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Tsubaki Mikoto
1446468546437 Tsubaki Mikoto.png
Japanese Name 美琴 椿
Age Around 20
Weapon Katana

(Note: As all chapters post-volume 1 are currently only available in Japanese, most of the post-volume 1 info below comes from rough translation and interpretation of events. Thus, some of the information may be incorrect, so please do not treat anything as 100% accurate.)

Tsubaki Mikoto (美琴 椿 Mikoto Tsubaki) is a supporting character in Puella Magi Suzune Magica. She only appears in flashbacks, but has a major impact regarding the events of the story.

General info

  • Eye colour: Purple or violet.
  • Hair colour: Black.
  • Japanese pronoun: Watashi ()
  • Soul gem: Circular red gem on the back of her left hand.
  • Wish: "I want the power to defeat [witches]."
  • Known relatives: Suzune Amano, her adopted daughter; she was also the surrogate mother for the Hinata twins. She had an aunt named Miyuki, who died sometime during the period when Suzune was living with Tsubaki.


A kind and caring woman who adored and took good care of the girls she was responsible for. She was a maternal figure to Suzune Amano, Matsuri Hinata, and Kagari Hinata.

Tsubaki took care of Suzune after the her parents' death at the hands of a witch, and treated her like her own daughter. She is also seen encouraging Matsuri to be a kind person and listen to her father and Kagari. She often told the Hinata twins stories.


Tsubaki only appears in the backstory of Suzune Magica, as she is dead before the story begins. Nothing is currently known about her past.

She apparently became a witch because she put Suzune's health before hers, always giving grief seeds to her first, and became a witch when she couldn't handle the state of her own corruption anymore.


Tsubaki had fire-elemental powers. As Suzune absorbed her powers after her death, it can be assumed that Tsubaki had all the same spells that Suzune uses. Tsubaki is at least seen using one of Suzune's spells, "Flame Dance" (舞炎 Maien).


  • Tsubaki's hairstyle is the same as the infamous "doomed anime mom" hairstyle, named because mothers with such a side-tie ponytail tended to die sometime in the story, usually early on or in the backstory.
  • Tsubaki's appearance may have been reused from one of GAN's original characters, Sanae.
  • Tsubaki's magical girl outfit has a rather "traditional" Japanese motif: the outfit itself resembles a kimono, and she wields a katana, a type of Japanese sword.
  • Tsubaki having fire powers could reference how, back in the old days, people used to burn supposed witches at the stakes.


  • Tsubaki's first name is spelt with the kanji for "camellia".
    • Tsubaki is named after a flower, along with Matsuri and Kagari.
    • In the Japanese language of flowers, camellia represent different things depending on the colour. They can represent love, perishing with grace, longing, and waiting.
    • Camellia can also represent femininity, unpretentious grace, and unassuming elegance.[1]
  • Tsubaki's last name, Mikoto, is spelt with the kanji for "beautiful harp". "Mikoto" could also mean noble, precious, or revered.
  • According to tweets by GAN:
    • At first, GAN planned for Tsubaki to be someone roughly around Suzune's age who grew up in the same town as her. After some thought GAN wanted someone to act as guardian figure for the story, reworking Tsubaki to her current state. [2]
    • A rather ambiguous tweet saying that "[Tsubaki's] appearance is just a hobby".[3] This tweet might be referring to the art GAN did of Tsubaki in a maid outfit, but whether it is or isn't is unknown.
    • Tsubaki's age is not clearly decided, but can be assumed to be around 20 or so.[4]


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