works. However, it's possible this pictu
    997 bytes (119 words) - 19:03, 11 April 2015
  • ...on the head, saying that they're the only ones who can help them. (This is a running gag that re-occurs through the chapter). The five of them use their ...they celebrate their victory, they are watched by something that resembles a black cat mixed with Kyubey.
    3 KB (607 words) - 00:40, 12 July 2013
  • {{nihongo|'''Honoka Kanami''' is a minor supporting character from ''[[Puella Magi Suzune Magica]]''. * '''Soul gem:''' Red circular gem in the center of a ribbon worn over her collar.
    3 KB (443 words) - 04:38, 27 October 2018
  • '''Itzli''' ({{Runes|ITZLI}}) is a new witch that appears in [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable]]. She is th ...ivion, with a vengeful nature. A witch who is said to have originally been a magical girl who came from the end of the galaxy. She has shown herself now
    4 KB (515 words) - 17:08, 15 August 2019
  • <blockquote>''"Yuuki you're a mess that I'm gonna clean up myself! Don't think I'm as nice as Lina is!!"' ...earing in ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer]]''. She is part of a group of magical girls hailing from [[Kazamino City]], comprised of [[Lina
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  • <blockquote> ''"My dream is to grow lots of these flowers and turn them into a bouquet when I get married!"'' - Miyuki, [[Kazumi_Magica#Chapter_10:|Chapte {{Nihongo|'''Miyuki Asami'''|浅海 美幸|Asami Miyuki}} is a posthumous character from [[Puella Magi Kazumi Magica]]. She was the sister
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  • '''Suleika''' ({{Runes|SULEIKA}}) is a [[witch]] that has not so far made an appearance in an episode. Her [[famil ...e black; however, with lights as numerous as they are nowadays, she is not a witch to be feared.
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  • of a good plan: Since the witch is her, and she like cheeses, they had a cheese party in the park and managed to lure all the witches there and fini ...posite to what the Law of Cycles wishes, which is an undecided future like a blank piece of paper. She is here to ensure how the future is shaped to mak
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  • Ria gets a call from her manager, saying there's a fashion show that wants her to be the prestigious last guest. The theme for ...s missed the fashion show completely. Horrified, Ria wakes up; it was only a dream.
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  • {{nihongo|'''Kanata Kanade'''|奏 可奈多|Kanade Kanata}} is a background character in ''[[Puella Magi Suzune Magica]]''. She was [[Haruka * '''Known relatives:''' [[Haruka Kanade]], her younger sister; and a mother and father.
    3 KB (413 words) - 03:58, 27 October 2018
  • ...hical information and a staff list. It was written by Gekidan Inu Curry in a very strange, obnoxious style. The sections mainly talk about how the produ I want to tell, “If they make even a mistake they become so”. And that way of expression is necessary to show
    2 KB (304 words) - 08:33, 11 December 2011
  • ...the witch in half. The witch dies, yelling "Cut" one last time. She drops a Grief Seed (which notably looks different than Niko's Soul Gem) ...enemy, you have to deceive your allies. Kaoru punches her, then gives her a hug. Niko then says they should cut to the chase. Kaoru tells Saki Kazumi c
    3 KB (612 words) - 00:47, 21 December 2013
  • ...o dreamed of galaxies in the back alley", "a girl who composed thoughts in a hidden room". The goddess wonders why she never knew of the record. ...voice familiar, and thinks she hasn't heard a new voice since she was just a human. The goddess tries to give this magical girl her blessing, but someho
    2 KB (383 words) - 14:58, 25 August 2018
  • day, she will make a strange encounter. Whether this was an accident or a fatality is still unknown to her. However, this encounter will change her f
    3 KB (220 words) - 20:23, 2 April 2011
  • ...o appeared in ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story|Extra Story]]'' as a cameo. She is one of [[Komaki Asako]] and [[Akira Namekata]]'s friends. ...'School:''' Attends Shirome Middle School. Her year is unknown. She shares a class with Komaki and Akira.
    2 KB (366 words) - 01:05, 29 December 2018
  • |Q: So player has to fight against the witch who was a partner before? to a paper on the desk) This character has many circumstances to become a witch so she can be fight against several times.
    3 KB (531 words) - 22:21, 17 April 2012
  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.'' Mayu is a young lady who has a unique charm that makes men, especially older ones fall for her, and even w
    3 KB (518 words) - 18:51, 10 December 2019
  • Now, back to the auditions again. Nonaka was given a script for all the characters and then asked to pick two to play, just like (I wonder if that's partly why they did such a good job casting, given that they got to see more sides of each seiyuu to p
    3 KB (464 words) - 03:18, 18 August 2015
  • ...reason with Kanna, telling her that even if her body isn't human, she has a human heart, like Kazumi. seemingly remove her Soul Gem from her body. Kanna reveals that it was a decoy Soul Gem and attacks both Umika and Kaoru.
    2 KB (405 words) - 19:56, 24 August 2013
  • '''Cecil''' {{Nihongo||シズル}} ({{Runes|CECIL}}) is a witch appearing in chapter 2 of ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica]]''. be able to communicate, as observed when she taunted Kyoko by throwing a slip of paper that read "Not this time!" following an unsuccessful attack.
    2 KB (374 words) - 21:55, 20 April 2017
  • This page is dedicated to the scientific analysis of the series. This page is a placeholder for the following articles: how both populations evolve over time, and whether or not the Earth has a chance of surviving against witches in the end.
