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  • ...ates that ever since she tried to save her grandmother by pretending to be a Phantom Thief manga heroine, she's been fighting as the magical girl born f ...randmother comes in. She wants to know if Karin can help perform a play at a children's group meeting for their Halloween event. Karin realizes that thi
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  • ...[[Magia Record Story Magical Halloween Theater ~A magical girl troupe for a day~]]
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  • ==Q&A== |A: It depends on how you want to watch it. Shinbo mentioned that "You should
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  • |name = A World With Just Me ...solutely not presence in a room, who is nothing but boring. There is then a cut to Sana's laughter echoing from the Radio Tower.
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  • |name = A Faint Hope '''A Faint Hope''' is the thirteen and last episode of [[Magia Record Anime]] Se
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  • ...s how nice that everyone can live happily now and forever. Madoka wakes up a little worried about the dream. ...eet at least, and the joke's about Madoka being ready to hand chocolate to a certain special someone one day.
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  • mountain climbing. That was before her mom left their family, which was a long time ago. ...t memory. Mitama tells Kokoro she looks like the "cool" type and calls her a kuudere. When Masara looks confused, Mitama tells her to try looking it up
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  • The Q&A includes possible spoilers for all of nitro+ works, take care and read at y ...ening of the first Madoka movie (jp BD, en sub), afterwards half an hour Q&A, half an hour signing.
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  • ...troduces herself as a fortune-telling magical girl who died while fighting a witch. She then met with Kanae who explained to her that they were both gho ..., because even though she's dead she was able to protect someone who meant a lot to her. Kanae asks for her name, with Mel confusing her meaning and tel
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  • <blockquote>''"I'm such a fool!"'' ~ '''[[Sayaka Miki]]''' </blockquote> |name = I'm Such a Fool
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  • #REDIRECT [[Oriko Magica Chapter 1: Don't Even Think About Becoming a Magical Girl]]
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  • ...uck by a second vision, where she sees a young girl who has a potential as a magical girl. She offers the information to Kyubey. ...oko. Kyubey, informed about Yuma by Oriko, approaches her in order to make a contract, but is stopped by Kyoko. Meanwhile, Kyoko teaches the girl how to
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  • [[Kako Natsume]] and [[Emiri Kisaki]] fight a witch. When the fight turns against them, they are saved by [[Karin Misono] ...n costume contest and drags Kako along. In fact, Emiri decides to enter as a contest judge. Kako then talks to [[Natsuki Utsuho]], who encourages her to
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  • ''"Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki, may I ask for a request from you?"'' <br /> ''"I want you to make a contract with me and become magical girls."'' ~ [[Kyubey]]
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  • ...ha is not convinced. The next time Felicia leaves the house, Yachiyo drags a reluctant Iroha along and together they start tailing her. It turns out she ...ients with her, and she had met up with him first to give him chocolate as a token of gratitude. Iroha had told Felicia that Valentine's day is the day
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  • ''The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.'' Mayu is a young lady who has a unique charm that makes men, especially older ones fall for her, and even w
    3 KB (518 words) - 18:51, 10 December 2019
  • |name = It's Proof of the End of a Friendship ...mi Medical Center, [[Iroha Tamaki]] is walking down the halls and dragging a luggage case on wheels behind her. She arrives in the hospital room where U
    19 KB (3,105 words) - 21:24, 18 February 2020

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  • ...[[Magia Record Story Magical Halloween Theater ~A magical girl troupe for a day~]]
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  • * [[Miyuki Asami]], a background character from ''[[Puella Magi Kazumi Magica]]''. * [[Miyuki Nagatsuki]], a supporting character from ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica]]''.
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  • ...uck by a second vision, where she sees a young girl who has a potential as a magical girl. She offers the information to Kyubey. ...oko. Kyubey, informed about Yuma by Oriko, approaches her in order to make a contract, but is stopped by Kyoko. Meanwhile, Kyoko teaches the girl how to
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  • ...cast than the anime, and is set in a separate location, [[Asunaro City]]. A comment made by the character [[Ayase Souju]] implies that it is located ne
    399 bytes (59 words) - 17:02, 8 December 2013
  • ...a minor supporting character in ''[[Puella Magi Kazumi Magica]]''. She is a cosmetics saleswoman. ...nto a pseudo-witch by [[Airi Anri|Yuuri]]. Kyouka then attempted to attack a ganguro concert, but was defeated and saved by Kazumi, Umika and Kaoru.
