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(Unknown interview from March)
(April 2011)
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===April 2011===
===April 2011===
File:Scan-1302351780496.jpg|This scan reveals that the swallowing sound Kyuubey made after eating his corpse was an ad-lib.
File:Scan-1302351780496.jpg|This scan reveals that the swallowing sound Kyuubey made after eating his corpse was an ad-lib.<br />Urobuchi: I want miyamoto-san to say "Kyuppui" when he finished eating. That was an ad-lib by Kato(Emiri)-san who is voice actor(Seiyu) as Kyubey.<br />Shinbou: I think Kato-san was also suitable post(voice) (as Kyubey).<br />Urobuch: It is rare that villain who's voice is cute.
File:Scan-1302511400606.jpg|ある程度やった人が生活ものに流れていく気持ちが分かりますね<br >I understand who works (around animation) somehow a long time trends(wants) to draw stories among usual days.
File:Scan-1302534251923.jpg|Everybody Loves Kyubey<br>Kyubey, a character surrounded by mysteries whose extraordinary existence casts a shadow over the drama. His backstory seems to play an important role in the story, he gets shot full of holes and toyed around with. Not like a magical girl mascot, is his harsh treatment proof of his popularity? Maybe.
File:Scan-1302534251923.jpg|Everybody Loves Kyubey<br>Kyubey, a character surrounded by mysteries whose extraordinary existence casts a shadow over the drama. His backstory seems to play an important role in the story, he gets shot full of holes and toyed around with. Not like a magical girl mascot, is his harsh treatment proof of his popularity? Maybe.

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Unknown Interview

Unknown interview, as translated in these posts: >>45451122 >>45457658

At this point the opening looks like an amazing fraud (laughs). Transformation is not easy, but I wanted the viewer to feel the weight of "becoming a magical girl". After all, it's the story until they make that choice. The viewers may be confused, but luckily I think we can do it because we don't have to sell the merchandising.

If this were a project with typical sponsors, we'd get slapped around if we didn't make her transform in the first episode. (laughs) But since we're fortunately not stuck with that type of project this time, we're proceeding along the lines of "let's do everything we can get away with this time!

Oh, and what about Kyubee? I think he's the key character in this work......

Additional text from that interview which needs translating: http://green-oval.net/cgi-board.pl/a/thread/45448210#p45448210 Yil 16:51, 1 February 2011 (CST)

From Megami 2011/03. --0x99 00:18, 2 February 2011 (CST)
Added. --0x99 19:45, 2 March 2011 (UTC)

Megami interview

There's a translated Megami interview from around November 2010 which doesn't appear to be on the page, and doesn't include the Megami quote listed there. http://absolute.fanboi.us/2010/11/madoka-magica-megami-interview.html Can't be certain that this link will stay alive, so maybe we should copy the whole thing to a new page linked from the main documents page and credit absolute.fanboi.us as the source. Yil 03:58, 29 January 2011 (CST)

Kitaeri's radio regarding Sayaka

Summary from 2ch


  • 現場では、完全に「さやかマギカ」と言われる
In the studio, we're all referring to this project as "Sayaka★Magica."
  • 可哀そうな方向にしかいかないが、一寸の光はある
Things are going to move in a tragic direction, but there's a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.
  • 3話以降(例のシーン)以降、ニトロ作品らしいダークな一癖も二癖もある話が展開されていく
After Episode 3, we're gonna have a Nitroplus-like development in the story. There'll be a twist or two in the plot, and it'll get dark.
  • さやかには、話の核心を付いたセリフがあるらしい
  • 自分からフラグを立てていき、さやかの周りでも引っくり返しが2~3回以上起こるらしい
  • ほむら役の千和曰く、「さやかはおいしい役だった」とのこと
  • キーパーソンになる
She'll become a key person.


Should transcript/translate the relevant section. --0x99 00:37, 4 February 2011 (CST)

NT wordplay dump

=====Text in the scans=====
The large text that says "魔女" and "魔法少女" translate as "Witch, or Magical Girl," and is a bit of wordplay.

The kanji for magical girl is 魔法少女<br>
魔法 = way of magic / sorcery<br>
少女 = young girl<br>

The kanji for witch is 魔女<br>
魔 = evil/magic<br>
女 = woman<br>

Thus, 魔法少女, "magical girl," cannot be written without including the characters 魔女, "witch".