    634 bytes (95 words) - 03:55, 4 July 2011
  • ...y don't seem to mind. When she insists on being punished, they take her to a hair salon where they cut her hair. ...ome witches aren't always bad people. Umika replies that anyone can become a witch. {{Spoiler|It's implied that she and Kaoru know that, like in the ani
    3 KB (512 words) - 00:05, 12 July 2013
  • ...ast chapter, Kazumi becomes a true magical girl, and Kyuubey says he feels a great amount of power from her. Due to Kazumi's new power, Umika and Kaoru' ...ll. Kanna's anger at her and her own despair at slowly but surely becoming a witch is to the point that she decides to destroy Kazumi's world alongside
    3 KB (457 words) - 00:20, 22 May 2017
  • ...ime ranked Madoka as the number one hit anime of the year. In addition to a write-up on the reasons behind Madoka's success, Atsuhiro Iwakami was inter
    749 bytes (104 words) - 14:44, 12 February 2012
  • she can't run away from guns. They fire at the witch, deflating it like a balloon. It re-inflates itself and charges. Kazumi stops the witch with her ...ndmother said that people eat plants and animals to live, and so they have a duty to them to keep living. She asks the girls about her strawberry risott
    4 KB (655 words) - 13:09, 17 April 2014
  • ...her ally. As they head back, Sasa grins evilly behind Oriko and a scene of a seemingly dead Kirika crushed by debris is shown. ...want to go, claiming her mother would get mad if a doctor saw her and then a government person took her away. Oriko leaves Yuma in Sasa's care and turns
    2 KB (451 words) - 00:15, 4 June 2017
  • ...d]]'' takes place. The city consists of 9 wards and has recently undergone a rapid development. Part of the city consist of traditional landmarks such a {{nihongo|'''Shinsei ward'''|新西区|Shinsei-ku}} is a ward located in the western part of the city.
    3 KB (483 words) - 19:34, 21 August 2019
  • Oriko Magica]]''. She first appeared in ''Oriko Magica'', where she was a background character, but was given an expanded role in ''[[Puella Magi Ori * '''Known relatives:''' The abusive mother of [[Yuma]]. Has a husband who she often fights with.
    4 KB (703 words) - 22:08, 20 April 2017
  • once more demands answers. Kagari snaps her fingers and Suzune is shown a vision of Kagari's past: ...on the witch and drove her from the village. Tsubaki is reading a book to a young Kagari and Matsuri who sympathize with the plight of the kind-hearted
    3 KB (614 words) - 02:36, 12 June 2017
  • ...rialized in ''[[Manga Time Kirara Magica]]'' from the initial issue. It is a remake of the author's original doujinshi series, ''Mami Tomoe 1X Years Lat ''Mami Tomoe's Everyday Life'' is a slice-of-life featuring a lonely, single, 30-year old [[Mami Tomoe]].
    2 KB (233 words) - 08:37, 7 January 2016
  • A mobile shooting game. You playing Homura to shoot enemies in a witch's labyrinth, and finally kill the witch. The player gets three lives ...witches are killed, a new weapon or items may drop. Initially you only own a pistol, but then you can pick up more potent weapons and magic later. You h
    2 KB (260 words) - 07:11, 19 December 2011
  • ...lly saying that she can't kill Saki. Just then, Saki completely turns into a witch. Mirai proclaims her love for Saki. In the next scene, Mirai is quick ...w her life would have been if the accident had never happened and imagines a hypothetical version of herself, named Kanna Hijiri. Umika realizes that th
    3 KB (599 words) - 00:15, 12 July 2013
  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.'' the kitchen as she begins frying stuff for dinner. Felicia recalls that a witch attacked immediately after, killing her parents and she wakes up from
    3 KB (571 words) - 14:44, 14 August 2019
  • ...its eye and unleashing a blast of light from which Arisa and Matsuri catch a momentary glimpse of Haruka in human form before the barrier and witch disa ...heir true self, their souls turned into stones. To illustrate, she summons a small knife and casually stabs herself in the abdomen. As she heals herself
    3 KB (529 words) - 04:15, 11 June 2017
  • This is somewhat of a strange detail not picked up by a lot of fans but can magical girls actually control the elements? The answer ...shield. Why is this you ask? Well lets just use our friend Water here for a explanation.
    2 KB (415 words) - 21:58, 27 August 2015
  • ...o|'''Kaori Mizuhashi'''|水橋 かおり|Mizuhashi Kaori}}, born August 28, 1974, is a Japanese voice actress who voices [[Mami Tomoe]], [[Tatsuya Kaname]] and [[ ...out as many characters as she wanted. She picked Mami because the name had a sort of magical girl image to it. She thought that she hadn't done many one
    1 KB (216 words) - 06:59, 25 August 2013
  • ...chapter begins with a flashback to Kirika's past. It reveals that she was a quiet loner who looked down on people with friends and was apathetic to the ...ting to fall apart and that she needs to end the fight quickly. Kirika has a flashback to when she first met Oriko. While Kirika was trying to pick up h
    3 KB (517 words) - 02:46, 14 December 2013
  • ...flow. It's pretty much exactly what the title says, Eventually ending with a stray goddess arrow blowing Mitakihara to oblivion. ...tin. Homura has 300 soul gems. Kyubey's help, she finds all of them within a week. Except that Homura fell victim to Pierre Jannet's law and it actually
    889 bytes (138 words) - 05:36, 21 December 2017
  • ...k. However, Yachiyo says it's too expensive and instead says they can have a fancy dinner the next day. Felicia seems satisfied. ...e dinner they're supposed to have. Sana turns on the television, which has a commercial for MooMoo Park.
    4 KB (663 words) - 05:47, 30 June 2018
  • {{nihongo|''Kanameke''|かなめけ|Kanameke}} is a new 4-koma serialization by [ Nash], published in [[Mang A 4-koma about the [[Kaname|Kaname family]].