    756 bytes (102 words) - 07:24, 23 February 2015
  • ...derground music. The November 2011 issue featured a special on Madoka, as a viewing guide for adults.
    530 bytes (70 words) - 08:43, 11 December 2011
  • ...arted to change. But whatever is said, the impact of "Evangelion" becoming a hit was huge. Without that there could not be the time we have now. ...not have made anime like we do now. But then only "Evangelion" was really a kind of exception (lol)
    2 KB (301 words) - 08:37, 11 December 2011
  • ...n [[Kazumi_Magica|Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice]]. She is a magical girl who was friends with [[Misako Ishijima]] in their middle schoo ...rought disaster, and who loved a specific manga where butter in coffee was a recurring theme.
    1 KB (225 words) - 17:18, 13 October 2018
  • *Mahou Shoujo in this show are not united as a single group. *Main element of the story is how everyone from a different standpoint understands each other.
    1 KB (172 words) - 12:56, 5 November 2013
  • :Things are going to move in a tragic direction, but there's a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. ...3, we're gonna have a Nitroplus-like development in the story. There'll be a twist or two in the plot, and it'll get dark.
    1 KB (142 words) - 09:38, 11 December 2011
  • ...iyadai was the featured guest who discussed how and why Madoka is becoming a social phenomenon.
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  • '''Rosasharn''' {{Nihongo||ローザシャーン}} is a witch appearing in [[Oriko_Magica#Chapter_1:_Don.27t_even_think_about_becom ...bably as a result of malnutrition. She goes to the point of breast feeding a man too sick to eat solid food.
    2 KB (288 words) - 08:35, 22 June 2018
  • ...t her attitude as of late, eventually causing Oriko to 'snap', for lack of a better word. on her moral values. Tuning back into reality, Oriko realizes she walked into a witch's barrier. Fortunately she doesn't even have to transform,
    842 bytes (141 words) - 19:12, 7 February 2018
  • ...end everything by this anime, I just feel it's such a waste. I want to see a normal day of life anime out of this. ...t is true that if we can see Mami or Madoka interacting with each other in a cosy warm mood, it would be fun.
    1 KB (238 words) - 21:36, 13 December 2011
  • ...[Manga Time Kirara Magica]]'' issues 1 to 9. The series was collected into a volume released on October 26, 2013. A slice-of-life story where Madoka and the other magical girls work at a cake café.
    911 bytes (121 words) - 01:16, 21 August 2015
  • Since I also want to see it, I am too happy to work for a sequel. ...high popularity, there are some voices saying they want to see PMMM become a series.
    1,009 bytes (173 words) - 08:36, 11 December 2011
  • ...e for which Kirika teases her about it. Kirika then insists on eating such a great cake in the right way and beautifully decorates the cake with strawbe ..., asks her grandparents what a supercell is and they respond with it being a really big typhoon. Yuma stands and looks off into the distance, hoping her
    1 KB (254 words) - 00:15, 4 June 2017
  • ...a politician, and she was helping him with his campaign back when she was a child. She was very dedicated and told him he couldn't bribe her, making hi [[Kirika Kure]], and she's having a tea party with Oriko in the garden. A witch attacks, and Kirika fights her while Oriko continues to make tea. Kir
    2 KB (329 words) - 00:35, 27 July 2013
  • ...マギカ|Mahō Shōjobu Madoka☆Magika|lit. "Magical Girl Club Madoka Magica"}} is a [[manga]] spin-off by {{nihongo|Hige|ヒゲ}}, originally serialized in ''[ ...ere magical girls and witches peacefully co-exist, Madoka decides to start a magical girl club.
