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Hello. I'm a Japanese Magica fun. I usually stay in Japan (GMT+0900).

This wiki is amazing site. This is quite informative and has deep speculations. I would like to contribute as an Native Japanese speaker and fun of "Anime".

I'm so sorry for poor English. Please never hesitate to rewrite my English better, and to ask me if you have no idea what I say. ( even if in this page, any correction is welcome! )

If you feel hostile sentiments by my text, that should not what I want to say. I'm grad everybody to enjoy Anime all over the world!

By the way, why DVD sets are much cheaper in US and EU than that in Japan? You in western can buy 1 set with 4~8 DVDs by ~$40. We in Japan buy 1 DVD with 2-3 episodes by 6,000-8,000yen(~$80). We need $300-500 to complete DVDs of 1 season.

A PC game for Magica funs, ( not by me ) It has already been introduced at here.