    701 bytes (88 words) - 01:23, 21 August 2015
  • |name = A Faint Hope '''A Faint Hope''' is the thirteen and last episode of [[Magia Record Anime]] Se
    3 KB (479 words) - 18:20, 2 April 2020
  • However, believing in a faint hope, the girls fight.<br /> This is a new story of the Magical Girls<br />
    5 KB (454 words) - 10:43, 7 April 2015
  • ...e of her even if other magical girls don't agree with her way of thinking. A young Kyoko asks to be her apprentice and now Mami isn't alone, sad, or afr ...Sayaka tearfully thanks Mami. But suddenly Sayaka's soul gem hatches into a grief seed before Mami's eyes. Oktavia's barrier spreads out and Mami falls
    4 KB (659 words) - 03:34, 4 June 2017
  • ...was because Matsuri got in the way but not to worry since she only erased a few memories from her twin sister. Matsuri glares at her as Kagari smiles a ...imit, small spurts of blood coming off her body. Suzune mentions that such a large consumption of magic is too hard on Arisa's body, causing her body to
    2 KB (363 words) - 02:06, 12 June 2017
  • ...iven more evidence in ''Rebellion'', when Kyoko and [[Homura]] try to take a bus from Mitakihara to Kazamino. Portable]] game, there's a strong possibility that Kazamino City shares a border with [[Mitakihara Town|Mitakihara City]]'s eastern border:
    3 KB (587 words) - 21:10, 14 February 2015
  • ...z von Berlichingen]], a German Imperial Knight and mercenary. Goethe wrote a play based on his life. ...s a magical girl. She is weak, as she was no longer a girl when she became a witch (mid-20s to 30s?). The form she takes in her barrier is how she would
    4 KB (474 words) - 10:35, 10 July 2019
  • ...xplodes and Michiru becomes a witch, tearing up Umika's novel and punching a hole in the roof. The girls collapse onto the ground in shock of this revel In the present, Satomi reveals that Yuuri becoming a witch was a lie implanted by Umika. It was Michiru's death that led them to find out th
    3 KB (533 words) - 01:44, 12 July 2013
  • ...eed to clean their Gems, but hide it inside one of Michiru's earrings with a spell called, "Suoneria (Ringtone)". into one giant witch. Kyubey mistakenly thinks it is Walpurgusnacht for a moment, before realizing what Kanna has done. He names the witch, "The Dawn
    3 KB (622 words) - 22:05, 19 November 2012
  • ...eball perched on it, and is armed with two long scythes. Like she could as a magical girl, she has the ability to slow down her opponents. ...irika's witch name was unknown and theorized by fans to be "Margot" due to a sign in her labyrinth that read "Margot Garden". In Magica Record, her name
    3 KB (533 words) - 10:56, 18 December 2019
  • {{nihongo|'''Tomohisa Kaname'''|鹿目 知久|Kaname Tomohisa}} is a minor supporting character in ''[[Puella Magi Madoka Magica]]''. Madoka's father, a stay-at-home dad. He does the housekeeping: cooking, laundry, and cleaning.
    1 KB (139 words) - 01:27, 27 October 2018
  • * [[Madoka]]'s mother. A fine business lady. She loves to chit chat with her daughter in the morning confined to the idea that heroism is reserved to men's role, he wanted a concrete example where women can also be heroic and strong.
    3 KB (528 words) - 01:26, 27 October 2018
  • {{nihongo|''The Veranda of Madoka''|まどか☆えんがわ|Madoka☆Engawa}} is a [[manga]] spin-off by [ PAPA], ori A story where the magical girls are all siblings living under the same roof.
    835 bytes (111 words) - 01:20, 21 August 2015
  • ...shimai}}.<br><br>Also, note that "Magica" is written with a "k" instead of a "c" here ...
    970 bytes (125 words) - 10:25, 23 May 2014
  • A cool, shiny saint has appeared in Kamihama, making her grand descent amidst With just one outstretched hand of salvation, any girl with a wounded heart will be head over heels!
    3 KB (454 words) - 21:13, 21 March 2020
  • ...fighting against [[Yachiyo Nanami]]'s team prior to [[Mel Anna]] becoming a Witch and managed to escape from them.
    1 KB (173 words) - 23:25, 22 March 2020
  • ...agica based roleplay and fan site. Each character has its own account, and a user may roleplay as multiple characters. Each user may also apply to rolep ...behind the witch attacks to the general public, allowing her to establish a firm dictatorship through fear. She creates the Peccati Militia Force, an o
    3 KB (414 words) - 03:15, 9 January 2012
  • {{Nihongo|'''Erika Mamiya'''|間宮 えりか|Mamiya Erika}} is a background supporting character appearing in ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica: ...rced to transfer schools, she got scared. In her fear, she shoplifted from a bookstore, running away when she ran into Kirika and dropping the book she'
    3 KB (539 words) - 04:35, 22 May 2017
  • ...石島 美佐子}} is a character appearing in [[Puella Magi Kazumi Magica]]. She is a policewoman who blackmailed [[Souichirou Tachibana]] in order to be success ..., passionate woman who wants to help young girls who have vanished without a trace, like her friend from middle school did. She is one of the few adults
    4 KB (673 words) - 02:24, 3 July 2013
  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.'' ...h by the seaside and gained enough consciousness to look for Yume, causing a haunting.
    2 KB (335 words) - 14:43, 14 August 2019
  • ...politician in Mitakihara Town. She was a well-liked and popular girl with a good reputation who fully believed in her father. She had no idea that he h ...u has someone that you love." She claims that the world is in danger, that a monster will descend upon it and destroy it. She seems to look straight at
    3 KB (540 words) - 02:47, 14 December 2013
  • ...his race developed the technology to convert emotions into raw energy, a.k.a. the magical girl system. Considering not many understand Kyubey's stance, front of a shocked Suzune. Kyubey explains that Tsubaki has turned into a witch due to both battling so hard to protect Suzune and giving most of her
    3 KB (585 words) - 03:06, 11 June 2017
  • ...original Japanese title is "Chichinpurin", which is a pun on “Chichinpui", a stock magical incantation in Japanese. In fan translations, "Chichinpurin" ...This is their "rejection" of the magical girl system. Niko then takes out a container that has the Soujus, their Soul Gems, and the Soul Gem and body o
    4 KB (766 words) - 00:45, 21 December 2013
  • ...this "new" method is entirely based on simulation. This method is based on a finite population, and is inspired by reinforcement learning. Here is how it works: "entities" are placed on a grid (lattice) of a certain size. Each entity takes exactly one cell of the grid, or put differ
    6 KB (1,089 words) - 00:48, 7 November 2013
  • [ Fate/zero] is a light novel prequel to Fate/stay night, written by Gen Urobuchi. Translati ...ut my creative history would probably furrow their brows and think this is a cold joke. Actually, I couldn't completely believe it, either. Because when
    5 KB (808 words) - 09:33, 11 December 2011
  • While a number of witches appear in Puella Magi Tart Magica, the vast majority of t This is the witch form of Lame, a magical girl under the control of Isabeau and her daughters.