I feel this don't provide any new information, just explaining wordplay (which I guess should be on the trivia page?) So move here for the time being. --0x99 02:40, 10 February 2011 (CST)

Given Kyuubey's last line in Episode 8, my opinion is that this should probably be moved back into this page. Oatmeal 03:32, 25 February 2011 (UCT)
I believe it's better explained in Glossary page, since these two words are used throughout the series, not just in this scan. --0x99 18:55, 2 March 2011 (UTC)


Questionnaire from unknown magazine

Found this posted on /a/, with the translation:

>Tomoe Mami: Mizuhashi Kaori
>I was drawn to the role since I've rarely been able to play a part like this before. I was allowed to choose which role I could audition for and really wanted to try her out so I'm glad I challenged myself this time around. And then when I heard the story setting ||I really wanted to play this role||, so I'm happy I got it.

Oatmeal 18:29, 20 February 2011 (CST)

It was Megami Magazine, same issue as what's already in the pre-broadcast section. The questionnaire itself is pretty interesting, someone might want to do a full translation. (If no one did, I'll do it later.) --0x99 18:48, 20 February 2011 (CST)

Another unknown interview =


an interview on magazine:
Q: I thought QB is killed, but then it resuurect.

Urobochi: If QB suffers severe damage, a new body will be automatically produced. And then, the magical girl who done this will be seriously punished by tainting her soul gem.

Of course, QB will never tell them the truth.


By the way, the reason that QB consume his former corpse is because he wants to destroy the evidences of something should'nt supposed to exist in this world

-- 09:17, 26 February 2011

Not in both NyanType and Megami. Fake. (To clarify: only two anime magazines went on sale around that date.) --0x99 18:52, 2 March 2011 (UTC)

Magazine images and text

http://2cat.twbbs.org/~tedc21thc/new/pixmicat.php?res=4903 more magazine photos

This got posted in >>46512159 It's not clear whether it's a troll or part of a Megami interview. Seems worth investigating by someone who can actually read it.


QB does not lie, which refers to the very begining in Ep1: "She can't sustain such heavy pressure"

Without Madoka as her partner, Homura is alone. And weak.


This is because fighting is basically MG's job, a cat sure can't so much thing.

Googling for the same lines in other places turned up a post in a .tw forum:







--KM 16:36, 28 February 2011 (UTC)

No mention of Black Cat in both Megami and NyanType. --0x99 18:58, 2 March 2011 (UTC)

This just popped up on mangajet.com as to why episode 11 may have been delayed into mid-April.
It has to do with Urobuchi asking Megami Magazine to replace an article on Madoka. Maybe someone here can make use/make sense of it.
-- 16:14, 31 March 2011 (UTC)

I'm not good with google translate-language, but as a general piece of advice, don't forget which day it is (it's already April 1st in some parts of the world, including Japan). All articles getting released today are pretty suspicious... --Homerun-chan 20:10, 31 March 2011 (UTC)
Aha. Fair enough warning. Didn't think about that. But it's dated the 31st and I'm in Tokyo and its already April 1st here. I guess we'll see. But yeah anything posted in this 48 hour timeframe is suspect I suppose.
-- 00:32, 1 April 2011 (UTC)
Copypasta of translation is thus:
"Reading the explanation, we can know that it was difficult to broadcast the new episode shortly after the earth quake.
※The explanation
A witch who has strong power. It is perceived as a calamity. Homura proposes to fight against the witch with Kyoko"
And some 2-chan exposition- "Calamity…To all appearances, that broken city is an appearance after big earth quakes. Because the expression overlaps that real earth quakes “Madoka Magica” can’t broadcast the new episode."

NewType/Animedia scan

From an interview, not sure which image each line belongs with.


<< Saito Chiwa (CV: Akemi Homura): >>
"Finally, there's only Madoka and Homura. Ep10 is definitely going to be AWESOME, which will makes you scream 'Oh you Urobuchi-san'"

Also from producer:
"I believe our audience will be HAPPY about ending"

Another paragraph in this magazine said: "QB may seems a merciless, evil creature; but it intends to save this universe."

--KM 18:31, 8 March 2011

Scan organization

The easiest way to judge which magazine the scan is originated from is to see when it was first posted.

6th~13th (release date is 10th every month), mostly NewType, Animedia or Animage.
22th~30th (release date is 25th every month), either Megami Magazine or NyanType.

