The Different Story: Episode 1

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The story opens up with Mami Tomoe and two unnamed magical girls fighting a large insect-like witch in its barrier. While they appear to have the upper hand, they are suddenly swiped by the witch's tail and the electricity it holds. One of the two magical girls state that their plan isn't working and apologize to Mami that they're retreating, suggesting her to do the same, surprising her. After the other magical girls flee, Mami continues fighting the witch alone and states that she is going to protect the people of this town and that there is no way she will run away from it.

After the witch is defeated, the two magical girls from before are amazed that Mami took down the witch they fought all by herself, and apologize to Mami saying that they didn't want to take a risk and die in the barrier. They offer the witch's grief seed to Mami, stating that she used up the most of her magic in the fight and that its for the best. Mami replies that she is just happy that they are safe and suggests instead that they should use the grief seed as well since they all worked together to defeat the witch.

One of the magical girls look at Mami in confusion and ask if she's a newer magical girl, and she answers yes. They then give her a bit of advice to not share grief seeds with other magical girls as she earned it. They also add that they aren't fighting the witches just for the sake of "good", and that Mami should consider all other magical girls as rivals, and if she treats all of them with hospitality she could end up getting used and betrayed by them. Mami appears to be disappointed by their words. As they then leave, they tell Mami to take care of herself and to not overdo it. And that the next time they meet, they are going to get the grief seed. Mami watches as they leave, finding herself alone again.

One year later, and after school Mami is asked by one of her classmates if she wants to go shopping with them, but she turns them down saying that she has errands to do. Her classmates are disappointed, but understand as that it must be a lot of hard work for her to live on her own. As they head out, they state they'd like to go to her place again and have some cake soon. Mami thanks them and after they leave, she brings out her soul gem and gets to work on hunting witches.

As she wanders the city, thinking about her duty as a magical girl, Mami comes across a witch's barrier and finds it a bit warped, a sign that another magical girl is possibly inside already fighting the witch. The scene changes to the inside of the witch's barrier, where Kyoko Sakura is fighting against a minotaur-like witch, and her stating how powerful the witch has gotten since the last time she's fought it. She uses her Rosso Fantasma ability (at this point it is unnamed) to attack the witch head on. The witch ends up destroying the fake Kyoko, but the real one appears from behind and defeats the witch in one go. Kyoko is satisfied that she has finally gotten her revenge on the witch to Kyubey, who warns her that the fight is not over, as the witch reforms behind her and catches her off guard. The scene changes again to Mami this time, fighting her way through the barrier to the end and finds Kyoko trapped by the witch. At the witch's mercy, Kyoko starts to think that this is it for her until ribbons shoot out and ensnare the witch's axe before it can strike. Mami's voice is heard, stating that witch has the same power as Kyoko, fascination magic, but states that that's bad luck for her. Mami then proceeds to summon two muskets and fires a Tiro Finale at the witch, destroying it and freeing Kyoko. Mami says that she's glad she made it just in time and offers her hand to Kyoko, asking if she's alright. Kyoko answers yes and thanks Mami for saving her, then asks who she is. Mami tells her to save their introductions for later as the witch has yet to be truly defeated. Mami suspects that the heart of the witch is its axe, as no matter how many times they attacked the supposed body, the witch would simply reform itself unharmed. Mami proposes that Kyoko should destroy the heart while she takes care of the familiars and the witch's body. They both agree and begin the fight once more. Mami destorys all the familiars with her muskets and once she has a clear shot of the witch, attacks the body and leaves its axe behind. Mami shouts to Kyoko that now is the time to attack its heart, and Kyoko strikes it at the center, completely destroying the witch for good.

Kyoko is happy that they did it, and Mami agrees and starts to introduce herself as a magical girl from Mitakihara City. Kyoko introduces herself as a magical girl from the next town over, Kazamino City. Kyoko expresses her thanks to Mami, as if she wasn't there Kyoko would've been done for. Mami thanks her back and then asks Kyoko what beings her to Mitakihara. Kyoko answers that she had been chasing that particular witch as it was the first witch she fought when she became a magical girl. But she let her guard down once, and it escaped from her grasp. Kyoko adds that she knows it's against an unwritten rule to go into another magical girl's territory, but she was willing to do anything to be the one to take down the witch. Mami muses about it, and Kyoko asks if she got in Mami's way at all. Mami replies that she doesn't mind as the most important thing to her is that they save as many people as possible. She then adds that she doesn't think magical girls should be fighting over territory. Kyoko smiles at her and states that now that she has defeated the witch, she should get going but Mami stops her and asks if she used up her magic in the fight. Kyoko declines her offer, but Mami states that they both took it down and as a result they should share it. Kyoko asks if she's ok with that, and Mami nods in response. They both hold out their soul gems to the grief seed and they are both cleansed. Kyoko thanks her as Kyubey disposes of the used grief seed. Mami asks Kyoko if she has some free time, and she answers that she's not in a hurry to go anywhere and follows her to her place.

The scene then cuts to Mami's house, with Kyoko as a guest to join Mami for tea and some dessert. Kyoko is amazed with the food Mami has made and states how good it is. She says that she has some nerve accepting her cooperation in the fight and invitation for tea, but Mami tells her not to worry as she was the one who invited her and states that it's a lot of fun to have another magical girl over. Kyoko adds that she was glad to have met her today, as she still a rookie magical girl and that it's a real learning experience to be talking to her and having tea. She takes note of how she just fights whichever witch just happens to cross her path and how Mami on the other hand takes notes and analyzes all the witches she fights, and researching on how to use magic. She also notes how Mami is fully mentally prepared to fight the witches on top of it all, and is surprised that Mami's such an accomplished magical girl in Mitakihara. The chapter ends with Kyoko getting to the point of what she is saying and states that if it's not too much to ask, she wants Mami to make her her disciple, which surprises her.