    2 KB (347 words) - 19:40, 19 April 2018
  • ...o shoulder the blame and Mami begs for death. She'd rather die than become a witch and would rather die than continue living if she can't save anyone. K ...treated her the way a big sister would have that saved her. Kyoko touches a grief seed to Mami's polluted soul gem as Mami sheds tears of gratitude. Ky
    3 KB (554 words) - 22:47, 4 June 2017
  • ...unes "unsch" possibly stand for Wunsch, German for "wish".<br>Schicksal is a German word that can mean both "fate" and "destiny." ...orff Karl Siegmund von Seckendorff] was a German poet and composer who set a text from Goethe's Faust to music.
    3 KB (448 words) - 15:56, 8 December 2013
  •]]. It is first attacked by [[Iroha Tamaki]] on a train after kidnapping a cat. Later on it appears on the train again with Iroha and [[Kuroe]] where ...ure that is her nest, but is solid black when she's outside. It swims like a lizard, winding itself.
    4 KB (587 words) - 05:40, 24 March 2020
  • ...urns to the present. Apparently, the flashback in the previous chapter was a vision shown to the Pleiades by the witch. Kazumi begs Airi that she doesn' ...ey then appears, telling Kazumi that Airi is no longer a magical girl, but a witch. He further states that he's not sure exactly how it happens, but it'
    3 KB (556 words) - 19:11, 24 August 2013
  • ...n Kyoko but more mature-looking than the childlike version from the anime, a completely different design from the anime version. appears. It is stated in-story and by the artist that approximately a year has passed, and Momo's new look is due to her growth.
    4 KB (635 words) - 05:07, 3 July 2017
  • ...t is an analysis of Madoka by Kenichi Yamakawa, who has formerly placed as a finalist in Japan's SF Critics Awards for his writing on Darwinism in H.G. ...ional Japanese Studies of Meiji University (also one of the five who wrote a [[Spa Weekly! 2011-07-19|''Spa'' article]]).
    5 KB (698 words) - 03:50, 4 October 2013
  • * '''Madoka (Aoi Yuuki):''' *smile* (a smile after a victory) ...see, Kyubey is really my friend, so I hope everyone can get along with him a little better (ha ha ha)
    3 KB (452 words) - 08:32, 11 December 2011
  • ...yubey replies Suzune was merely fulfilling her appointed task by defeating a witch. Vast amounts of energy is created when magical girls defeat witches. ...not enough. She wants her to feel more and more pain before she turns into a witch, as alone as the witch in her story book.
    4 KB (803 words) - 03:39, 12 June 2017
  • ...ssa as a different young woman enters the tent. Tart tells her she had had a dream but couldn't remember what the dream was. [[Riz Hawkwood|Riz]] teases ...state. Tart also transforms as the chapter narrates how she brought about a change in the war in only four short months and has earned the nickname La
    4 KB (781 words) - 00:46, 3 August 2018
  • in [[:wikipedia:Hidamari Sketch|Hidamari Sketch]], which role is rather a lot closer to her natural voice. ...eral character overviews given to the auditioning seiyuu was that she'd be a big impact on Sayaka. Then they found out how wicked she is. They joke that
    4 KB (702 words) - 23:24, 7 August 2015
  • '''Durbar''' ({{Runes|DURBAR}}) is a [[witch]] from the mobile game [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magi A Witch that perpetually cleanses herself of her sins. In order to wash away
    4 KB (514 words) - 21:09, 21 March 2020
  • ...tells her to shut up and that she's going to save her friends. Kazumi uses a spell (possibly Rosso Fantasma) that creates multiples of herself, attackin Umika has a flashback explaining why the Pleiades did not appear until chapter 3. Umika
    4 KB (642 words) - 01:48, 12 July 2013
  • ...d love her but due to her childishness she was unable to understand this. A young Haruka wishes for her sister to disappear and as the contract is form with her sword. As Arisa closes in, she calls out to Matsuri to unleash a finishing blow but not before Suzune uses her "Heat Shimmer" attack to seem
    2 KB (376 words) - 02:18, 11 June 2017
  • ...r before white light explodes and her witch form appears sitting on top of a large picture book, close in appearance to the storybook witch of her cihld ...iars wrap themselves around Matsuri, forming a blob of swirling black ink. A large book with teeth flies up to the ink blob and chomps down on it, seemi
    3 KB (530 words) - 04:22, 12 June 2017
  • {{nihongo|'''Mitakihara Middle School'''|見滝原中学校|Mitakihara Chūgakkō}} is a school in [[Mitakihara Town]] first appeared in ''[[Puella Magi Madoka Magi {{nihongo|'''Shiraha Academy'''|私立白羽女学院|Shiritsu Shiraha Jogakuin}} is a school in an unnamed city first appeared in ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica]]'
    4 KB (487 words) - 20:45, 21 March 2020
  • ...a side characater in [[Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer]]. She is a rookie magical girl from [[Mitakihara Town]]. She is a determined individual, but is prone to jumping to conclusions.
    2 KB (301 words) - 02:08, 4 April 2019
  • did in the old days. As the culprit escapes, he accidentally drops a badge and leave it behind. ...themselves used to be an evil organization and are now trying to turn over a new leaf.
    4 KB (655 words) - 19:49, 10 October 2019
  • '''Rebecca''' ({{Runes|REBECCA}}) is a [[Witch|witch]] that appears as a boss in [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record]]. of her Familiars is defeated, she becomes filled with panic and goes on a rampage.
    5 KB (603 words) - 05:17, 21 January 2020
  • The first topic was about how Mizuhashi doesn't have a TV connection. As a result, she didn't get to watch the show as it aired, until they sent her t They then talked about the auditions, standard fare for a ''seiyuu'' guest. {{spoiler|Right off the bat, they accidentally let spill
    4 KB (681 words) - 02:36, 18 August 2015
  • unknown as the work progress; maybe with this, we will be able to make a new “Magical Girl” that never existed before. Challenge it together wit ...sei as teammates put a lot of pressure on me, I will do my best to deliver a heart-warming happy story to viewers!
    2 KB (327 words) - 09:34, 11 December 2011
  • '''Promised Blood''' is a faction in [[Kamihama City]] consisting of magical girls. They act as one o ...rought of Witches in all areas outside of Kamihama which ultimately led to a very bloody civil war in Futatsugi City. After lots of fighting, the leader
    2 KB (363 words) - 20:23, 31 January 2020
  • '''Lucy''' ({{Runes|LUCY}}) is a [[witch]] from the mobile game [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magi ...he sees someone right as they’re entering their house, she sometimes feels a sudden rush of sadness and tries to drag them away.
