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summary movie trailer

映像は計4分 最初の1分が叛逆の冒頭な感じ。神話な感じでまどかとほむらが一緒に喋る。映像はまどかバレエ、最後には拍手する悪魔らしき人物 その後は怒涛のラッシュ 杏子ちゃんキレてて さやかちゃん魔女化で魔獣戦 安定のマミほむ(くー)対立 そしてなぎさちゃんは探偵ごっこ

I’m not the one who watched this concept movie, which is showing off at MADOGATARI exhibition from today. I just tried to translate what he summaried:

- This longs about 4 minutes. - In first minute, things happen just what we saw in Rebellion. Madoka and Homura talk together about something likes fairy-tales. The image is Madoka performing her ballet, and the Devil clapping her hands at the end of the show. - Next is like a rush of angry waves. - Kyouko is exhausting. She’s angry (at?) the cats are being revived by someone’s voice(?). - Sayaka is able to read witch’s language (the runes), and got captured (as like she was in wraith arc). She (or her dead body?) turns into her witch-form and fights againt the Wraith. Before that, her soul-gem fully got dark. - It seems Mami and cool-Homura will get another fight. - This cool-Homura don’t have the earing like what the Devil does. She’s like the normal cool-Homura we’ve known. - And Nagisa plays a detective game in magical-girl form.

Another information: - Madoka gets a new magical-girl costume. It’s cute, but exposes her flesh a bit much… - Super, very cool Mami. She’s like a boss!!