    911 bytes (115 words) - 03:50, 10 January 2016
  • {{nihongo|''Kuru Homu''|くるほむ|Kuruhomu}} was a short-lived 4koma published in the initial two volumes of [[Manga Time Kira Nash would return to the magazine in [[Manga Time Kirara Magica Vol.9]] with a new series [[Kanameke]].
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  • * We will deliver a certain theme throughout the series. * It doesn't have to follow the defeating-one-enemy-a-week pattern.
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  • at all. If Yuma wants to save Kyoko, Oriko tells her she should become a magical girl, too. ...realizing how she survived, but Yuma quickly appears in front of her - as a magical girl. It turns out that Oriko also told Yuma that Kyoko is about to
    1 KB (200 words) - 00:06, 27 July 2013
  • ====A new challenger has arrived!==== ...esn't actually know what her own wish was. (Kyubey told her that it may be a side effect of her wish.) So with that in mind, the mystery girl decided to
    2 KB (293 words) - 20:02, 7 February 2018
  • "A gentle 2nd year middle school girl who thinks of friends before herself." "If anything could be granted with a magic…"
    2 KB (199 words) - 03:38, 23 April 2014
  • {{nihongo|'''''Pomu Magi'''''|ぽむ☆マギ|Pomu☆Magi}} is a [[manga]] spin-off by [ {{nihongo A story in which Homura becomes a chibi.
    770 bytes (98 words) - 01:20, 21 August 2015
  • ...た〜|Sutema! ~Mahō Shōjo Hiroimashita~}} and {{nihongo|'''''Sute Ma! I Found a Magical Girl Again'''''|すてマ!〜魔法少女拾わされました〜|S ...ere Homura pretends to be a cat. ''Again'' features Kyoko pretending to be a dog.
    1 KB (146 words) - 01:20, 21 August 2015
  • ...t Kirika with. Before Oriko can retrieve more food for Kirika, a rock with a note reading "YOU'RE DEAD!" smashes through the window. ...g back for home. Suddenly, Oriko sees a premonition in which she overhears a news station announce the death of Yuma, with the prime suspect being Yuma'
    2 KB (427 words) - 00:15, 4 June 2017
  • #REDIRECT [[Magia Record Story Reaching a Happier Height]]
    58 bytes (8 words) - 15:57, 6 August 2019
  • ...[[Hisaomi Mikuni]]'s brother, and [[Yurako Mikuni]]'s brother-in-law, and a member of the House of Representatives. ...and Oriko appear to have a strained relationship — in particular, Oriko as a child seemed to be afraid of him.
    2 KB (252 words) - 22:11, 20 April 2017
  • ...ol. The two introduce themselves, and Kanami puts out her hand to exchange a handshake, only to be killed when Suzune slashes through the soul gem on he ...he rabbit charm on Matsuri's bag breaks off and falls to the floor next to a girl's feet. The girl picks up the charm and gives it to Matsuri, who thank
    2 KB (263 words) - 07:52, 15 May 2015
  • Later, Madoka wins tickets for all the girls to go to a hot spring resort. Sayaka replies with "Way to go, Madoka! You must be an angel, or a goddess!"
    2 KB (286 words) - 18:13, 3 May 2014
  • #REDIRECT [[Madoka Magica Episode 8: I'm Such a Fool]]
    54 bytes (8 words) - 12:12, 19 March 2012
  • ...e of the zone (lol), but Iwakami-san is the type of director who will take a big sword and stand at the forefront to help you fight the monsters." *[[Aniplex_USA_Madoka_Premiere | Panel and Q&A at the USA Madoka Premiere, Otakon 2011]]
    1 KB (204 words) - 23:09, 6 May 2012
  • book] is a collection of fan opinions on Madoka Magica, focusing on its popularity. It ...roadcast of the last episode and the expectation of the fans was raised to a level never seen before.</td>
    3 KB (328 words) - 02:09, 16 November 2011
  • Some buzz is going around regarding a couple highlights from a new interview with staff on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies that was p ...lity of swimsuit or onsen scenes, writer Gen Urobuchi hinted, "There's not a total lack of service scenes, but I can't say that they are decidedly swims
    1 KB (209 words) - 08:47, 11 December 2011
  • ...cast on MBS, TBS and CBC, between January 6, 2011 and April 21, 2011, with a delay after episode 10 due to production and broadcast delays related to th ...rl, [[Homura Akemi]], tries to prevent Madoka and friends from making such a deal...