    2 KB (294 words) - 21:10, 21 March 2020
  • The '''Mirror Witch''' ({{Runes|MIRRORS}}) is a [[witch]] whose barrier is a stage in the mobile game [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Reco ...magical powers of the magical girls that enter its barrier. ''I will form a layer to protect myself.'' As the number of intruders increases, the struct
    7 KB (744 words) - 06:26, 20 November 2019
  • ...r a grudge against the Pleiades. She takes off with Kazumi, leaving behind a letter telling the others that if they want Kazumi back, they have to come ...umi is trapped in a chair. When they try to rescue her, they're blocked by a force-field. Yuuri then announces that she will plant one of her Evil Nuts
    2 KB (377 words) - 18:59, 24 August 2013
  • appears to have no memory of the bomb threat or her transformation into a pseudo-witch, and urges Kazumi to get in her car. They drive away from the ...missing, however, and Ishijima heard from Remi's sister that she had been a magical girl. Ishijima says that she has found evidence of magical girls th
    3 KB (554 words) - 02:25, 3 July 2013
  • ...[:wikipedia:Hidamari Sketch|Hidamari Sketch]] and its derived anime. She's a very quiet person. ...ted to have some fun. They first decided on the general setting, then made a general summary, and then worked from there.
    3 KB (564 words) - 04:43, 12 August 2015
  • ...2. I am sure there are lots to be criticized. Please be tolerant and turn a blind eye... ...f pages. So I just let it go and moved it in manga to a direction that was a bit different. The result seems to be the product of some unconventional ev
    4 KB (632 words) - 09:32, 11 December 2011
  • dropped. Sasa, in a moment of panic, is about to attempt to use Yuma as a shield for her escape when Oriko denounces her for using her colleagues as ...ko blasts him before he can speak further. As Yuma leaves, Oriko calls her a good girl and stops her, telling her she needs to speak up if things are ev
    3 KB (542 words) - 00:51, 12 October 2019
  • ...personality. Kazumi objects that she isn't Michiru, and that they created a different person with only the same face, to which she replies that they wa, then asks one last question: "Would they have been friends if she were a normal human, rather than Michiru's clone?" while holding the picture from
    5 KB (850 words) - 23:55, 11 July 2013
  • she tries in vain to connect sky and earth with her rain. In every drop a call for her unrequited affection washes away the past of those caught in h |english_desc = A flying snake of thunder whose duty is to take care of the memories of the w
    2 KB (224 words) - 17:47, 2 May 2012
  •|NewType and NyanType monthly magazines]], but were reissued together in a reprint.
    1 KB (149 words) - 08:26, 30 November 2013
  • ...ling into Kazumi's hand. Kyubey watches from afar as Yuuri transforms into a heart-shaped witch. The Pleiades Saints are trapped on crosses in her barri ...for her, she finds herself in the barrier of a giant witch that resembles a hypodermic needle. The Pleiades Saints arrive and quickly destroy the witch
    4 KB (721 words) - 11:08, 17 April 2014
  • Director Akiyuki Shinbo’s first original series in a while from a dream team hit creator. Combination of Akiyuki Shinbo and Ume Aoki would re ...moothly without much change to it from the first draft. It went on without a hitch to the degree I feel uneasy and began to question is it really okay.
    4 KB (620 words) - 13:06, 5 November 2013
  • June 10, 2013. It features a character profile for [[Sayaka Miki]], a tour of [[Shaft|Studio Shaft]] and an interview with music composer [[Yuki * [ YAMADA Ishito], p. 59. 「Sute Ma! I Found a Magical Girl」
    2 KB (306 words) - 03:15, 4 January 2016
  • ...future, where Oriko and Kirika are having tea together. Kirika is reading a letter form Erika, and says that she seems to be doing well with her parent
    3 KB (519 words) - 05:48, 24 February 2015
  • {{nihongo|'''Koito Asako'''|浅古 小糸|Asako Koito}} is a minor supporting character appearing in ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadne occasionally seems to be shy or nervous as well. She is seen displaying a lot of concern for her sister's welfare.
    3 KB (393 words) - 05:27, 19 November 2019
  • ...:// (白石 亜由美)], is a former Gainax animator. Doroinu, or [ ...t our eyes on Russian and Czech animation styles. Rather than working with a lot of people like in an orchestra, we prefer to create miniature landscape
    4 KB (594 words) - 13:07, 7 January 2020
  • ...ime watching them. The witch suddenly drops down at the group heavily with a loud crashing sound, however Riz managed to pull Tart and Kyubey with her i ...can't write very well, she was taught how to write her name and does so on a scrap of
    4 KB (706 words) - 20:38, 15 February 2018
  • ...ecome of her junior now that she’s run off on her own, too weak to take on a witch alone. Mami races off to catch up with Sayaka, who is now battling th ...s she never wanted to be a defender of justice, that her brave act was all a facade. She begs Sayaka not to leave her, if only for her sake. Sayaka ques
    5 KB (869 words) - 00:13, 4 June 2017
  • '''Zenobia''' ({{Runes|ZENOBIA}}) is a [[Witch|witch]] that appears as a boss in [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record]]. She also ap ...he is interrupted when she is playing with her sand, she cries and goes on a rampage.
    5 KB (643 words) - 10:19, 8 February 2020
  • ...g and fires at her again before kicking her down to the ground below where a net of ribbons awaits the falling Kyoko. ...her and they can have fun tea parties forever, all she has to do is become a witch. Before she can respond, Mami is awakened by Kyoko who is alive and w
    4 KB (790 words) - 22:53, 4 June 2017
  • A list of all minor characters from ''[[Puella Magi Suzune Magica]]''. ...っち|Suzucchi}}. She is apparently proud of Suzune for having guts and being a fast learner, and debunking her initial notion that she'd quit immediately.
