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== Anime ==
=== Anime ===
== Game ==
=== Game ===
File:Iroha School 1.png|The uniform for Iroha's school
File:Iroha School 1.png|The uniform for Iroha's school

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Takarazaki City (宝崎) is a setting featured in the spin-off mobile game Magia Record and its anime adaptation.

It is located west of Kamihama City.


  • Tamaki Residence
  • Schools
    • Unnamed school (Iroha's)
    • Takarazaki Junshin School
  • Railroad station(s) and tracks
    • Takarazaki-Dai-sanji Station (宝崎第三次駅)


  • Kuroe (travelled to Kamihama)
  • Mitsune Miwa
  • Miyuri Yukari (travelled to Kamihama)
  • San Kagura (travelled to Kamihama)
  • Satomi extended family
    • Tasuke Satomi (father) (formerly; disappeared)
    • Unnamed mother
    • Nayuta Satomi (travelled to Kamihama)
  • Tamaki family
    • Mother and Father
    • Iroha Tamaki (formerly; moved to Mikazuki Villa in Kamihama)
    • Ui Tamaki (formerly; admitted to Satomi Medical Center, then moved to Mikazuki Villa, in Kamihama)