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(Muffy, a Weeb+ Nendoroid hunter)
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If you send me pics of homu, mami and nagisa, i wil praise you likepeople worshipping madokami/godoka.
homusatan ftw owo
        Heyo Muffy here. I'm not much of an editor since I only discovered  PMMM in late 2018. It makes me a pretty late arrival to the series. And I'm a newbie artist, Nendoroid hunter and manga hunter.
Madokami 1/8 figure
Devil homura nendoroid
Mami tomoe figma(whatever you call it)
Nendoroid Petit - Holy Quintet + Witches
Charlotte/Bebe scarf(a good friend of mine bought me it)
Postcards - Customly designed and printed
The different story chinese volumes 1-3
PMMM Original series book 3 (Chinese - Comes with Oriko magica 1+2)
Oriko magica 1+2
How do you buy the chinese volumes?
--Comic store, onlinee, or order directly form Tong-Li.
Why do you have so many nendoroids?
--Some are Birthday gifts,but i order online and eat grass shortly afterwards.
How do you order the postcards?
--print store.
Favorite Witch?
--Definitely Charlotte! And Walpurgisnacht has a good design.
Favorite Magical girls?
--Mayu, Homura, Mami, Nagisa, and Iroha!

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homusatan ftw owo