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====Tokime Main House====
====Tokime Main House====
*[[Shizuka Tokime]] ({{spoiler|defects to Neo Magius}})
*[[Shizuka Tokime]] ({{spoiler|defects to Neo Magius in Arc 2 Chapter 8}})

====Tokime Branch House====
====Tokime Branch House====

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The Tokime Clan (時女一族 Tokime Ichizoku) (Tokime Family in the NA server and Tokime Tribe in some translations) is a family-based faction from Tokime Village (時女集落) of Kirimine County (霧峰村 Kirimine-mura) consisting of magical girls of the same clan.

Their base of operation in Kamihama City is Suitoku Temple located in Sankyo Ward. They initially act as one of Kamihama Magia Union's allies in Act 2, though as of chapter 3 they have ended this alliance.


The foundation of Tokime Clan is unknown, but at least they existed since ancient times. back then, Most of magical girls of Tokime Clan purely fight to protect Japan itself and they can freely choose their way when they join the ranks of adults - leave Tokime Village or remain. which is why there are several magical girls who are part of the Tokime Clan Branch House across Japan and born in the Outside of Tokime Village (such as Ryoko, Chika, Asahi, and Tokime Branch House Soldiers).

However, during the Sengoku Period, everything changed - there is a gap in Tokime Clan's history in which there are no new magical girl of Tokime Clan and some unnamed samurai who was dispatched for the protection of Tokime Clan, took control of the whole Tokime Village by force.

This samurai became the first "Mikoshiba (神子柴)" - the Tokime Clan's hierarch and top controller. Since then, the Mikoshiba created a power-cabal bound together by secrets and backscratching. For hundreds of years, the Mikoshiba trade the wishes of the Tokime Clan's magical girls with powerful people from all sectors of Japan - top-level government officials, politicians, and businessmen.

The first Mikoshiba made the system of extortion, intimidation, and blackmail to exploit every girl of the Tokime Clan in the whole Kirimine region (not only Tokime Branch House, but even included Tokime Main House), and the chance to make a wish for girls of Tokime Clan were trafficked for the Mikoshiba's dirty money and connection, in the name of religious tradition.

When the "wish deal" is finalized, and the magical girl of Tokime Clan is on the borderline of becoming a Witch, the Mikoshiba dispose of the girl - by deceiving her into "leaving this small village as she will be able to accomplish more for the sake of the Land of the Rising Sun" and then drowning her in the river. This "coming-of-age ceremony" has endured for centuries in the name of "traditions", and Shizuka Tokime is only one who survived this "coming-of-age ceremony".

However, the abusive reign of the Mikoshiba finally ended when Chiharu Hiroe successfully rescued Shizuka Tokime from "coming-of-age ceremony". Shizuka finally realizes the truth of the Tokime Clan and tells Chiharu and Sunao. That she saw the remains of the Tokime Clan's magical girls who became victim to the wish deal since the era of the first Mikoshiba and that she remembered what the Mikoshiba told her before she attempted to dispose of Shizuka. Finally, Sunao decided to refuse the orders from the Mikoshiba (to eliminate anyone attempting to expose the truth - such as trying to trespassing on Great Temple, a place only opened up when large-scale festival season or emergency situation).

The Mikoshiba, trying to tie up loose ends after she realizes that Shizuka is still alive and Sunao refuses to comply, releases the familiars to eliminate the three girls as well as their parents, and evacuate the residents of Tokime Village. After every familiar had been killed by Chiharu and Shizuka, Sunao enters the Mikoshiba mansion and finds evidence of the wish deals. After they regroup, they enter the underground of the Great Temple's main building and confront the Mikoshiba. The Mikoshiba sends witches to kill the three girls, but her attempt failed.

After that, the Mikoshiba is dragged to Chiharu's mother's house in Tokime Village, and claims that the witches made her do it, but when Sunao reveals the evidence, the Mikoshiba finally realizes that there is no escape from her and her predecessor's crimes, and poisons herself.

But there is one last problem, the first Mikoshiba made Tokime Village of the Kirimine region a witch's barrier since they started the wish deal business, and when the current Mikoshiba has been killed, a kill-switch has been activated. It was an automated go-signal to the witch created by the first Mikoshiba, also known as "Lady Yura Yura (ユラユラサマ Yurayura-sama)". Before "Lady Yura Yura" eliminates everything and everyone in Tokime Village, Chiharu, Shizuka, Sunao finally defeat "Lady Yura Yura" after a fierce battle.

After the end of the Mikoshiba reign, they learned about Kamihama's Witch surplus and Doppel system thanks to Kyubey, and they are currently trying to learn about that system and replicate it, allying themselves with the Kamihama Magia Union in order to do so.


After the Incident of Tokime Village, the clan is led by Shizuka Tokime - a heiress of Main House (本家, honke) of the Tokime Clan, and the rest of Members are from Branch House (分家, bunke).


The Mikoshiba (Dissolved)

There is not much known about the first Mikoshiba, except (s)he was originally a samurai who was dispatched as a bodyguard for the Tokime Clan, but judging by what (s)he did to girls of Tokime Clan, these actions suggest that the first Mikoshiba was a sociopath who have no compassion, no shame, and no conscience.

Since the first Mikoshiba's era, every successor adopted girls (who have no blood ties with Tokime Clan) called "Maibito (舞人)" and trained them as a Mikoshiba candidate. These Maibitos were expected to become the next generation of Mikoshiba, thus they knew about the truth of the Tokime Village and magical girl system. Even though they are not to become magical girl themselves. Their main job is to attend a religious ceremony in Tokime Village and maintain the security of the Great Temple.

The current Mikoshiba (simply called 'The Mikoshiba') is also have a group of Maibitos as her own private army, but all Maibitos presumed dead as collateral damage when The Mikoshiba release the Familiars in Whole Tokime Village.

Tokime Main House

Tokime Branch House



  • In Nayuta Satomi's dialogue (Magical Girl Tap 4), she mentions that her father, Professor Tasuke Satomi published a book about the Tokime Village, but it wasn't selling well. Nayuta said this was because the public is a poor judge of books, it may have failed due to the pull of the Mikoshiba and the elites she made deals with.