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The freakshow's Drosselmeyer.jpg

The freakshow's Drosselmeyer uses a theatre box and alone tells the children the story of the magical girls. The children, now appearing to be in the story's world, are fantasizing about how lovely the world would be if it were more surreal and filled with violence.

This is not one of the witch's familiars. The witch's unconsciousness is turning the gears, so this is just a hollow mechanical doll. This Drosselmeyer is a doll judge.

We were considering mixing the freakshow's latter half into the background somewhere else but in the end it only showed up in the cafe.

  • the freakshow into the background somewhere else DURING the latter half [of the movie]

the first and second movies are alternate continuities that the Clara Dolls watched

More Clara flavor text.

All witch's barriers and familars are

born from the witch's unconscious.

The witch can summon them.

Also, if they are not summoned, they will simmer.

There are orders they will comply with, and also orders they will disobey.

What they are and the witch herself's own magic

are not well understood.


It's shameful Useless-sama.

Shun her and step on her.

Forget about her and spin around.

Sprinkle her ashes in a field and scatter petals.

Redye your clothes. Mourn.

From now from this it's a funeral procession

We envy it with these eyes

We gnaw at the future with these teeth.

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Yeah, this page is a bit misnamed at this point. Almost two years later, do we still need a spoiler section for Rebellion? - Prima 05:47, 21 August 2015 (UTC)
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