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Tsukasa Amane
Tsukasa profile.png
Japanese Name 天音月咲 (Amane Tsukasa)
Voiced by Japanese: Aya Uchida

Tsukasa Amane is the one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. Her twin sister is Tsukuyo Amane. She and her sister first appeared as antagonists in the game until they were released as playable characters on November 30, 2017.

General Info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Dark Red
  • Hair colour: Brown


  • Soul Gem: Red Ying-Yang hanging from a necklace
  • Weapon: Flute
  • Wish: "I want us to never hate each other" (referring to her twin sister)
  • Witch form:
  • Japanese pronoun: Watashi ()
  • School: Kosho Academy

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★3 → ★4 80 Magia Attribute light.png
Initial 3714 1543 1197
Max at ★3 12716 5209 4127
Max at ★4 16534 6769 5368
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast vertical.png Disk charge.png Disk charge.png
Connect: This is our harmony
★3: MP Restore [IV / 20 MP] (Restore Increased MP to Tsukuyo Amane / 20 MP)
★4: MP Restore [VI / 25 MP] (Restore Increased MP to Tsukuyo Amane / 25 MP)
Magia: Cherry Ballad
★3: Damage All Enemies [II] & Accelle MP Gain UP (All / 3 T)
★4: Damage All Enemies [IV] & Accelle MP Gain UP (All / 3 T)


A magical girl who wants to liberate her twin sister Tsukuyo. She takes care of the housework and household finances for her father and his disciples at the Bamboo Workshop. Bright, and with many friends, but I think that it is only to Tsukuyo that I can expose my real intentions.

Side Story

In an abandoned museum, Mifuyu Azusa tells Tsukasa and Tsukuyo that the AI Rumor has disappeared and they need to be more careful. The Amanes apologize, claiming their actions were worthless. Mifuyu says they did a good job on the website and won't blame them. Tsukuyo wonders why their opponents are so fixated on Rumors. Tsukasa says if they just left them alone, the victims will eventually be freed. Mifuyu says that Iroha is looking for her younger sister and found a lead in the Rumors.

The Amanes are reminded of themselves, when they didn't know each other. Alina Gray appears and asks what they're talking about. She says she's curious about their past and wishes, and says she'll let them off easy if they tell her. She says their flutes might become her favorite pigment if they don't say anything. The girls understand, and begin their story.

A long time ago, Tsukasa was far busier than she was, doing errands and chores for her father's workshop. At school, after supplementary lessons ended, Tsukasa would go to leave. It turns out she handles the family finances and grocery shopping. As Tsukasa begins to depart, a girl says she was waiting for Tsukasa's lesson to end so they can hang out. Tsukasa apologizes but says she has to go for errands. The girl says she's boring, but Tsukasa says she has to care for her father's live-in apprentices. The girl asks if that's something a kid should be doing, but Tsukasa says if she doesn't do it, no-one will and she won't have a place for herself. The girl says Tsukasa should run away, but Tsukasa says she can overcome anything with a smile.

Tsukasa claims that in the workshops of the Artisan Ward, the men did the work while the women keep house. This was the outdated tradition her family's Amane Bamboo Workshop went by. As Tsukasa leaves to get groceries, she admits she wanted to hang out too. After returning home she prepares dinner, and does laundry. She finds the apprentices have left laundry in their pockets again. She admits it makes her annoyed, but she smiles anyway. With laundry done Tsukasa prepares to do her homework when her father and his apprentices arrive. Tsukasa says they came early. Her father says the apprentices were cutting so well he decided to give them an early meal. When Tsukasa says that dinner isn't ready, her father says she should have foreseen that.

Tsukasa thinks that no-one told her anything, and she can't meet all their whims. She still respects her father, but she asks him why he doesn't help around the house a little. When he insists it's a woman's job, Tsukasa asks if that's why her mother left him. Her father says not to bring up "that woman". One of the apprentices offers to help Tsukasa, but she says it has nothing to do with him. Tsukasa narrates that with all the chores she does, she sometimes loses sense of herself. When that happens, she plays the bamboo flute she received when she was little. The flute was her greatest source of relief, since she didn't have time for friends.