Would be appreciated if someone could organize the gallery by date it was first posted. --0x99 20:45, 9 March 2011 (UTC)


December 2010

100 Questions Page contains translations. See the talk page for details on the ones for Mami and Kyouko, which are fanmade fakes.

February 2011

March 2011

April 2011

A compilation of the scans discussed in this section.

These are translations of magazine scans on /a/, with reference thread posts. The original images are available here: http://www.mediafire.com/?gpk15a85vog25kp

>>47950014 1 - The Secret of Homura's Room Homura's room is drawn in an other-worldly manner [TL note: this is also the word used for witches' barriers]. The truth is that it's supposed to be a holographic projected image. At its basis, it's an apartment set up around a dinner table and the like.

>>47948969 2 - In episode 8 it was revealed that there are multiple Kyubeys, but are their personalities difference?

Urobuchi: There are many bodies, but only one consciousness. Therefore, even if you kill the body, there isn't any sort of damage. Killing one is just like pulling out a single strand of hair. The scene where Kyubey eats his corpse, and then comes in from the stairs in the script. I was trying to write Kyubey as something that humans can't relate to. Think like, "If your brother really died, what would your response be."

>>47949220 3 - Urobuchi: Even though it's a 1-cour broadcast period, there were a lot of things to chip away at. I keep thinking very hard about the developments in the next Madoka (note: this comment was made on 3/13) TL note: Cour = a Japanese TV season of 12-14 episodes.

>>47949471 4 - There's only half of the show remaining: It's a somewhat short story, so do the two of you think you would want to make a sequel (Madoka 2)? Shinbo: I've thought a lot about what to do if there were 2-cours, what would go into all 12 episodes. I think I could really expand the world from what we've made so far.

>>47949703 5 - Urobuchi: Thinking about ending the story cleanly, it's somewhat troublesome. If it were 2-cour, there might be the possibility to develop things with more breadth. But I'd be worried about what I would write as a continuation if this were the case.

>>47950350 6 Urobuchi: When I was writing the script, since the monster design and the visual design weren't completed, there was no decision on the fight scenes. So in the script I wrote, "In this scene 'She says this line while fighting," just a rough outline. At the time Mami's Finisher was called "Ultima Shoot" (laughs), but I thought that was really lame, so during recording I was translating it on the internet. I tried Spanish and Greek, and then finally decided on the Italian "Tiro Finale."

>>47917408 7 Shinbo: "In the anime, Sayaka didn't kill the two hosts." Urobuchi: "It can be interpreted as both ways in the scenario, so Hanokage-san interpreted it as if they're killed in her manga version."



Q - In future, do you think you want to do more original anime?
Shinbo (S) - I have such thought, although I do not hate adapting anime from original works either.
Q - Any idea of what you want to do?
S - Not really. Mystery or something mysterious, and then Horror. But perhaps horror is not possible, because I have got to the point of not really watching much horror these days. And then I think perhaps it's good to have more mahou shoujo, but this time it is more slice-of-life and girl-next-door. I would like to try this different variation of mahou shoujo. And then there is also something like the world of Ikki Kajiwara. It may be interesting to do something like Ai to Makoto*, something that brings two polar opposite together.... But before that, I may need to do the second season of PMMM. If it is possible, I would definitely want to do that.

  • Ai to Makoto is a manga from 1973-1976 and was very popular in its days. It is about a well-bred girl from a very rich family crossing path with a juvenile delinquent boy. It was adapted into both tv drama and movies but I don't think there is anime adaptation.

-- Alternative translation of the same interview:
Q: From now on, do you want to make original works?
Shinbo: Yeah, I have a feeling like this. Of course, it's not that I hate adapted works.

Q: Do you have any ideas as to what you'd want to do next?
Shinbo: Let's see. A detective in a strange story, maybe. And then, I'd like to do a horror anime. But it's getting harder and harder to do a horror anime. It doesn't seem like nowadays, many people want to watch a horror anime. And as for magical girls, I'd like to do a more slice-of-life anime. I think I'd like to try doing a different genre of magical girl anime. Also, I want to make something with a world like something Ikki Kajiwara would make. I think creating something as extreme as "Ai to Makoto"...oh, but before all that, I'd like to try for a second season of Madoka. (hahaha) If I could, I would definitely want to do it.

