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==See also==
* ''[[Puella Magi Suzune Magica]]''
* [[Arisa Narumi]]

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.
Suzune Amano
Japanese Name 天乃 鈴音
Age 18[1]
Weapon Sword

Suzune Amano (天乃 鈴音 Amano Suzune) is the villainous protagonist and title character of Puella Magi Suzune Magica. She is a magical girl who hunts down and kills other magical girls.

General info

  • Height: 152.6 cm
  • Weight: 42.0 kg
  • Blood type: O
  • Eye colour: Red
  • Hair colour: Either white, light grey, or light silver. It sometimes has a purple sheen to it.
  • Soul gem: Red circular gem in the center of a cross-shaped pendant, worn on a necklace.
  • Japanese pronoun: Watashi ()
  • Wish: Unknown; speculated to be "I want to become like Tsubaki"


A girl who is a smiling, hard-working student at day, and a stoic magical girl hunter at night. She refuses to state her reasons for killing. Whenever she meets a magical girl, she asks for their name prior to killing them, and later puts writes their name on a paper and puts it in her pouch, a habit she picked up from Tsubaki.

She has a cold and callous nature and shows little remorse for killing others. Suzune is usually rather polite and respectful, even when about to kill somebody. Despite her statements that she's "doing the right thing", however, Suzune is still uncertain if she is or not.



Not much is known of her past home-life. Suzune's family was killed by a witch, which was defeated by magical girl Tsubaki Mikoto, who adopted Suzune. Tsubaki treated Suzune like her own daughter, and mentored her when she became a magical girl as well. However, Tsubaki was constantly putting Suzune's health before her own and giving all the grief seeds to Suzune first, leading to her becoming a witch when the cumulative corruption became too much for her to handle. This left Suzune distraught. After defeating Tsubaki's witch, Suzune then inherited Tsubaki's bell-and-pouch pendant and, after learning the truths of the magical girl system from Kyubey, began hunting down magical girls to prevent the births of more witches.

About a month before the events of Suzune Magica, Suzune left her hometown and moved to Yunagi City, transferring to the junior high school and becoming a newspaper deliverer at Yunagi Newspaper, where she presently lives at.

Suzune during Suzune Magica


One night during the start of the story, Suzune defeats a witch in an abandoned factory and meets the magical girl Kanami, who had been fighting the same witch. Kanami was admired by Suzune's skilled fighting and fire magic. After their introductions, however, Suzune kills her in a surprise attack. Suzune later reads of the discovery of Kanami's corpse in a newspaper.

Later, during the night where the Yunagi girls are on patrol investigating rumors of a "Ripper girl" killing teenage girls, Suzune finds Chisato and asks for her name. After Chisato refuses to answer her question, Suzune stabs her through the soul gem, killing her. Arisa investigates Chisato's disappearance and comes across her stabbed by Suzune. Arisa attempts to fight Suzune as revenge, but is easily overpowered. Suzune comes close to killing her, but is interrupted by Haruka and Matsuri, who rescue Arisa and make a retreat.

Suzune continues to go to school afterwards. Haruka confronts Suzune during this time, interrogating her for the reasons why she kills. Suzune refuses to answer, brushing Haruka off and saying that "she's doing the right thing". Suzune then asks if Haruka has "ever hated someone so much that [she] wanted to kill them", and states that Haruka isn't qualified to face her if she can't answer that question.

Suzune later goes home and finds Matsuri visiting her to pass along the homework that she missed. Suzune questions why Matsuri is still kind to her after killing Chisato; Matsuri then responds that she doesn't think Suzune enjoys killing people. Suzune tells Matsuri to go home, which Matsuri does, but not before saying that if Suzune tries to kill someone again, she will stop her with all her might. Suzune is then seen putting a paper with Chisato's name on it into her pouch, before taking it off and asking out loud to Tsubaki that "she's not wrong, right?"

Suzune is later seen following Haruka after she walks out of class. Suzune follows her into an alley, but is interrupted by Arisa and Matsuri. They fight briefly before Suzune teleports away to where Haruka slumps after defeating the witch that was tormenting her; Suzune prepares to kill Haruka, but is interrupted again by Arisa and Matsuri. Arisa speaks to Haruka, trying to apologize, but Haruka rejects her apology and becomes a witch right in front of everyone. Suzune then defeats Haruka's witch while Arisa and Matsuri watch.

After meeting Kagari, Suzune finds out that her memories were altered: instead of setting out to kill magical girls after killing Tsubaki, Suzune had merely ran away and hid herself in despair. Matsuri eventually met up with her and became her friend, but Kagari erased those memories as a part of her revenge plot. After Suzune remembers this and Kagari forces her to confront her anguish, she decides to end her life after killing Kagari's witch and saving Matsuri, but not before telling Matsuri to live on and never forget that they were friends.

Powers, Weapons and Abilities

Suzune uses a large sword as her weapon. One of her powers is to "absorb" others' magic powers after killing them, though this has only been seen working on witches. Some of the powers Suzune shows using are illusionary powers, teleportation powers, fire-elemental powers (absorbed from Tsubaki), healing powers (implied to have been absorbed from a hospital-themed witch during a flashback), and apparently Kagari's memory-altering powers. It's implied that Suzune's wish was to "become like Tsubaki", leading to her gaining her absorption powers.


  • Her magical girl outfit heavily resembles the outfit that Black Rock Shooter wears. It is unknown if BRS's outfit was inspiration for Suzune's or not.
  • Suzune appears to have a mole or birthmark under her left eye near the side of her head.


  • "鈴" means bell, and "音" sound, referencing the bell pouch that Suzune wears as a hair band. "天乃" means heavenly. Her name in full means "heavenly bell sound".
  • According to tweets from GAN, Suzune is about 18-years old. She was originally designed as the villain of the story, and she was also the last of the five main magical girls to be designed. Her colours are taken from fire: red for the flames, grey for the ash.[2]


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