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Note: For terms commonly used within threads, see Thread Glossary.

This page links to all the Madoka-related threads on the /a/, /jp/, and /tg/ boards on that have been archived on (formerly archived on, and before that, and before THAT A /sci/ thread is archived on and /co/ on Some /tg/ threads are archived in suptg. You will find here the general threads ("Madoka Threads"), as well as humorous, informative or just non-general threads that have a relation with the Puella Magi franchise.

Please note that the image packs have moved and are now in their own section of the Fanworks page.


Pre-season Threads

These threads should be added for the sake of completeness, even though no serious discussion could have happened at the time. Please add more as they are dug out of the archive.

Non-general threads

Cumulative chart of Madoka threads.png

These are threads somehow related to Madoka, but that are not part of the general threads chain.

General Threads

Chart of the number of Madoka General threads on /a/ per week

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 3 live watching wordcloud

Episode 4

Madoka thread watched expected got.jpg

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Characters popularity as of Episode 8 (data in Thread #267)

Episode 9

/a/'s reaction to episode 9
Pixiv Tag Traffic Chart: Kyouko and Sayaka characters as favorites

Episode 10

Episode 10 live watching wordcloud
Characters popularity as of Episode 10

Episode 10, week 2

Due to a major earthquake that caused a tsunami and several nuclear reactors meltdown, the broadcast of Episode 11 got delayed. For easier reference, this section contains the threads that started after March 17th, 25:25 JST (usual air time).

Episode 10, week 3

From here on, two weeks have passed since Episode 10 initial broadcast, and fans still didn't have any clue as to the final episodes' broadcast dates. This section has threads made from 25:25 JST on March 24th, till 25:25 JST on March 31st

Episode 10, week 4

Three weeks have passed since Episode 10, and still nothing tangible is known about Episode 11's broadcast. Here are threads that have started between March 31st, 25:25 JST and April 7th, 25:25 JST

Episode 10, week 5

Four weeks have passed since Episode 10, and still nothing tangible was known about Episode 11's broadcast. Here are threads that have started between April 7th, 25:25 JST and April 14th, 25:25 JST

Episode 10, week 6

After five long weeks of waiting, broadcast information for both Episode 11 and Episode 12 has finally been released: both will air together on the night of the 21st. Here are threads that have started for that last week of waiting between April 14th, 25:25 JST and April 21st, 26:40 JST.

Episode 11 and 12

A typical /a/'s frontpage the day after broadcast
Note: Given the amount of threads that appeared on /a/, only the most popular ones have been kept here. See the talkpage or green-oval for the other threads.


Below are the threads that started after April 29, 3:30 AM JST (i.e. exactly one week after episode 12 finished its initial broadcast)

Announcements and statistics

Characters Generals

Ending Discussion

Humorous Threads

Being a Meguka fan is suffering.



For an updated list, see Poorfag's page (yes, she could afford one!)

Church of Madoka

Grief Syndrome

A metal slug style doujin game released at ComiKet 80 by tasofro.

Puella Magi /a/nonymous Magica

Set during the main timeline of the anime, what would happen if you were to one day wake up as Madoka Kaname, with knowledge of the events of the anime? What would happen when you let the anonymous folks at /a/ of 4chan take control over Madoka's body? That is the premise of this series of Choose Your Own Adventure threads from /a/. This is the story of the collective conscious of /a/ in Madoka's body, and their fate.

Magia Series - Archived Threads


It came from the internet, it has to be true!

Debate Threads

First and Second Movie Threads

Third Movie Threads

Rebellion Premiere

US Premiere

/a/ Rebellion poll 2013/12/11

Canadian Premiere


Bluray Release



Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica Anthology

Madoka Magica Anthology 2

Threads on /u/

While the focus is on yuri, and the rules related to that board apply on limiting content, these threads also regularly include Madoka related news and doujin translations. They are all general threads.


(/u/ Threads prior to December 2011 were not archived by, thus irreparably lost)




Movie Announcement

Current Pixiv Chart

Starting a new thread

The image used to find threads
Note: In the event two or more threads are created simultaneously, please only use the first one whose link was posted in the old thread. This way, it should be easier to follow the threads and archive them.

The original post of a new thread should contain:

A link to the previous thread
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A link to the wiki
Because people are bound to ask for it anyway
A mention of the IRC channel #madoka @
Having some real-time communication doesn't hurt.
On Thursday
Add some information about the broadcast (ETA, channel, livestreams, ... for example)
Put "Madoka Thread" in the subject line
So that haters can filter us
A madoka-related image
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Final task
Return to the previous thread and link to the new one to prevent excess threads from being created. Or even better: warn people in the previous thread beforehand so that thay don't create one themselves.

Aside from that, when the old thread dies, the following image should be posted, so that the thread can be found more easily (to find a Madoka thread, post the fish image and go where the error links you)

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