    5 KB (823 words) - 19:49, 21 October 2017
  • The Madoka Magica The Beginning Story Brochure is a brochure released on October 6, 2012 together with the first [[Madoka Magic ...may suddenly awaken first-class magical power. Normally, Madoka will make a trivial wish when she contracts, and as such, her latent ability is unknown
    3 KB (540 words) - 16:07, 28 October 2013
  • ...their removed soul gems, until the Pleaides can find a way to purify them. A secret room within the Freezer contains the failed, previous attempts to cl
    2 KB (265 words) - 05:13, 24 December 2012
  • ...u from training together at the training center. Kaoru apologizes and uses a spell called "Tocco del Male" (Touch of Evil) as Akane screams. The scene ...of regrets. She says this while looking at an American news article about a Japanese kid shooting other people. Kazumi says that she's fine with it, an
    3 KB (601 words) - 10:07, 30 June 2015
  • ...tory written by [[Masaki Hiramatsu]]. The manga features new characters in a different city from the [[Madoka Magica|anime]]. *A comic in the [[Puella_Magi_Madoka_Magica_Anthology_2 | Madoka Magica Anthol
    2 KB (242 words) - 12:49, 9 February 2015
  • ...o appeared in ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story|Extra Story]]'' as a cameo. She is one of [[Komaki Asako]]'s friends. * '''School:''' Shirome Middle School. Her year is unknown. She shares a class with Komaki and Miyuki.
    3 KB (457 words) - 22:06, 20 April 2017
  • |In my decades of experience writing manga I have never thought about a scenario like Madoka. It went beyond my imagination. ...nding when I watched Madoka Magica.<br style="clear: both" />I think it is a great thing to create such touching work.
    5 KB (698 words) - 01:04, 17 March 2012
  • [[File:Kyouko church 03.jpg|thumb|300px|A detail of the parishioner's benches and the stained glass wall.]] A church originally ran and presided by [[Kyoko Sakura]]'s father. The main c
    3 KB (482 words) - 16:59, 8 December 2013
  • ...cast from September of the previous year to August of that year in Japan. A judging committee makes the decision and it is considered among the most pr ...he perfect taste of the real charm of an anime that could only be found in a TV series where every week you really cannot wait to watch what happens nex
    4 KB (398 words) - 09:20, 11 December 2011
  • <blockquote>''"Meow." <br \ > "I've got a cookie. Want it?" <br \ > "Meow!" <br \ > "You're this little and yet you'r {{Nihongo|'''Amy'''|エイミー|Eimī}} is a black cat, featured in the anime opening, whose story is told in the [[Dram
    5 KB (807 words) - 19:54, 25 August 2019
  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.'' Onee-san who is a regular at her place, a kind, gentle lady who is also a good cook. She is the aspiration of Riko who has just became an [[Riko_Chia
    6 KB (1,064 words) - 14:45, 14 August 2019
  • ...gical Girls from their Soul Gem at the moment it would transform them into a Witch. The Law of Cycles is omnipresent, but not self-aware. If a pocket dimension is created, as it is in Rebellion, the concept will not be
    3 KB (454 words) - 07:56, 28 April 2019
  • <span style="font-size:large">{{Runes|A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9}} </s A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    1 KB (220 words) - 22:18, 7 August 2011
  • ...veryone to the same rational perspective as them. The girls are even given a fair compensation for their services, even if he can't tell if the wishes a ...ld have been the results of her wish she would never have agreed to become a magical girl in the first place.
    4 KB (748 words) - 03:39, 11 June 2017
  • sign her name underneath. Kagome tries to explain she doesn't know what a Magical Girl even is but the familiar is persistent. The familiar is sudden ...he world can know the truth about Magical Girls. In this way they can take a giant step towards saving them.
    5 KB (951 words) - 17:46, 27 February 2020
  • ...ka from becoming a witch. She may fight with other magical girls and enjoy a bitter-sweet event with [[Kyousuke]].<br> Sayaka's heart is pounding with Kyousuke's 'skinship'. There is such a happy scene not in the original anime.<br>
    5 KB (864 words) - 21:00, 23 February 2012
  • This page is a collection for official images and screenshots from the official works. File:Homura ring.png|Mami's Soul Gem as a ring , strangely enough though it appears purple here but in the final rele
    5 KB (837 words) - 22:39, 21 July 2019
  • A happy family which is facing its destruction not too far in the future. Wha ...s attached to Mami. But they are apart for some reason. Kyoko, fought with a lance, and Mami, using muskets. Were they partners before?<br></td>
    6 KB (1,077 words) - 13:29, 27 February 2012
  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.'' Ryoko of the Tokime Clan. Ryoko admired Sakuya's footwork as she fights a witch and helps her finish it off when she lost her breath. She gave the gr
    3 KB (530 words) - 04:01, 11 February 2020
  • File:Megami 04.2011 Homu Pin-up.jpg|Same magazine with a nicer page. File:145.jpg|A [[Madoka_Magica_(manga)|manga]] illustration of Homura with her shield
    6 KB (880 words) - 18:16, 28 April 2018
  • Once upon a timeline, Madoka isn't acting like the way Homura's used to. This Madoka do *Sayaka is already contracted, and is a complete ditz. She also constantly loses her soul gem.
    3 KB (588 words) - 04:48, 21 December 2017
  • ...vie The Rebellion Story Official Guidebook "Only You"''', a compilation on a wide variety of information about [[The Rebellion Story]], was released on As it is similar in nature to a witch, the Dark Orb will occasionally walk about on its own. It does listen
    3 KB (378 words) - 09:26, 28 August 2015
  • ...same earring-bell Kazumi has worn throughout the series. The flashback in a flashback ends as Kazumi says her grandmother went to heaven the next day. ...all her teddy bears. Kazumi suggests calling it "Angelica Bears" which is a pun on Mirai's name and the Ashitaba plant (Mirai's name means "Future Youn
    5 KB (849 words) - 13:23, 17 April 2014
  • ...]]. "Lich" is actually an archaic English word meaning corpse; the idea of a lich being this particular type of undead comes from the tabletop role-play ...Gem. This is why some people to refer to Magical Girls as "liches" to make a joke.
    3 KB (507 words) - 19:58, 19 April 2017
  • '''Scenery with a Unique Presence''' The scenery in Madoka creates a unique tension and atmosphere. You can place it in the near future or pres
    4 KB (682 words) - 12:23, 5 November 2013
  • ...unes|H.N. ELLY}}) is the handle name of '''Kirsten''' ({{Runes|KIRSTEN}}), a [[witch]] appearing in [[Episode 4]] of the anime. |english_desc = The box witch with a covetous nature. She is a staunchly reclusive witch. Anything she covets she locks away within glass.