    2 KB (262 words) - 04:38, 12 August 2015
  • ...mmar. Every episode ends with a phrase ''"being meguca is suffering"'' (or a variant thereof in the last episode) which gained memetic popularity across model] (in fact, this type of parody had been an established meme on /a/ even before Madoka was first broadcast).
    3 KB (535 words) - 16:36, 2 June 2019
  • #REDIRECT [[Oriko Magica Chapter 1: Don't Even Think About Becoming a Magical Girl]]
    84 bytes (12 words) - 01:13, 30 March 2012
  • [[File:SoujuEvilNutBoxed.png|right|thumb|300px|A box of Evil Nuts, owned by the [[Souju|Soujus]].]] ...d, as the Evil Nut separates from her, much like when a normal witch drops a Grief Seed. Unlike regular witches, the women return to normal after they a
    3 KB (443 words) - 01:48, 12 July 2013
  • <blockquote> ''"Thank you, Oriko. So what do you want as a reward?" <br \ > --"Daddy, you can't give out bribes!" <br \ > "Ha-ha-ha! G ...}} is a posthumous character from ''[[Puella Magi Oriko Magica]]''. He was a prominent politician in [[Mitakihara City]], and the father of [[Oriko Miku
    2 KB (327 words) - 22:13, 20 April 2017
  • A fan translation of the dialogue from the [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Concep |A lizard girl took pity on God…
    4 KB (350 words) - 07:29, 5 January 2016
  • ...done what she did all this for. The chapter ends with Erika wandering into a wtich's barrier, which Kirika just picked up on and is about to hunt.
    2 KB (376 words) - 05:48, 24 February 2015
  • #REDIRECT [[Madoka Magica Episode 1: As If We Met in a Dream...]]
    65 bytes (11 words) - 12:11, 19 March 2012
  • '''Matasaburo''' ({{Runes|MATASABURO}}) is a [[Witch|witch]] from [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record]] |english_desc = The witch of chocolate. Her nature is to play a minor role. The end result of some defeated Magical Girl.
    3 KB (374 words) - 21:11, 21 March 2020
  • <span style="font-size:large">{{Runes|A N J A}}</span><br> A N J A
    1 KB (202 words) - 16:57, 5 August 2011
  • ...appearance, so girls will be less likely make a contract. She also created a colored illustration for [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Anthology 1]]. * [[:File:Tiro_Finale_Kuroe_Mura_(L)_and_hanokage_(R).jpg|A page]] in the [[Tiro Finale Book]].
    1 KB (177 words) - 04:39, 4 January 2016
  • .... Kazumi breaks out from her suitcase and announces that Souichirou is not a bad person. Souichirou is unable to stop the bomb, which is close to explod ...Kazumi defeats the monster with her new powers, which turns her back into a human. The chapter ends with Umika and Kaoru running in to save Kazumi, and
    3 KB (517 words) - 00:04, 12 July 2013
  • ...her than seperate volumes with Episodes 1-12 across 3 DVDs in one box set. A Blu-Ray version was released as well.
    820 bytes (112 words) - 18:40, 4 January 2013
  • ...ler form inside of it. Kazumi grabs it and kills it by smashing it against a wall. ...ling her Michiru. Kazumi shoves her away, asks the others if she really is a clone or not, and is met with silence. She begins to panic, asking "Who am
    2 KB (411 words) - 22:51, 16 March 2014
  • This is a new character and a Mahou Shoujo. She is of amoral type and bases her actions on own gain (e.g. ...and also Konoe Konoka in Negima?!). Now I wonder whether that pic was from a preview printing and will be corrected in the actual print.... ''
    2 KB (383 words) - 08:26, 11 December 2011

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