Tsukasa would go to a shrine to play her flute. One night, on the way to that shrine, she met a person she credits for saving her and reuniting her with Tsukuyo. The person told her she should be careful. She claims that when the sky grows dark and you get too depressed, you'll be eaten by a witch. When Tsukasa expresses confusion, the girl tells her to cheer up. At the shrine, Tsukasa wonders about the meeting, but decides not to worry. Suddenly she saw a person at the shrine who looked like herself. Tsukasa says this was probably the first time she met Tsukuyo, and the start of what led to their wishes.

The next day, Tsukasa still thinks of the girl she saw at the shrine. The girl who invited Tsukasa to hang out asks her if there's something on her mind. She says Tsukasa usually leaves right after school, and is surprised to see her there. Tsukasa tells her about what she saw at the shrine, and wonders if it was a ghost. The girl says it might be a doppelganger, and then says if you see a copy of yourself, you'll die. The girl insists it was a joke, but Tsukasa seems to believe it. Tsukasa decides to go home, skipping supplementary lessons.

As she walks home, Tsukasa seriously considers her possible death, and notes that she has to tell her father and the others where the emergency food is. Suddenly she meets the girl that was on the way to the shrine. The girl says Tsukasa is looking just as down as she was before. She says she's concerned about her and says Tsukasa might be eaten by a witch if she worries too much. Tsukasa asks if she's being recruited for a cult. The girl says if that's what it sounds like then there are no witches and Tsukasa should forget it. In any case, the girl says Tsukasa shouldn't worry too much, since it could effect her body as well. Tsukasa says if she could easily solve her problems she wouldn't be worrying.

The girl invites Tsukasa for tea, saying they could come up with an answer together. Tsukasa says she doesn't know who the girl is. The girl introduces herself as Kanagi Izumi. Tsukasa then says she doesn't have any money. Kanagi admits she only has enough money for juice in the vending machine. Tsukasa tells Kanagi about the girl she saw at the shrine, which Kanagi finds fascinating. She suggests Tsukasa go meet the girl at the shrine again, quoting an old adage where there are three people in the world who look like you. Kanagi says if Tsukasa is going to die, she should go out fighting. She points out that with all the housework she's done, Tsukasa is probably stronger than the average girl. Tsukasa says that's a strange way of encouraging her, but decides to go to the shrine. Kanagi says that's good and claims it's best for people not to worry.

At the shrine, Tsukasa looks at her feet out of fear. She then bumps into someone which turns out to be the girl who looks like herself. The two of them start talking at the same time, asking the other not to kill them. Tsukasa decides to pull herself together and asks if the other girl's name is also Tsukasa Amane. The girl introduces herself as Tsukuyo Akidzuki. The girls are shocked by the amount of coincidences. Tsukuyo asks Tsukasa why she comes to the shrine, and Tsukasa answers she goes there when she's tired. Tsukuyo says the same is true for her. When she reveals she was named at the shrine, Tsukasa says the same is also true for her.

Tsukuasa begins to wonder if Tsukuyo really is her doppelganger. Tsukuyo asks her what she came here to do, and the two decide to answer on the count of three. They both say they're there to play flute. Convinced that the other is a doppelganger, the two girls try to distract each other, then run away. However, they bump into each other and drop their flutes. The girls see that both flutes are the same except for one difference: Each flute has a half moon shape inscribed in the opposite direction from the other. Tsukasa notes she never understood the meaning of the shape until that moment. Both Tsukuyo and Tsukasa realize that their names contain the characters for moon, and deduce that they're twin sisters.

Tsukuyo explained that their mother is from the Mizuna ward and her grandmother forbade her from entering the Artisan Ward. Tsukasa guesses they were being hidden from each other. The girls then started to talk about themselves. Tsukasa complains about how she has to clean, cook, do laundry and manage money for her family. She says it's so old fashioned, and no-one ever wants to help out. She respects her father, and understands he has difficult work and has to support the apprentices, but she doesn't see what that has to do with her. She says her father always says "That's a woman's job" and thinks there's a limit to how backwards someone can be.

Tsukasa also says even if she's invited to hang out she can't go, and even if she discusses her problems, no-one understands. Tsukasa says she understands and says they're even similar in that way. To Tsukasa, Tsukuyo was the first person she felt could understand her. The girls plan to meet again in the future. Recognizing their parents tried to hide their relationship, the two recorded their contact information under pseudonyms. For Tsukasa, she recorded Tsukuyo under "●", the symbol of the full moon. Tsukasa narrates that her father should have told her.