    6 KB (887 words) - 10:16, 20 January 2019
  • ...ase/Luca's power, she picks up Kazumi and flees with her and Juubey inside a roller coaster. ...oujus are better synchronized. Suddenly, Niko, Kazumi and Juubey trip with a broom and fall, prompting them to shout in pain simultaneously. This gives
    4 KB (707 words) - 23:34, 29 June 2015
  • ...You Heard? That Rumor About the Magical Girls|Magia Record Episode 1]] as a plush toy that Iroha owns before later making her debut in [[Magia Record E ...tering her. Because of her fickle nature, even if she looks like she is in a good mood, one should not let their guard down, as she is known to bite and
    5 KB (610 words) - 23:38, 25 January 2020
  • ...[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story|Extra Story]]'' as a cameo. She is a magical girl that goes to the same school as [[Oriko Mikuni]]. During a fire at school camp, Komaki made a wish to protect herself and her friends, Akira and Miyuki.
    4 KB (705 words) - 13:15, 13 October 2018
  • ...s with all of you today. Make sure you pay attention."'' <br \ > ''"Should a sunny-side up be hard or soft?!"'' <br \ > ''"What do you think, Nakazawa-k * She also seems to be a friend of [[Junko Kaname]], Madoka's mother. They refer to each other by fi
    2 KB (352 words) - 14:51, 15 October 2019
  • ...tation of the mahou shoujo genre where the use of magic is associated with a real sense of fear. From that point onwards, disembarkation will be impossi ...and depends on each individual's tactics. For example, Mami can bring out a giant gun, but it is single-loaded, that's why she lost to the witch…<br
    4 KB (602 words) - 12:49, 5 November 2013
  • ...ey"|'''Urobuchi:''' Basically it does not matter. If the “expectation” has a sense of direction, this is almost the same as “prediction”. And that i ...irst he did not know what kind of reputation I had as a writer. And I felt a bit sorry about that (lol).
    9 KB (845 words) - 01:04, 17 March 2012
  • [[Mami]], who was seen as a reliable senpai for [[Sayaka]], who is only a newbie magical girl, was eaten by the witch. Sayaka is astonished by this. <td>I couldn't confess to [[Kyousuke]]! Because I'm a coward, Kyousuke and [[Hitomi]] will....!
    5 KB (915 words) - 10:47, 28 February 2020
  • File:KyoSaya.jpg|Sayaka as a child ==== Sayaka as a regular girl ====
    6 KB (885 words) - 19:26, 24 February 2020
  • Alina uses her magic to create a perfect barrier where Eve can maintain her form despite losing Ui, her core The team are too spent to put up a fight, and Alina being invincible makes matter worse. Nemu decides to cance
    2 KB (440 words) - 18:50, 11 February 2020
  • ...ucted several years prior to the start of the show. The school is shown in a futuristic style with glass walls, many windows and corridors. ... Justice Center Leoben], a glass prison in Styria, Austria.
    3 KB (463 words) - 06:49, 5 August 2013
  • ...earing in ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer]]''. She is part of a group of magical girls hailing from [[Kazamino City]], comprised of [[Lina ...using her. As she dies, her final thoughts are that she only wanted to be a heroine.
    3 KB (522 words) - 03:00, 29 December 2018
  • ...Homura as Mami expected and both Madoka and Mami defend her. Mami creates a ribbon bridge so Homura can stop time and throw bombs at the witch. When Homura stops time, the screen brightens and she sees a [[Ui Tamaki|strange girl]]. The screen darkens again when the girl disappea
    6 KB (1,064 words) - 01:06, 17 January 2018
  • ...own to heal Suzune's wounds. Before Suzune can say much, Matsuri hands her a grief seed she had been saving and stands up to face Kagari. ...he states she was going to let Matsuri go unharmed after Suzune turns into a witch but has since changed her mind and wants to crush them both at once.
    2 KB (411 words) - 03:59, 12 June 2017
  • '''Etteilla''' ({{Runes|ETTEILLA}}) is a [[Witch|witch]] that appears in the [[Magia Record Episode 12: Why Is This to know, and ceaselessly turns over the tarot cards atop her table. If a visitor were to arrive, she would believe them to be someone who’d recogn
    2 KB (264 words) - 17:00, 25 March 2020
  • ...seen nearby two people lamenting Chisato's death, saying that she was such a good girl. Arisa leaves and meets up with [[Haruka]] and [[Matsuri]], also was still alive, but Haruka says that even if Chisato had survived such a severe wound, she may not have even able to run, and asks what Arisa would
    6 KB (1,117 words) - 07:52, 15 May 2015
  • ...anese text, change this to a two column table with the image in one column a nested table with sections for english and japanese in the other ...been a lot of fights between students around here, but there's no signs of a witch nearby.
    13 KB (1,179 words) - 15:41, 16 April 2015
  • '''Stacey''' ({{Runes|STACEY}}) is a [[Witch|witch]] that appears as a boss in [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record]]. She also ap ...op forever. She will not fight unless an intruder disturbs her musings. On a side note, the profile on her huge cameo brooch has nothing to do with her.
    6 KB (661 words) - 22:16, 6 March 2020
  • '''Gisela''' ({{Runes|GISELA}}) is a [[witch]] who battles [[Kyouko]] within the flashback scene in [[Episode 7] |english_desc = The silver witch, with a liberal nature. She dwells in a barrier where everything moves at high speed, but the witch herself is dull
    6 KB (908 words) - 19:48, 15 August 2019
  • ...t|250px|[ The cover of BD Vol. 4] ]] A booklet is included with [ Puella Mag '''Shinbo''' – I was the one who first started to say I want to do a “mahou shoujo anime”. And it started with Producer (Atsuhiro) Iwakami i
    6 KB (1,053 words) - 14:11, 20 December 2011
  • A number of official manga have been published for the series. :A direct adaptation of the ''[[Puella Magi Madoka Magica|Madoka Magica]]'' an
    7 KB (1,076 words) - 03:23, 7 March 2018
  • ...ka responds that without him around, they won't become witches. Kyubey, in a new body, appears behind them, saying killing him is futile. He explains th ...ko doing research on the body, using a computer and her Soul Gem to create a new kind of Incubator. She introduces him to the other Pleiades, calling hi
    4 KB (694 words) - 00:17, 12 July 2013
  • * '''Blood type:''' A * '''Wish:''' To change her dad into a kind, upstanding man.