Post-earthquake tweets

Not sure if relevant, but still interresting ...

note:otokomatsuri1=Yukihiro Miyamoto (series director of Madoka Magica) butch_gen=you should be able to find by yourself ... (snip) --Homerun-chan 19:28, 11 March 2011 (UTC)

Given it's relative popularity on Twitter, this section has been moved to the actual page. Feel free to remove it if you find it out of place. --Homerun-chan 19:35, 12 March 2011 (UTC)
Changed my mind, it really is out of place. Left it in comments just in case. --Homerun-chan 19:41, 12 March 2011 (UTC)
I've reorganized the page a bit, it should be more fitting now. --0x99 07:35, 15 March 2011 (UTC)

"MBS Broadcast Delay of Madoka" phone calls

The poster ID:oq9nsYz30 has only exactly one post made on that day (2ch randomize user ID every midnight); it's likely this one is a troll. Most likely 騎士ヴィスクエア, a famous troll in 2ch anime boards, who samefag on Madoka thread everyday using his mobile phone/P2 account/his PC, posting similar contents. I've removed it until there is any further proof on the topic. Original content is posted below. --0x99 03:21, 8 April 2011 (UTC)






Q: The shows suspended due to the earthquake are now being aired one after another, but what's the reason for only this show being in long-term suspension?
A: We weren't told anything more than "it is on suspension due to the effects of the earthquake".

Q: Why hasn't the reason for the long-term suspension been clarified?
A: Unknown. They tell the person in charge of the programming that it's certain that it hasn't been clarified.

Q: Why is the internet distribution also suspended?
A: Unknown. We haven't been told why. I'd like you to inquire the correspondence for such.

Q: Is it possible that it will remain like this and not be aired?
A: Unknown. Our inquiry center is told programming broadcast information two weeks ahead, but at this point, they have no plans to air the show in the next two weeks.

Q: Shows broadcasted by satellite are aired after [regular broadcast], but in the case that the suspension continues, is it possible that they'll air it first?
A: Normally that's impossible. In the current state that it can be aired on MBS, if MBS doesn't air it first, internet distribution and satellite broadcast won't happen.

Regarding the April Article of Megami

I just thought I'd like to add a note about Monster Hunter and its relevance to Madoka Magica. Monster Hunter is a very popular video game series that revolves around the concept of (in one of the developers' own words) "hunting really big monsters with really big weapons;" this article lets us know that both Gen Urobuchi and Aoki Ume, apparently, are fans of the games!

While we can already see that almost all of the witches faced by the girls thus far are "really big," some of the girls' weapons also have analogues to weapons used in the series: Madoka has a bow (which, coincidentally, is one of the more difficult weapons to use), Mami has a bowgun (with the heavy bowgun being similar in heft to the gun that appears for her "Tiro Finale"), and Sayaka uses long sword-like attacks. It is worth noting that no spear- or chain-like weapons, such as Kyouko's, exist in the series yet. 03:03, 11 April 2011 (UTC)

I'm not sure how this is relevant. I mean you are basically saying "because the monsters are really big and the game has swords, bows and bowguns, clearly this series is inspired by Monster Hunter". Well, okay. I mean. What about all those really really really old stories about man besting dragons? Or heading down the same path, clearly Madoka is an homage to Megaman Zero. Zero's basic weapon is a sword (Sayaka), but he also gets a shield (Homura), a variety of guns/busters (Mami) and a spear+whip combo (Kyouko). He doesn't get a bow, but that's alright, because Madoka is also the only magical girl not to actually be a magical girl in the series! But wait it doesn't stop there. Zero battles Mavericks, which like him, used to be Reploids (disregarding the fact Zero is a speshul flower), most of which are bigger than him, some of which have giant monster forms as well. TL;DR: you can make a series analogous to any other series with just a bit of brain juice and enough effort. I'm not trying to be a jerk, just pointing out that if we start tagging every single series that is similar to Madoka based on very very loose tropes like their weapons or colors, we'll be here all night. Case in point, did you notice the six primary characters of Madoka (IE magical girls + Hitomi) match the colors of the original six Power Rangers? SPECULAH: HITOMI AS GREEN RANGER.
Actually, he's saying "because Urobuchi explicitly said he was inspired by Monster Hunter in an interview, clearly this series is inspired by Monster Hunter." [[1]]
That's what I meant. (I'm a "she," coincidentally, but that's a minor detail.) Since Urobuchi mentioned his and Aoki Ume's love of Monster Hunter, I thought it would be interesting to look into the series and pick out what might be influences from the games. (Of course, I also wanted to pimp out the games, too, but that's also a minor detail.) Momoism 18:31, 21 April 2011 (UTC)

Fate/Zero Volume 1 Postface

Urobuchi Gen wants to write stories that can warm people's hearts.

