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Uhrmann (UHRMANN) is a witch whose minions battle Sayaka in Episode 8.

Uhrmann would make her first appearence in the the anime's manga adaptation. She would formally be introduced in the mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record.

Witch Card

Card Uhrmann.png



TypeCanine witch
EpisodesMagia Record

The canine witch (has not debuted), with a craving nature. She has taken on the form of a dog in the vain hope of being loved by all. Humans who enter her barrier can't help but embrace her in concern. One hoping to defeat her can do so by feigning love.


Card Bartels.png



TypeCanine witch's minions
DutyInterior design
EpisodesEpisode 8, The Rebellion Story, Magia Record

The canine witch's minions, whose duty is interior design. They have no will and are simply mannequins who revolve in place. A canine witch, unloved by anyone, was unable to create minions with free will.

In Magia Record

Witch and Familiar Descriptions


Same as above witch card, without the line "(has not debuted)"


Same as above witch card.

Plot summary

Please be aware that the summary below is in the Magia Record's timeline.

Warning, this section contains spoilers.

According to the Event Story "Nagisa's Wish Comes True", her human name is Inui Itsumi (伊津見 尹縫). She is curious about the man who she loves, named Sho (most likely one of the men who met Sayaka in Episode 8). At that time, Mitakihara City is devastated by a magical girl calling herself Yuu. Yuu calls herself the "Sleepwalking Ghost" (夢遊の亡霊). Yuu kills humans on her "bad human" list, which has the name of Sho. Inui blindly believes that Sho is a good guy so much so that she can't concentrate on hunting witches. When Yuu tries to kill him, Inui arrives and starts battling against Yuu, and loses. After her defeat by Yuu, her body and soul gem reach their limit. She finally understood that Kyubey's motive is make magical girls turn into witches, but it was too late. She became Uhrmann in the hospital which is where Nagisa Momoe's mother is. After she became Uhrmann, Nagisa tries to defeat her in order to demand gratitude of Nagisa's mother, but she fainted and failed. Eventually, Uhrmann is killed by Yuu.


  • Uhrmann and Bartels are German family names instead of given names.
  • In Official Guidebook, Uhrmann is drawn as a pampered poodle. She also appears in the manga, and is defeated by Sayaka.
  • Magia Record is the first instance of this witch being animated.


Magia Record

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