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Note: This page is a sandbox for the refactoring being discussed right now in the wishlist's talkpage. Feel free to try out different organizations, layouts and structures here, and when this page has incubated enough, it'll be moved to the main namespace (sans this note obviously).

About the show in general

Source article Translation or summary Additionnal information
Megami Interview 12eps.jpg
Source: Megami Magazine, pre-broadcast
Once it ends, I want [the viewers] to watch again one more time. I want to make it a show that you can enjoy watching 12 episodes straight. There might even be some parts that is not understandable without watching it that way. I think it is fun if you watch it once you know how it ends. You can empathize the characters that way, and you can discover something new by watching it from different viewpoint. Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo (series director), prior to the show
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Megami Magazine, March 2011
Q - What did you think when you first read Urobuchi-san's screenplay?

A - I just read it quickly as usual, and finished it in one go, but before I knew it tears just came out of me. I was so moved. I did not really keep in mind that it was in the mahou shoujo genre, but I felt that "I would really want to animate this work as my next job".

Q - From an animation point of view, were there specific instructions from Shinbo or Inu Curry?

A - Shinbo would say something on the drawings on the layout and the situation design, like "I want here to be like this". But he did not say much about the personality of the characters. He only said "A character that killed other people cannot get a happy end".

Q - PMMM is now approaching the climactic stage. Is there anything to watch for at this final part?

A - Kyubey is still Kyubey at the end. And personally I am happy with that.

Interview between Megami Magazine ("Q") and Yukihito Miyamoto, series director ("A")
Animedia article.jpg
Animedia January
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Orico Magica Main highlight is on Kyouko and Mami in a different angle from the anime
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About the story

About the characters

About the art style and animation

Interview of the voice cast