Those who knew about my creative history would probably furrow their brows and think this is a cold joke. Actually, I couldn't completely believe it, either. Because when I start typing out words on the keyboard, the stories my brain comes up with are always full of madness and despair.

In fact, I wasn't like this before. I've often written pieces that didn't have a perfect ending, but by the last chapter the protagonist would still possess a belief that 'Although there will be many hardships to come, I still have to hold on'.

But from I don't know when, I can no longer write works like this.

I am full of hatred towards men's so-called happiness, and had to push the characters I poured my heart out to create into the abyss of tragedy.

For all things in the world, if we just leave them alone and pay them no attention, they are bound to advance in a negative direction.

Just like no matter what we do we can't stop the universe from getting colder. It is only a world that is created through a compilation of 'progresses of common sense'; it can never escape the bondage of its physical laws.

Therefore, in order to write a perfect ending for a story you have to twist the laws of cause and effect, reverse black and white, and even possess a power to move in the opposite direction from the rule of the universe. Only a heavenly and chaste soul that can sing carols of praise towards humanity can save the story. To write a story with a perfect ending is a double challenge to the author's body and soul.

Urobuchi Gen had lost that power. It still hasn't recovered. The 'tragedy syndrome' is still continuing within me. Is this a terminal disease? Should I give up on the pure 'warrior of love' that I've longed for? Ascend a pallid battle steed and reincarnate into a dispenser of this virus... Could it be that I can only create pieces that give men courage and hope in my next life? (When I wrote this, I wrote 'courage' as 'lingering ghosts'. Could this be because of using 'ime' - Ah, I wrote 'ime' as 'hatred' -are there no chances of recovery for me?)

Honestly, I even wanted to break my pen. I remember watching Spidermen II. When I saw Peter wishing that he doesn't have the power to change his body, I also thought 'Perhaps, I wish to never write another script again!'

Therefore, I visited my friend Nasu Kinoko's house on the afternoon of the next day, and wanted to tell him my true intention. But before I spoke with him about what I've been thinking in my heart, Takashi Takeuchi got ahead of me and started talking. And as soon as he spoke he brought up an unthought-of proposal.

The parts afterwards are the same as Kinoko's notes. Although the initial plan was just a short piece describing the duel between Kiritsugu and Kirei, the wings of imagination can't be stopped once it is spread opened and finally all seven Masters and their Servants are gathered together. I found myself once again immersed in the joy of weaving together a story. It can be said that the launch of Fate/zero saved my writing career.

Right now, I've writing a piece that is saved and has a perfect ending. To be more accurate, writing a part of this piece.

Yes. This marvellous piece called Fate - its perfect united ending surrounding the protagonist Emiya Shirō is a set fact. No matter how cruel the end of Zero turns out to be, it wouldn't affect the perfect finish of this entire work.

Right now, I've finally got a chance to write a tragic ending according to my heart's desire. No matter how I display the darkness inside my heart, from an overall look I am nevertheless a partner of 'the warrior of love, Nasu Kinoko'.

Ohhh yeah.

Umm. Although it didn't completely solve my problem, however, to allow me to once again discover 'the self that has the joy of creation' is already a big improvement.

Right now, I'm moving forward step by step. No matter where I end up in the future, I am already very happy at the moment.

According to current projections, Fate/zero should end in four volumes.

Translated Post-Series Documents

I've seen some stuff floating on /a/, namely a translated picture of the design behind Homura's 'wings' as well as Demons. No doubt, we're gonna be getting some Word of God possibly explaining or detailing the final two episodes, as well.

Could we make sure to upload it here and have it translated, when and if any crops up? Sadly I've lost the page I'm talking about up there, but I'm sure someone saved it.

Unknown old interviews

Quite a long stuff, so I'm even more surprised it's nowhere on the wiki. It has been posted on Canned Dogs as a scan and translation on March 5th. Don't know what magazine it is, or who is being interviewed. --KFYatek 19:33, 27 April 2011 (UTC)

There's also the famous interview with Gen with info about the cat in Drama CD... it's also a month old now, and was first referred on the wiki only recently... --KFYatek 19:39, 27 April 2011 (UTC)