While Tsukasa and Tsukuyo were happy to talk to each other at first, they began to see different sides to themselves. In a restaurant, Tsukasa asks Tsukuyo about the tea she's drinking, but Tsukuyo says her voice is too loud. Tsukasa apologizes and asks how much the tea costs. Tsukasa says it's a thousand yen per cup, which shocks Tsukasa. Tsukasa thinks she started to grow tired of Tsukuyo's perfect manners and lack of flaws. Tsukuyo then brings Tsukasa to an expensive shop. Tsukasa says that for students like them it's pearls before swine. Tsukasa starts to feel that Tsukuyo's attention to her appearance was like boasting.

Suddenly one of Tsukuyo's classmates calls out to her. She asks if Tsukasa is her sibling, but Tsukasa says she's just a relative. The girl says Tsukasa has a different feel than Tsukuyo, which Tsukuyo agrees with. Tsukasa says that when she saw Tsukuyo talk with her acquaintances she felt like she was being used as a foil. Tsukasa narrates that the more they met, the more noticeable her differences with Tsukuyo were. In hindsight, Tsukasa admits she was just jealous, but at the time, her friendship with Tsukuyo deteriorated.

One day, Tsukasa returns home and her father comments she's lately been coming home late. Tsukasa says she's made a friend who lives far away. Her father says it's nice she has a friend, and also that she should still finish the chores. He then asks if the girl is from Mizuna Ward. When a shocked Tsukasa answers yes, he suggests she should give up on the friendship because otherwise she'll be on the same road he was. Tsukasa says this shouldn't have anything to do with him and her mom, but her father says it does. He says Tsukasa's mother and himself couldn't bury the differences between their upbringings with just affection. He says if she wants to make friends from outside she should think it over carefully, claiming that if their relationship warps, it will break and won't ever be fixed again. Tsukasa narrates her father's words hit too close to home.

One day, as the twins walked through the city, Tsukuyo showed Tsukasa fancy places that increased her feeling of persecution. The twins tell each other there's something they need to ask. Then they start talking about their mutual dissatisfaction. Tsukasa says that Tsukuyo is giving her a strange look, while Tsukuyo says Tsukasa is being mean. Tsukasa narrates how Tsukuyo was fed up with how impolite she was. Tsukuyo believed that Tsukasa didn't pay enough attention to her appearance and was a rough and violent person. The girls criticized each other, then argued. Tsukasa yells about Tsukuyo is always so concerned with formality. She says she should take a chill pill and relax, as Tsukasa finds it stifling to be around her.

Tsukuyo says that Tsukasa's idea of relaxation is vulgarity. She never asked her to pay for any of this, so at least Tsukasa could reform her manners. Tsukasa says Tsukuyo's lifestyle and behavior is far from normal and says she'll never have friends if she's so formal all the time. Tsukuyo says that Tsukasa's friends are only friends on the surface since she doesn't tell them her true feelings. Tsukasa says they can't understand what she's going through. Tsukuyo says Tsukasa should understand she feels the same way with her grandmother to deal with. Tsukasa says she has to deal with her father and his apprentices. The girls decide they don't want to see each other anymore, and probably aren't twins. Tsukasa thinks her father was right.

For awhile, the girls stopped seeing each other. However, Tsukasa still had problems with her family. One day Tsukasa's father yells at her for the month's expenses being over budget. One of the apprentices points out that vegetables have been expensive, but Tsukasa's father says she should have said something beforehand. The apprentice points out the budget log is balanced properly, but Tsukasa's father tells him to butt out. Tsukasa says they can do whatever they want and leaves. Tsukasa needs to play her flute again, but is worried that she'll meet Tsukuyo if she goes to the shrine. She then decides to play near a lake.

However, the flute fails to comfort her. Tsukasa admits that she wants to talk to Tsukuyo again. She thinks her father was right about not being able to bury their differences, but feels she's going to die if it continues. She still wishes Tsukasa was there to help act as an outlet for her frustrations. Suddenly Tsukasa hears a voice in her head, telling her that she might as well die instead of being a slave. Tsukasa says that in the present, she now knows this was the voice of a witch.

The next thing Tsukasa remembers is waking up in a collapsing witch barrier. Kanagi is there in a magical girl outfit. Kanagi asks if Tsukasa is alright, and says a witch tried to make her throw herself into the lake. Tsukasa doesn't remember any of it. Kanagi (presumably remembering Tsukasa's cult comment) says that witches were from some religion and says it was a monster instead. Tsukasa falls unconscious; the last thing she heard was Kanagi saying "I give up".

