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summary movie trailer

映像は計4分 最初の1分が叛逆の冒頭な感じ。神話な感じでまどかとほむらが一緒に喋る。映像はまどかバレエ、最後には拍手する悪魔らしき人物 その後は怒涛のラッシュ 杏子ちゃんキレてて さやかちゃん魔女化で魔獣戦 安定のマミほむ(くー)対立 そしてなぎさちゃんは探偵ごっこ

I’m not the one who watched this concept movie, which is showing off at MADOGATARI exhibition from today. I just tried to translate what he summaried:

- This longs about 4 minutes. - In first minute, things happen just what we saw in Rebellion. Madoka and Homura talk together about something likes fairy-tales. The image is Madoka performing her ballet, and the Devil clapping her hands at the end of the show. - Next is like a rush of angry waves. - Kyouko is exhausting. She’s angry (at?) the cats are being revived by someone’s voice(?). - Sayaka is able to read witch’s language (the runes), and got captured (as like she was in wraith arc). She (or her dead body?) turns into her witch-form and fights againt the Wraith. Before that, her soul-gem fully got dark. - It seems Mami and cool-Homura will get another fight. - This cool-Homura don’t have the earing like what the Devil does. She’s like the normal cool-Homura we’ve known. - And Nagisa plays a detective game in magical-girl form.

Another information: - Madoka gets a new magical-girl costume. It’s cute, but exposes her flesh a bit much… - Super, very cool Mami. She’s like a boss!!

[Kyubey's face] [The sky is breaking itself. A huge Mami's-head-shaped stone statue falls from it] [Madoka is performing ballet dancing] Madoka & Homura - "What is happiness ?" Madoka - "It's a brightful May sun" Homura - "It's a warm family" [The huge stone statue hits the ground] Madoka - "It's fried eggs for breakfast." [SHAFT LOGO] Madoka & Homura - "But there's nothing like that in Paradise." [Madoka is performing ballet dancing] Madoka & Homura - "What's happiness ?" Homura - "It's being called by somebody." Madoka - "It's being able to call anyone." [Kyubey's face] Homura - "It's when someone is thinking of you" [Madoka is performing ballet dancing, plan on her chest (eyes closed)] Madoka & Homura - "None of this is accessible for God" [Still pictures which keep coming : "Homura with a blank stare", "carrot", "demons" (end of episode 12)…] Homura - "A lizard girl took pity on God" [Homura's soulgem swings like a pendulum, then stops] Madoka - "So the lizard girl tore God in two and brought an half from Paradise to Earth" [Ballet of Madoka : She holds a pose] [Homura, wearing her uniform, (end of Rebellion) applauds] Homura - "An act even that cruel can seem like a ray of light, committed from the darkness… it's beautiful" [Kyouko fights under a full moon sky (you can see ruins)] A - "There are many cats these days, right ?" B - "But many of these cats are dead" A - "How can one tell the difference between the living cats and the dead ones ?" [Oktavia fights against a demon (in the Mitakihara's ruins, after Walpurgisnacht)] Kyôko - "I just can't forgive bastards who asks for help without explaining their motivations" [Sayaka falling in purple water, where Madoka died during Walpurgisnacht]

Sayaka - "That's a joke, right ? What's the meaning of this ? How can I understand these letters ?" [Law of Cycle's seal, runes below (10 runes)] [Hitomi, on the way to school] Hitomi - "You should be discreet. If you disclose the existence of magic too much, it could disappear" [Sayaka's face, her mouth is covered by a mask, eyes closed)] [Nagisa is running in the woods] [Kyubey's face] Nagisa - "It smells conspiracy" [Kyubey's face] Kyubey - "Why me ? Whereas this brings no merit ?" [Ground collapses. A view of a city in flames (Mitakihara ?) [Mami crosses her arms, with a stern look on her face] Mami - "You too, you always kept everything as secrets" [A giant structure (a witch ?) bursts out from the Earth] [Mami's face] [Homura is laughing with a haughty tone] [Still pictures of Homura's very long nails (claws ?)] Homura - "So you're planning to get in my way ?" [Pink ribbon hanging from the branches of a tree, floating in the wind] Madoka - "You don't need to rescent anyone anymore… you… me…" [Madoka is running away from something (she wears a new magical girl costume), a crow flies behind her] Madoka - "Can you help me ? You too, fairies ?" [Fairy silhouettes appears after Madoka saying "can you help me"] [A giant structure (a witch ?) bursts out from the Earth] [Mami crosses her arms (side view)] [A bullet comes out from a gun (Mami's ?)]