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This page categorizes a number of speculated endings for Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the anime.

Good Ends

Morning Rescue End

A Deus Ex Machina solves everything, producing a happy ending out of nowhere.

Witch-free End

Walpurgis is destroyed, everyone lives, the witches are defeated, and Kyuubey is driven off of Earth. Madoka forced to kill Homura to ensuring she can never become a witch or reset this successful timeline.

You Knew It Was Coming End

Episode 11 and 12 are beach and onsen episodes.

Gen Told You He Wasn't Evil End

Kyuubey saves the universe. He solves the entropy problem, cleans up the witches, and creates a pocket-dimension cake planet to reward everyone who became a magical girl or witch.

Yuri End

Madoka and Homura become all-powerful lesbian goddesses. They solve everything and revive their fallen friends, who all pair off into lesbian relationships. Kyousuke gets dumped.

I Really Think It Was Worth It To Become A Magical Girl End

Madoka recreates the ending of the original timeline, and Homura accepts it.

It Can't Be Helped End

Homura runs away from Walpurgis. She kidnaps Madoka and confines her in a safe place until the event is over. Homura warns the normal humans to evacuate the city, and uses her time stop powers to deliver a credible threat to the military.

Akemi Homura: Total Badass End

Homura defeats Walpugis and lives happily with Madoka.

Friendship ls Magic End

In the next reset, everyone works together to save the world and achieve a happy ending.

First 4chan chart of endings

Bittersweet Ends

Both Miracles And Magic Existed End

Madoka's wish allows her to break free of the contract and restore everyone's humanity. Homura dies of heart failure, Mami died in the accident, Sayaka loses Kyousuke to Hitomi and dies of a drug overdose, Kyouko's dad goes broke and still kills his family in a drunken rage, and Madoka is remembered as the worst monster ever to exist when all intelligent species perish in the heat death of the universe.

  • A possible variation: Madoka's wish makes every Puella Magi dead instantly, as their Soul Gems cease to exist and bodies have no souls to control them.

Jesus End

Madoka comes to the conclusion that all of the problems are her responsibility and kills herself, freeing Homura from her time-travelling do-overs. She uses her wish to ruin Kyuubey's plans and permanently free Earth from the threat of witches.

No, Everything ls For Her End

Homura sacrifices herself to defeat Walpurgis and allow Madoka to live on.

Witch Team End

Madoka and Homura become witches together. They set out to eliminate all suffering in the universe through destruction, and spend eternity united in bittersweet damnation.

Oh Boy Here We Go Again End

Madoka wishes to go back in time to become someone who protects Homura, sending the universe into an infinite recursion of infinite recursions of time.

Witch End

Madoka becomes a witch and kills everyone. The entire universe is consumed by her barrier. She fills her barrier with an idealized dream world.

l've Put My HDD For Porn Images In A Safe Place End

Homura goes insane. She kidnaps Madoka and keeps her as a sex slave. This inspires many doujins.

Second 4chan chart of endings.

Bad Ends

Fine Print End

When Homura dies, her magic disappears, so everything reverts to how it was in Timeline 1 before she made her wish, except Homura is still dead.

Euphemia End

Madoka blames Homura for the deaths of Sayaka and Kyouko. Berating her for failing to care about people who needed her, Madoka tells Homura to go away. I-lomura obeys by killing herself on the spot, and Walpurgis ravages the city unopposed.

Nice Boat End

Witches are symbols for nuclear waste. The offal from Kyuubey's power plant makes Earth uninhabitable for centuries. The episode revealing this is censored and replaced by footage of a boat.

Beating QB At His Own Game End

Homura is the true villain. Madoka died i before the events ofthe show and everything is an illusion created by to fool Kyuubey. She's from another dimension, and her goal is to siphon i powers from the girls to overcome entropy in her dimension at the cost of destroying ours.

Friendship isn't Magic End

In the next reset, everyone works together to save the world to achieve a happy ending, but they fail and everyone dies anyway. Kyuubey is seen preying on a new pack of innocent girls.

Wishes And Curses Balance Out End

Homura uses all her magic to defeat Walpurgis, and becomes a witch. Her witch form is Walpurgis, and Madoka sacrifices her life to defeat the reborn Walpurgis.

You'II Lose Everything End

Everyone Madoka cares about dies, even Homura, and Kyuubey is driven off, leaving Madoka alone and helpless.

Homerun's Ball ls Out Of The Park End

Homura goes insane. In the next time reset, after politely introducing herself to the class, Homura guns down Madoka and Sayaka. She apologizes and commits suicide.

Everyone Dies End

The climactic battle with Walpurgis leaves everybody dead.

Psychological Ends

No End

Episode 11 & 12 are never released.

This ls Madness End

Madoka was just Homura's imaginary friend. None of the other magical girls were real. Homura is institllticnalized after going on i a shooting spree against "witches." Alternatively, the whole story took place inside Madoka's (or Homura's) witch barrier, and nothing was real.

Eva End

The last two episodes are a psychological examination of the characters. Madoka questions what her wish is for, makes it offscreen, and is greeted by a Congratulations scene featuring Mami holding her detached head under her arm. An End of Madoka OVA will be released later.

It All Comes Tumbling Down End

The final episodes are pure imagery left open to the viewers' interpretation.


Homura dles to defeat Walpurgls and save the world. A week later. the shy, normal human Homura transfers into Mar|oka's school with no i knowledge of prior events.

Troll End

Some random accident or normal criminal with no relation to the storyline shatters Homura's soul gem and kills Madoka.

What Has Science Done End

The ending is a serious contemplation of the heat death of the universe.

Nyan Nyan End

Homura was really a cat after all.