Tsukasa then dreams of how she always had to do things for her father and his apprentices, how they gave her unreasonable demands and made her life harder. In her dream she tells her father to shut up and begs for someone to save her. She then sees Tsukuyo, who says to take her hand. Tsukuyo says Tsukasa is fine now and can let go. Tsukasa thinks it's nostalgic. When Tsukasa wakes up, she hears a voice (revealed to be Mifuyu in Tsukuyo's story). The voice says that when Tsukasa and Tsukuyo were born, they were holding each other's hands. Tsukasa then hears Tsukuyo's voice and thinks of her dream. She mentally apologizes to Tsukuyo and thinks if they don't accept each other the way they did before, they can't survive.

Tsukasa arrives at Tsukuyo's room to talk to her. She suggests they throw everything from their pasts away and start with a blank slate. Tsukasa thinks if they don't they'll be crushed by adults. Tsukuyo says she was thinking the same thing, and they should start over from when they received their names from the shrine. The girls agree to become each other's sisters again. Tsukuyo says they might end up hating each other again, and the girls think their hearts might not be able to take it. When Tsukasa thinks of her father's words from earlier, Kyubey appears and says their pledge can be granted as a wish. The girls both wish for the same thing: "I want us to never hate each other".

Back in the present, the girls finish their story. Mifuyu says she was quite surprised when she came back to Tsukuyo's room. Alina grunts to herself and leaves. Tsukuyo asks if she didn't like it, and Tsukasa begs for forgiveness. Alina says she won't do anything to them. Their story simply inspired her to make some artwork. The Amanes are relieved. Mifuyu figures they should go themselves. Tsukuyo suggests to Tsukasa that they should play at the shrine on the way back, since it's been awhile. Tsukasa agrees. Tsukasa says she becomes sad whenever she's away from her flute, so it's always by her side. No matter how long she stares at the scenery, it's still a flute. "Oh flute, what are you? A bridge connecting me to my distant sister." Tsukasa narrates that their only allies are each other, and they will always be together.

Event Appearances

Other Appearances


  • The characters in her last name mean "heaven" (天) and "sound" (音) respectively.
  • The characters of her first name mean "moon" (月) and "laughter" (咲) respectively.



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Christmas Night Magic
Blast Damage UP [VII] (Self / 1 T) & Status Ailment Resistance DOWN [IV] (All / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Blast Damage UP [VIII] (Self / 1 T) & Status Ailment Resistance DOWN [V] (All / 1 T)
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
Today's weather report stated that there would be snow tonight.

Will we be able to see White Christmas this year? If I had been by myself, this coldness might have frozen me, but if we're together... "See, it's warm!"

I Am the Third Amane Sister, Tsukune
Probability of Dazzle (8) (Single / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
Probability of Dazzle (16) (Single / 1 T)
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
“Felicia...? I dunno... No, I mean I knoweth not of her! I’... ‘Tis I, Tsukune! Tsukuyo-neechan and Tsukasa-neechan, I am thy younger sister! The sister wi’ fish paste on her flute! ‘Tis only I! Tsukune! I am the character whomst speaks shakespearean!” 「フェリシア?知らねえ…じゃなくて知らないでござる!オ...あたしは月練!月夜姉ちゃんと月咲姉ちゃんの妹でござる!姉妹の絆、篠笛には練り物がべったり!つくねだけに!でござる!ござるって付けとけばキャラ付けになるでござる!」
Tsukasa's Treasure
MP Gain UP [IX] (self / 1 T)
Max Limit Break:
MP Gain UP [X] (self / 1 T)
8 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
**Unique to Tsukasa Amane**
It is always by my side because it's painful to part from it, and it's a whistly thing that doesn't change. Who are you? A bridge to a distant older sister.
An Uncrossable Gulf
Accele MP DOWN [IX] & Magia Damage Down [VI] (All / 1T)
Max Limit Break:
Accele MP DOWN [X] & Magia Damage Down [VII] (All / 1T)
6 turns
Max Limit Break:
5 turns
Gradually, a small gap was made in this person’s feelings…

Gradually, a crack was made… Gradually, everyone was pushed away… A tough heart can sometimes cause a divergence. A person who cannot rely on others for help becomes alone…


それは次第に、亀裂を生んでいった… それは次第に、人々を別れさせていった… 強靱な心は時に乖離を生む。救いに縋らない者はひとりになった…

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