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Translation Status

Archive of threads: Listed under "Madoka Magica Anthology 2" Works in progress can be downloaded here.

Translated - 0

Translated and Typeset - 11

  • Imu Sanjo. Inner cover pages. "Soul Jam (Amply Sweet)" - The girls taste their soul gems.
  • Ushiki Yoshitaka, Page 5. "To become what you want me to be" - Homura learns to be cool from Mami, but it backfires.
  • Sekiya Asami, Page 11. "Traces" - Kyousuke's thoughts on Sayaka.
  • Rui Tamachi, Page 29. "Cake" - The girls have a contest to make the most delicious cake.
  • Takashi Tensugi, Page 45. "Feeding Kyouko" - Mami teaches Kyouko about how to properly value food.
  • Adobenchara, p. 73. "Madoka☆Magica Symposium" - After the anime finished airing, Homura has a discussion with everyone on their intentions and relationships with one another.
  • Tsukasa Unohana, p. 81. "Mami-san Weight!" - Mami has concerns about her weight.
  • Satoru Kouzo (鴻巣覚), p. 137. "A High Place in Mitakihara City" - Set in the world at the end of the anime, Homura chats with Kyoko and Kyubey, with Ultimate Madoka looking on.
  • Heiki Abara, p. 115. "Meetings and Farewells" - A humorous series of moments involving Madoka, from joining Mami in Charlotte's barrier to watching Homura as Ultimate Madoka.
  • Torii Hisshi, p. 125. "An Important Story" - Homura invites the girls on a trip to tell them the truth about being magical girls. It doesn't go quite as she planned.
  • name, p. 147. "The Little Mermaid and the Kind Witch" - Kyoko's sympathetic thoughts about Sayaka's downfall.

Raw - 8

Comment Letters

I wonder if the comment letters gives us a new insight? After all, alot has happened since the first Anthology was published... --Mutopis 08:08, 22 March 2012 (UTC)

I'm not sure what you're expecting. Comment letters are drawings and comments by the contributors, who happen to be different from the first anthology. They pretty much just say what they liked about Madoka Magica, their favorite characters, what ideas they were thinking, etc. --randomanon 05:53, 27 March 2012 (UTC)