    6 KB (837 words) - 18:59, 5 March 2020
  • ...nterview with Director [[Akiyuki Shinbo]] and Madoka VA [[Aoi Yuuki]], and a illustrated timeline of the franchise. The cover illustration was drawn by ...a☆Magica Academy!" - Madoka wishes for witches and magical girls to enjoy a fun-filled school life.
    4 KB (419 words) - 03:35, 17 June 2016
  • ...distinctively angular modernist design cues. Over the course of the anime, a fraction of the house's interiors are revealed, including Madoka and Junko' ...omohisa's architect friend designed the house and Junko's friend, who runs a construction company, built it).
    7 KB (1,113 words) - 07:05, 15 April 2012
  • #"Please make my cousin a police officer!" #"I want to be a beautiful girl, 100% natural"
    5 KB (559 words) - 16:09, 25 March 2020
  • <br>"''Which would be, the beginning of a whole another magical girl tale...''" ...a]] in the ''Puella Magi'' franchise, illustrated by [[Kuroe Mura]]. It is a collection of short side-stories that solely focus on, expand on, and flesh
    6 KB (859 words) - 04:44, 22 May 2017
  • The story of the event is told in flashback and is primarily a recap of [[Madoka Magica Episode 10: I Won't Depend on Anyone Anymore|Episo ...into a Witch's Barrier. She was rescued by [[Mami Tomoe]] and Madoka from a Witch. As they defeat the witch, Madoka asks Homura to keep her secret.
    6 KB (1,003 words) - 17:11, 24 December 2019
  • in [[Puella Magi Kazumi Magica]]. He is a chef who found [[Kazumi]] in a suitcase after she lost her memory. ...h Kazumi, and he is easily influenced by her requests. He tries to project a severe and no-nonsense demeanor, but inside, he is moved by sincerity.
    6 KB (922 words) - 01:38, 12 July 2013
  • ...onal Exhibition Hall. Regular tickets cost ¥2,300 and tickets bundled with a [[Madoka Magica Rebellion Exhibition Booklet|limited edition booklet]] cont :A look back at the story of the first two movies.
    2 KB (320 words) - 04:18, 15 July 2015
  •, but it's possible because we don't need to sell any toys. If this were a project with many sponsors, we'd get slapped around if we didn't make her t ...een established. How her sense of values differs from other characters, as a character that changes the viewpoint [of the premise], that there's someone
    2 KB (289 words) - 08:26, 11 December 2011
  • ...hival to protect its content. Archives made will be posted on this page as a public service. Public backups are a crucial part of keeping the culture and folklife of the internet accessible
    3 KB (504 words) - 16:54, 19 September 2015
  • ...hile changing, Suzune reads the newspaper, which mentions a murder case of a third victim inside an abandoned factory, referring to [[Kanami]]. ...hreds with a knife. During maths class, Suzune is seen writing "Kanami" on a small piece of paper and putting it in her shirt pocket.
    8 KB (1,332 words) - 02:24, 12 June 2017
  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.'' Alina dons a rumor which grants great power at the cost of sapping her body heat. She ne
    6 KB (1,049 words) - 21:02, 26 December 2019
  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.'' Seika made a wish to resurrect Leila who was kissed by a witch and killed herself. Leila's memories of this event are wiped off by t
    5 KB (924 words) - 01:12, 14 March 2020
  • 4. The new ED for Ep. 1 & 2 where she sings a new ED song with Aoki Ume's illustration in the background. *Of course given this is a publication about hi-quality video there are some promotional coverage of w
    1 KB (204 words) - 08:45, 11 December 2011
  • A special issue of [[wikipedia:Sports Hochi|Sports Hochi]] released on Novemb ...lone hero. I haven't thought about how to continue it from Madoka becoming a "concept" in the end.
    2 KB (335 words) - 04:13, 11 January 2014
  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general.'' ...mium ticket to a famous violinist's concert. She wanted to present this as a gift to Kamijou, but she did not win.
    6 KB (1,083 words) - 17:14, 4 January 2020
  • ...''[[Puella Magi Suzune Magica]]''. She only appears in flashbacks, but has a major impact regarding the events of the story. ...ho adored and took good care of the girls she was responsible for. She was a maternal figure to [[Suzune Amano]], [[Matsuri Hinata]], and [[Kagari Hinat
    7 KB (1,030 words) - 22:41, 11 November 2019
  • "If anything could be granted with a magic…" "…and also a magical girl under contract with Kyubey."
    1 KB (235 words) - 08:24, 11 December 2011
  • ...eminds me of Takeshi Kitano's [[:wikipedia:Sonatine|Sonatine]] (laughter). A few scenes took me by surprise, very interesting. ...ketches for the movie and used that to storyboard the movie preview. After a little work, it had the major plot points for The Rebellion Story.
    6 KB (1,016 words) - 09:34, 28 August 2013
  • ...earable?‎|twelfth episode]] of the [[Magia Record Anime]]. It was shown in a flashback fighting against [[Yachiyo Nanami]]'s team prior to [[Kanae Yukin
    1 KB (175 words) - 05:03, 24 March 2020
  • ...n the new world, magical girls now fight wraiths instead, which are merely a different form of curses born from humanity. ...hey give off miasma in the air, which supposedly points to how many are in a single area. When defeated, wraiths drop (possibly several) small, cubic fr
    4 KB (652 words) - 22:20, 30 April 2017
  • <blockquote> ''A magical girl has great power. For that reason, she must do what is right. Y ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer]]''. She is the leader of a group of magical girls hailing from [[Kazamino City]], comprised of [[Mio]]
    5 KB (825 words) - 13:21, 13 October 2018
  • | Instead of a scenario | Like a fluttering butterfly
    5 KB (637 words) - 03:27, 7 March 2020

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