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Note: For terms commonly used within threads, see Thread Glossary.

This page links to all the Madoka-related threads on /a/ that have been archived on You will find here the general threads ("Madoka Threads"), as well as humoristic, informative or just non-general threads that have a relation with the Puella Magi franchise.

Please note that the image packs have moved and are now in their own section of the Media page.

Pre-season Threads

These threads should be added for the sake of completeness, even though no serious discussion could have happened at the time. Please add more as they are dug out of the archive.

Non-general threads

These are threads somehow related to Madoka, but that are not part of the general threads chain.

General Threads

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 3 live watching wordcloud

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Starting a new thread

The image used to find threads
Note: In the event two or more threads are created simultaneously, please only use the first one whose link was posted in the old thread. This way, it should be easier to follow the threads and archive them.

The original post of a new thread should contain:

A link to the previous thread
For easier navigation between threads, useful at the beginning of the new one
A link to the wiki
Because people are bound to ask for it anyway
A mention of the IRC channel #madoka @
Having some real-time communication doesn't hurt.
On Thursday
Add some information about the broadcast (ETA, channel, livestreams, ... for example)
Put "Madoka Thread" in the subject line
So that haters can filter us
A madoka-related image
But not necessarily a 'madoka thread' image macro
Final task
Return to the previous thread and link to the new one to prevent excess threads from being created. Or even better: warn people in the previous thread beforehand so that thay don't create one themselves.

Aside from that, when the old thread dies, the following image should be posted, so that the thread can be found more easily (to find a Madoka thread, post the fish image and go where the error links you)

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